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I'll go second :)
« on: November 18, 2018, 05:59:47 AM »
My name is lars and I am a self-taught person from germany who explored anything that was and is of interest to me.

I've done myself many researches on the spiritual sector and many other non-spiritual topics and while doing this I found out many interesting things.
There is no coincidence in our universe. At least not in this one.

Everything what happens in my and our lifes follows under specific conditions. That is right and luckily there are more people in this world who begin to grasp what really goes on.
As I did all the research, I got sometimes in serious trouble with authorities and/or other groups who don't wanted me to know about some special things.

As if by magic, I had some unexplainable problems while doing some writings or trying to get in contact with like-minded fellow humans about the topics I did research at that time.

I've tried many things (especially in the "spiritual sector") and sooner or later I found out, what can cause real trouble and what is crock.

I dug so deep, that caused me trouble, but that was my way to experience and to unravel the mysteries of real "spirituality" and/or other topics that some special groups
don't wanted me to let know. Now, I am here. I had my first free session with David and I feel way, "wayyyy better" than before.

I am through now with such researches and now it is time to use my knowledge for the good of all humanity. 

To keep it short, here is a little list of what I did research, if someone in you is interested what and where I did the research:

astronomy and astrology


vedic math


(since my child hood i've heard voices, but at that time I wasn't able to figure out, that it was real and not just an illusion)

ethereal occupations (well, that was no fun for me and I've learned it the hard way, by trying out (two times were sufficient) glass moving with a former group
and many more non-spiritual issues that resulted in so overwhelming evidence to some groups or (maybe orders / and for the sake of completeness entities).
my advice to everyone: don't ever try this. curiosity killed the cat.

Grigori Grabovoi, Igor Arepjev, Arcadiy Petrov and so on ...

A german channel called Schöpferwissen TV (and there must be an english pendant called Creator Monkeys TV on YT).
But I found out, that he and his team is unknowingly airing in their videos some kind of "hot lists".

Well, there is so much about me to ask about, therefore I'll end my brief introduction to myself and feel free to ask, if you want to know more about me.
I am looking forward to possible relationships as pen pals ;)

Warm regards from germany
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