Author Topic: The Purpose of This Archive is to Preserve Spiritual Rescue Technology Data  (Read 2433 times)

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Spiritual Rescue Technology has been discovered through conversations with spiritual beings in session. The purpose of most sessions is to free spiritual beings from past incidents that they are still fixated on. During these sessions, some spirits find it necessary to share their observations about life and technology with those who participate in the sessions.

These observations include descriptions of past civilizations on Earth and elsewhere and intimate details of how various civilizations attempted to control and motivate their people. Since spiritual beings are immortal, these accounts cover unimaginable periods of time and more than our present physical universe. The beings who end up on this planet come from a wide variety of places far beyond the wildest dreams of science fiction or fantasy writers. They will often project images of their former existences and body types that can seem unbelievable at first encounter, but prove out to be quite believable because similar images will occur in other sessions.

There is nothing here that you need to believe. If you are talking to spirits using caring communication and SRT processes you will find that everything you read here can be confirmed in your own SRT sessions.

This site will eventually contain ALL of the written and recorded material about spirits discovered through Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Using this site, you can teach yourself to talk to spirits and become a competent practitioner of SRT Counseling. All of this material comes from interviewing spiritual beings. You are welcome to contribute your discoveries so that we can build a more complete understanding of our spiritual heritage and latent abilities.