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These are a few of the actual benefits to be gained from using SRT and each of them are linked to the special skills required to teach the data or even to use it effectively.

BENEFITS TO BE GAINED- with required spiritual skills indicated

A) Becoming Hopeful That Life Can Be Improved  0-5
B) Changing Your Mood with Counseling 0-9
C) Changing Your Mood By Yourself  0,1,2,7,8,10,11
D) Changing Your Personality by Yourself  0-11, 13-25
E) Clearing A House of Troubled Spirits 0-11
F) Gaining An Ability  0-25
G) Healing A Pet 0-11
H) Healing Someone Else's Body 0-11
I) Healing Your Body 0-17
J) Overcoming Learning Barriers 0-8, 11
K) Remote  Healing  0,1,5,7,8,9,
L) Remote Spiritual Healing 0-25
M) Remote Viewing 2-6
N) Gaining Certainty about Life  0-11
O) Understanding Relationships And No Longer Being The Adverse Effect Of Them  0-20
P) Becoming More Effective In Life 0-10

(There are many more benefits to be gained from using SRT and they are described in the private categories that are open to members.)


0. Awareness of Caring Communication
1. Ability to do Caring Communication with non-threatening beings.
2. Telepathic reception of thoughts from a being
3. Ability to grant beingness to beings so that they are able to have realizations
4. Telepathic reception of images from a being
5. Telepathic awareness of concepts when observing beings
6. Awareness of a being's location and activities
7. Awareness of a being's intentions
8. Awareness of a being's tone level
9. Ability to perceive the number of beings in a cluster or other group
10. Ability to recognize when you have upset a being and knowing that this upset needs to be handled
11. Ability to confidently run an SRT session

13. Ability to perceive beings who are attached to other beings or who are influencing them
14. Having a team of spirits who assist you in counseling others.
15. Having open communication with your spiritual teammates so you get real time updates on what is happening with the people you are trying to help
16. Ability to perceive the intentions of beings who are observing sessions but are not participating in it.
17. Ability to easily assume the viewpoint of any being, whether hostile or friendly and to communicate with that being in a way that it can accept.
18. Having spiritual teammates who provide you with real time updates on what is happening around you
19. Ability to recognize and handle the beings who affect your own tone level in real time
20. Ability to consistently spot what is happening with others and be able to do something to help them in a way they can accept
21. Understanding how important free will is to a being and provide help that increases free will
22. Willingness to take responsibility for the beings who support you and to organize them so they can do this successfully
23. Recognizing that the beings who are helping you have goals of their own and being able to help them move on when it is time for them to do so
24. Ability to reach out and recruit helpful beings when you need their help
25. Ability and willingness to maintain exchange in abundance with the beings who  assist you.
26. Ability to predict a future course of events by examining the intentions of the individuals participating in that future
27. Understanding that there are spiritual skills that you do not have yet
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