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The Importance of Staying on Topic


Once a discussion thread has been started it is desirable to stay on topic so that all comments contribute to the motion that is underway. This common courtesy creates discussions that provide useful references for anyone seeking information about the topic.

Contributing unrelated data or too many humorous asides to a discussion will drive off those who would contribute to the accumulation of knowledge and the result is to bring the discussion to a premature close.

There are forums where anything goes and the discussions become degraded in very short order. Keeping a discussion topic pure may seem like an unreal objective but we have shown that this actually encourages people to put forth worthwhile ideas and observations for public discussion.

There is ample opportunity to add new topics as the inspiration arises so no one should feel they have to insert a new topic in the discussion of an existing topic.

Moderators are responsible for maintaining the quality of discussions in their assigned areas and are empowered to split out off-topic comments and and move them to a new area on the forum designated as Random Off-Topic Discussions.

These off-topic discussions include comments inserted into a thread which do not advance or contribute to the development of the original thread topic. The off-topic discussions also include topics that are started in an area but do not relate to or contribute to that area.

They may be interesting in their own right so they have been preserved in this new Random Off-Topic Discussion section for anyone who desires to add additional comments or to develop a new category for specific topics.

If you want your contributions to be welcomed and acknowledged, stay on topic. That way, you will get the recognition your contributions deserve.

David St Lawrence


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