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Axioms / Why did I Create Axioms for Spiritual Rescue Technology?
« Last post by davidstlawadmin on July 09, 2018, 07:52:35 PM »
This definition from Wikipedia says it best:

An axiom or postulate is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments. The word comes from the Greek axíōma (ἀξίωμα) 'that which is thought worthy or fit' or 'that which commends itself as evident.'

There are a lot of different definitions for Axioms, but for our purposes, the above definition fits best. Our axioms are based on observation and they serve as a starting point for understanding the complexities of the spiritual universe. If future research shows that our axioms are deficient in some regard, they can be amended to serve as a starting point for further reasoning or arguments.

Meanwhile, we will continue to use them until evidence turns up new axioms and this may occur sooner than we expect.

For example, at this moment, we have been considering only our current universe with its rules, agreements and peculiarities, We have not tried to develop axioms for other universes with alternate timelines. We don't even have any axioms that deal with time yet.  )*&

As we discover new axioms, they will be collected here in our archive to serve as a guide to further discoveries.  :happy

Spiritual Rescue Technology has been discovered through conversations with spiritual beings in session. The purpose of most sessions is to free spiritual beings from past incidents that they are still fixated on. During these sessions, some spirits find it necessary to share their observations about life and technology with those who participate in the sessions.

These observations include descriptions of past civilizations on Earth and elsewhere and intimate details of how various civilizations attempted to control and motivate their people. Since spiritual beings are immortal, these accounts cover unimaginable periods of time and more than our present physical universe. The beings who end up on this planet come from a wide variety of places far beyond the wildest dreams of science fiction or fantasy writers. They will often project images of their former existences and body types that can seem unbelievable at first encounter, but prove out to be quite believable because similar images will occur in other sessions.

There is nothing here that you need to believe. If you are talking to spirits using caring communication and SRT processes you will find that everything you read here can be confirmed in your own SRT sessions.

This site will eventually contain ALL of the written and recorded material about spirits discovered through Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Using this site, you can teach yourself to talk to spirits and become a competent practitioner of SRT Counseling. All of this material comes from interviewing spiritual beings. You are welcome to contribute your discoveries so that we can build a more complete understanding of our spiritual heritage and latent abilities.
Using Spiritual Rescue Technology: Harnessing the Power of Your Spiritual Connections Kindle Edition
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We are surrounded by innumerable spiritual beings (entities) and our lives and fortunes depend on our ability to help spiritually damaged entities and on our ability to recruit and motivate entities who wish to be our spiritual teammates.

Our research has shown us that it is almost impossible to increase our own ability while excluding other beings in the process. Like it or not, we are accompanied through life by thousands of spiritual entities and our success in life and our physical well-being is directly proportional to the percentage of these entities who are supporting us at any moment.
Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology: A Practical Solution for Changing Your Life Kindle Edition

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Reading and discussing the material in this archive can shake your reality as it contains actual observations which may violate everything you may have been taught about life and about the spirit world.

If you find the material upsetting, it is because the spiritual beings you carry with you are being exposed to information that activates painful memories from their pasts.

If you persist in studying materials that cause these spiritual beings to become uncomfortable, you can become physically ill or even mentally disturbed and disoriented.

I provide SRT counseling to deal with this kind of spiritual upset and you can contact me at

Usually, a session or two will handle the problem and you will be able to study these materials without further incident.
« Last post by davidstlawadmin on June 24, 2018, 09:31:05 PM »

Thank you for joining us! This post will orient you to what we are doing and how you may contribute.

New members please read this before commenting or posting. Guests are welcome to browse through the public sections that are open to you.

This archive contains all that has been written or recorded about Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) and the vast majority of the posts and recordings are only available to registered members.

SRT enables you to to communicate directly with spiritual beings. All posts and topics deal with this technology and how it works and what results it produces.

We want to teach you all that we have learned. You may have to unlearn things you learned elsewhere. If you are OK with that, you will have no trouble.

SRT is a technology that has been developed through actual session data and not from adherence to older theories. We constantly review ideas proposed by earlier spiritual researchers and find, in almost every case, that entities provide us with simplified solutions to problems that have existed and been argued about for years.

You will learn more about spiritual entities here than almost anywhere else on the Internet because the posts reflect direct observations and session data rather than opinions and quotes from the works of others.

These posts are about results obtained through communication with spiritual entities that can be easily duplicated and corroborated by others in the group.

If you wish to speculate about improving SRT results or expanding them to other areas of life, please keep them short and sweet and post them on the website where your contribution can be discussed at length

Spiritual speculations and discussions about various belief systems belong elsewhere. There are probably millions of ways to interact with spirits and you are welcome to create a site of your own and provide links to it.

I realize there may be a temptation to share all that you have read or believe about spiritual matters, but we are way beyond general speculation here and have definite objectives in mind.

The terms and definitions we use have been carefully worked out after discussion with SRT counselors in training. If they do not agree with what you have learned elsewhere, please take the time to learn why we are using them.

If you are eager to contribute to our technology of returning free will to beings, we welcome your help, but you need to learn what our objectives are first.

It is fine to quote from the works of others to validate your observations, but we encourage people to communicate directly with spiritual entities and report what they learn rather than quote other people's thoughts about entities.

We want your interactions with entities, not what someone else wrote about entities.

In this archive, you will learn all we know about spirits and you can also get access to training and counseling resources

Feel free to ask questions because members are encouraged to answer all questions as clearly and helpfully as possible.

If you are looking for an article or a particular reference, please use the "Search" feature at the top of the page before you post the question for the group. "Where do I find,,,?" questions should only be posted after you have searched for it yourself.

Once a thread has been started, try and stick to the original topic.

If you wish to make a contrary point, start a new thread.

If you wish to lurk, that is all right too!

Enjoy yourselves and discover what people are doing with Spiritual Rescue Technology. We hope it will give you ideas of your own.

You need to register before you can comment or visit the rest of the archives.
These are a few of the actual benefits to be gained from using SRT and each of them are linked to the special skills required to teach the data or even to use it effectively.

BENEFITS TO BE GAINED- with required spiritual skills indicated

A) Becoming Hopeful That Life Can Be Improved  0-5
B) Changing Your Mood with Counseling 0-9
C) Changing Your Mood By Yourself  0,1,2,7,8,10,11
D) Changing Your Personality by Yourself  0-11, 13-25
E) Clearing A House of Troubled Spirits 0-11
F) Gaining An Ability  0-25
G) Healing A Pet 0-11
H) Healing Someone Else's Body 0-11
I) Healing Your Body 0-17
J) Overcoming Learning Barriers 0-8, 11
K) Remote  Healing  0,1,5,7,8,9,
L) Remote Spiritual Healing 0-25
M) Remote Viewing 2-6
N) Gaining Certainty about Life  0-11
O) Understanding Relationships And No Longer Being The Adverse Effect Of Them  0-20
P) Becoming More Effective In Life 0-10

(There are many more benefits to be gained from using SRT and they are described in the private categories that are open to members.)


0. Awareness of Caring Communication
1. Ability to do Caring Communication with non-threatening beings.
2. Telepathic reception of thoughts from a being
3. Ability to grant beingness to beings so that they are able to have realizations
4. Telepathic reception of images from a being
5. Telepathic awareness of concepts when observing beings
6. Awareness of a being's location and activities
7. Awareness of a being's intentions
8. Awareness of a being's tone level
9. Ability to perceive the number of beings in a cluster or other group
10. Ability to recognize when you have upset a being and knowing that this upset needs to be handled
11. Ability to confidently run an SRT session

13. Ability to perceive beings who are attached to other beings or who are influencing them
14. Having a team of spirits who assist you in counseling others.
15. Having open communication with your spiritual teammates so you get real time updates on what is happening with the people you are trying to help
16. Ability to perceive the intentions of beings who are observing sessions but are not participating in it.
17. Ability to easily assume the viewpoint of any being, whether hostile or friendly and to communicate with that being in a way that it can accept.
18. Having spiritual teammates who provide you with real time updates on what is happening around you
19. Ability to recognize and handle the beings who affect your own tone level in real time
20. Ability to consistently spot what is happening with others and be able to do something to help them in a way they can accept
21. Understanding how important free will is to a being and provide help that increases free will
22. Willingness to take responsibility for the beings who support you and to organize them so they can do this successfully
23. Recognizing that the beings who are helping you have goals of their own and being able to help them move on when it is time for them to do so
24. Ability to reach out and recruit helpful beings when you need their help
25. Ability and willingness to maintain exchange in abundance with the beings who  assist you.
26. Ability to predict a future course of events by examining the intentions of the individuals participating in that future
27. Understanding that there are spiritual skills that you do not have yet
What Exactly Is SRT? / The Importance of Staying on Topic
« Last post by davidstlawadmin on June 23, 2018, 04:48:12 PM »
Once a discussion thread has been started it is desirable to stay on topic so that all comments contribute to the motion that is underway. This common courtesy creates discussions that provide useful references for anyone seeking information about the topic.

Contributing unrelated data or too many humorous asides to a discussion will drive off those who would contribute to the accumulation of knowledge and the result is to bring the discussion to a premature close.

There are forums where anything goes and the discussions become degraded in very short order. Keeping a discussion topic pure may seem like an unreal objective but we have shown that this actually encourages people to put forth worthwhile ideas and observations for public discussion.

There is ample opportunity to add new topics as the inspiration arises so no one should feel they have to insert a new topic in the discussion of an existing topic.

Moderators are responsible for maintaining the quality of discussions in their assigned areas and are empowered to split out off-topic comments and and move them to a new area on the forum designated as Random Off-Topic Discussions.

These off-topic discussions include comments inserted into a thread which do not advance or contribute to the development of the original thread topic. The off-topic discussions also include topics that are started in an area but do not relate to or contribute to that area.

They may be interesting in their own right so they have been preserved in this new Random Off-Topic Discussion section for anyone who desires to add additional comments or to develop a new category for specific topics.

If you want your contributions to be welcomed and acknowledged, stay on topic. That way, you will get the recognition your contributions deserve.

David St Lawrence
Why You Should Consider Registering as a Member / Why You Should Register
« Last post by davidstlawadmin on June 23, 2018, 04:44:48 PM »
As a guest, you have access to all of the public discussion areas, but there are thousands of posts on technical matters and session reports in the private discussion areas. (3091 Posts in 1097 Topics by 130 Members, as of August 18, 2017)

Registration lets you have access to all sections of this forum and allows you to post articles and leave comments on the articles published by others.

Guests can visit all areas that are open to them, but cannot post comments or open new topics for discussion.

Register! We will approve your registration promptly and then you may log in.

David St Lawrence
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