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Post by: davidstlawadmin on July 24, 2018, 01:42:24 AM
I have stated elsewhere that I want to teach everyone to be able to speak to spirits, but that is just the first step of an incredible journey to increased awareness.

I want you all to discover the spirits who can help you live a better life and to get them working in harmony toward a creative and satisfying future. When you have other beings supporting you in every way, life becomes effortless and your days are filled with joy.

There are many abilities to be gained as you continue working with spirits and a few of these are described in the attached graphic.

As you continue learning about spirits and your own spiritual capabilities, I expect you to overcome the limitations of occupying a body and limiting your perceptions and activities to what the body can do. Once this is underway, I expect you to start recovering all of the spiritual powers you may have lost in the past.

We are discovering new abilities every week. There does not seem to be an upper limit at this point.