You could think of the conditions of existence from a cause viewpoint, not an effect viewpoint.

You might want to think of these conditions from a spiritual viewpoint and consider them to be awareness states regarding yourself and your environment.

If your awareness is high enough, you are aware of something and the condition of its existence. The higher your awareness state, the more of the spiritual universe and the MEST universe you can be responsible for and influence.

You already may consider yourself responsible for the condition of the MEST universe you own and occupy. Can you consider yourself responsible for the condition of the spiritual universe you can perceive?

The traditional Scientology definition of conditions is based on the statistics of a thing, person, or organization. There is a unique formula for every condition that will raise that condition to a higher state. These are all based on material universe rules and effects. All of the necessary actions are couched in material universe terms. When something is observed to be in a non-optimum state, conditions are assigned by an observer, and blame is assigned for not doing the right formula. This is equivalent to rating a spiritual being by the MEST effects he is creating. In other words, a spirit is known and rated by his physical universe products.

If you consider your awareness state concerning any thing or topic as the condition of existence for that thing or topic, you may be able to do something useful to increase the state of existence for that thing or topic. If you are unaware of a thing or topic, you can have no effect on that thing or topic and its state of existence is meaningless. Only when you become aware of a thing or topic can you begin to affect its state of existence.

People who are unaware of spirits have no power over spirits and spiritual activities. Spirits who are aware of you have the ability to affect you depending on their level of awareness. If you are aware of spirits, and your awareness extends to understanding them and their motivations, you will be able to change their conditions of existence, regardless of their condition. For example, beings that are being MEST objects can be raised to a higher level of existence by beings who are aware enough and care to do so.

We have proved this already and we should explore what else we can do as spiritual beings using the idea that conditions of existence are awareness states regarding yourself and your environment.

Talk amongst yourselves while I create the next part of this continuing realization.

Free SRT Workshop On Raising Our Awareness – Saturday 9-25-21

Last week, we discovered a condition of existence below confusion and managed to raise the awareness of some beings who were in that condition by simply admiring them. There appear to be multiple conditions of existence below confusion and I feel that the conditions formulas as written apply only to beings who are having a human existence.

Please join me on Saturday to share your observations on conditions below human confusion and what might be the formulas that apply to those conditions. Spiritual Rescue Technology is finding answers to the problem of the dwindling spiral of life and you can be a part of that continuing discovery process.

This workshop will not be a lecture. It is an adventure in expanding your awareness and your participation will be another step in expanding the reach of SRT.

Join us on Saturday, 9-25-21, at 12 noon EDT using this link: 

Feel free to join us 15 minutes before 12 as we welcome early birds. Latecomers may be blocked if we have already started demonstration sessions.

A Good Friend Of Ours Discovered A New Condition Of Existence

We have reason to believe there is at least one condition of existence below confusion and that is when a being becomes matter, energy, space, and time, otherwise known as MEST. MEST has no volition, it has no responsibility, it is total effect. It is the end of the dwindling spiral of life.

In yesterday’s SRT workshop, we discovered beings who were being MEST, actual particles of sand and metal who had never responded to treatment before. They were individuals, with almost no life force at all. They had transformed themselves from being alive and conscious to an object, something approximating MEST. (matter, energy, space, time)

I asked him to admire them and they began to wake up the moment we realized they had become an object, even before we admired them and we began to get information from them as more and more of the clusters began to disintegrate (every piece of sand was becoming an individual). These clusters first recognized that they had stopped doing something to become an object and it was not something they decided for themselves. It appeared they didn´t have another option other than to become an object. It was their way to escape from the confusion. It was as if the natural step after the confusion is to become an object

As they woke up, they shared more and more of their realizations. Some were still in sand shapes, while others assumed metal shapes and others opened their eyes.

As they woke up, we could perceive their descent from beings with a history to becoming MEST with no volition. They mentioned other beings, who my friend recognized as Grays, who had tricks to take low-level beings and make them become MEST. This process was not described, but it is consistent with many whole track implant actions which alter the behavior of spirits and reduce their life force.

When they are MEST, they are not conscious of anything. So they don’t suffer. They don’t have to take responsibility. They don’t have to do anything. They’re no longer guilty. They don’t feel anything or think anything.

This is where my friend recognized that these beings who were being MEST were in a state lower than confusion.

When they are waking up from being MEST, the first thing they are seeing is us.

I asked, what was their realization when they woke up?

My friend said, “It seems like this is teamwork. Yes. Teamwork. I mean, there is no way they can realize something without someone else realizing something. We realized something about them and then they had a realization.” The very first realization s the realization of their existence and then where they were from and who sent them. All of this realization was made by my friend the observer.

He spotted that when we look at MEST, we should not go, “Who owns this, but who is this? Or, who are they?”

He also spotted that all groups of beings are going to become MEST eventually if they follow the dwindling spiral of life that currently exists. We are on the dwindling spiral by assigning cause to others and the end of the dwindling spiral is not death, but MEST.

We can wake up beings who are being MEST by admiring them and recognizing that they are beings who have abdicated all responsibility. With enough caring communication, it should be possible to rescue more beings who are in this state.

My friend feels we can wake up this “type” of being when they have something to do with us. If he did not have a shoulder problem he wouldn’t have put his attention on them. It is not like being curious about objects and trying to wake them up. It seems like there must be an honest interest

( I have the feeling that we can increase our awareness in the future and increase the number of MEST beings we can wake up.)

It seems that our recognition of their state is required for them to move up out of this state below confusion.
My friend and I agree that this is what happened.

My friend and I have different views on what the formula for this condition is and we will cover that in the next part of this article. We are scheduling another session on these beings below confusion and should have more answers at that time as to what the formula for changing that condition actually is.

Results of Free SRT Workshop On Changing Conditions In Your Life

In yesterday’s SRT workshop, we discovered beings who were being MEST, actual particles of sand and metal who had never responded to treatment before. They were clusters with almost no life force at all. They had transformed themselves from energy to something approximating MEST. (matter, energy, space, time)

We have reason to believe there is at least one condition of existence below confusion and that is when a being becomes matter, energy, space, and time, otherwise known as MEST. MEST has no volition, it has no responsibility, it is total effect.

It is the end of the dwindling spiral of life.

We found that we could raise the condition of these beings with admiration.
More later.

Free SRT Workshop On Changing Conditions In Your Life

If you are not doing as well as you could be, it is probably because you are applying the wrong actions to your life and to your spiritual companions.

There are definite conditions of existence and each has a particular formula which can be applied. I have attached a simple table which shows these conditions and how to handle them. This table comes from a group called the freezone and the only thing missing is any consideration of the many spirits you have and how they affect your conditions.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, 9-18-21, We will be holding another free workshop and will be helping each other discover what conditions we and our spirits are operating in. These conditions and their formulas are some of the most powerful spiritual information I know of and ignorance of them are very costly.

You really have to be carefully coached to discover what your conditions you are in in life, at work, spiritually, and healthwise. This stuff is dynamite and can change your life dramatically if done correctly. It can actually destroy you if someone forces you to accept a condition you don’t deserve. One of the most harmful things that can occur is when someone assigns you a wrong condition. You can be stuck with that wrong indication for the rest of your life.

Join us tomorrow, Saturday 9-18-21, at 12 noon EST and we will work through the conditions together and find out where we are in several areas of our lives.

The link for the Zoom meeting is

Hope you can join us.

Here is the table I referenced above with a link for more information.

For more information:

SRT Quality Assurance – Part Two

At this point in our development of Spiritual Rescue Technology, it seems appropriate to provide tools for the SRT practitioner so that they can identify bad indicators in SRT sessions and learn what steps will remedy any errors that have been made. There are different indicators and remedies for solo sessions and sessions delivered to others.

Solo Session Quality Check

  1. Do you feel it makes no sense to try talking to spirits? You are being blocked by beings you cannot handle by yourself. Get yourself a session from an experienced SRT user.
  2. Are you getting very brief responses to your questions? If not, increase your caring communication.
  3. Are you getting no responses to your questions? Imagine you are the being you are trying to connect with and perceive their intentions.
  4. Are you interested in communicating with these spirits? If not, try meditating and see what is stopping you.
  5. Are you tired and worn out after a solo session? Meditate and find what intention you had starting the session.
  6. Are the beings answering your questions? If not, are you actually asking for information or are you giving them instructions?
  7. Are you acknowledging beings for each comment they give you? If not, review the purpose of your solo session.
  8. Do you feel elated at the conclusion of your solo session? That is what should be happening. If you are not elated, review this list and see what you are missing.
  9. Are your spiritual companions volunteering ideas for your approval and application? You have not created an effective team. And you are not acknowledging them when they originate ideas.
  10. Do your spiritual companions keep interrupting you while you are running a solo session? You are not in control of your spiritual companions and should get remedial sessions from an experienced SRT user.

SRT Counseling Quality Check

  1. Is the client interested in talking to his spirits? If not, get his considerations and handle the beings who have been upset by earlier sessions.
  2. Is the client here on his own determinism? If not, do not proceed further.
  3. Are spirits real to this client? Give him some false data stripping.
  4. Are the spirits willing to talk to you? Are you using caring communication?
  5. Are the spirits willing to talk to the client? Ask them what has he done. What needs to be done to make it OK.
  6. Does the client understand caring communication? If not, get him hatted before proceeding further.
  7. Are you letting the client talk and have wins? Look at a transcript of your session and make sure.
  8. Does the client want more sessions? If he did not end on a big win, you need to change your session format and speak less and ask more questions.
  9. Did the client share a win from the session? If not, you need to look at how you are running the session.
  10. Did you share a realization with the client? You are not doing proper SRT counseling. The session is for client realizations.
  11. If the client’s indicators drop during the session, locate the beings who have been triggered by the session and plan to handle them as soon as possible after the current process is complete.
  12. Are clients referring other people to you? If not, you are not giving them wins. Look closely at how you are running your sessions.
  13. Do the client’s indicators drop as soon as the session is over? You missed some beings who are still objecting to the session. Get them identified and handled immediately if at all possible. Do everything possible to make it real to the client that his feelings about the session are coming from unhandled beings.

SRT Quality Assurance – Part One

You can use Spiritual Rescue Technology to help a person with or without a body. You use telepathic communication with a disembodied spirit in your vicinity and use regular voice communication with the person running a body and the spirits surrounding that person.

We can call the first situation a solo session and the second situation a counseling session. The process steps are quite different and are described in two different handbooks and in my three Spiritual Rescue Technology books. See links at the end of this report.

The purpose of an SRT session is to raise awareness and life force in participating spirits. This is done by waking up the spirits involved with caring communication consisting of questions and some helpful information to help the beings involved to come to present time from wherever in time their attention is fixed.

When beings are overwhelmed, their attention is fixed on the incident in which this happened and much of their life force is locked up and focused on that incident and the confusions surrounding it. We have found that caring communication is one of the most reliable ways to get in communication with a being and gently bring them to an awareness of their situation and a willingness to do something about it.

Caring communication occurs when you recognize the being is a person much as yourself with goals and purposes that may have been defeated and entirely crushed by events he doesn’t understand. This being may even regard himself as a blameless victim of circumstances beyond his control. He may even feel that something you have done is the reason he is in his current condition. Whatever his reasoning or attitude, you will only set him free and restore his free will when you get him to recognize his role in causing his current dilemma.

There is a huge temptation to explain things for him and give him examples from which he can understand how he is actually responsible for the state he is in, but this is a mistake. After all, once you know the secret to taking responsibility for your life, you generally wish to share it. However, realizations about life need to be discovered if they are to be valued. Having someone else feed you a realization diminishes your worth as a being.

When you realize something as a result of your own observations, you own it and your certainty is increased and unshakable. When someone else feeds you a realization, you feel diminished and may even hate the person who did this. Nobody likes the person who tells them the truth about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. When you discover something for yourself you feel empowered even if the discovery is unpleasant.

Similarly, discovering what spirits are communicating is a powerful boost to your certainty. If you do this on your own, you have a certainty that withstands all attempts to tell you that you are imagining things. Your certainty will tell you that those who scoff do not have the abilities that you have and are no longer authorities about spiritual matters. You will know you have moved beyond the merely human state and can now begin to navigate the spiritual world without worrying about what the unaware think about your adventures.

If you are trying to help another person discover spiritual communication, it is better to ask a spirit a question and once you hear its answer, then ask the person what they perceived. If you do this carefully and with no prompting, the person will begin to spot emotions projected from spirits and then will begin to get full thoughts and other impressions.

The key to success in helping a spirit or a person with spirits is to ask questions that prompt them to think and discover things for themselves. Explanations and extraneous comments need to be kept to an absolute minimum. If you are doing the correct actions, you will find that the spirits and the people you are helping will be eager to continue working with you and discovering more about the spiritual realm.


Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology: A Practical Solution for Changing Your Life

Using Spiritual Rescue Technology: Harnessing the Power of Your Spiritual Connections

TALKING TO SPIRITS: The Key to Managing Your Future (Spiritual Rescue Technology Series Book 3)

I would like to start the free Saturday workshops again – Starting this Saturday 9-4-21

They provided excellent benefits for those participating. They were affordable, and they fostered a sense of community in those of us who were interested in talking to spirits and wanted to learn how to increase our spiritual abilities.

It is short notice, but I will be waiting on zoom to chat with anyone who wishes to join me at 12 noon EDT, this Saturday, September 4.

I think a good topic for this first workshop is to exchange information about what we have learned in the past eight months since our last workshop. For example, I have learned more about spiritual healing and about subtle indicators of spiritual barriers that I have missed in the past.

I would like you to invite any friends who are interested in spirits to attend this workshop, as this will be more of a show and tell event rather than a lecture on esoteric spiritual matters.

Please come join me on Zoom using this link: 

David St Lawrence

Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part Three

If you have been determined enough to actually use what I have written about dealing with non-optimum situations, you have made some desirable changes in your life. As I mentioned in Part One, the best way to handle non-optimum situations is to take them on a gradient. This means that you handle the task you are able to handle and do not get overwhelmed by the magnitude of all of the tasks remaining to be done. That still applies even when you discover how huge and non-optimum the task is that we face on this planet.

You may have observed that the world is in bad shape with governments collapsing every few hundred years and insane solutions being proposed which worsen conditions. You are not wrong. This planet is spiritually sick and there are no solutions of sufficient scope to turn things around. There are solutions like Spiritual Rescue Technology which can reverse the dwindling spiral of an individual but are not widely spread and cannot rescue more than a family at this time.

The problem we face is the presence of degraded and deranged beings who have been placed here to remove them from civilizations which could not rehabilitate them and found it more convenient to dump them on this small planet in the outer edge of a galaxy far away from the main centers of galactic civilization. We are, to put it bluntly, an old prison planet that has also been a location for colonies and military outposts for millions of years. There is some evidence that we have still been used as a dumping ground for undesirable as recently as 8000 years ago. I do not ask you to believe this. Once you do any significant amount of past life research, you will stumble across traces of past catastrophes where millions of beings were given hypnotic suggestions and banished from normal civilizations forever. Don’t get overwhelmed, just listen to the stories these beings tell you and use SRT to bring them out of the past and into present time where they can be put to use again.

If you think of this planet as being haunted by the ghosts of people who were imprisoned here in the distant past, you are on the right track to start putting things right for yourself and for humanity at large.

Once you recognize where some of your ideas come from, you will be in a position to make use of the useful ideas and discard the destructive ones. Think of the situation in this way. Every being in your vicinity is a potential asset if properly motivated. There is an immense body of knowledge at your fingertips if you choose to ask for it in the right way. You are surrounded by beings who developed space travel and have built and managed civilizations of every kind imaginable. Those with more recent lives on Earth have found every type of occupation you can imagine and have made mistakes that you can profit from because you can avoid doing the same.

Every time you create something, whether it be art or a product or a system for doing things, if you can harness the talents of the spiritual beings surrounding you, your work will practically do itself. You may wonder where the truly gifted artist and inventor gets his or her ideas, until you learn to listen to your spiritual companions. Once you do this, you will find that you have more ideas than you can readily use and your problem will be selecting out the ones which will serve you best.

Once you begin to look at your spiritual companions as an asset rather than a threat, your life will begin to expand and your ability to accomplish your dreams will exceed your wildest imagination.

Read all of my books about Spiritual Rescue Technology and apply the data that makes sense to you. You will make progress in whatever field you choose once you harness the capabilities of your spiritual companions and turn them into trusted teammates.

We live on a planet with unlimited opportunities. You have an unlimited number of spirits to rescue and learn from. They can use your help and you can certainly use theirs. Good luck!

Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part Two

If you followed the instructions in Part One and chose a suitably low gradient task to achieve, you should have the pleasure of having moved that task to a more optimum state.

I chose to clean my car which has been neglected for at least a year. It is now a shining example of a family automobile and I will endeavor to keep it clean and a credit to our family. I have given my spiritual companions a hearty acknowledgment for their assistance in this matter and they have responded by showing me more things to do to make the car appearance flawless. They like riding in an elegant-looking car rather than a grocery vehicle full of litter.

Let’s increase the gradient and see what we can do with a more serious non-optimum situation. I feel I have been in a holding pattern recently where I do the things I have done before but have not reached out and expanded my reach to new people with new offerings and new challenges.

When I meditated and looked for counter-intentions, I found I have accumulated a vast number of new spiritual companions from SRT sessions delivered to people who are struggling but not winning in life. These beings joined me after my sessions and did so without causing an immediate impact. I noticed that I had attention on some of these clients, but did not take immediate action and search for new sources of life force after the sessions.

The accumulation of new spiritual companions is a continuing process and if I do not monitor the net tone level of the group, I can miss the fact I have accumulated some beings with unhandled problems. They have unhandled engrams which will get triggered when I make changes in my life or attempt to do so. The resulting effect is an overall lowering of tone level and an unwillingness to try anything new. As long as I remained in a holding pattern, I was not exposing these beings to any new threats or causing them to resist me.

I began meditating with the idea that I would tackle the area of expanding my client base and began noticing what the counter-intention was and where it came from. Many of the newer spiritual companions get triggered by the thought of reaching out and directly contacting new people. They also get triggered by my getting into each new person’s space and observing what all of the intentions are. The counter-intentions of each new person triggers my spiritual companions’ counter-intentions and they resist the pain and embarrassment this creates.

Exposing yourself to a new audience can be painful if you carry active memories of painful rejections by groups you have tried to help and this is the point where my newer spiritual companions exist, as they are still stuck in those past incidents which produced pain and unconsciousness and death, of course.

Once you perceive that spirits are being triggered, you just follow standard SRT practice and get them to locate the incident they are stuck in and bring them to present time through caring conversation. This wakes them up enough so that you can then let them know they are immortal and have many more lifetimes to live if they choose to do so.

Once they are sufficiently in present time, you can ask them if they wish to continue doing what they were doing and they will generally indicate they are ready to leave for more interesting places. If they wish to stay and help, you need to find what they are interested in doing and give them an opportunity to join in and be productive.

If this sounds like more than you can handle, give me a call and we will set up sessions to handle some of your non-optimum situations and train you to handle most of the rest of them in the future. I find that my clients do best when they are actively doing solo sessions every week and then calling on me to help with non-optimum situations that resist being handled. You might think of me as the heavy-duty spiritual cleaning service who you only call in for difficult to confront areas. In that way, you will continue to gain experience and enjoy uninterrupted gains in awareness and abilities.