Free Will and Personal Privacy – Part Two

When is it OK to withhold information from others?

The entire thrust of Spiritual Rescue Technology is to increase our free will. Free will means being able to communicate at will, but it also implies the existence of personal privacy and control over one’s personal information.

Perhaps it is a matter of intentions. Withholding or concealment of data can be done for at least two reasons. Protection of self or of others. We are only considering true data here, not falsehoods. If data is true, how can it be considered harmful? It would seem to be that the existence of true data about the reasons for a situation should cause the situation to vanish.

I can think of many situations where the existence of true data would wreak havoc on religious beliefs, family relationships, reputations of leaders and more. Lives could be lost, governments could fall and stable data of long duration would vanish.

Withholding important data from others in order to protect them from spiritual or physical harm could be considered a worthwhile activity. In order to do this without harm to oneself, one would have to be able to predict the effect if the data were to be known.

If the intention is to conceal some past harmful action from discovery by others so that harm should not come to oneself if the data were to be discovered, the intention does not include protection of others, only of self.

On the other hand, people have sacrificed their lives and reputations to reveal truths about companies, governments and family members. Often this sacrifice seems to been in vain, because the truth was buried and the whistle blower was punished often fatally. However, truth, once out is hard to bury and eventually finds a waiting audience.

Free will does not mean that life is easy or that choices are not painful. Free will means that the choice can be made and the chooser can decide to affect the future as he sees fit. There is also the matter of gradients. If a civilization is operating on false information, there are many people invested in maintaining the status quo. Bringing truth to this situation can be a complex activity as there may be hundreds of interlocking pieces of false data to correct.

The prophet who boldly states the naked truth to the multitudes without regard for the effort required to bring about change will probably suffer terribly for his lack of insight. The wiser prophet who brings about change with a series of acceptable truths may live and prosper as the change occurs.

If one considers sharing information as an exercise in caring communication, it is possible that withholding information can be done without harm to the individual withholding the information.

We will take up other aspects of maintaining privacy without harm to oneself in the next section: Free Will and Personal Privacy – Part Three

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