Free Workshop 3-14-20 – Finding A Common Point Of View With Someone You Despise

The real point of this workshop is to show you how to free up some of your valuable life force. If you have not realized it before, every incident you still have your attention fixed upon is tying up some of your attention units and therefore your life force.

When you do not have a care in the world, you have maximized your free will and are free to start and stop any activity you choose at any time. If you are suppressing painful memories or putting certain memories out of your mind, you are tying up attention units you could be using to create your life.

Now, let us suppose there is someone in your current life or even in your past whom you despise. This would be someone who acts hateful to you for reasons you do not understand. There are probably more than one of these people in your life, so select the one that has the most effect on you.

You are going to run a reach and withdraw process on this person and on the beings who are making him act in despicable ways. You must run the process while staying in present time and you must include the hateful beings in your reach. You must continue the reaching and withdrawing until you can freely “BE” the hateful person and the beings who make him act in hateful ways.

You will probably not be able to do this as a solo session action unless you have years of experience, so be prepared to twin up with someone else and do the reach and withdraw as a team action.

Make sure you do not stay reaching too long when you first start. Withdrawal allows you to recover from the effort and confusions of the reaching activity.

You will know when you reaching is producing results because you will have sudden realization why this person feels justified in treating you badly. You may also realize that you have had some part in causing the person to begin doing despicable things.

You may also find that you have beings who are participating in maintaining the friction between yourself and the person you despise.

You will know when you are done with this problem because you will no longer be troubled by the person or your history with him.

If you would like to become cause over situations like this, join me on Saturday at 12 noon on Zoom using this link:


Definition of Axiom

An axiom or postulate is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments. The word comes from the Greek axíōma ‘that which is thought worthy or fit’ or ‘that which commends itself as evident.’ The term has subtle differences in definition when used in the context of different fields of study. As defined in classic philosophy, an axiom is a statement that is so evident or well-established, that it is accepted without controversy or question. As used in modern logic, an axiom is a premise or starting point for reasoning.

SRT Axiom Zero

I realized this morning there is an axiom that underlies all of the other axioms. If a person does not get this, he or she will think SRT is wonderful but will keep looking for other solutions to handle the really “difficult” problems like migraines, PMS, cheating husbands, illnesses, hangnails, etc., etc.


Constantly is the operative word. It means that spirits are affecting you 24/7 whether you are awake or dreaming.

When your Spirits are happy, they cheer you up and can help you achieve great things with very little effort.

When they get triggered, they drag you down, sometimes all the way to despair. They can change with no warning and you can go from feeling great to feeling sick and tired in less than an hour.

When you have your spiritual team in good shape, they will pick up on incoming threats and you will not be blindsided as long as you listen to their warnings.

You do not have to be responsible for external events, but you can be responsible for your reaction to them.

For those of you who do not instantly see the implications of SRT Axiom Zero, I will explain it in detail.

It means what it says: Spirits constantly affect your behavior, health, and personality.

See my numbered comments.

1. Spirits are the spiritual beings who surround you at all times. They may have been with you for centuries or longer or you may have picked them up at the funeral home you just visited to pay respects to a departed friend. They may even be the spirits of your dead spouse or parents who still feel they have to look after you.

2. Constantly means what you think it means. There is never a moment that you are not affected by the Spirits who surround you. If you can harness their abilities, you will operate at a very high level. If you are fighting your Spirits, life can be very difficult.

3. Affect means everything from influencing you in a slight way to actually taking control of your body and acting in ways you cannot control. This happens more often than you might think.

4. Behavior includes your tendency to comment on things that you hear without thinking. It includes the mannerisms like picking at scabs, biting your nails and fiddling with your hair. It includes your irritability at kids screaming, slow drivers in front of you, and the idiots who make stupid comments on Facebook. It also includes your inability to speak up to the boss when he treats you like a serf and your inability to speak in front of large groups. Spirits controlled behavior includes your craving for alcohol every day, or cigarettes, or even chocolate donuts.

Spirits can cause you to do positive things like filling your house with flowers every day or running marathons or attending rock concerts. Their ability to influence our choices in life has to be fully examined to realize how much of what you do every day is influenced by the Spirits who are trying to help you.

5. Health means everything related to the operation of your body. Your health is constantly being affected by your Spirits. You will not have any subjective reality on this until you see a painful physical condition vanish on the completion of an SRT session.

6. Personality is the entire package of attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, motivations, in short, all of the characteristics you exhibit that people recognize you by.

Now you can either decide to be the effect of all these Spirits, or you can decide to manage them for your benefit. SRT has all of the tools you will need to help your Spirits contribute to your welfare or to set them free to create independent lives of their own.

The Spirits who surround you can be a resource or a nightmare depending on how you treat them.

If you foolishly try to get rid of the Spirits who surround you, you might end up like too many Scientologists who have tried this, sick and miserable due to the counter intentions of unhappy spiritual Spirits. Spirits do not like being scraped off.

SRT will give you the tools you need to create a better existence for you and for your Spirits.

David St Lawrence

Once Upon A Time – Adventures In Identifying Spirits

A very long time ago, I was trying to classify Spiritual activity by assigning names to certain patterns of spiritual behavior. This was before I understood that we could change spiritual behavior in a single session.

There are terms like “Angels, Demons, Guardians, and Spirit Guides that others have been using for years, but they did not, in my mind, describe the spirit’s specific behavior adequately.

I was trying to identify the awareness level of spirits and the risk they could present if not identified and properly handled. I even developed a spiritual caste system, from Alphas at the top to Omegas at the bottom, based on their degree of self-determination.

This assignment of relative awareness was only temporary, as SRT enables us to communicate and work with spiritual beings of almost all degrees of awareness. I found that I could even communicate with and free spirits who were trapped in a black tourmaline healing crystal for millions of years.

Once we start working with spirits every day, our attention is constantly drawn to spiritual situations we have ignored while playing at being human. A spirit gives off or generates life force in proportion to their ability to be at cause. One might even say that a spirit IS life force which waxes and wanes depending on the degree of free will it can exercise.

When you start observing sources of life force energy, you will notice that animals and plants radiate life force. Every blade of grass you see in your travels is alive because it houses a spiritual being. Every cell of your body is alive because a spiritual being is animating it. You are surrounded by life almost everywhere you go and all of that life comes from spirits. It may be hard to grasp at first, but every insect in your environment is animated by a spirit as is everything alive. This means that trees, bushes, flowers, and all plant life down to slime molds are animated by spirits who chose to operate at that level of activity. The same is true for bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. All are animated by spiritual beings and can be addressed and communicated with if approached properly.

There is an enormous hierarchy of spiritual groups and all can be perceived and communicated with if you use the knowledge you gain from studying Spiritual Rescue Technology. Fortunately, SRT processing, using caring communication, seems to work at all levels of spiritual awareness that we have discovered so far.

As I have said frequently, we have barely scratched the surface of the possibilities for working with spirits and enlisting them in projects that will benefit all of us. We do know that spiritual healing is possible and has been done for centuries, even if the underlying reasons were not understood. With SRT, we can look at the possibilities for healing plants, and animals, and handling diseases through spiritual means.

In the matter of human behavior, it is essential we develop a vocabulary to better describe what is going on when a person apparently loses control of their actions and to describe accurately what is causing the aberrant behavior. There are myriad medical terms to describe the behavior, but they do not actually provide useful information on what is causing it.

We still have a long way to go but we use terms like spiritual possession and restimulation which provide an understanding of what is required to restore normal functioning.

We also developed terms like “unseen copilot” to describe a situation where a spiritual being is awake and aware at all times and will take control of the person under the right circumstances. The person can operate normally for days at a time, but when a stressful situation arises that the person can’t handle, the spirit acting as an unseen copilot will take charge and the person is under the control of this spirit until the danger is over. Basically, the spirit is monitoring the person’s behavior at all times and will take over when it feels necessary.

When this occurs too frequently and the person can’t control it enough, the person is considered by the medical profession to have Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID) previously known as multiple personality disorder, is a mental disorder characterized by the maintenance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states.

We have a long way to go in identifying spiritual behavior patterns, but we are able to handle all of them we have encountered so far.

We may eventually develop an entire vocabulary to describe the interactions of disembodied spirits and spirits with bodies. This would help when presented with behavior we do not recognize. The alterations of behavior may be minor, as in the loss of memory, or can be major as in a strange being taking permanent possession of a person’s body during a period of unconsciousness or drug overdose.

Training yourself to identify and recognize spirits will help you deal with situations where spirits are taking control or possession of those people you know.

We will discuss this in detail in the SRT Academy meeting which will be held on Mondays at 10 am Eastern Time on Zoom.

An Unexpected Review of SRT Progress

While searching for some early SRT data, I discovered some recordings I made of some solo sessions where I was beginning to make some major departures from OT VII style auditing.

I appeared to be using a computer-based e-meter, probably a Clarity Meter made by Hank Levin, and I was reading off the position of the tone arm as I investigated what was happening in my body. All of my observations were about the masses and pressures I encountered and nothing about the beings themselves as individuals.

I was not asking who they were or had been, in fact, I was not talking directly to them at all. I was not evaluating them either. I was just putting my attention on their location and observing what was happening as I did this. From the tone of my voice, I could see that I was totally in present time and was speaking gently as I made observations as my attention on each mass caused it to dissipate and finally vanish.

What struck me was my lack of any interest in the welfare of the beings who made up the masses and pressure somatics. I was very much acting like a concerned surgeon who removes warts from a body. I was working carefully and with great precision, but there was no affinity or reality or communication with the beings I was affecting. I was doing a competent job as an OT auditor and was getting the desired results but with 10 years of SRT research behind me, the session felt cold and empty. I was achieving the “zero attitude” that Hubbard wanted his OT auditors to achieve, and the process felt empty and unsatisfying compared to the SRT techniques we have developed since then.

We have made great strides in the decade since that session and the sessions are much faster and much more satisfying for the beings and for the counselor. The counselor directs his attention to the client and his problem until the client locates the spiritual beings who are causing the problem. Once the spiritual being or beings are located, the counselor directs his questions only to the spiritual beings involved. The spiritual beings are invited to comment and approve what the counselor is doing before the counselor frees them from the incidents they are stuck in.

The counselor is able to perceive the spiritual beings, what their attention is on, and their intentions toward the client. When the counselor asks a question, he usually gets an immediate response from the spiritual beings, but he directs them to use the client as a channel for their communication. In this way, the client is directly involved in the transmission of information, although he is not in charge of it. The spiritual being takes over the communication as he does in normal life and the client voices what the spiritual being says.

This is exactly what any spiritual being does when triggered by an action the client does, so there is no need for a learning process to get started. Once the being understands that the counselor can perceive him and wants to talk to him, the being usually cannot wait to be heard. He has been operating without any acknowledgment for many lifetimes and this live communication revives his interest in life.

Once a spiritual being receives caring communication from a counselor or client, it opens the door to meaningful communication. The being wakes up and is brought to understand how he caused himself to become overwhelmed and trapped in an incident. At this point, he begins to have all sorts of realizations and either decides to leave or go on protecting the client and sharing in his life.

Most of the time the spiritual beings find what the client is doing is quite boring and they can’t wait to find a place where they can start a new game. They leave and the client is now free from all of the unsolicited considerations the spiritual beings were constantly providing for him. Since these are beings whose last human existence was a giant failure, most of the considerations they provide are quite negative.

Any time the client wished to do something new and different, the spirits would begin listing their opinions: “Too late, not enough money, you’re too old, you are too young, it is illegal, you do not have permission, not enough time, you are not smart enough, nobody will approve of this, you will probably die, and everybody you know will be embarrassed for you!”

It takes very little caring communication with the concerned spiritual beings for them to see what has been holding them back and they regain their zest for life and are eager to start a new life.

Previous efforts as in my earlier sessions were merely efforts to remove the spirits as quickly as possible. Those processes were exorcisms to drive out unwanted spirits. They were removed, but they were often left in a confused or angry state and caused lingering problems for all concerned.

As you can see, our current processes are far more interesting for all concerned than the procedures used earlier. Spiritual Rescue Technology with caring communication opens the door to a new existence for us and our spiritual companions. At the completion of a session, everyone involved experiences a resurgence in their life force.

SRT Academy – Invitation and First Lesson

Making Use Of Your Hidden Spiritual Abilities – Lesson One

Almost everyone I have met has hidden spiritual abilities, but very few have learned how to use them effectively. These are the abilities that let you perceive non-material phenomena, like knowing when someone has their attention on you or that someone intends to sign you up as an Amway distributor.

More importantly, you know whether a person is interested in what you are about to say before you say it. You pick up on the person’s affinity for you and you can learn to judge the person’s reality before you say something that will shatter his or her reality. In a real way, you get to sense the degree of agreement a person has with your viewpoints before engaging in conversation that will result in a break in the current affinity between you.

You can perceive all kinds of useful information when you are trained to recognize it. This means that you are able to avoid upsetting people who do not agree with your viewpoints. Without being untrue to yourself, you can work and exchange with people who do not agree with your views in any way.

It means that you can find a common point of view with almost anyone so that you can communicate with them properly to get along with them.

Your first assignment is to imagine how you would go about finding a common point of view with someone you had a disagreement with.

Let us say that the person is someone you had been friends with previously and then had a major disagreement because you let the conversation wander into areas that restimulated the other person so much that they had become quite upset.

What steps do you have to take to establish a common point of view and resume your friendship?

Be prepared to discuss your approach on Monday, March 16, at 10am Eastern time when we will be holding our first SRT Academy meeting.

Use this link to join us:

Webinar 3-8-2020 – Using Your Spiritual Abilities To Create A New Career

We will be creating an SRT Academy for the purpose of training students to become more effective in life and to become more affluent and make their professional lives more enjoyable. They will train to become experts in removing counter-intention from their everyday activities.

We will be creating an academy for SRT users with a grade chart of abilities that measures proficiency in managing your spiritual companions and your life. You would only need to attend weekly academy sessions until you gained the proficiency level that you need to live a happy and productive life. The highest levels of the grade chart would certify you as an expert in the application of SRT to life and you would feel confident in your ability to pass on the knowledge to others if you chose to do so.

There will be weekly exercises twin or solo sessions and I will review your session notes to give you advice and correction as needed. Our weekly meeting on Mondays will be dedicated to reviewing your progress and development of new assignments. Your weekly cost will be USD 25 and you have the freedom to take time off at any time.

You will have personal targets that you do not have to share with the group at large, but you would need to share them with your twin for greatest gains.

I ran an academy for SRT Counselors a few years ago and all attendees became quite proficient in giving sessions to their twins. There was less desire to become a professional SRT counselor and only one went on to establish a practice. Even now, there is some reluctance to launch into a career as an SRT counselor because of the enormous challenges you will face. I have felt for some time that enabling someone to use SRT to advance their career and become financially stable is a much more attainable target. In other words, using SRT to become affluent and free your attention up for whatever you wanted to do.

If you attend this academy, you will become an expert in removing counter-intention from your everyday activities.

The results of this kind of training are quite measurable and the training will be tailored to your specific needs.

Along with the Academy activities, I will be enlisting some of you in taking over some of the responsibility for recording and preserving SRT knowledge. Once we decide how best to deliver SRT to the general public, we will develop plans to support those who chose to promote and deliver SRT.

If this is a topic you would like to support, join me in a Webinar on Using Your Spiritual Abilities To Create A New Career – Sunday 3-8-2020 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Workshop 3-7-20 – Using Your Spiritual Companions To Create A New Career

Your spiritual companions can open new doors for you in a number of different areas.

In the past, I concentrated on helping students to become counselors and had even run an SRT Counselors Academy for a year. Most of the students became proficient in delivering SRT sessions, but only one went on to deliver SRT counseling on a regular basis.

Since then, I have concentrated on helping students to become more effective in life with no emphasis on counseling others. This is helped a number of my clients become more affluent and has made their professional lives more enjoyable. The primary reason for these gains was removing counter-intention from their everyday activities.

Almost all of you experience counter-intention to making changes in your lives, even when you discover a career that offers more satisfaction than what you are doing now. Those of you are doing what you want to do often find that there is too much effort involved for the satisfaction you gain from being in your particular profession.

Counter-intention and effort can be removed from your life by daily applications of Spiritual Rescue Technology, if you truly understand how to manage your spiritual companions and motivate them to support your intentions.

Many of you have demonstrated your ability to handle troubled beings, when they have been brought to your attention, but the usual situation we encounter is that you do not recognize a situation as being caused by spirits. Yes, there are germs, and viruses, and people out to get you and all sorts of hereditary disabilities you inherit from your parents, but amazingly enough many of these do not go into action or persist unless you have some spiritual distress present. Many of you have inured yourself (Desensitized yourselves) to the unhappiness and stress in your life. Like a leaky boat or an abused car, you just keep on going until you grind to a halt.

I am proposing that we create an academy for SRT users with a grade chart of abilities that measures proficiency in managing your spiritual companions and your life. You would only need to attend weekly academy sessions until you gained the proficiency level that you need to live a happy and productive life. The highest levels of the grade chart would certify you as an expert in the application of SRT to life and you would feel confident in your ability to pass on the knowledge to others if you chose to do so.

There would be weekly exercises with a twin or solo sessions and I would review your session notes to give you advice and correction as needed. Our Saturday workshop would be dedicated to reviewing progress and development of new assignments. Your weekly cost would be $25 USD and you have the freedom to take time off at any time.

You would have personal targets that you do not have to share with the group at large, but you would need to share them with your twin for greatest gains.

Along with the Academy activities, I would like to enlist some of you in taking over some of the responsibility for recording and preserving SRT knowledge. Once we decide how best to deliver SRT to the general public, we should develop marketing plans to support those who chose to promote and deliver SRT.

If this is a topic you would like to explore, join me for a free workshop on Using Your Spiritual Companions To Create A New Career – Saturday 3-7-2020 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:




  15. BLAME
  16. BORED
  17. CARING
  22. CURSED
  23. DEATH
  25. DYING
  28. ENVY
  29. FEAR
  31. HAPPY
  32. HATRED
  33. HIDING
  34. HORROR
  36. HUNGER
  43. JOY
  46. LOVE
  47. LUST
  49. PAIN
  51. PRIDE
  52. RAGE
  54. REGRET
  59. SATED
  64. SHAME
  67. SORROW
  68. TERROR
  75. WICKED
  77. WASTED

Do You Habitually Over-Commit On Delivery Dates And Performance Levels?

You may pride yourself on setting tight schedules and high performance levels, but have you looked at what it has done to your life? Targets that are unrealistically high with unreal schedules wreak havoc on the people who are expected to deliver the products or services,

You may not think of yourself as being unrealistic, but how do you feel about your work schedule? Are you constantly working to keep up or are you doing great work and still having time for a family or personal life?

If you are always under the gun as far as work schedules, it is possible that you are doing something wrong. If a project is carefully planned, the outcome should be a working system or product delivered in a timely manner.

When the schedule is arbitrarily decided on a management whim rather than on solid experience, the product quality generally suffers. As the scheduled end date nears, features are dropped from the product so that the delivery date will be met. When management provides bonuses for meeting delivery dates, product quality inevitably suffers. Key features are left untested or omitted and the project is turned over to Customer Service personnel for delivery and patching in the field. When that happens, you get a delivery that isn’t a delivery because it is a protracted repair and patch job in the field.

With Spiritual Rescue Technology it is quite easy to predict this kind of behavior and to remedy it so that it does not continue to occur. No one in their right mind would commit to a schedule or a specification that they could not meet, but in the presence of overwhelming demands, it becomes easy to lose sight of the penalties for misrepresenting your ability to deliver.

Adding to the sense of urgency are worries that someone else will get the order if you don’t step up to the challenge and close the deal. I am quite familiar with this kind of pressure as I spent many years working 60-70 hour weeks so I would be first in line for the next big project. I had no idea what was driving me at the time, but my family life suffered because of my work schedules.

With SRT it is fairly easy to locate the source of the tendency to overcommit. It is almost always spiritual in nature and comes from earlier failures to deliver on your part or on the part of others. You will experience it as a counter-intention to telling the customer what the project will take in terms of time and resources. There will be fears of loss of prestige or income if you tell the customer what the job will take. These fears undermine your resolution to be truthful and you end up compromising your integrity. Now you have promised something that you do not actually believe you can deliver and your torment begins. You take it out on yourself by working extra hours and making excuses when you consistently fail to meet the customer’s expectations which you set.

With SRT, you locate and remove the impulses to stretch the truth and you operate from a position of certainty. Once you have established your certainty, you can work with the customer to give them certainty and a realistic appraisal of the risks involved. You also give yourself the ability to move the goalposts for the project as it becomes evident that vital steps are taking longer than expected.

When you are working from realistic estimates, you are able to see when partial deliveries are possible so that you can have additional time to complete the final requirements. Your schedules are predictable and when changes are required, they can be anticipated well in advance.

The secret is to locate all of the sources of upset and counter-intention before making commitments to a customer, then you will be able to negotiate from strength. If your proposal does not meet the customer’s needs you will be able to discuss changes intelligently and propose alternative solutions. If your solutions are not acceptable to the customer, you will be able to end off knowing that you have provided the best solution that would work for your benefit.

If you have handled all of the counter-intention on your side, you will have made the best offer you could make. If the prospective customer is looking for more then you can provide, you are better off without that business.

When you know what you can provide and how long it takes to do things, there is no good reason to commit to doing more unless there is a suitable financial reward. There are businesses that routinely do rush jobs, but they are structured for this activity and charge accordingly. There is a personal cost for this type of activity, and I am not prepared to discuss it here, other than to say that this kind of rush business is hard on the individuals involved.

Those of you who pride yourselves on your special abilities should take a good look at work situations where stress is the normal mode of operation. Stress is never a good addition to the work scene. It usually means that there is a lack of fairness involved and important data is being hidden.