Undiscovered Requirements For SRT Counseling – 3 Days of Drilling New Session Actions 4-25 to 4-27

SRT processing is the action of communicating with spirits and freeing them from incidents that have overwhelmed them and have stuck their attention. Once this is done, the incident is no longer a source of pain, unconsciousness, or distress. It can no longer be triggered by words, actions, sounds, or smells.

SRT counseling is the action of communicating with spirits. Some individuals have a natural skill at perceiving and communicating with spirits, even without training. As more and more individuals are trained to communicate with spirits, certain difficulties were discovered and as each difficulty was overcome, a new requirement was identified for flawless spiritual counseling.

The definition we are using for requirement is:

A: something wanted or needed

B : something essential to the existence or occurrence of something else

The discovery of essential requirements for spiritual counseling involves exploratory problem-solving techniques that utilize self-educating techniques (such as the evaluation of feedback) to improve performance. This involves problem-solving by experimental and trial-and-error methods. The discovery of errors or areas of unexpected difficulties drives the identification of new requirements.

SRT Spiritual Counseling has been done successfully by many people after reading the first book on the subject, without any help from a trained counselor. The process is basically a simple conversation when the client understands what is being done and the counselor is using caring communication and all spirits involved are operating harmoniously.

Since the conversation involves an unknown number of spirits acting for the client and additional spirits acting for the counselor, the degree of harmony among the clients spirits and among the counselor’s spirits has a major affect on the progress of the counseling session. Any confusions that exist among the client’s spiritual companions will act as a barrier to the resolution of the client’s difficulties. Similarly, confusions among the counselor’s spiritual companions will reduce the effectiveness of the counseling regardless of the intentions and desires of the counselor.

If a person’s spiritual companions have not been trained to work in harmony, there will be counter-intentions within the group, and conflict will result. Basically, if some of the spiritual companions are passionately urging caution at all times. They will act as an opposing force to any attempt to do new things. Identifying and handling any lack of harmony is one of the highest priority actions in any group.

In order for a session to run without incident, the counselor and his spiritual companions need to work in harmony. This is the first requirement and needs to be present before the session starts.

The client’s spiritual companions will be brought into harmony if the SRT session proceeds according to established session guidelines and the client understands his relationship with his spiritual companions and that his communication with them involves telepathy.

When the client is properly prepared for counseling, they will find they can communicate telepathically with spirits in the very first session.

We will be discussing the requirements for successful spiritual counseling and drilling how to do this smoothly and effectively in the Saturday workshop, the Sunday Webinar, and the Monday SRT Academy meeting. The drilling will become progressively more complex as the weekend progresses.

We will hold a free workshop Saturday 4-25-2020 at 12 noon to cover the undiscovered requirements for SRT processing. Use this link and password: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

We will hold a webinar on Sunday 4-19-2020 at 12 noon to drill establishing meaningful communication with others using the undiscovered requirements for SRT counseling. Use this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

On Monday, we will continue drilling using the undiscovered requirements for SRT counseling and specifically re-purposing groups of spirits to help us be others and ourselves at will. Join me at 12 noon Monday 4-20-2020 using this link and password: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

Insights Gained From A Conversation About Being Ourselves 4-22-2020

I spoke with a client about the possibility of doing reach and withdraw to facilitate developing a better relationship with a particular client of his. He thought that it could be a good idea and reported a desirable change in the attitude of the client.

I later sent him the insights gained from our SRT Academy meeting on 4-20-2020. He responded with some observations of his own that I found rather useful as they expand the scope of what we are doing.

His response: So, don’t take this as making less of what you said … but, when you are giving me your account of this earlier, I kept thinking, and meant to say, that this is what happens when I type.  The way I learned to type resulted in the typewriter becoming an extension of my thoughts.  At some point you do not ‘think’ at all, the typewriter just types what you intend.

Or when you become the car you are driving.  Or, one day, my Daddy’s crew ‘became one’, as it were, and finished a 3-day job in one day (no one got in each other’s way, for example).

Mostly, in life, people are trying to distinguish themselves from others, be apart.  Be individuals.  Which is, of course, necessary for there to be any communication at all.  But, when things get done, really done, they all think and act “as one”, literally they become one.  The United States of America was like that from May 7, 1945 to November 22, 1963.

I had mentioned in one of our meetings that we should consider the effects of “being a group” and his comment jolted my memory, so I responded with this:

Thank you!!! You have supplied another piece of the puzzle!

I have personally experienced some of the phenomena you describe

and spotted that these were occasions when most of my spiritual companions were working in harmony, but had not yet worked out how to get them doing so when I needed it.

When we attempt to “Be Ourselves”, this experience of being each other creates a unity of understanding and we work in perfect harmony while that is occurring.

I may have mentioned that we are not unique in doing this. There have been others all through history who could do similar magic and could even heal others by inspection. We are just working out the mechanics of how this works so we can teach it to others,

Your example of how your Daddy’s crew became one and acted as a unit is what we hope to be able to create as needed.

I would like you all to consult your memories for times when you were part of a group that acted in perfect harmony. Let’s discuss in more detail when we reconvene for workshops and webinars this weekend.

Getting a group to work in harmony is one of the great challenges of the modern world. If we can use the results of our research to accomplish this on demand, we may be able to make great strides in changing civilization for the better.

Our first challenge is to get our spiritual companions to work in harmony, Let us work on that this next weekend and see how far we can get.

Insights From Academy Meeting 4-20-2020 – Being Ourselves

The original purpose of this meeting was to repurpose our spiritual companions so they could assist us in experiencing being someone else. Our discussion led us instead to attempting to “Be Ourselves” in the same way we had been being other people.

We reviewed our successes in being someone else whether it was a person, an animal or a plant and I proposed the idea of experiencing “Being a Being”.

We know when we are being a person, we experience full understanding of that person and we saw that it changed us and it also changed the person. If we could do this successfully, it could undercut all we have learned in Scientology and in SRT so far. We could be a being or a group of beings and achieve complete and total understanding of them.

From what we have seen so far, achieving this degree of understanding blows all sorts of stuck charge and the end phenomena seems to be an incredible degree of admiration for the beings and their upsets disappear.

This seems to be the reason we have occasionally been able to blow charge and heal beings by inspection.

At this point in the discussion, Alka described an exercise of being many people which ended with “being herself” and discovering many things about herself that she had never seen before.

While she was doing this, I could perceive all her beings being themselves at the same time. We all took a moment to experience being Alka and it was an incredible experience. We all experienced a new admiration for her.

We discussed how being some one might be a higher level of healing. Instead of permeating the area and noticing outpoints to repair. We could be the person and see what they were doing to remain sick or had done to become sick. Once we had become them, we would admire them and they would admire themselves and no longer be sick. All the effort of conventional counseling and auditing is gone. We just have to be them and get everything and admire them. They can let go of the influences that are harming them.

This lends credence to legends of people like Jesus who could heal people by simply understanding them and loving them. We are coming closer to that state ourselves, and it warrants our continued research in this area.

The concept of “being someone” may be simple enough that we could teach people to do this and enable them to help others. We have already seen that there are simple drills where someone is trained to simply be there and do nothing except be there until they achieve an unshakable ability to remain in present time in the face of hostile or shocking efforts to overwhelm them.

We can develop such training routines when we fully understand the factors that go into “being someone”. It may open the way to rapid training when the students can simply “be the instructor” and fully understand what she is trying to teach them.

Being the instructor would certainly facilitate the transfer of knowledge when students and instructors are trained in this skill. Trained students could get the needed data quickly and a trained instructor would be able to see if the student had fully understood what they perceived.

While we were discussing the difficulties of teaching people to be someone else, it occurred to me that we should do a first exercise of being ourselves so we could get a better grasp of the difficulties involved. If we couldn’t be ourselves, we would have a better idea of the barriers involved and what we would have to do to handle them.

It turned out that some of us could be ourselves quite easily. Others had great difficulty because of some considerations they had.

For example, if you do not know that you are a group of living thoughts acting as a single being, you will have difficulty understanding what you are being. Every one of you is part of being yourselves and you are all experiencing each other. If you think you are a single spirit, you may have great difficulty recognizing what you are.

Most of us saw ourselves as a collection of different ideas and habits and marveled at the funny things we were doing or not doing. We came to admire everything we had created and broke into laughter.

Since we are not solitary beings, being ourselves may take a number of iterations until our understanding becomes equal to the task. Nevertheless, each effort to experience being ourselves leaves us more integrated than before and our admiration for what we have become increases.

Being someone or being ourselves is beyond confronting, beyond communication, and beyond thinking. It results in complete understanding when done completely and we experience admiration for what we are being.

This activity has applications beyond “being someone”. We envision that we could eventually learn to “be a group” of any size and change the future survival of that group as a result.

More to come.

Insights Gained From 4-19-2020 Webinar

Five of us participated in a Webinar today where we practiced “Being Someone” as opposed to simply reaching and withdrawing to duplicate someone.

Those of us who had participated in the workshop Saturday, had all experienced gains we had not expected.

What we were doing when we were being someone was so far from reach and withdraw processing, that we needed to come up with a new term to describe what we did. The term we are using now is “Experiencing Being Someone”. We do not have an acronym for what we do but Experiencing Being Someone conveys what we do better than any other terms we can think of.

We are not reaching, we are being. There is no distance when it is done right. There is no communicating either as we are being someone. There are no considerations or opinions or intentions to help or to heal. When you are being someone, you are them with no separation.

We discovered several new factors regarding being someone. The process is almost instantaneous. When you know how to be someone, you understand them in the fullest sense of the word so quickly that it seems like your attention suddenly vanishes and you are off on another topic. The process is so fast that we had some difficulty discovering the end phenomenon.

The end phenomenon of being someone is that you are filled with admiration for them and what they did, even if it caused them to separate from you in the past.

There is another effect in that your feelings about this person are permanently changed and their feelings about you are similarly affected, at least in the few cases we have seen so far. It appears that when you do this action, you really know someone in the fullest sense of the word.

If you want to heal someone, just be them until you admire them.

When you can be someone, you fully understand them.

We ran an exercise where we all experienced being someone. We all had interesting wins. Being someone means there is no need of communication or forgiveness. There is only complete understanding.

Today I had the experience of being my cat. It changed both of us and our relationship has greatly improved. It took less than five minutes. Being someone may become the new holy grail for helping others.

On Monday, we will be getting our spiritual companions to assist us in being someone.

Insights Gained From 4-18-2020 Workshop

Six of us participated in a workshop today where we discussed “Being Someone” as opposed to simply reaching and withdrawing to duplicate someone.

I realized that I have been doing reach and withdraw on people for many years without a real understanding of what it means to permeate a space and “Be Someone”.

When you can be someone, there is no space and no separation. There is no effort to help or to correct. There is no effort to communicate. When you can do this without any considerations and with no attitude of any kind, you have a good chance of actually being the person and understanding them in the fullest sense of the word.

No matter whether their spiritual space is serene or full of emotional sewage, you can be there comfortably and perceive what it is like to “be” them.

Once you have accomplished this, you will find you can assume their viewpoint with no effort and without any ill effect on yourself. While you are doing this, you have relinquished any viewpoint of your own so there is nothing that separates you from being the person and the spirits who share that space.

While this is in effect, you have total understanding of the person and the spirits who share his space. There will be no resistance from you or your spiritual associates when this is occurring.

Additionally, there can be no effort to analyze or alter what is happening in that person’s space, or you will separate yourself from being them.

Once you have been able to “be someone” and to duplicate what is there, you can withdraw and begin to communicate with the person in a way that will be totally real to the person. You may or not be able to help the person, depending on the state they are in, but you will know what can be made real to the person and can conduct yourself accordingly.

You will be able to predict the behavior of the person and turn it to your advantage. You will find that formerly difficult communication will become more rewarding.

This opens up more effective ways to use reaching and withdrawing. You do not have to reach to such an extent that you can “be” the person if you do a tentative reach and see that the person is not receptive to further reaching activity. If the person puts up barriers at your first attempt to reach into their space, don’t waste further time reaching to them in a friendly way. They perceive your interest in them as a hostile action. You have now identified them as a potential enemy and you should deal with them as you would any hostile party.

Any reaching and withdrawing will be done for informational purposes, not in the hopes for a friendly exchange. There is an old saying, “Know your enemy” which applies here. If you run reach and withdraw on an avowed enemy, you will gain an understanding of their fears and intentions which will stand you in good stead if you have to deal with them.

If you run reach and withdraw on people you know and love, you will become much closer to them and your relationships will be harmonious.

Three Days For Removing Barriers To Communication – April 18-20-2020

As talented as you are, I still see evidence of your frustration in trying to get your point across to others. I think we can make a huge dent in that condition during this next three days.

There is a state called a communications release which enables a person to be able to talk to anyone about any subject. This state can be reached after many hours of specialized counseling and it provides a real ability that can be readily observed by any onlooker. The person can actually talk about any subject they choose at great length. The downside to this state is that they can produce this outflow with very little regard for the effect it creates on others.

A more useful state is to be able to communicate meaningful information in a way that the recipient can accept and understand it. This requires the ability to truly understand the person you are communicating with. True understanding involves the ability to duplicate the person’s mindset and their intentions.

Since the person you are trying to communicate with does not always know their own intentions, your attempts at meaningful communication often fail. You are transmitting information that cannot be recognized at the receiving end.

We are not going to discuss the many ways that your communication efforts will fail, instead we will be drilling and practicing ways for you to pervade the space the person occupies and to recognize what is happening in that space so that you can communicate ideas that the person can accept.

If you do the drills under my supervision, you will achieve a new level of control over your communications and will be able to predict the behavior of the receiving person and turn it to your advantage. At the very least, you will find your formerly difficult communications will become more rewarding.

We will hold a free workshop Saturday 4-18-2020 at 12 noon to drill establishing meaningful communication. Use this link and password: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

We will hold a webinar on Sunday 4-19-2020 at 12 noon to drill establishing meaningful communication with persons you do not know. Use this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444please use this password: 756674

On Monday, we will continue our work on the SRT Academy projects, specifically re-purposing groups of spirits to help us establish meaningful communication with people you do not know.

Join me at 12 noon Monday 4-20-2020 using this link and password: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

Another Weekend to Increase Your Spiritual Abilities

We will hold a workshop on Saturday to continue what we were working on last week. The first topic will be to discuss how we should run sessions when we can see what the person and his beings are doing. Alka made the comment that she has been experiencing a different kind of session where she sees what is wrong with a person before the person has a chance to tell her. I have been wrestling with this for some time and would like to discuss how we might take advantage of our abilities without overwhelming the person we are helping. When you can see what is happening to the person, you do not want to do a robotic listing of possibilities until one indicates to the person. On the other hand, saying exactly what is going on and making it real to the person will blow an enormous amount of charge. Finding a middle way that uses your abilities and yet lets the client have realizations of his own would seem to be the optimum solution.

We will discuss our options Saturday, April 4, at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

On Sunday, April 5, at 12 noon, we will continue our discussion of identifying and managing spirits and life forces that are affecting our bodies. We have made great progress in this area, but there is much more to be done before we achieve comfortable mastery of the life forces within our bodies. Each of you have demonstrated skills in some areas and we will all be doing better when we can integrate what we all know into a useful whole.

With the current threat from the Coronavirus infection, it behooves us to adopt a reasonable approach to staying healthy in the face of possible exposure. There are certain actions that can reduce our risk regardless of the origin or motives behind this phenomena. Staying stable spiritually is as important as wearing the proper protective gear.

Our Sunday webinar will be hosted on Zoom at 12 noon on April 5 using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

On Monday, April 6 at 12 noon, we will be holding our 4th SRT Academy meeting. We need to do some catch up as the academy students have not had the successes I feel they deserve, although it is apparent that almost everyone is becoming more able week by week. It appears that I have not provided exact exercises to deal with the problems that students are encountering.

This week’s assignment is to make friends with a spirit and report on how it went. We will review the successes and discuss any problems and will be doing drills during the meting to address any problem areas.

The SRT Academy will be hosted on Zoom at 12 noon on April 5 using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Academy students will receive an invoice for $25 which should be paid before attending the Academy session, unless you have made other arrangements with me.

Staying safe at home can be boring, but it offers an exceptional opportunity to make some changes in your life. Let us make the best use of this time and end up ahead of the game.


Use This Weekend To Give Yourself At Least One New Ability

In many parts of the world, citizens are being asked to stay at home for the next few weeks to avoid exposure to Covad-19. This is an unusual opportunity to spend time doing spiritual exercises which will increase your ability. In the past, some of you have felt you had too many things to do and could not find time to do solo SRT sessions or to manage your spiritual companions. This weekend, could you find time to overcome some lifelong barrier?

We will be holding a free workshop on Saturday, 3-28-2020, at 12 noon to work out the details of recruiting and managing beings to achieve any level of activity you desire. My recent discovery indicates that your power as a being depends on your ability to form a team of beings who work in harmony. Your required reading for this free workshop can be found at: https://caring-communication.com/SRTHOME/?p=1564

On Sunday, 3-29-2020, we will be holding a Webinar for the purpose of managing your spiritual companions and the life force of your current body. The topic of managing life forces and spirits has been not been given the attention that it deserves. This has been made evident because too many students view their bodies as an inconvenience, rather than a willing and necessary partner. As a spirit having a human experience, you deserve to get the best out of that experience rather than suffering through and waking up in a new body with amnesia. It would be much nicer to be a prodigy next lifetime and achieve amazing goals with ease.

Join me this Sunday at 12 noon EST for a webinar on “Managing Your Spiritual Companions”. We will be using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

On Monday, 3-30-2020, we will be holding a meeting of the SRT Academy where we will be reviewing the results of last week’s assignment and will work out the details for the coming week’s assignment. Where the workshops and webinars address the understanding of our relationships with spirits, the Academy deals with the actual communication with spirits, which is a much steeper gradient than was originally expected. One of the biggest problems observed is that if a person is not able to share space with a being or group of beings, they do not have a reality on the spirits. They can go through the motions, but the spirits are not real to them and they are not real to the spirits. Our next series of assignments will probably involve making friends with a spirit and writing a report on that experience.

The SRT Academy meeeting will occur Monday, 3-30-2020, at 12 noon and you will join the meeting using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Capturing Realizations From Pre-Dawn Discussion With Selves

My closest spiritual companions have a habit of discussing important matters in the early morning hours and their discussions will eventually reach a volume that will pull me out of my dream activity (REM Sleep). When this happens, I will lie still and will be barraged with ideas being tossed back and forth between different spiritual companions.

Once I join the conversation, they tend to reach agreement and I am presented with a number of new ideas that I need to write down, or I will not remember them in sufficient detail to recover later.

This morning the conversation was centered on our origins as spirits and our apparent loss of ability as we experienced lives as beings with bodies. The discussion had been going on for some time before I realized that these beings were referring to the time when we were “all one”. There are countless legends of a time when we were all in Heaven together, or all in a state of glory together. Scientology refers to this as a “separation from the main body of Theta”.

What came up this morning was a concept I had never considered before and that was when we were all one, we acted as a unit and could create universes with galaxies and stars and planets, all the way down to chipmunks and spiders. We may have been more powerful at that time, but the real difference, according to the discussion, was that we acted as one humongous being with infinite powers. While that state existed, intention was truly cause and the merest thought became reality in that instant.

According to the information I received, creation is an open-ended activity and some beings wanted to alter the creative process and add in a bit of harmony to the creative actions of the group. Eventually, the urge to harmonize evolved into counterpoint themes added into the groups creation.

The eventual results were similar to what would happen if some members of a symphony orchestra started free-form variations on a main theme and then branched out to completely separate counterpoint melodies. Not all beings are happy to play in unison and those that diverged kept on marching to their own rhythms until we have the physical universe cacophony we have now.

The net result is that many of the creative intentions at work in the universe today are at cross purposes, with most of the work being lost to friction and lack of harmony. Almost everyone involved feels betrayed and this is due to a lack of agreement and no communication technology able to bridge the gap. Until now.

This is where you, my readers and students come in.

Spiritual Rescue Technology is an effort to understand and restore the original strengths of beings acting in unison, but the genie cannot be put back in the bottle. The supposed unity of effort and action was abandoned when the first alternate themes of creation were developed. These alternate themes are as valid as the original themes, but there has been no successful attempt to bring all of these themes into alignment. The creation of alternate themes created a rift in understandings which persist today. We have very few beings acting in harmony with other beings. Most beings with bodies think they are alone and fight any efforts by others to control them.

What we can do with SRT is to understand where we have come from and decide, in a new unit of time, where we want to go. As awakened beings, we have the choice to act individually, or to act in concert with our spiritual companions to achieve any goal we care to set. Once we understand that our original creative efforts were the result of beings acting in unison, or very tight harmony, we have the choice of how many beings we want to team up with.

We can test this idea in SRT by observing what happens when a being running a body harnesses more and more of his spiritual companions into a well-drilled team. As the team gains cohesion of purpose, intention becomes cause with no elapsed time and no visible effort. The elapsed time between idea and result becomes shorter and shorter. The team develops a sense of its own identity as a beingness which gets things done.

There is more to this story and team building is already underway by some of us. Once we get a handle on creating a team of spirits to own the body and plan future activities, we have the challenge of organizing the spirits who animate the body and operate all of its subsystems.

These two teams need to act in concert to manage the effects of the independent groups of living things that inhabit the body. These living things are alive and can be communicated with, and they present a continuing challenge, if not carefully handled. They do not seem to be suitable for inclusion in the spiritual home team as they are almost completely independent life forces. These include: viruses, bacteria, microbes, parasites, insects, fungus, and cancer cells.

The challenge for those of you who wish to take it up, is to recruit helpful beings and see if they can assist you to get the results you need in life. I am already well underway on this project and I would be happy to exchange helpful tips if needed.

I would like to incorporate this study in the SRT Academy agenda, but I fear that is is a major evolution which may have to be left for advanced Academy students.

SRT is a technology for rescuing us from our dwindling spiral of existences. This may be one of the first steps.

Once we learn how to work with our home team and produce “miracles”, we can start linking up with other teams and create effects on a larger scale.