Your spiritual companions affect your personality. At times they can enhance your desirable personality characteristics and at other times they can make you appear foolish and uncertain.

Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling sessions can zero in on the spiritual companions who are making you look confused and out of control and can eliminate specific problems in a few sessions. These sessions can make a dramatic change in the personality you present to the world.

The simplest way to begin is to consider changing your personality to achieve specific results. Look at this list of questions and see if any address your present needs.

What personality change would make you more marketable to your clients?

What personality change would make you more likely to be promoted in your company?

What personality change would make you be viewed as a visionary leader?

What personality change will make you have more close friends?

What personality change will make you more attractive to a loving partner?

What personality change will make you happier with your family?

What personality change would make you happier in retirement?

There are many more situations that are affected by your personality and your sessions will be tailored to your needs.

Once you learn how this works, you can be trained to do solo sessions to make additional changes as your needs change.

This can be a life-changer for anyone who feels their personality is holding them back.

If this applies to you, send me an email at or text me at 540-320-6852 for more information.

David St Lawrence

Spiritual Rescue Technology Academy – Exercises in Changing Your Personality

The SRT Academy teaches students to achieve mastery of SRT principles and to be able to use SRT to change their lives. The following description is an example of the kind of instruction that you can get in the SRT Academy.

Personality can be defined as the way you respond to your environment, and this term includes the spiritual universe, the physical universe, and all of the people you interact with.

Many words can describe your personality and they range from apathetic, fearful, uncertain, and doubtful to energetic, expansive, and serenely powerful. Your personality changes many times during the day depending on what you are doing and who you re interacting with, but most of these personality changes are involuntary and you may have little control of them and my not even notice that these changes are occurring.

When you learn to change your personality, and to eliminate some your less desirable personality traits, you can remain in control of almost any situation.

Some of the traits I have handled for clients with Spiritual Rescue Technology include stuttering, being excessively reasonable, being indecisive, compulsively lying, being sexually irresponsible, and compulsive use of profanity. When these traits spring from spiritual causes, the traits can be removed in one or two sessions.

We are going to some drills in Sunday’s SRT Academy where the students identify their least desirable personality trait and handle the spiritual factors that are causing that personality trait. Once they learn how to do this, they are free to repeat the process until they remove any personality traits that are causing them problems in life.

The Academy meetings are $25 each and are held every Monday at 12 noon EDT

If this kind of training interests you, send me a message at:

This will connect us on Telegram where you will find more information about The SRT Academy, the SRT Webinars, and the Free SRT Workshops

Uncertainty is a subtle indicator of spiritual activity acting against you

The spiritual activity takes the form of counter-intention that you probably think is one of your own thoughts. It usually takes the form of a negative thought that follows immediately upon the heels of a positive thought.

You casually think about making a major change in your life and you get an immediate thought like, “I’m too old for that.” or “It will never happen.”

This has probably been happening for years and you have grown used to it and do not recognize the negative thought as coming from another source. You just feel uncertain about your ability to improve your life

If your awareness is high enough, you can spot the source of the counter-intention and handle it with caring communication, but most people just feel uncertain and do their best to overcome the uncertainty by forcing themselves to carry on.

If you would like to understand how spiritual activity can affect your life, you might want to read my book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology It will increase your awareness and give you the data you need to handle counter-intention from the spiritual realm.

I hold weekly workshops and webinars to discuss how to handle spiritual activity, but you can read my book and see for yourself how this works.

Free SRT Workshop 6-13-20 Back to basics on Healing

We have been doing some far-reaching research and have accumulated a lot of useful data but I would like to ensure that we have not lost anybody in our search for spiritual enlightenment.

Since we are all wearing bodies, I would like to review the many ways we can heal our bodies and make them work as we wish them to.

As an example of what can be done, I had a tooth extracted yesterday and using SRT practices was able to become pain-free without drugs within a few hours and stay infection-free also.

In Saturday’s free workshop, we will discuss healing touches, reach and withdraw, and working with life force energy. If anyone has a body problem, we can demonstrate what can be done to alleviate pain using SRT remotely.

Join me Saturday, 6-13-20, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

SRT Academy Meeting 6-8-20 – Back to Basics

On Sunday, we attempted to explore some off planet activity and found that the subject was unexpectedly restimulative. What that means, in plain English, is that simply reading about the topic stirred up enough old memories that our spiritual companions got stirred up and were interfering with our ability to reach and withdraw properly.

It was like trying to do a session when your rudiments are out. You are trying to focus on something important and your spiritual companions are shouting and waving mental image pictures around.

We were able to help each other get our beings partly under control, but we could not get the focus we needed to accomplish anything significant.

The fact that we were not able to achieve our objective indicates to me, at least, that we skipped a gradient somewhere. The last time we failed to complete a step was while we were reviewing the SRT factors. During the final meeting, we got caught up in some definitions and the discussion ground to a halt.

Since the factors are a basic building block of our technology, we need to go back and finish the job of defining each factor so that they can be understood and applied.

Remember that these factors are not Truths handed down from above. They are agreements among SRT users as to what they are and what they mean. To the extent that we reach agreement, we will have useful elements to draw upon to resolve confusions.

Here is a link to the latest revision of the SRT Factors:

Please review this document and join me Monday in getting these Factors adequately defined.

SRT Meeting Monday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Latest Revision of the SRT Factors

The Factors Of Spiritual Rescue Technology – revision 5a

The Spiritual Universe– Some agreement has been reached on these. Others are still under discussion.

  1. There are only spirits and what they exchange in the Spiritual Universe. The spiritual universe contains agreements and disagreements.
  2. The first action of a spirit is to be, and that creates a unique life force energy.
  3. The next action of a spirit is to assume a viewpoint.
  4. The next action of a spirit is reach out from that viewpoint to contact other spirits and thus begins an exchange between spirits.
  5. The most significant exchange between spirits is the exchange of attention, emotions, and ideas (considerations).
  6. Spiritual beings consist of life force energy which has spiritual qualities and these are awareness, intentions, and responsibility. There may be more qualities to be discovered later.
  7. Space in the spiritual universe is a consideration created by spirits. There are no physical dimensions to this space. Spiritual space is defined by the degree of affinity between spirits. The considerations of space between spirits can fall in these categories: far away, near by, close enough, just right, too close, and co-beingness.
  8. When two spirits occupy the same viewpoint, there is co-beingness and a completely shared viewpoint. This co-beingness means that all considerations and, intentions, attention, admiration, life energy, and ideas are shared, there is no communication in the usual sense. During co-beingness, the sources and the destinations are one.
  9. Co-beingness creates complete understanding between all beings participating. This is not a normal condition amongst spirits but can be attained momentarily by those spirits who understand what is involved.
  10. Spirits can create places and artifacts for themselves in the spiritual universe that are purely considerations. These can take any form and be any size and are visible to other spirits. The Akashic records are the results of spiritual creation and record all that has been created.
  11. There can be conflicts between spirits on the use and purpose of places and artifacts in the spiritual universe. These conflicts are considerations of purposes that are not aligned harmoniously. The opinion of spirits regulates the consideration of the elements of the spiritual universe, their stillness, or their motion, and these considerations consist of assignment of harmony or discord between the elements.
  12. These considerations of space may be the key to recovering the state of awareness of any spirit who has become overwhelmed.
  13. Spirits are immortal, but they can be overwhelmed by actions they fail to anticipate. This diminishes their life energy and they can decide to assume a state of diminished life energy.
  14. Spirits are CAUSE, but they can decide to be EFFECT. When spirits decide to be cause, they can create effects by themselves, in harmony with others, or at cross purposes with others. When they create at cross purposes, some of the spirits may decide to be effect.
  15. Spirits creating in harmony or in conflict with other spirits can achieve results in the physical universe.
  16. Caring Communication has been discovered to allow spirits to create in harmony and to repair the effects of past overwhelm. This is one of the main pillars of Spiritual Rescue Technology.
  17. We have discovered no limits to the spiritual universe yet, which promises that there are more factors to be discovered.
  18. The Spiritual Universe creates the physical universes through agreements and this creation exists as a continuum with a purely spiritual universe at one end and a mixture of spirits and matter, energy, space, and time at the other end. At one end were spirits alone and at the present end there are spirits totally intermingled with their creations.

The Physical Universe

  1. There are many spirits and these spirits can out thrust dimension points to view. When there is an agreement between spirits as to these dimension points and the duration of these dimension points this exchange becomes the physical universe, as these dimension points define the physical universe.
  2. Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is a view of dimension by a spirit. If there is no spirit to view, there is no space.
  3. The spirit consists of life energy and this life energy is what animates living matter in the physical universe.
  4. Spirits do not have to agree on a particular physical universe, nor do they have to inhabit or visit a physical universe. They are independent of the physical universe unless they consider themselves part of the physical universe.
  5. The spirits in the spiritual universe create the physical universe. Every action in the physical universe is preceded by an intention and action in the spiritual universe. It is fair to say that spiritual intention defines and creates the physical universe we know.
  6. The spirit does not exist in the physical universe, nor is it located in the physical universe unless it considers that it is so located. The spirit communicates to the physical universe.
  7. The characteristics of the physical universe are a matter of agreement between the spirits who created it. The spirits who currently occupy the physical universe, do not recall the agreements that were made and so cannot change those agreements easily. All agreements can be broken, but the basis for the original agreement must be known to accomplish this harmoniously.
  8. The opinion of spirits regulates the consideration of the elements of the physical universe, their stillness, or their motion, and these considerations consist of assignment of beauty or ugliness to the elements.
  9. It was an agreement on the part of the creating spirits that the physical universe and its parts would persist and for how long. The agreement defines the motions of the physical universe and thus defines time.
  10. Many spirits, interacting, become dependent upon one another’s creations and do not choose to distinguish completely the ownership of creations and so comes about a dependency upon the physical universe and upon the other spirits.
  11. The management of the physical universe has become a game of long duration and some spirits lose their sense of authorship and consider themselves what they have created. Some spirits consider themselves human, while others are content to exist as living things with no responsibility for the physical universe, only for the survival of their physical form.
  12. When spirits become invested in the physical universe, then they can lose their spiritual qualities and only have the qualities and abilities defined by the physical universe.,
  13. There is no reason to believe that there is only one physical universe. Spirits were free to create physical universes as they saw fit. This is a matter for future SRT students to investigate, once we understand our own physical universe better.

The things I have written here you can experience and know. Some of this may help us create a better civilization. David St Lawrence


Webinar 6-7-20 Exploring Off-Planet Spiritual Activity

We are broadening the scope of our SRT activity this week. This will give us a chance to test and exercise our ability to reach and withdraw on targets other than our personal collections of spirits.

This will be a group activity and we will be doing reach and withdraw on various off-planet targets which are sources of life force energy.

We will warm up with exercises where we locate sources of life force energy in our own locations and then progress to locating life force energy in remote earth locations, Finally, we will look for sources of life force energy located in off-planet locations.

The general procedure will be to identify source of life force energy and then do reach and withdraw on that life force until we have a more complete understanding of what is generating the life force. Those who are able to experience co-beingness with the sources of life force will have a chance to share their findings with others.

As we build confidence in our perceptions, we will reach out to life forces at greater distances and seek an understanding of the beings who are operating there.

The purpose of this webinar is to gain a better understanding of the current state of spiritual beings in off-planet locations.

I do not expect that this will be a one-time activity. If we get the results I expect, we will probably want to revisit these locations periodically to see what changes are occurring.

If we can establish friendly working relationships with beings in remote locations, we may possibly develop ways to do the same thing with beings on this planet.

Join me on Zoom, Sunday, 6-7-20, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

Alien Interview Validation

I was pleased to find that I had already encountered some of the events chronicled in the Alien Interview book by Lawrence Spencer.

In reading the book, I found several places where I highlighted passages for further discussion with you in different workshops and webinars.

There were reports of events which should be fairly easy to check out as a group using some form of reach and withdraw processing.

I would like you to provide input on what areas you would like to validate and how you would like to go about it.

My initial idea would be to discuss the book and its claims in this weekend’s workshop, then to do some remote viewing SRT style in the Sunday Webinar to check out descriptions of ongoing activities.

Finally, in our Monday SRT Academy session, I would like to achieve co-beingness with some individuals who are mentioned in the book.

Those of you who would like to participate should send me your ideas by Friday so I can organize a weekend of SRT activities that will advance our knowledge of the spiritual universe.

SRT Academy Discussion Topic – Volition And The Games Of Life 6-1-20

In our Sunday webinar, we had an excellent discussion about the game of being human. In our Monday SRT Academy session, we will discuss volition and the games of life.

The agenda is attached:

A spiritual being’s choice of games depends on how much volition it chooses to exercise. Volition is the power of choosing or determining. The so-called game of life is played at many different levels and it involves actions in the physical universe that are driven by the spiritual universe.

This may be a ticklish subject for some people who have not inspected the spiritual realm very much, but spirits operate at many different levels. Every spirit exhibits life force, so you can detect spirits by looking for life force. In other words, if it is alive, it is animated by a spirit.

You may be comfortable with the idea that your pet is a spirit, but are you willing to embrace the idea that every blade of grass is a spirit? How about the mold in the distant corners of your laundry room?

If you can let go of your preconceptions of life and just look for life force, you will find that life can be detected almost everywhere in the physical universe. This life force is being produced by spiritual beings who are playing the game of life at many different levels. Humans play the game of life where they can exercise a great deal of volition. Animals play a game of life where their volition is more limited. Plants play a game of life with even fewer choices.

There are rules for each of these different games of life and like all rules, they are matters of agreement. Rules are agreements on how a game is played and who can play and what the playing field is. Rules get broken when some players do not agree with the rules or do not know the rules.

Participation in a game is always voluntary, even if the participants have forgotten this and even if there are rules to prevent fending the game. Withdrawing to the spiritual universe is one of the main ways to end a game in the physical universe.

We had been participating in a game of life where we have been being human and using the normal 5 senses. In the last few years, we have been adding senses beyond the 5 human senses and we have been re-examining the agreements we made to be human.

I would like us to discuss what higher-level games we might play using our SRT discoveries.

Join me Monday 6-1-20 at 12 noon using the usual link:

The donation is $25 and can easily be sent using this link:

A Better Way Of Managing Your Spiritual Companions

Introducing A New Wrinkle In Handling Spiritual Barriers To Success

We have been handling spiritual counter-intention for many years now and doing it quite successfully, but I failed to take the next step and learn why the counter-intention existed. It was enough for me that it did exist and was stopping my client from accomplishing something worthwhile.

If I had applied caring communication to the question of WHY these counter-intentions existed, I might have uncovered some resources that could have been useful to my client.

While helping a talented new client work through a creative problem, I discovered a situation I had not fully explored before. The solution to this situation opens the door to a better way of managing your spiritual companions.

He was trying to create in a particular way and had a large group of spiritual companions who objected to this particular type of creation. Using caring communication we were able to resolve their objections while validating their choices of ways to create.

This resolves a long-standing problem of choosing one path for creating a result that has traditionally meant abandoning other valid creative efforts. In other words, creative activity has often been treated as a zero-sum game, especially when the route not chosen is abandoned.

When you open your perceptions to the fact that you have spiritual companions who may be invested in the success of many alternate strategies, you can discover ways to use these companions for useful activities rather than invalidating their efforts on the basis of your current activity.

You might want to think of this as having access to a lot of life energy that is not harmoniously aligned. Discovering what their alignments are will give you the ability to choose those who are aligned with you and keep the rest in reserve for future actions. In the past, we have discarded those spirits who were not in alignment with our current needs. That is a waste of valuable resources.

Join me Saturday, May 30, 2020 for an interactive free workshop on making the best use of your spiritual resources. Join me at 12 noon EST on Zoom using this link: