Talking to Spirits

Talking To Spirits Workshops Have Transitioned to a New Learning Opportunity

In July 2017, I started holding talking to spirit workshops every Thursday afternoon at 2pm at my studio in Floyd, Virginia. Attendance was limited to 8 people or less so that everyone got an opportunity to experience spiritual communication with the spiritual being of their choice.

Once cold weather came, I moved the workshops online so that more people could attend and changed the workshop schedule to Thursday evenings so working people could attend.

The Spiritual Rescue Technology Workshops have evolved from simple talking to spirit sessions to interactive discussions and demonstration sessions where many more discoveries about spiritual behavior could be discussed.

Spiritual Rescue Technology enables people to begin communicating with spirits from their very first session. In order to facilitate the acquiring of all possible data about spirits, I have consolidated all of our websites and discussion groups in this new set of websites, where we have an open discussion group that does not require any membership to read the posts and an extensive archive of all articles and recordings of SRT data.

There are thousands of posts and comments and recordings which can be studied at your leisure if you wish to teach yourself this powerful spiritual technology.

Welcome to the new home of Spiritual Rescue Technology.