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Awareness And The Prevention Of Unwanted Effects – Part one

First Observation: You can cause unwanted effects even if your motives are pure and you intend no harm.

Second Observation: These unwanted effects can include unnecessary harm to oneself, curses being hurled, misalignment of previously aligned beings, permanent loss of status and long term reduction of certainty.

Third Observation: Unwanted effects are usually the result of a lack of awareness. Awareness can be considered to be a spectrum reaching from unaware of anything to awareness of everything.

It appears that a being can be aware of events in the past, in present time and in the future. If a being is fully aware, it is able to predict the consequences of almost any action. Unawareness has been responsible for the instigation of may unwanted events in the past.

Unawareness in present time contributes to failures in communication and to the creation of unwanted effects upon others. If your awareness is high, you will see what effects your actions and words will have on others before they occur. If your awareness is adequate, you will see any negative effects your words and deeds have on others before they create too much harm. If your awareness extends only to yourself, you may end up doing actions that agree with your moral codes and folkways, but are harmful and despised by others.

If you are aware of your actions and thoughts and are also aware of the thoughts and actions of others, your actions will produce the desired effects on others.

If your awareness is limited by choice or by circumstance, your actions will not produce the desired results.

You may ask why anyone would choose to limit their awareness and I keep encountering many different reasons for doing this. The fact that almost everyone you know including me is limiting their awareness in some way suggests that there must have been a good reason for doing this in the past.

We will discuss these reasons and the way to increase awareness in the next article, Part Two.

Just How Far Down The Awareness Scale Do Spiritual Beings Go?

If we define awareness as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact, then we can define it for our purposes as extending from no perception, to perception of self and the environment, to perception of everything anywhere.

Taking these in reverse order, the last state, perception of everything everywhere is what we commonly assign to godlike beings, who are immortal and omniscient. (Omniscience is the capacity to know everything that there is.) We have encountered beings with superior powers and incredible awareness in SRT sessions, but none so far have shown godlike powers. Either they are avoiding this planet or there are so few in existence that we will have to reach out to contact them.

Perception of self and the environment is the awareness that most living things exhibit, whether they be animal or vegetable. Spiritual beings existing as plants or animals have varying levels of awareness but all can communicate telepathically. This has been verified in thousands of SRT sessions as well as in spiritualist sessions. The beings occupying plants and animals exhibit varying amounts of free will

There are many spirits who are not manifesting themselves as living beings with bodies and these can have a wide range of awareness, from almost godlike powers to isolated emitters of life force running individual living cells. Disembodied spirits abound on this planet and probably elsewhere and there are millions of people who can perceive them and many thousands who can communicate with them directly.

Spiritual Beings with no perception of self or the environment are in a state of non-beingness. This can be a self-determined condition or because of external influences. This state is indistinguishable from being matter. There is still resident energy but there appears to be no volition left in this state. If you pick up a rock and there is no one in it who is communicating, you are holding spirits who have become matter and do not wish to reverse the process.

This entirely different from spirits who inhabit crystals and create effects on people who hold the crystals and seek to experience benefit from holding the crystal. There are millions of crystals available today which are inhabited by beings who create effects on those possessing the crystal.

I did not realize how fragile the energy of these crystals was and I basically “ruined” a large piece of black tourmaline crystal when I picked it up and recognized the beings entrapped in the crystal. They erupted out of the crystal in a flash and I was left holding a “dead” stone with no spiritual qualities. It made me realize that these magic crystals are dependent on the power of trapped beings. I now keep my hands and attention off crystals being sold for healing purposes.

I would like to see people researching all parts of the spiritual awareness spectrum so that we could develop processes to learn more about spirits in the less visible parts of the spectrum. I foresee SRT students talking to stones and learning the history of the planet from these sources. I would also like to achieve contact with beings higher on the awareness scale than we are so that we could accelerate our return to virtual godhood with the option of not repeating the mistakes that brought us to our current states.