I Kid You Not – I Woke Up Feeling Human This Morning

It was a terrible feeling, even though it only lasted a half hour. I have not felt this way for many years, so it was a matter of concern, until I spotted what I was doing to cause it.

We will be doing a workshop and a webinar on this topic as I was able to experience the hopelessness as well as the physical discomfort and pain while the experience lasted.

I want to acknowledge the courage you all exhibit when you continue to work me on developing SRT solutions to this kind of misery. I will never abandon you as long as you give me a chance to help you.

Our spiritual companions have more surprises for us, even as we master the steps of using caring communication to free them from their long periods of suffering.

We will discuss the implications of idly wondering about our friends who are not doing well. This is almost like doing counseling out of session and it comes with a risk we need to fully understand.

When you allow your attention to drift from topic to topic and are trying to figure out what is going on, you are essentially asking, “Why is this happening?” and “Why is that happening?” and “Could it be this or that?” without following a purposeful line of inquiry.

If you are worrying about yourself, you will wake up some of your spirits who have been quietly unconscious and they can go into full blown restimulation. You either do some solo sessions or you will need to call in help from someone else.

If you are worrying about your friends, the problem can be more subtle. You can wake up some of your friend’s spirits and they will come and join you to share their feelings and their woes. As a result, you will start feeling aches and pains you are not familiar with and you will experience emotions that will be truly challenging as they may be quite new to you and you may feel helpless to make them stop.

This is a serious enough problem that I would like to discuss the necessary handlings with you in this weeks free workshop and webinar.

Join me Saturday, 1-25-2020 for a free workshop at 12 noon EDT using the usual link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

If you can, join me Sunday, 1-26-2020 for a paid webinar at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

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Let’s Use This Weekend to Kick Things Up A Notch – Workshop and Webinar to Increase Ability

I have been covering new ground at a rapid pace for the past month and I would like to spend time this weekend making sure you are able to consolidate what has been said into workable practice.

In the Free Saturday workshop, we will start with drilling perception of non-physical phenomena and move into the basics of communicating with unseen spirits and then into identifying and handling barriers to both of these areas. I will be demonstrating handling the barriers for all those who volunteer.

You can join me on Zoom at 12 noon EDT on 1-18-2020 using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

In the Sunday webinar, we will review the importance of recognizing our ability to perceive non-physical phenomena and how that translates into being able to influence physical universe phenomena.

Have you ever considered that all physical universe phenomena start with non-physical phenomena?

You may have heard of the saying, “Intention is cause”. That is manifestly true because matter does not move by itself. It is moved through some action by a living thing and every living thing is animated by the intentions of a large number of spirits.

Getting these spirits to work together is quite a chore, especially if you do not recognize that there are other spirits involved beside yourself.

We are going to look at the full story of getting things done in the physical universe and this may help some of you who are not getting the things done that you want done.

We will have some exercises here to sharpen your perceptions of what is going on in another person’s space and in your own. The expected result is that you should end the weekend more able to get things done and help others to get things done.

Join me on Zoom Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

Letter to Lawrence Spencer

I want to thank you for posting the image of Nikola Tesla with the quote, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

It triggered a realization that will completely transform the technology I have been working on for the past decade.

The unexpected realization was that I and my students have learned to perceive non-physical phenomena and can extract information from that phenomena without any dependence on physical universe perceptions!

The apparent resistance to our findings and subsequent conclusions comes from the fact that people who cannot perceive non-physical phenomenon are barred from inspecting them and understanding them.

I have been able to teach students and clients to perceive non-physical phenomena without realizing how outrageous this appears to those who are seemingly barred from exploring this phenomena.

Fortunately, there are physical universe terms which identify non-physical phenomena and we can use those terms to create exercises to develop latent abilities for perceiving non-physical phenomena. I have been using processes to develop perception of non-physical phenomena, but I did not fully understand the significance of what I was accomplishing, until I read your post.

One example of a word describing a non-physical phenomenon is “intention”. We can see the results of an intention by the effect on the physical universe. More importantly, we can actually directly perceive intentions by running a person through a few simple exercises.

Without getting into the hoopla of trying to measure telepathic ability by reading symbols on distant cards, we can also get a person to recognize thoughts in a matter of minutes by asking some very simple questions, if the person is not barred from this discovery by their belief system..

When there is at least one person who can perceive non-physical phenomena, this person can coach others to recognize non-physical phenomena and the sources of the non-physical phenomena as well. As a person begins to recognize their ability to perceive and interpret non-physical phenomena, their confidence rises and they can begin to apply the information they are receiving to physical universe problems like carving out a career and making money.

As long as they do not seek to explain their access to non-physical phenomena, they can operate as normal human beings. They will just seem to know things and be in the right place for good things to happen.

Your post and my reaction to it illuminated the hidden barrier I have been trying to overcome for years.

If a person cannot perceive non-physical phenomena, they can be taught to do so, if their belief system allows them to do so.

Thanks for your timely post.

Creating A Better Life For Yourself

There is a concept called an “Ideal Scene” which is basically a description of a desired reality you wish to create or achieve. It can be considered a blueprint for what you wish to achieve in your life, but it is actually far more than that.

It is a tool for organizing your intentions and aligning them to create the future you want, but it is also a powerful diagnostic device that can reveal the reasons you have not succeeded in the past.

There are many different techniques for envisioning an ideal scene and you can find them by entering the term “ideal scene” in almost any search engine because the Internet is full of successful ways to create an ideal scene. Finding these techniques is far easier then using them successfully, and this is where the diagnostic factor comes in.

Let me illustrate with an all too typical example:

You look up a description on how to create an ideal scene and it not only seems reasonable, you can easily see how you can use it to make changes in your life. In most cases, you will print out the description and read it over and set it aside until after supper or until you have time to work on it.

When a week has gone by with no progress on creating an ideal scene, you force yourself to read the description again and start writing. When you fail to make progress, you may pull in a coach to help you with this important task. After he gives you a pep talk, you start again and stall after an hour or two of serious effort. You will find that you have difficulty concentrating, and keep getting up to handle emergencies and phone calls and all manner of distractions.

After another week, you have a half page of notes and none of them inspire you to take action. Without realizing it, you have triggered the most common reason for being stuck in a no-win situation on life. You know you are in trouble and you are trying to do something about it, but there are unseen barriers to your breaking through and creating a better life for yourself.

We have learned to deal with these unseen barriers by using Spiritual Rescue Technology as the barriers are non-physical phenomena and we teach our students to observe this phenomena.

If one cannot perceive non-physical events, that person is barred from inspecting them. There is an element of willingness involved in perceiving non-physical events and phenomena, because if you are not willing to experience something, you can easily block yourself from experiencing it. Even if you are willing, there is a learning curve to perceiving non-physical phenomena and understanding what you have perceived.

No equipment is required for this perception, All of the equipment currently available is merely measuring your body’s response to non-physical phenomena and does not measure the phenomena itself.

The phenomena that is preventing you from creating an ideal scene when you actually desire and need to do this, is counter-intention. The description is quite simple, but the mechanism is more complex.

You intend to accomplish something or do something, and there is a counter-intention that blocks or overpowers your intention. If you are really determined, you can persevere and increase your determination until your intention prevails over the counter-intention. You can even accomplish this without learning the source of the counter-intention.

You have succeeded in this instance, but you have not dealt with the actual source of counter-intention and it can return at any time in the future. If you wish to learn how to handle counter-intentions in your environment, I suggest you read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology which are available on Amazon.com.

The reason I mention the diagnostic capability of creating an ideal scene, is that this seemingly simple process flushes out all kinds of counter-intention, which when handled, will increase your ability to get things done without effort.

The trap that most people find themselves in, is that they want a better future and they struggle to achieve it without writing down an ideal scene. They find themselves in an intimate relationship without having created an ideal scene for the relationship, As a result, the relationship encounters one obstacle after another for lack of an ideal scene.

Another example is a person seeking a job without working out an ideal scene for employment. He goes in for an interview and answers all sorts of questions without asking any of his own. Too often, he finds himself in a situation that he could have avoided by having an ideal scene to compare the actual scene to.

When you work out an ideal scene, you are describing something that will improve your life and bring you good health and happiness. When you refuse to do the work needed to create an ideal scene for yourself, you are condemning yourself to an existence determined by others. These others may be well-intentioned, but their ideas are not necessarily aligned with yours.

More importantly, if you are not now enjoying an ideal scene, working out what yours should be will show you what you have to do to move toward an ideal scene and a higher level of survival.

Changing your life for the better starts with writing up and working on an ideal scene.

People Can Be Hard To Help – Wait For Them to Ask For It First

We just spent the recent weekend talking about not inflicting your current reality on those who might become upset.

Less then sixteen hours later, I was presented with a real life example of how this works.

I was approached for help by a former Scientologist who has done some of her OT levels. After exchanging a few comments, she said she was no longer interested in Scientology.

I said I could understand why, and she asked why I said that.

I said that Scientology is a dead end because you cannot free yourself from spirits.

Her reality is that she has handled all of her unwanted spirits.

We had nothing further to discuss.

I had seen this earlier from a dear friend who has completed OT VIII. As far as she is concerned, she has handled all of her spirits and her current problems stem from some other source.

It occurs to me that asking a person where their problems might be coming from and if they felt they needed help might be a better opening than offering to help them in any way.

As we discussed in Sunday’s webinar, any offer to help is a suggestion about changing the person’s reality. The question, “Would you like me to help you?” is really saying, “Would you like to accept a different reality as yours doesn’t seem to be working very well.”

Even saying, “Would it be alright if I help you?” is suggesting that the person is not managing very well. If they are aware they need help, they may still balk at any change to their current reality.

Perhaps a better approach would be to ask what help would be acceptable to them and then deciding if that is something you care to provide.

You can still get in trouble, because they can want help you do not wish to provide.

Your offer of help is an offer to change someone’s situation. It seems that waiting for a request for help before offering it, raises the possibility that the person is really looking for a change.

We have learned from hundreds of SRT sessions that helping people who have not asked for it will cause you to be severely punished for your efforts.

Even when you are approached for help, you should make sure their reality will allow you to help them. Even when they approach you for help, you might start by asking what help would be acceptable to them and proceed carefully from that point.

Using Spiritual Rescue Technology Can Change A Person’s Reality – Use With Care

If you change a person’s stable data without giving them something to replace it, you can cause lasting damage to your relationship with that person. Some people have constructed a reality of what life is like and they cling to this reality as the stable data which gives them certainty. In some extreme cases, they will violently resist any attempt to introduce any changes to the reality they have constructed and cling to.

If they have been successful in constructing a life around their chosen reality, they can view any chance of introducing a new reality as very dangerous indeed. Lets say the person is an overachiever and has become wealthy and highly successful in a competitive field like corporate management. This person may view any introduction of alternate rules for success as a threat to his very existence, especially if he exhibits Obsessive-compulsive behavior. The person has achieved success by following a pattern of behavior and is unable to discern what parts of the pattern are vital and what can be discarded, so the person continues with everything to keep on being successful.

Only when a person can recognize that he or she is in a ruin, can he be desperate enough to try something new. Recognizing a ruin is not a simple matter and a person usually has to become desperate before they will seek help.

Recognizing that you are stuck in a ruin usually means that you are willing to change your reality for something better. However, some people stuck in a ruin just keep working harder and harder, figuring that is the only way to get out of the situation they are in.

If you are going to help someone with SRT, you need to use caring communication and truly understand the reality they are experiencing. Then you have the challenging job of getting them to understand the reality of what is happening to them.

This is where getting them to the point where they will read one of my books is essential. Any of the books will introduce them to the possibility that there is a SRT reality that will work for them. Then there is the matter of getting them to focus long enough that they will request a session and actually participate in a session. A single session is often enough to open them up to the possibility that they can be helped, but it is not a certainty.

They have often accumulated enough broken spirits that they are resistant to help and this is where education comes in. They have to be brought to the point where they realize what their first dynamic consists of and why they will be unstable until they learn to recognize spiritual influences and take responsibility for their state of mind.

Until a person is familiar with all of the 31 plus segments of their first dynamic, they are susceptible to being overwhelmed by negative emotions, random doubts, and baseless fears. Once they can identify the sources of these unwanted emotions and ideas, they can make steady progress toward true free will.

The final stage is when the person accepts his role as conductor of his spiritual companions and their performance and is able to create the future he desires without effort.

We are going to discuss this and other matters this Sunday, 1-12-2020 at 12 noon on Zoom. Use this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

My reply to a client’s question

You ask excellent questions and I will try to respond adequately.

The first point you made:

It’s impossible for there to be a group, without there being, first, separate and distinct individuals.

I feel this is absolutely true.

Then you wrote: But, what you seem to say here is that there are no individuals.  Only groups.

That is not what I have observed, nor what I have ever said. We are surrounded by innumerable beings, some are individuals and many are present as groups of individuals.

If you look at the average human being, the personality is made up of contributions of many different beings, some of whom have been with the individual for many lifetimes. It is hard to think of a person as one being when he has been accompanied by other beings for many lifetimes.

You also said, quite correctly, Schizophrenics are probably bodies being run by a committee, without a leader, so to speak.

When the being in charge abdicates his role as the conductor of activities, what ensues is mob rule and there is no sane central control.

You went on to make a valid point: You can only communicate IF there are others, who are not you, to communicate to.

What you did not say was that, if the others are communicating and you do not recognize it, you can be the effect of what is happening even if you do not get why or what they are doing.

These others are sometimes composites that are cumulative clusters and they do not recognize their compositeness until it is pointed out to them. We can communicate to a composite without identifying who makes up the composite and the proof of that is that we do this every day when we talk to our friends or spouses. We just hope that we are not going to stir them up so they shift valences and attack us or berate us.

We live in a world of composite beings and we have managed to work with each other after a fashion, even though we could not truly identify who was in charge at any particular moment. We did learn that we do not dare talk politics with uncle Harold because he would become someone else if we did.

We will discuss this and other situations in tomorrow’s workshop and I hope you might join us there to contribute.

Best regards,


Join Me In A Workshop Tomorrow On Zoom At 12 Noon To Get More Of Your Questions Answered

Last weekend, I spent time discussing 31 parts of your first dynamic and it appears I may have raised more questions than I answered.

I received some interesting questions from various clients and I would like to answer them fully so everyone can benefit.

Would you take the time to reread the 31 points I made and prepare some questions of your own for the workshop? The link is titled, Notes On Your First Dynamic.

Your first dynamic is far more complicated than most people realize. You cannot unlock your full potential until you recognize and can communicate with the various parts of your first dynamic

The incredible good news is that your life gets easier and easier as you learn to communicate with and take advantage of the power of your first dynamic.

Join me tomorrow, Saturday 1-11-2020 at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

PS: If you take the time to download the Zoom app first, your Zoom experience will be greatly enhanced. Joining a session by the link alone limits what you can do when you are connected.

Notice of Saturday Workshop and Sunday Webinar

You and all of your spiritual companions make up a complex first dynamic. Getting it sorted out will make surviving on the other dynamics much easier. Join me Saturday, January 4th at 12 noon EDT for a free workshop on “Exploring Your First Dynamic” on Zoom using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 

Join me Sunday, January 5th at 12 noon EDT for a paid webinar on “Augmenting Your First Dynamic” on Zoom using the same link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

Talking To Spirits Enables You To Learn Who You Really Are

You have no idea of your true nature or your true capabilities until you learn to talk to spirits. This was a difficult conclusion to reach, because I have been talking to spirits for more than a decade, and I am just now discovering the extent of our spiritual abilities and how that ability can be mapped and extended as needed.

People have been talking at spirits and praying to various spirits as long as there have been people in bodies. These efforts at communication have been incorporated into religions and other efforts at social control for a very long time.

In 2010, I devised a technology for actually communicating with spirits of all kinds and rescuing them from incidents that had overwhelmed them and trapped them, Using this spiritual technology, we could contact almost any spirit and wake them up so they could go on with their lives.

The final result, Spiritual Rescue Technology, SRT, is described in several books beginning with Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology and can be learned by reading the books and using the processes described in them. No membership or spiritual counseling is required for those who like to do things themselves. The technology should be thought of as a tool for use, not a basis for a religion or a cult.

We realized from the very beginning that all of us are affected by the spiritual beings surrounding us, but we did not realize the full implications of being intimately involved with these spiritual beings.

First of all, your first real conversation with a spirit will reveal your earlier lifetimes and theirs as well. When you contact a spirit who has been with you since the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, your sense of time and your grasp of history expands instantly.

When you discover how many spirits are still stuck in horrific events of the past, and are still dramatizing the fears and opinions they acquired through those experiences, you begin to understand why peace and prosperity are so difficult to achieve and are such unstable states. Old feuds and grievances are still alive and well as far as these spirits are concerned.

When you begin to realize that your attitudes and ideas are affected by the spirits who surround you, your first inclination may be to drive them all off so you can be yourself. There are two factor that make that an unwise activity. The first is that you are surrounded by millions of disembodied spirits and you can pick up more spirits in your everyday life as you interact with other people and their spirits. The second and more important point is that a good number of the spirits surrounding you are attempting to help you and guide you through life.

We have found over the past decade that handling troubled spirits so they do not bother us, and recruiting and organizing the spirits who are helping us so they can be most effective, is the best way to achieve a happy, productive life while enjoying a healthy body.

Once you realize that all of the counter productive ideas and worries that interrupt your attempts to get on with life are coming from spirits in your vicinity, you will buckle down and start addressing and handling these beings and their worries. You will enjoy a freedom from anxiety and find an enthusiasm for life that you have never experienced before.

However, this is just the beginning of the benefits that talking to spirits will produce. As you discover what spirits are helping you and begin to acknowledge them for their contributions, you will discover that you can manage their activities to achieve efficiencies you have never experienced before. You will also discover that each spirit has skills, which if properly understood and encouraged, can augment your ability to do things you have never done before.

If you read current fiction, you are familiar with the concept of super heroes with augmented abilities. If you can talk to spirits and understand them, you can augment your abilities and your personality in ways that have never been explored before. Recruiting a spirit to achieve a specific end is a way to duplicate what happens when a young child plays Chopin at 3 years old or a young girl composes and produces an opera at the age of 11.

If you wish to become a prodigy of one sort or another, that is now within your reach if you can talk to spirits and attract ones who can do what you need. Managing spirits produces incredible results but it has all of the risks and pitfalls of any management effort. You will need to have a project or task that interests them and you will need to see that your spiritual helpers are properly rewarded and acknowledged. Otherwise, they will move on to more interesting opportunities or may even sabotage your efforts in extreme cases.

In addition to increasing your abilities in some area, you can also tune your personality by adjusting the mix of spiritual helpers you have working with you. Your spiritual companions may not be known to you, but they will influence your attitudes toward life, your drinking habits, your attention to details and your ability to focus. If there is some part of your behavior you wish to change, you can see if it is being caused by a spiritual companion and discuss the matter with him or possibly get him to move on to someone else.

We spend significant portions of our lives to acquire skills to make life easier or more rewarding. When you can talk to spirits, you can augment those skills by adding spirits who have the additional skills you need. If you truly wish to expand your creativity, why not bring in a spiritual being to provide that additional capability. If you think of yourself as a team, rather than as an individual, you can broaden your view of what you are doing to produce a harmonious team effort.

All of this springs from the capability to talk with spirits and reach an understanding of what they need and want and will be willing to do with you and for you. You are surrounded by all of this potential, why not put it to work on your behalf by making it a team effort. Just remember that the goals are no longer your personal goals alone. You need to find a way to create team goals that accomplish what will benefit the entire team. On the plus side, you will find that spirits like to be on a winning team and your ability to manage them will be a deciding factor in how well your team does.

Eventually, you will no longer think of yourself as an isolated individual alone in the world. You are a team, so go out and make yourselves into a winning team that accomplishes everything you set out to accomplish.

For those who are interested, we have weekly Workshops and Webinars where we explore how to work with spirits as I have described here.

Check out these sites: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1452777031693647