(This is a section from my new book, Talking To Spirits – Part Three Advanced Concepts)

Spirits emanate Life Force. They are the only source of life force. Life Force is the energy produced by spirits and animates all living things. Life force is known by more than 66 names: Qi, Chi, Prana, etc., but all names mean the energy that animates all living things.

Life force can be felt and observed. Every part of a living body emanates life force. When a body is damaged or dying, the life force is lessened or absent.

Spirits emanate life force in proportion to their spiritual health. As spirits dwindle from joyous exultation down to apathy and non-existence as beings, they emanate less and less life force.

Every cell of the body is a living thing and each cell contain spirits who animate the cell. The state of the cell can be determined by the life force that is animating it. Since spirits are the source of life force in the body, it means that caring for these spirits can improve the health of the body and all of its parts.

There are as many different ways to encourage the production of life force as there are ways to encourage spiritual welfare. Conversely, spiritual attacks on the spirits animating the body will damage the health of the body.

Expressions of love and tenderness convey a spiritual warmth that can practically reanimate a sick or damaged body.

Hate flows directed at a body or body part will actually cause damage over time. This can be observed with plants or animals as well. The intention to harm can be as damaging as physical harm.

I am sure you have seen people who can make plants flourish merely by directing love at the plant every day. I have witnessed a teen aged girl cause a large plant to wither and almost die by the hate flows she was directing at the plant. When I spotted what she was doing and made her stop, the plant recovered. (She had no idea that she was capable of such psychic power.)

What is important with all bodies is the fact they are spiritual creations and are powered by the spirits in every cell. If you want to have a healthy body, do your best to admire it and handle any source of spiritual upset you detect. You can talk to any of the spirits in your body and if you find some who are disturbed you can help them and restore health to that part of the body if the damage is not too great.

There are a great number of people who are natural healers and they do this by perceiving disturbances in the person’s life force and flow healing energy to the injured or diseased body parts.

Once you start talking to spirits, you will find that you can see disturbances in a person’s life force and with little practice, you will find you can help the person recover, if they are willing to let you help them.

Do not attempt to heal someone if they do not want spiritual healing, as they will block your efforts and can even cause themselves to get sicker to prove you wrong.

Do not feel you have to limit your healing efforts to talking to the spirits involved. There are many ways to comfort ailing spirits: smudging with burning herbs, healing music, singing healing melodies, healing massage, laying on of hands and warm stones.

Once you gain the ability to see the fluctuations in a person’s life force, you will know what increases life force and what does not. In some cases, medical care and drugs will help, but you will be able to monitor what is going on by observing what the person’s life force is doing.

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