Spirit Voices

Spirit Voices was created for those who have heard spirit voices and wish to hear more and for those who can teach other to communicate with spirits of all kinds and temperaments.

All may join and observe, but we respectfully ask that your posts be limited to what you have personally experienced or wish to experience.

This is not a place to show your knowledge of what someone else wrote about spirits, ghosts, demons, spirit guides and angels. There are plenty of sites where this second hand knowledge can be seen. This group is for exchange of actual observations and first hand knowledge.

If you have never experienced spirit voices, your questions will be treated with respect and you will be given the opportunity to learn for yourself what can be done in this area.

This overall website is called caring-communication.com/SRTHOME and contains many more stories about spirits and what they can do for you. Together with a companion archive website, they contain many thousands of posts about spirits and video recordings as well.

Click on the Recent Posts button and join us for n epnded discussion of spirits and what they can do.