Many people are under the impression that they are an immortal spirit possessing a body and that, given a few breaks, they can work hard to become successful and get married and so forth. This is true as far as it goes, but neglects the effects of innumerable spiritual beings around you who, for one […]


Spiritual Rescue Technology is a way of teaching yourself to recognize the effects of upset spiritual beings on your life, and it equips you with the tools necessary to restore them and yourself to a happy and fulfilling existence. It also provides you with tools to assist the helpful beings who are willing to work […]

Who Is David St Lawrence?

I have been active as a spiritual counselor for 41 years. In that time, I have delivered everything from Dianetics Auditing and Life Repair up through the Scientology OT levels. I ran the South Bay Mission of the Church of Scientology for 10 years and then I left the church to develop a private practice […]

My Counseling Services

I deliver spiritual counseling online over a high quality video connection seven days a week to benefit my clients and give them abilities beyond their fondest expectations. I consider that I am here to service the needs of those who recognize that they are not living up to their potential. I teach you to communicate […]

A Vital Undercut for Spiritual Rescue Technology Users

Reprinted from December 24, 2014 Spiritual Rescue Technology is one of the fastest and most effective ways to handle spiritual distress for a person who has any awareness of themselves as a spiritual being surrounded by other spiritual beings/ghosts/angels/guides. etc. However, what can you do for the person who is only aware that they hurt […]