Making Spirits Real To Someone Who Is Uncertain

Every so often you will encounter a person who is open-minded about the existence of spirits but is still uncertain if they exist.

They have no subjective reality on that topic even though they have studied the subject and spent time pursuing answers to their questions. They believe in spirits, but can’t gain certainty on the matter.

They are not hostile to the idea of spiritual beings, just unable to form a definite opinion on the matter. You can identify this person by asking them if they are a spirit and they will answer, “Probably.”

There is another question that will produce similar answers.
“Do you have any feelings about whether you are immortal or not?” Again, he will answer, “Probably”

On further conversation with this person, you will find that he has a mental image picture or a recurring emotion that he can’t get rid of. This is something he has certainty on and you may be able to get him to discuss it further if you let him know that you are familiar with thoughts that appear out of nowhere and persist.

He may not be willing to discuss the problem at first but, if you show him that you understand what he is experiencing, he may eventually ask your advice on the subject.

This is a fairly standard way of introducing someone to an entirely new subject. You find something related to the subject that is real to the person and you talk about that until you are real to the person and you reach agreement on the topic you are discussing.

In this type of situation, you can discuss his thoughts or emotions that will not go away and can ask when they first appeared. This lets the person know that you recognize the thoughts or emotions are real and puts his attention on them as something other than himself. Keep the discussion conversational and get the person to explore all memories of the thought or emotion until he discovers an incident where he was overwhelmed and is still stuck in it.

If a full discussion of the incident does not produce relief, asking if there was an earlier similar incident will usually produce relief from persistent thoughts or emotions. If not, the discussion will establish that the incidents are real and a valid topic of discussion. Once an incident or string of incidents has been thoroughly discussed, their reality no longer will be an issue even though the incidents may not be fully understood.

The person now has a spiritual experience with which to compare future spiritual experiences. He will have certainty that something out of the ordinary has happened and with enough exposure will begin to gain certainty as to what exactly has happened.

Any persistent image or emotion that cannot be reduced by inspection is due to the presence of a spirit or spirits who are projecting that image or emotion. A simple guided discussion is usually enough to bring about an awareness that something out of the ordinary has occurred. Simple curiosity will usually lead to an uncovering of the true facts of the matter.

If you have reality on spirits, you can bring about a similar reality in another person by finding what spiritual activity is real to them and discussing any problems associated with that activity.

Spiritual Rescue Technology Allows Us To Connect With Universal Life Energy

Universal life energy is the consciousness that animates and connects with all life.

Spiritual Rescue Technology was developed to enable us to communicate freely with spiritual beings whether they had bodies or not. After years of using Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) to help troubled spirits, it became apparent that the spiritual universe contains vast amounts of data that can be harnessed by anyone sufficiently trained and aware. This is due to the fact that the spiritual universe is composed of an infinite number of immortal beings with every possible set of experiences that can be drawn upon.

Through the use of SRT, we are able to experience “being” other spirits at will and reaching acomplete understanding of these spirits and their connection to other spirits. All spirits have some degree of connection to other spirits and we can verify this using SRT. This connection of spirits is the consciousness that animates and connects all life. It has been called “universal life energy” and many other names including Prana, Chi, Ki, Xi, and Biomagnetic energy.

When we allow ourselves to connect to the life energy of others and move into alignment with their life energy, a natural flow occurs and we feel a sense of rightness. To the extent that we are aligned with others, we become aligned with the universe, and life becomes effortless. We are able to align our intentions with our spiritual companions and any barriers between intentions and results simply fall away.

We are all individuals, but we are inextricably connected to the spirits who surround us and we have known this from our earliest SRT sessions. We use the magic of caring communication to free beings from incidents that have overwhelmed them and in the process have learned that we are all immortal and are bound together with other spiritual beings through shared incidents and the fact that we are animating living bodies which are loaded with life force units.

In recent weeks, we have progressed beyond communicating with spirits and setting them free from moments of overwhelm to being able to experience actually “being” another spirit and fully understanding them as never before.

This led to discovering the connection between spiritual beings and the full implications of transfer of information along these connections. The connection between spirits appears to act as a spiritual internet where information can be accessed at will if the right questions are asked.

What this means is that we are no longer alone in any sense of the word. We can reach out to an unlimited source of power through our connections to all spirits. This means that we can access a greater amount of spiritual power through caring communication with spirits. We already have experience with spirits helping us to write and to design products in the physical universe. We have discussed this at length and even discussed recruiting spirits to help in specific ways.

There have always been people who could seem to draw upon a higher power in times of need and they called this source of assistance by many names. Since there are many sources of spiritual assistance, these sources were assigned different names by those who discovered them, usually a name that translates into GOD.

There are unlimited sources of help and assistance available to you by simply accessing the spirits who are willing to communicate with you. If you practice “being” spirits, your ability to gather information will skyrocket and you will find many ways to increase your spiritual ability. You will find yourself connecting harmoniously with more spirits every day and your potential to create an abundant life will increase accordingly.

Behavior at Different Points On The Upper End Of The Spiritual Awareness Scale – Another Weekend of Discovery

The scale of spiritual awareness reaches from the lower end of unawareness of self to awareness of spirits and spiritual activity at astronomical distances.

We are going to discuss and drill working with people at different points at the very upper end of this scale.

  1. We will start with people who believe in spirits, but for some reason cannot gain certainty on spirits or that they themselves are spirits.
  2. We will address the issues that need to be addressed for people who have a grasp of activities beyond the range of the 5 physical senses, but who are unable to embrace the idea that we are actually being affected by spirits.
  3. Then we will discuss the people who have encountered spirits and communicate with them daily, but are not able to convert that ability into a life of prosperity and joyful adventure.
  4. Finally, we will discuss those individuals who have reached the point where they are actually achieving financial and career goals they set a long time ago even though they do not seem to have the depth of understanding that you have.

Join me this Saturday, 5-9-2020, at 12 noon EDT for a free workshop where we will examine these levels of spiritual awareness and make sure we are not missing any important ones. Use this link to join us: and use this password: 756674

Join me Sunday, 5-10-2020, for a paid webinar where we will analyze and drill working with people at these upper levels of spiritual awareness. The material covered and the drilling will enable you to raise your own awareness. Use this link: with this password: 756674. The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

Those of you participating in the SRT Academy program can join me Monday, 5-11-2020, where we will review your progress on last week’s assignment and work out how you can raise your spiritual awareness with tailored assignments to be performed this next week. Use this link: and use this password: 756674

The academy donation is $25 and can be paid by using this link: if invoicing arrangements have not already been made.

RESPONSIBILITY – A Key Factor In Successful Spiritual Healing

Responsibility plays a very important role in Spiritual Rescue Technology because you can only control things you are willing to be responsible for.

This has many implications when you are a spirit having a human experience. You are surrounded by spirits and you are running a body that is full of life force energy generated by spirits.

If you are not willing to be responsible for these spirits, you will be the unknowing effect of their intentions and actions.

If you are willing to be responsible for the spirits in your care, anything is possible. You can learn about these spirits and their capabilities and you can learn to control them for the benefit of all.

Your willingness to be responsible for the beings who surround you opens the door to an infinity of possibilities. Reaching and Withdrawing is possible when you are willing to be responsible for other beings. You will find that “being” someone is only possible if at some level you are willing to be responsible for them and for being them.

A lack of responsibility, on the part of the recipient, is the reason that spiritual healing can fail when the healing activity has been done flawlessly. A frequent example of this occurs when someone does a distance healing on a relative or friend without their participation. The parties doing the healing can identify and handle beings and clusters of beings that are doing life-threatening things and the recipient will experience temporary relief.

The healing parties will take a loss when the recipient’s relief is only temporary or seemingly absent. The reason for this is that the recipient of the healing activity is not taking responsibility for any part of the healing activity and will continue doing whatever caused them to pull in the harmful spirits in the first place. They may even act to resist the healing activity if they notice it.

If you would like to be more effective in using Spiritual Rescue Technology, consider how you might become more responsible for those people and beings you are interacting with. If you can do this, you will find your efforts to help will be much more effective.

Responsibility, Knowledge, and Control seem to be related. If you wish to be more responsible for something, it will help to know more about it and be willing to control it. When dealing with a new area, work these factors around until you reach a point where you are willing to control the area, and be responsible for the effects you create.

If areas are not coming under your control, look at these factors and see which of them needs to be worked on first.

If you are willing to take responsibility for your life and your future, learn more about the spirits who accompany you and see what you can do to get them to assist you. Every spirit you recruit to assist you adds to your ability to create the future you desire.

In Search Of The Real Reason Why Non-Survival Actions Occur

Every action in the physical universe can be found to be started by an action in the spiritual universe. To put it more plainly, nothing can happen in the physical universe spontaneously. There is always a decision and an intention that starts things happening in the physical universe.

When a harmful, destructive, or non-survival activity exists, it will be found that this activity was created to resolve a confusion.

A confusion is a set of misaligned intentions and actions for which there is no apparent rational solution. Any decision made to resolve the confusion without complete data can result in non-survival activity for some of the parties to the confusion.

The decision that is made persists in time and can form the basis for future actions. It was a solution to a vexing problem and this action gets used time and time again when similar problems are encountered even though the actions are considered non-survival actions.

We get acquainted with this string of non-survival actions because this person continues to do these actions lifetime after lifetime and is not able to stop doing them no matter how hard he tries.

In modern counseling there is a realization that harmful and non-survival actions are always preceded by earlier similar actions. Getting the afflicted person to view the earlier similar actions can often bring some relief, especially if the counselor can coax the person into discovering the decisions that caused the earliest action discovered.

These decisions are often referred to as justifications as they justified the action taken as far as the person is concerned.

Getting the justification for an action can provide a great deal of relief for the person being helped, but the root cause of the series of non-survival activities has not yet been found unless the prior confusion is discovered. If a similar confusion is encountered, there is a distinct possibility that a new series of non-survival actions will result.

Discovering a basic confusion that starts a series of non-survival actions can change a being’s life.

Handling confusions by getting sufficient data before acting will create a successful future with potential for continual flourishing and prospering.

Finding the confusions that underlie non-survival activities is a big step in restoring sanity to life.

Learning to handle life’s confusions by getting sufficient data before acting will ensure that similar problems will not reoccur.

This data can be used to produce a pleasant and productive life. I have great certainty on that.

David St Lawrence

Making SRT Counseling Faster And More Precise – May 2, 3, 4

A person in a body, whether you or a client you are helping, can get relief much faster by perceiving life forces and by seeking out all the justifications for every harmful or mistaken action. Let me be even more precise by saying that resolution of any issue will occur only when the justifications by the perpetrator and the victims have been disclosed. If there is anything less than laughter and mutual admiration between all parties, more work has to be done.

When a counseling session is done to full end phenomena, there is no more attention on the problem area by anyone involved in the session. The spirits involved will want to get on to other things.


There are certain phases of an SRT session that can be made much faster without losing effectiveness. If we ask a person to become aware of the life force in their body and in the surrounding area, they usually perceive variations in the intensity of the life force. If we refine the question and get them to perceive areas of harmony and areas of discord, they will immediately get a perception of areas where an area of life force is out of harmony with the rest of the life force.

Once the person has done this, it is a simple matter to locate the major areas of discord in the person’s space. These areas of discord indicate where troubled life forces are located and whether they are single life forces or clusters of life forces.

If we then ask the person to reach for the most troubled life force energy and to be the life force energy, the person gets enough information to identify the source of the life force and what intentions are being manifested.

The counselor will find that he can easily verify if the person can actually be the troubled life force as there will be an obvious release of charge and the person will smile or even laugh heartily.

You will discover that “being a particular life force” is a very fast way of handling a great many disturbed beings. They get that you understand them and that is all they need to end cycle on a great many incidents if the client is not the instigator of the incident.

When you are trying to locate the source of a particular thought or emotion, try looking for life forces rather than spirits. It appears that people in bodies can spot life forces even when they can’t seem to identify a spirit.


In spiritual counseling, when you are trying to restore sanity and life to a being, you can totally bypass the entire trap of “right” vs “wrong” and “just” vs “unjust” by getting ALL that was done by all parties and by also getting the justifications of all contributing actions back to the first decision made. Only then will you see all parties experience relief and the matter is resolved forever. Beings get stuck in incidents that overwhelm them and this is because they do not recognize their responsibility for contributing to the incident. Time stops for them and they blame others for causing them lasting pain and unconsciousness.

When this happens, the troubled spirits are usually stuck in a revenge cycle. They are the victims and they are still trying to get even with the perpetrator. It does not matter if the spirits are in bodies or discarnate beings, they cannot let go of the injustice that was dealt them. SRT is the first spiritual technology that gently unwinds the hidden decisions that trap beings forever in incidents that will not resolve.

Once a being is exposed to the power of discovering justifications, they will probably never again to succumb to being a victim.

I will be hosting a free workshop on Saturday, May 2nd at 12 noon EDT. We will review the use of life forces as an element in SRT sessions and there will be drills to familiarize you with the benefits of perceiving life forces. We will also touch upon the role of discovering justifications on setting beings free from old incidents. Use this link: and use this password: 756674

I will also be hosting a paid webinar on Sunday, May 3rd at 12 noon EDT. We will be comparing the perception of life force vs spirits and clusters and how each can be used in sessions. We will also discuss examples of justifications and how they change the perception of past events. Use this link: with this password: 756674. The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

On Monday, there will be a meeting of the SRT Academy to raise our spiritual abilities to another level. The purpose of the SRT Academy is to prepare participants to use Spiritual Rescue Technology effortlessly to improve the quality of their lives. The focus is on handling one’s own and other’s spirits to maximize the quality of life by being them.

We will be drilling the use of life force in handling situations in life and will also work out how understanding justifications changes our approach to conflicts and other difficulties. Use this link: and use this password: 756674

The academy donation is $25 and can be paid by using this link: if invoicing arrangements have not been made.

Revisiting the Concept of Life Force

Our recent research has led us to revisit the concept of life force and it appears that we might find more ability to get things accomplished if we examine life force instead of limiting our discussions to spiritual beings.

Recent discussions have revealed that life force can be increased and decreased, but we did not understand the mechanism at first. First of all, life force and creation seem to be inextricably linked. It may even be true that life force is creation, but that is a preliminary concept for now.

What we do know now is that life force can be diminished if creative action or thought is blocked. Simply stated, blocking creativity in any way will diminish life force. Destroying your creations will diminish your life force.

If you are encouraged to create or even left free to create, your life force will increase.

Life needs no permission to create. It will continue to create unless stopped by force or threat of force.

One of our members observed that we create structures with our life force. You can work this out for yourself.

Here are some other observations which we can test and discuss in future meetings:

Life force is generated by spirits and they are immortal. Spirits are living thoughts.

Life force by its nature is everlasting and exists in the past, present, and future. This suggests that time is a consideration, rather than a physical universe phenomenon. Life force is able to easily access events located in a region called the past and the present. Life force has been known to access events located in the region called the future. Past time is filled with intended actions executed by life force. Present time is being filled with intended actions being executed by life force. The intentions for future actions are still being assembled and aligned and as they align, events happen as they are intended to happen.

Since each of us are composed of innumerable living thoughts called spirits, our ability to create a desired future depends on our ability to coax our thoughts into working in harmony. Otherwise, we have some living thoughts postulating one set of actions and the rest postulating an entirely different set of actions.

One of the most common reasons we are not able to do new things is that we have some living thoughts carefully channeling their life force into approved areas. Life force creates all things, that is true, but if some of the life force is directed toward other targets, the end results will not be uniformly pleasing to all concerned.

If we are to create freely, we need to understand who we really are and to learn to create a consensus so that all of us living thoughts are working in harmony.

One of the ways we might understand who we really are is to learn to be one another. This is an action beyond communication. It results in a complete understanding of each other and a new admiration for each other.

Our recent efforts to be each other have shown that this is a mutually beneficial activity, even though we do not fully understand all of the implications yet.

We will be studying this in more depth during this coming weekend.

Undiscovered Requirements For SRT Counseling – 3 Days of Drilling New Session Actions 4-25 to 4-27

SRT processing is the action of communicating with spirits and freeing them from incidents that have overwhelmed them and have stuck their attention. Once this is done, the incident is no longer a source of pain, unconsciousness, or distress. It can no longer be triggered by words, actions, sounds, or smells.

SRT counseling is the action of communicating with spirits. Some individuals have a natural skill at perceiving and communicating with spirits, even without training. As more and more individuals are trained to communicate with spirits, certain difficulties were discovered and as each difficulty was overcome, a new requirement was identified for flawless spiritual counseling.

The definition we are using for requirement is:

A: something wanted or needed

B : something essential to the existence or occurrence of something else

The discovery of essential requirements for spiritual counseling involves exploratory problem-solving techniques that utilize self-educating techniques (such as the evaluation of feedback) to improve performance. This involves problem-solving by experimental and trial-and-error methods. The discovery of errors or areas of unexpected difficulties drives the identification of new requirements.

SRT Spiritual Counseling has been done successfully by many people after reading the first book on the subject, without any help from a trained counselor. The process is basically a simple conversation when the client understands what is being done and the counselor is using caring communication and all spirits involved are operating harmoniously.

Since the conversation involves an unknown number of spirits acting for the client and additional spirits acting for the counselor, the degree of harmony among the clients spirits and among the counselor’s spirits has a major affect on the progress of the counseling session. Any confusions that exist among the client’s spiritual companions will act as a barrier to the resolution of the client’s difficulties. Similarly, confusions among the counselor’s spiritual companions will reduce the effectiveness of the counseling regardless of the intentions and desires of the counselor.

If a person’s spiritual companions have not been trained to work in harmony, there will be counter-intentions within the group, and conflict will result. Basically, if some of the spiritual companions are passionately urging caution at all times. They will act as an opposing force to any attempt to do new things. Identifying and handling any lack of harmony is one of the highest priority actions in any group.

In order for a session to run without incident, the counselor and his spiritual companions need to work in harmony. This is the first requirement and needs to be present before the session starts.

The client’s spiritual companions will be brought into harmony if the SRT session proceeds according to established session guidelines and the client understands his relationship with his spiritual companions and that his communication with them involves telepathy.

When the client is properly prepared for counseling, they will find they can communicate telepathically with spirits in the very first session.

We will be discussing the requirements for successful spiritual counseling and drilling how to do this smoothly and effectively in the Saturday workshop, the Sunday Webinar, and the Monday SRT Academy meeting. The drilling will become progressively more complex as the weekend progresses.

We will hold a free workshop Saturday 4-25-2020 at 12 noon to cover the undiscovered requirements for SRT processing. Use this link and password: please use this password: 756674

We will hold a webinar on Sunday 4-19-2020 at 12 noon to drill establishing meaningful communication with others using the undiscovered requirements for SRT counseling. Use this link: please use this password: 756674

On Monday, we will continue drilling using the undiscovered requirements for SRT counseling and specifically re-purposing groups of spirits to help us be others and ourselves at will. Join me at 12 noon Monday 4-20-2020 using this link and password: please use this password: 756674

Insights Gained From A Conversation About Being Ourselves 4-22-2020

I spoke with a client about the possibility of doing reach and withdraw to facilitate developing a better relationship with a particular client of his. He thought that it could be a good idea and reported a desirable change in the attitude of the client.

I later sent him the insights gained from our SRT Academy meeting on 4-20-2020. He responded with some observations of his own that I found rather useful as they expand the scope of what we are doing.

His response: So, don’t take this as making less of what you said … but, when you are giving me your account of this earlier, I kept thinking, and meant to say, that this is what happens when I type.  The way I learned to type resulted in the typewriter becoming an extension of my thoughts.  At some point you do not ‘think’ at all, the typewriter just types what you intend.

Or when you become the car you are driving.  Or, one day, my Daddy’s crew ‘became one’, as it were, and finished a 3-day job in one day (no one got in each other’s way, for example).

Mostly, in life, people are trying to distinguish themselves from others, be apart.  Be individuals.  Which is, of course, necessary for there to be any communication at all.  But, when things get done, really done, they all think and act “as one”, literally they become one.  The United States of America was like that from May 7, 1945 to November 22, 1963.

I had mentioned in one of our meetings that we should consider the effects of “being a group” and his comment jolted my memory, so I responded with this:

Thank you!!! You have supplied another piece of the puzzle!

I have personally experienced some of the phenomena you describe

and spotted that these were occasions when most of my spiritual companions were working in harmony, but had not yet worked out how to get them doing so when I needed it.

When we attempt to “Be Ourselves”, this experience of being each other creates a unity of understanding and we work in perfect harmony while that is occurring.

I may have mentioned that we are not unique in doing this. There have been others all through history who could do similar magic and could even heal others by inspection. We are just working out the mechanics of how this works so we can teach it to others,

Your example of how your Daddy’s crew became one and acted as a unit is what we hope to be able to create as needed.

I would like you all to consult your memories for times when you were part of a group that acted in perfect harmony. Let’s discuss in more detail when we reconvene for workshops and webinars this weekend.

Getting a group to work in harmony is one of the great challenges of the modern world. If we can use the results of our research to accomplish this on demand, we may be able to make great strides in changing civilization for the better.

Our first challenge is to get our spiritual companions to work in harmony, Let us work on that this next weekend and see how far we can get.