Possibly Helpful Advice

Possibly Helpful Advice was a blog I created many years ago to help people recover from their experiences in the Church of Scientology. With the help of my late partner, John Joseph, we exposed the many destructive practices of the church and provided advice on recovering unused money on account at the church.

I also provided information on the parts of Scientology technology that were valid based on my years of delivering services in the church.

I had discovered that the biggest overt on the part of the Founder of Scientology was the deliberate suppression of information about spiritual beings which he called Body Thetans and making them out to be degraded spirits of no importance except as a target of progressively thorough exorcisms he called the OT levels.

As time went on, I concentrated on spiritual practices that are far more helpful than Dianetics or Scientology because I actually communicated with the spirits who surround us and found that most of them wanted to help us.

As a result, I was able to create massive case gain for people right off the street because I showed them how to communicate with spirits in their early sessions and this handled the issues that the OT Levels were created to handle! I was able to give my students and clients experience handling spirits in just a few sessions for a few hundred dollars. The comparable experience in Scientology would take years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can decide for yourself by browsing the contents of this website and reading my books

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