How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Three

The Akashic Records contains every thought, emotion, intention, and effort of every being’s existence. A being who spent 40 years in quiet meditation would probably leave a quiet record of peaceful thoughts, where a tormented soul might leave a record filled with incidents of screaming rage and incessant pain.

Almost anyone who can receive thoughts can detect Akashic Records containing lots of emotion. When these people are around friends who are not doing well, they are almost compelled to ask, “Is everything all right? Are you OK?”

Some spiritual counselors can read a client’s Akashic Records like a book. More expert counselors can tell whether the Akashic Record belongs to the person or one of the spirits who accompany the person through life. A non-judgmental discussion of the emotionally charged incident will usually cause a release of attention and the person no longer will have stuck attention on the incident.

A Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to engage the troubled spirit in discussion about the incident he is fixated on and to resolve any issues and confusions that has trapped his attention on that moment in time. Once the spirit is able to take his attention off the incident that overwhelmed him, his free will returns and he is able to operate fully in present time.

The Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to see when the being is freed from the incident because the being is no longer continually creating that incident.

When an SRT counselor looks at a client who is not operating fully in present time, he sees that the client and some of his beings have attention on some incident that is not part of the current present time environment. Simply asking what the person’s attention is stuck on will often bring the incident into view where it can be handled in session.

The spiritual universe becomes much more comprehensible when you consider it to be composed of Akashic Records, all being continually created by the beings in the spiritual universe. It offers the promise that any action anywhere can be recovered and analyzed if the seeker of information can raise their awareness sufficiently.

We have already demonstrated that Akashic Records extend into the future and can be accessed by those who are sufficiently trained, so this opens the door to understanding how to manage the future to accomplish what you want. Managing future events will be discussed in the next section, “How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Four.”

How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Two

(You might want to sit down for this one.)

Now that we have discovered that we can read the record of any being’s existence and his projected future, what does this mean for the future of our research? It could mean that we now have a glimpse of the connectedness that exists between spirits and an overall view of patterns of life force that will allow us to predict futures for individuals, groups and civilizations and to modify those futures in ways we did not suspect before this moment.

To repeat my earlier observation, the Akashic Records are the collection of everyone’s time track, everywhere. All thoughts, intentions, actions from the past, present, and future are recorded in the spiritual universe and are accessible to those who can read thoughts. These recordings include moments of joy and moments of incredible overwhelm and terror.

What sets those of us who understand Spiritual Rescue Technology apart from the scholars and philosophers of the past is that we know that those of us who are running bodies are composite beings. The Akashic Records we access are multi-being recordings. We can access the records of every one of the beings who consider they are part of our personality.

Since we are immortal and our spiritual companions are immortal, there is an enormous amount of data at our disposal when we choose to look. Even our everyday memories are colored and influenced by the beings who are part of our composite personality.

Those of us who have been able to bring most of our spiritual companions up to present time, can experience life and it’s surprises with an amazing amount of equanimity. Any one who has not talked to their spirits and handled the incidents that can cripple them emotionally will encounter rude surprises when life is upsetting, because present day upset can trigger old incidents that caused death and destruction for the beings who accompany you.

Which brings us to the most important part of the Akashic Records. From what we are able to observe, the records are being continually created with emotions, intentions, regrets, and accomplishments. The being who is operating in present time, is laying down a recording that conforms to what is actually happening as time passes.

The being who is still stuck in a horrific incident that overwhelmed him a long time ago, is recording that incident over and over again as a continuous creation. As far as that being is concerned, he is still experiencing the explosion, or execution by firing squad that ended his life. It is the being overwhelmed that makes time seem to stop for the being. The passage through time and space continues but he is continually creating that moment over and over again. If he is able to experience what is happening today, it seems as if it is a dream. Reality is the bullets from the firing squad which are ripping through him.

You, who are running a body and struggling to operate in present time, have a certain number of beings who are still stuck in some past incident. If something in your current environment resembles a part of their earlier, fatal incident, they will react as if the incident was occurring again.

Visiting historical sites, or prisons, even hospitals can set off some of your spiritual companions. With a little training in Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will be able to tell when a spirit has been triggered by a present day event and you will be able to calm him down by acknowledging his distress. When you have time, you can visit the part of his Akashic Records that have been activated and help him sort it out so it does not bother him any more.

I mentioned earlier that the Akashic Records seem to have recordings of future events. This phenomena has been reported by earlier researchers and there are psychics who offer readings of a person’s Akashic Records including records of future events.

Our observations indicate that the future is created by the intentions and postulates of these who will be experiencing it. A person can create a future through intentions that extends for months and even years. Other people can only envision what they will be doing tomorrow or later today if they are in bad shape. I have run a few experiments with family and staff members to verify that coordinated intentions produce future events.

Now that we have a more complete view of Akashic Records, we can make better observations of the future a person and his spiritual companions are projecting. Taking the intentions and purposes of the entire group into account will make it easier to produce the future the person wants. A future is the joint creation of the person running the body and all of his awake and aware spiritual companions. If the person learns to get agreement with his desires, he will experience the desired future. If the person is being opposed by his spiritual companions, he will be continually frustrated at his failure to achieve his goals.

Our research also indicates that the Akashic Records are mutable, that is to say they can be changed or perhaps overlaid by new data. We observe that a being is kept in a fixed state or a fixed emotion by some past event, but when we investigate the event with caring communication and run a simple Spiritual Rescue Technology process, the being is freed from overwhelm of the incident and regains his free will and emotional stability.

The same occurs when we look at a projected future, or the absence of an ability to create a future, running a Spiritual Rescue Technology process on the situation enables the creation of a desired future where this was not possible before.

We will continue the discussion of the Akashic records and how they can be used in How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Three

How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part One

Our Spiritual Rescue Technology research reveals that we can easily talk to any spirit and locate important events that occurred in his past and what he intends to create in the future.

All it takes is an ability to operate in Present Time, use Caring Communication, and know how to use Reaching and Withdrawing to connect with any being or situation.

Once you can reach and withdraw from a being or a situation, you can actually duplicate what the being is doing and what his intentions are. Since all beings are living thoughts, you are able to duplicate what this being has thought and done for his entire existence. This means that you are reading his Akashic Records.

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.

To put this in simple terms, the Akashic Records are the collection of everyone’s time track, everywhere. All thoughts, intentions, actions from the past, present, and future.

Another way of looking at these records is they are a multichannel recording of all beings in this universe and they extend into the future as far as the beings are willing to create them. Our futures unroll before us as we postulate them or intend them. Thus a skilled reader of thoughts can see how much future a person or group is creating.

The future will happen to the extent that there is agreement among the people who will be living that future.

This also shows what is happening to the being who is stuck in a past moment. He is not creating a future and may be holding others back from doing so. If you are surrounded by beings stuck in the past, it can hinder you from achieving your goals.

This discussion will be continued in How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Two.

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The Akashic records are the accumulation of everybody’s time track and future postulates. Yes, the Akashic records can be accessed by any SRT student in solo session and even changed if you so desire that.

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Here is a simple description:

The Akashic records (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”) are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence.

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It is a hidden obstacle to life that does not seem to be a big deal, but the source of your excessive modesty and inner “unworthiness” is very hard to spot and even harder to remove.

This behavior is caused by beings who see controlling you as a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

In most cases, you have been under their control for so many lifetimes that it seems perfectly normal to avoid being praised and to belittle your accomplishments at every opportunity, even when you have done an outstanding job.

It is an urge, often an automatic and irresistible urge, to present yourself as lower than others, or less than you should be, or even invisible—unworthy of being seen. If you find it hard to accept recognition or praise, you may the effect of this urge.

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Updated Preface for New Book, “Talking To Spirits”

Several conversations with Alka Madan have convinced me that I have not sufficiently defined what a spirit is. She made me realize that I may have left some of you in confusion on this vital matter and that could make you uncertain of how to use Spiritual Rescue Technology.

I am posting a revised preface which may give you a better idea of what we are dealing with. Feel free to post comments and questions.


There are hundreds of books written by people who claim to have had encounters with spirits, and after reading quite a few of them I found it was easier to get accurate information about spiritual behavior by talking directly to spirits myself.

Everything in this book comes from my conversations with spiritual beings during thousands of counseling sessions. You will see material here which you will not see anywhere else.

I teach you how to communicate with spirits in this book and once you learn how to do this, you will be able to confirm for yourself what I have written here.

The first thing you need to understand is that you, yourself, are an immortal spirit who is currently running a body.

What is a Spirit? The best definition I can give you at this time is that you are a living thought.

All spirits are living thoughts. The spiritual universe is a universe of thoughts.

To restate what I said earlier, you are a living thought running a physical body. You are immortal. Your body is not.

You are surrounded by immortal spiritual beings who are much like you, but for one reason or another do not have bodies at this time.

This book is about the many ways these spirits influence and control you.

There are many different names for spirits, but they are merely different names for spiritual beings. They are not different types of beings.

Some of the names for these spiritual beings include: ghost, demon, haunt, specter, poltergeist, psyche, soul, entity, body thetan, wraith, shade, phantasm, and apparition. They are actually just beings with different experiences.

To keep things as simple as possible, in this book they are all called spirits or spiritual beings.

In these thousands of sessions with spirits I discovered what help they truly wanted and what information they were willing to share.

These sessions were friendly conversations rather than formal interviews and yet I was able to discover that spirits are an inexhaustible source of information about anything that beings have ever done anywhere.

Once you start talking to spirits, you will find that spirits will continuously present you with more data than you expect.

After reading this book, you will be able to verify for yourself anything you read or hear about spirits or immortality.

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