If You Are Uncomfortable Doing Something – You Need to Check Your Entities

Let’s say you are calling to inquire about a job opening. If you feel awkward and uneasy, You need to handle the beings who are putting out that feeling. You should be able to simply call and ask if the advertised position is still open.

Lets consider the situation where you see someone you would like to know better, but they are married or in a relationship. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to know her better?” and the answers you get will probably be coming from beings who are not interested friendship, but in something more significant.

The same is true for those who are shy. Shyness is a harmonic of fear. Something about the prospect of talking to a person is triggering a fear response. The fear may be due to a personal engram, but you would be seeing the engram as a result. The more likely prospect is that you are being shy because you have spiritual beings who are reliving a moment of severe embarrassment that they have never been able to let go of.

This is simply a restatement of Axiom One: If you are not enthusiastic about meeting or calling someone, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities.

Handle them and all will be well.

Why did I Create Axioms for Spiritual Rescue Technology?

This definition from Wikipedia says it best:

An axiom or postulate is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments. The word comes from the Greek axíōma (ἀξίωμα) ‘that which is thought worthy or fit’ or ‘that which commends itself as evident.’

There are a lot of different definitions for Axioms, but for our purposes, the above definition fits best. Our axioms are based on observation and they serve as a starting point for understanding the complexities of the spiritual universe. If future research shows that our axioms are deficient in some regard, they can be amended to serve as a starting point for further reasoning or arguments.

Meanwhile, we will continue to use them until evidence turns up new axioms and this may occur sooner than we expect.

For example, at this moment, we have been considering only our current universe with its rules, agreements and peculiarities, We have not tried to develop axioms for other universes with alternate timelines. We don’t even have any axioms that deal with time yet.

As we discover new axioms, they will be collected here in our archive to serve as a guide to further discoveries.


Please review these axioms and suggest any changes you would like to see.

Axiom Zero – Entities constantly affect your behavior, health and personality

Axiom One – If you are not enthusiastic, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities

Corollary to Axiom One – Difficulty in learning new things is a spiritual problem and resolves when the upset beings are handled

Axiom Two – All negative attitudes about anything come from spiritual entities who are being upset by what you are doing or proposing. People can disagree with you about things but their disagreement will be rational unless entities are involved.

Axiom Three – Any communication that is not a caring communication comes from an upset spiritual entity and is a damaging communication.

Axiom Four – When you achieve the state of stable caring communication in session, you achieve conceptual understanding of the concepts held by entities even when they are not communicating with you directly.

Axiom Five – A lack of integrity prevents spiritual healing

Axiom Six – For every action in the spiritual realm, there is a corresponding reaction which may be all out of proportion to the original action

Axiom seven (formerly 6) – Anything that is not free will is someone else’s construct

Axiom Eight – Beings give up some of their free will to be part of a group

Axiom Nine – Fairness is based on the existence of agreed upon rules. If there is no agreement, the concepts of fairness or unfairness have no meaning

Axiom Ten – Misownership started as a voluntary agreement to share in others emotions and sensations.

Axiom Eleven – Sanity as a being depends on the ability to recognize misownership when it exists.

Corollary to Axiom Eleven – Upset is almost always due to misownership

Axiom Twelve – Free will and misownership are mutually exclusive. Complete misownership is being someone else. Life in a body is coexistence with other beings and constant misownership.

The full explanation of each axiom will be published in a following post.

Unmistakeable signs that an upset entity is temporarily running someone

Reposted from September 13, 2016 because some of you need to be reminded.

The person whines about someone making them unhappy. Constant complaining for the purpose of getting sympathy and support. They complain about you or your inadequacies in an effort to mke you wrong.

Someone is advising you about something and the tone of the advice is no longer friendly and helpful. This can take the form of truly helpful remarks followed quickly by a critical remark.

The answer is always: Locate the entity and handle him.

One more possibility. The entity may not be attached to the client who is complaining.

Get the client to spot who he has attention on and what has transpired between them to cause the lasting upset. It may not be this lifetime.

I had a client who was still upset about a customer who tried to pass a bad check on him for many thousands of dollars. I pulled all of his considerations and he was still upset, until I asked if he had killed the fellow in a previous lifetime. He laughed and even though he could not spot the exact incident, all of his upset blew and he no longer had attention on the person who actually had tried twice to cheat him for a great deal of money.

Do not be reasonable. SRT Axiom #1 will help you debug almost any situation. If the person is not enthusiastic about something he should be pleased about, an upset entity is involved.

Sunday Webinar 7-8-18 – Three Major Puzzles: Identity, Unfairness and Misownership

IDENTITY has to do with who you are and how others perceive that. If you claim you are an independent being while being run by other beings, the identity others perceive is not the one you think you are projecting.

UNFAIRNESS only applies when you and others are playing the same game with the same rules. If you do not know what game others are playing, why do you think your rules apply? If you are not willing to look into another person’s mind, how do you know what game they are playing?

MISOWNERSHIP is what allows other beings to run your lives. Misownership occurs and you are being someone else. The opposite to misownership is being yourself. When you cannot recognize misownership, you are under someone else’s control. If you are able to talk to your spiritual companions, misownership is less likely to occur.

We will discuss how to solve all three of these puzzles to your satisfaction.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EST with this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Use this link for your webinar donation if you have not already done so:


If You Are Still Smarting From Your Scientology Mishandlings – Part Two

I want to share a discovery I made while in session recently and it applies to all those who are upset with the Church of Scientology, or Nigerian scammers, or pickpockets, or partners who cheat on you and don’t follow the rules.

You are upset because the “bad” person or group does not play fair!

Playing fair only applies to those who are playing the same game as you are.

Playing fair implies that there are rules that are agreed upon. When there is no agreed upon game, there will always be upsets because there are no rules which apply to both sides.

People who are upset with the church of Scientology do not recognize what game the church is playing.

They assume the church is doing what they say they are and they do not inspect the intentions and actions of the church. They are unwilling to to invade the minds of church staff and executives and to duplicate what these people intend to do. When you turn off your spiritual perceptions, you are always at a serious disadvantage, you are always playing by artificial rules of behavior.

Rules only apply if both sides are playing the same game. Failure to perceive true intentions of others will continually lead to upsets and feelings that life isn’t fair.

If you are upset with Scientology, you were not perceiving their true intentions. You were following a rule book that did not apply because those in Scientology were playing a different game of life than you were.

There is no fairness or unfairness when there is no agreed-upon game. Failing to read intentions is the primary source of being upset.

Going to Flag to get better and more able is like going to Tijuana to find true love and happiness.

Talking to spirits is not just a fun thing to do. It is a vital skill for life. You need to be able to discern other people’s intentions. SRT can help you with that.



No SRT Workshop This Week

I will see you all next week, but I recommend that you do some homework to pick up the latest discoveries. Read all of the posts you could not find time to read before and see if you can apply most of them to your lives,

If you have already done that, I would like you to give serious thought to how failing to recognize misownership is what allows other beings to run your lives.

Misownership occurs and you are being someone else.

The opposite to misownership is being yourself.

When you cannot recognize misownership, you are under someone else’s control.

If you are able to talk to your spiritual companions, misownership is less likely to occur.

If You Are Still Smarting From Your Scientology Mishandlings, You Need SRT Counseling

You may have tried to get repair auditing from Independent Scientology Field auditors, but unfortunately no amount of ARCX handling and Questionable Auditing Repair Lists are likely to touch the upset and anger that still rises to the fore when someone mentions Six Month Checks, or auditors who do not speak English, or bright young Ethics officers who act like dedicated Hitler Youth members.

The betrayal of trust and gross invalidation one experiences in the church will leave psychic scars that never seem to heal. The difference between the promise of spiritual freedom and the actuality of brutal indoctrination is so great that many people never recover from their church experience. Scientology restimulates the worst of some common whole track abuses and the effects will last for years and years.

The church has been in a bad way ever since the early Eighties since the robotic Golden Age of Tech auditors emerged to eliminate almost any possibility of case gain. Their actions seem to parallel some early track societies which you may not remember but the spiritual beings surrounding you are still freaking out about the indoctrination they experienced.

You have enough distractions with your body and working to survive that your Scientology engrams are mostly flat. On the other hand, your spiritual passengers (body thetans and spirit guides) have never been adequately handled and they are probably not very real to you anyway.

As a result, any discussion of Scientology and its treatment of you will raise your hackles and leave you disturbed for the rest of the day. This will be true even when you have left Scientology years ago.

The easy solution to all of this unnecessary restimulation is to get a few hours of Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling which will free your disturbed spiritual companions from the incidents they are stuck in and bring them into present time. SRT counseling will free your disturbed spiritual companions no matter where you were on the Bridge.

Read my book and contact me if you feel I can help you.

David St Lawrence



Spiritual Beings – They’re Just Like Us

We are all spiritual beings and those of you who are reading this have physical bodies. We are constantly surrounded by spiritual beings without bodies and: they are just like us!

They are good, bad, ugly, funny, unhappy, morose, etc. depending on their past experience and they have all of the attributes and idiosyncrasies that anyone else can have.

They are not necessarily higher level beings, no matter how much you wish they were.

Your favorite spirit guide may be your great grandmother who is still looking after you or someone else who just happened to take a liking to you.

Yes, some of your spiritual companions used to build pyramids here and on other planets, but others have been thieves and outlaws for many generations. The reasons a spirit wishes to hang around you and give you advice about life are many and varied, so you should be willing to “be” them and communicate with them to see if you wish to recruit them or just help them on their way to a new life.

If you wish to treat them as superior beings, many of them will accommodate you and respond to whatever name you call them. I have spoken to several “Saint Michaels”, a Beelzebub or two, and several Lucifers. They were all quite easy to chat with and each had interesting stories. They could all tell me when they picked up my clients and what they were doing to protect or manage the person.

More usually, I get to chat with grandmothers and other departed family members who are guiding their descendants through life as they did when they were alive.

You can even get some Viking Warrior who is giving you the strength to go berserk when life gets too frustrating. One can easily get addicted to the fierce certainty that occurs when one of these warriors takes over. Watching others quail before your wrath is almost intoxicating but when the Viking fades away, handling the painful aftermath can be quite costly in terms of broken relationships and lost jobs.

What these beings do is to add their emotions to ours in times of stress or great need and the results can be quite spectacular or horrific or even embarrassing depending on the spirit you have woken up.

You best approach to handling your spiritual companions is to communicate with them often and to recognize when they are trying to communicate with you. In this way, you will learn to work together toward common goals and life will be so much easier.

Identity is a Fascinating Concept

As you get exposed to Spiritual Rescue Technology and learn about your spiritual companions, your viewpoint on life and your concept of your identity changes.

One perceptive student captured the difficulty this way:

“A lot of emotion is being released as the recognition of loss of the importance/value of identity as a stable datum and some confusion on what to replace it with.

At the moment our answer is fellowship expressed in the design and pursuit of admirable goals”

My instinctive response was, “I think you will find that identity is very important but it changes from being an identity of me as a single being to identity as “me” as a coherent group that thinks and acts as a team.”

I think this identity can expand even further. I am looking forward to seeing if there are any limits.

On further reflection, I think there is more to be said about the concept of identity as a composite being and I would like to invite you to share your concepts of identity that you see going forward.

David St Lawrence and Friends