Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Three


Before we go any further, I should explain why Spiritual Rescue Technology SRT processing can safely be done on raw public when somewhat similar processes used by other groups need years of preparation and training before they can be done without causing a psychotic break.

SRT processing is a deceptively simple conversational style process that introduces the new person to telepathy quite gently. The counselor asks the being a question and the new person has been prepared to voice the first thoughts that come to his mind in response to the question. The first questions are usually framed so they can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Counselor: “Is it all right if I talk to you?”

Being telepathically speaking to the client: “Yes”

Counselor: “How long have you been with client?”

Being: “All his lifetime”

The client usually takes to the idea of having someone else’s thoughts in his head with some excitement. He relays the beings thoughts without editing them and it sounds to others as if he is originating the words. As the session proceeds, the client finds he can get more thoughts and images from the being. By the end of the session, he has a good idea of what the being’s life and death was like.

In other groups, there is a great deal of training that does not mention spirits at all. In many cases, the first time the poor subject does a session he does it solo and is deluged with thoughts and voices in his head during the session and long afterwards. Furthermore the person is forbidden to discussing his session so he is buried in mystery. He is instructed to get rid of the spirit and not to talk to him. He rarely has any idea of who the being was or was like.

The bottom line is that SRT processing is done on a conversational level with the spirit or group of spirits and each process is done to a release point before other spirits are engaged. Caring communication ensures that the spirits are helped to come awake and encouraged to exercise their free will all during the session. Communication is open and friendly with nothing enforced on the newly awakened beings.

The process is direct and to the point, but is done in a caring way that makes it easy for the being to respond. If there are additives to the process like off purpose questions and demands for information, the process will quickly come to a stop with the spirits refusing to cooperate. If the process turns into an interrogation of the being, all communication will stop and the telepathic bond will vanish. If a counselor or a solo counselor has no affinity for spirits, he will get no responses to his questions. Telepathy requires trust and a willingness to help and to be helped.

With caring communication, the chances of awakening a being and restimulating his most horrifying memories are extremely remote. A rough and impersonal interrogation of a newly awakened being can bring out the worst in him and he can hide from view until he decides how to handle the situation. The newly awakened being will bide his time and take control of the client’s life when the time is right. This spiritual possession can be quite stealthy and the client may not notice it until it is fully established.

In Are You Setting Yourself To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Four, we will discuss spiritual possession, how to recognize it, and how it works.

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Two


If you have been exposing yourself to overwhelm by hostile spirits without realizing you have been doing it, there are several things you can do to avoid this situation.

  1. When you communicate with spirits, use caring communication and make sure you complete all communication cycles before moving on to other spirits or groups of spirits.
  1. Handle one spirit or group of spirits at a time and keep your attention on those spirits when you are doing your handling.
  1. If you have to include another spirit or group of spirits in the discussion, make sure that the original spirit or group is OK with the inclusion. Keep your attention on all of the spirits that you are helping and do not let your attention disperse to other spirits or groups of spirits.
  1. Once you begin an SRT process on a spirit or group of spirits, stick to the standard process outline of finding the incident, finding what was done or not done to trigger the incident, finding the justification for what was done to a full release of charge.Do not diverge into an examination of the theory of cluster formation, or how the spiritual universe is connected to the physical universe, or how many alternate timelines are connected to the cluster you are examining. Handle the being or clusters of beings to a full release before starting any other action.
  1. When a being or a cluster has drawn your attention and the counselor asks you questions about the being or cluster, focus your attention on the being or cluster and not on all of the beings and clusters that are within your view. Over-reaching can be done when a person is not aware of the intensity of their attention. When a counselor says locate the beings or cluster that are saying a particular message, you do not reach out to all of eternity and look for every beings or cluster that is out there. Stay focused and you will not restimulate more beings than you are handling.
  1. The primary cause of over-restimulation is a lack of focus when locating and handling spirits. If you persist in waking up more spirits than you are handling, you will end up with spirits who have been disturbed and have not had their charge addressed.
  1. These spirits may be quite powerful and may be capable of taking control of you during session if you continue to agitate them without addressing their concerns. They can break into the session with complaints about the session and will interrupt any processing that is going on.
  1. As the host personality, you have the responsibility to assist the counselor in maintaining order during a process cycle. If you allow the spirit who being assisted to go off on interesting tangents, you will awaken more beings and will probably pull in mass as well.

There are other steps that should be taken to maintain control over your spiritual companions and we will take them up in Are You Setting Yourself To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Three.

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part One


I have recently discovered that a person can be exposing themselves to overwhelm by hostile spirits without realizing they are doing this to themselves.

The most important indicator is that their tone level is going down even with regular solo or counseling sessions. Session after session, they will have wins and then either at the end of session or afterwards, they suffer a relapse and feel discontented and unhappy about their prospects for getting better.

There may be many causes, but in all cases I have observed, there is one common theme that occurs again and again. The person wants to handle as many beings as possible as soon as possible and is not satisfied with handling one being or cluster at a time.

There is another indicator that is a bit more subtle, they do not seem to accumulate a growing cadre of trusted spiritual companions to ease their handling of life. They are constantly observing beings and clusters which are opposing them and the effect of these opposing forces does not seem to diminish.

Last of all, people at risk of being taken over do not progress out of the bottom ranges of this chart.

To learn how to avoid this situation, join me for part two of this series. If you have a concern that you are already being affected by this condition, give me a call and we can chat.

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Do not let your spiritual companions stop you from acquiring knowledge about them. Find a way to keep learning about your spiritual powers and how the spirit universe works.

David St Lawrence


8-19-18 Webinar – Discovering Truth

I find in session after session that a realization will occur and all sorts of emotional charge will be revealed. Some of these realizations are quite profound and sharing them will release emotional charge for others.

This brings up the question of how true is the realization and my simplistic answer is that the more truth is uncovered in the realization, the greater the emotional release.

Some realizations are so powerful that they are sufficient to dissolve long standing misconceptions and confusions on contact.

All one has to do to someone who is confused or in trouble is to acquaint them with the data that has been discovered and their confusions will blow.

Here are some truths we have rediscovered recently:

  • You may be sharing control of your body with being who is constantly awake and is trying to wrest control from you.
  • When you discover a truth in a session, that discovery blows confusion and emotional charge
  • An implant is an effort to put someone else at effect
  • Some evidence that beings who become body parts have been implanted to do this
  • When you are talking to a spirit and he does not come uptone, you are doing it wrong. You may not be using caring communication or the spirit is trying to control the process.
  • When you are using SRT to help a client and his tone level drops, a different being has taken over the conversation. Identifying the being and finding his incident will handle the situation.
  • When a being voices a realization and this does not raise his tone level, it is not his realization. He is trying to run someone else’s incident.
  • Your spirits are not godlike. They can be surprised by your body’s reaction to events.
  • When a dear partner drops a body, and you remarry, the departed spirit may need help in adjusting to the new situation.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EST for a discussion of these and other truths and how you might use them to live trouble free. I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 12 noon EDT at the usual link:

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Thank you for your good wishes and healing Flows

I am back on duty today after an unexpected heart attack earlier this week. The good people at the Carilion Hospital in Roanoke Virginia installed a new stent and let me off with some instructions for maintaining my health for a few more years.

I am very aware that some of you were helping me recover this quickly and I appreciate your care and healing abilities.

I am now pain free and ready to resume counseling, although I may deliver sessions on a somewhat reduced schedule until I have completed my cardio rehab sessions at a nearby hospital. I will be contacting every client and confirming my session delivery schedule in the next few days.

If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Eight

You need to rehabilitate your ability to reach and withdraw from life’s challenges.

We have covered the benefits of talking to spirits and I would now like to share with you the most powerful tool you can use to make your conversations with spirits productive, Reach and Withdraw.

As a spiritual being, your native mode of operation is to reach into an area to see what is going on and then withdraw from the area to evaluate what you have observed.

However, over the vast amount of time since you were a powerful and godlike being, you have taught yourself not to look too closely at things that appear to be disturbing or threatening. As a result, you have managed to shut off your telepathic abilities to the point where you now rely on what people say instead of perceiving what they are really thinking. Once you shut down your abilities this far, you are at the mercy of anyone who can lie with a straight face and life becomes a long series of betrayals and upsets.

We have developed a simple reach and withdraw process that will remedy your inability to know what someone is thinking or planning. This process, if practiced faithfully, will rehabilitate your psychic powers and your telepathic skills to the point where you will no longer miss what is going on around you.

So far, we have had positive results from anyone I have coached and it does take coaching before you are able to reach without flinching or using effort. The simple secret is that you have to learn to reach in a caring way no matter what it is your are reaching into. When you get to the point where you can reach in a loving way, your life will be so much easier that you will never look back at what you were doing before.

Here is the best way to do reach and withdraw on a being, a person, or even a body part that is giving you trouble:

First, clear your mind and get yourself into present time. Use whatever meditation or spiritual calming routine your prefer. Do not proceed until you are calm and cheerfully ready to reach into someone’s space.

Your first reach should be caring and gentle and you should seek to occupy the space where the person, being or body part is located. Continue reaching until you are satisfied that you can go no further. Observe what is going on in that area, but do not communicate or form any opinion about what you are observing. Withdraw when there is nothing new to observe.

When you have withdrawn, this is the time to assess what you have observed and you can discuss it with the person who is helping you if there is one.

Your next reach should be done with more caring and love about the beings or body parts you are reaching. This time you should seek to fully occupy the space and any viewpoints that exist in that space. Essentially, you are trying to “be” whatever is in that space. If you are able to do this, you will start to duplicate the intentions of the beings in that space and you will begin to understand what the beings in that space are trying to accomplish. Withdraw when there is nothing new to observe.

When you have withdrawn, this is the time to assess further what you have observed and you can discuss it with the person who is helping you if there is one. You may have noticed that there are barriers to your reaching and withdrawing.

You should continue to reach and withdraw from the beings and the barriers and anything new that showed up during the preceding reach and withdraw cycle until you have a realization about the target of your reaching and the problem you are trying to solve vanishes. If you are doing this correctly, it should only take 4 or 5 cycles.

You will find, when you learn to do this well, that you can determine what the person or being’s intention is in just a few minutes and your life will become much simpler.

You will find that your ability to confront difficult situations will increase to the point where you can handle situations with ease that would leave you fuming and frustrated before. If you are encountering situations which will not resolve with discussion, you will know instantly that you should avoid them and the threats involved. For example, when you are able to reach and withdraw with ease, you will not knowingly walk into danger or get into arguments with dangerous people.

This has great application when meeting new people or interviewing for jobs. With reach and withdraw, you will know who you are dealing with and the state of their spiritual companions.

One last point. Distance is no barrier to doing reach and withdraw on someone. If you can do it in a caring or loving way, you can know what someone is like without disturbing them. You can probably leave them with a positive impression of you.

If you use reach and withdraw on everyone in your surroundings, you may just find that your relationships will improve markedly. If you use caring communication with those about you, you will definitely experience better relationships.

Caring communication is a harmonious communication which seeks to raise the awareness of those you are talking to.

If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Seven

We have covered the spiritual mechanisms involved in animating a body in Parts Five and Six. In this section we will cover the processes you might want to use in healing a body.

There are several different ways of handling the spirits who are animating a body. Your selection of a process can be guided by the the awareness of the person you wish to heal and the condition of the person’s body.

1. We will start with the easiest and fastest way to handle a body condition. This will occur when the person with the illness or injury understands that their current physical condition is being affected by spiritual beings who are in a state of restimulation because of something that has occurred in the current environment. Something in the current or recent environment has triggered memories of a past and possibly fatal incident in the spiritual beings who surround the person or reside in their body.

We get the person to locate the area that is damaged or inflamed and let us know what he sees. If we put our attention on the area it seems to illuminate the scene and shows up any spiritual beings who have attention on that area. If there are multiple observers looking into the body at the damaged area, the illumination can be so great that the body problem vanishes spontaneously.

A person who is aware of spirits and has contacted them before will now be able to spot the beings who are affecting the area of the body that is in trouble and should be able to communicate with them and handle the source of their upset. The handling follows the usual pattern: find the incident they are stuck in; find what they did to trigger the incident and become the effect of it; get all of their justifications for triggering the incident. When this is done, the beings will no longer be upset and the damaged or inflamed area will seem to improve.

It is important to check for all of the other beings who are affecting the area and to handle them in the same way.

2. When a person has no knowledge of spirits and their effects on the body, you can still get them to locate the area that is in distress and get then to tell you what color it appears to be and how big it is. Even untrained people will be able to sense the condition of a body part or organ and will be able to sense changes which occur in processing.

Have them put their attention on the body area or part and flow love to that area. You will be surprised at how many people will have difficulty loving that area or body part. In many cases, they have been flowing dislike or even hate at some part of their body and the spiritual beings in that area will be upset at this treatment and will resist any effort to fix things up.

You must gently persist until your get the person to view the body area with love and affection and get them to flow that love to the area being treated. As they do this, the color of the area will change and affected area will shrink. As the area changes make sure that the person notices the changes that occur and continues to flow love at the area until the problem is resolved.

You may even find that the person can now spot the presence of spiritual beings in the area and can spot their emotions and their thoughts. If this is the case, follow the usual process of locating the incident they are stuck in and getting what they did to cause it and their justifications.

There is another process for dealing with spirits and that is called Reach and Withdraw. Because this process is so powerful, I will be discussing it in the next section, part Eight.


The last few weeks have been very productive and here are some of the topics I would like to share with you.

  1. How to maximize gains in session and never get discouraged by unhandled beings
  1. What abilities to expect when you do enough SRT sessions
  1. Review of last series of articles:

    If You are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing It The Hard Way

  1. The Advantages of Living on our Haunted Planet

I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 12 noon EDT at the usual link:

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