Thanks to everyone who attended my book signing at the Floyd Library

The interactive seminar was great fun, because I did not make a presentation of what was in the book, I merely answered questions that people asked and gave examples from session to illustrate the answers.
One woman came in grieving for her dog and I explained that the reason she was grieving was that the dog was grieving because the dog was still accompanying her and she was not giving him the usual attention. I asked her to acknowledge the dog’s presence whenever she was aware of his presence. By the end of the seminar, she and the dog were doing much better.
We had a good crowd of people who had great questions for me. People even came from Christiansburg and Blacksburg which is an hour away. Gretchen helped by shooting a video of the event and I will post the link when it is uploaded to Vimeo.
I forgot to bring my business cards, but fortunately a good number of people bought books which have my contact data in them. For those of you I missed, you can reach me at 540-320-6852 or at

There will be no Saturday Workshop on 3-9-19 this week.

I cannot be in two places at once yet and I will be hosting a seminar and book signing at my local library.
I invite you to use the time to do a solo SRT session and locate the sources of any inability to ask direct questions.
If the first thing that occurs is a negative feeling about doing that, you may be dealing with a being who is working against you. This kind of being is afraid of repeating past mistakes.
Handle him and share your story with the rest of us.
There will be a webinar on Sunday. I am still tuning the topic list.


This ability is not common and the inability to ask direct questions lies at the bottom of many persisting problems that clients have. Client will complain about a work situation or a situation where a prospect does unexpected things and then does not want to pay. The client does his best, but time after time he ends up being disappointed with the results of his transaction.

A person can be drilled until he overcomes the inability to ask direct questions, but the drilling is only good for a single type of transaction, because the underlying cause of the inability has not been addressed.

For example, salesmen are drilled mercilessly until they can cut through a customers objections and ask for the order, but the usual result is a robotic insistence on getting the order, and does not result in getting agreement from the customer.

The barrier to asking direct questions comes from being punished for rudeness or for being impolite. This is why only police or inquisitors will confidently ask direct questions because they are permitted to be rude and impolite.

In normal conversation, one is trying to get agreement through persuasion and good manners. When someone is trying to take advantage of you, and you are not expecting it, you will go into agreement with the most outrageous requests. Even when you suspect that you are being taken advantage of, your efforts at reasoning and requests for fairness will be ineffectual and you will waste time and money because you did not ask the right question at the beginning of the transaction.

If you did not have beings who shudder at direct confrontation with evil and duplicity, you would be able to ask a prospect questions that will reveal how much time and money he is willing to spend to handle his problem.

Instead, you generally let him go on and on about his problem without determining whether he is even willing to pay for a result to his problem.

If you were honest about your ability to help this person and you knew from experience that it would take a certain amount of time to handle the problem, you already know how much money it would cost him to get any particular result he wants.

In your initial discussion, you do not want him to analyze his problem, you want him to describe a result that would be worth paying you for.

He will happily spend hours describing his problem and his feelings about that problem and you will have not made any progress to making him into a customer. When you make him describe a result that is worth paying for, you are bringing him and his beings right into present time.

This where you can say that is a good result to shoot for and it will take approximate time and will cost at least $XX with a $YY deposit.

At this point, he will agree or may say without hesitation,”That’s too much money to pay!”

If you have done your homework, you can say with good humor, “That is what it will take to get the result you have described, but I am sure there are others who can give you another quote.” You will have completed qualifying this prospect and will have spent less than 10 minutes. With a little practice, you can get it down to 5 minutes.

It is only very recently that I realized I can freely ask direct questions if I want to. This is a direct result of my SRT processing. It speeds things up immensely when I can ask for the information I want to know.

I will cover how to overcome the inability to ask direct questions politely in Part 2 of this article which should appear in a few days.

David St Lawrence


This is a real session and I am sharing it because it took a lot out of the client and myself handling this being and we learned a lot that you should know.

Let me refresh your memory about what we are calling sleeping dragons:

  1. Your first indication of their presence may be an extreme lessening of affinity for the people you are living with or working with following a sudden increase of personal power.
  2. Your more serious indication of their presence will be that you want to abandon the group you are currently a part of and will have no remorse or sympathy for those you used to depend on.
  3. They may be more powerful than you are even in their current degraded state.
  4. They are in a lower condition because of a huge mistake they made which had left them overwhelmed and degraded for all eternity.
  5. They are almost always ashamed of their fall from power and are almost always angry at having to put up with any attempts to help them.
  6. They usually have woken up because you were doing SRT or some other conscious expanding practice.
  7. They may have been woken up because of a life threatening experience this lifetime which left you overwhelmed.
  8. They are not necessarily evil, but they are working with a purpose that is not aligned with yours and every action they take will destroy any prior relationships you have established as these are meaningless to them.
  9. They may not even realize that you exist and this is another reason your goals and purposes are meaningless to them.
  10. They were trying to accomplish something when they were overwhelmed and their attention is still fixed on the moment of overwhelm.
  11. They regard you and every one of your goals and agreements as an inconvenience.
  12. The session in which you attempt to detect them and handle them will be one of the most uncomfortable sessions you have ever had. The being will resist giving you his name.
  13. Handling these beings is essential as they are the biggest threat to your continuing existence as an individual. If one of these takes over, your body is possessed by this powerful spirit and you are put elsewhere. Your identity changes and the person you were becomes someone else with different goals and purposes.
  14. In an organization, we would call this a hostile takeover. The name remains the same, but the purpose of the organization is changed.
  15. If you wish to stay who you are today, you will seek help at the very first sign that a sleeping dragon has awakened.

One of my clients noticed a change in the way he felt about SRT and other people after several huge wins. After hearing about sleeping dragons, he realized he might be afflicted with one and asked for a session.

Once we were in session, we spent about 30 minutes trying to locate the being who was responsible for his change in attitude. This is unusual in an SRT session because we generally can follow the emotion until the being is located. The emotion kept changing from anger to shame to resentment and then disappearing. The client got sleepy and somewhat discouraged while trying to locate the being and we were then sure we were tracking a sleeping dragon..

The client has run many sessions successfully, but found it difficult to spot the dragon and when he finally located the dragon, the dragon refused to give up his name.

All during the session, even while closing in on the dragon, the client felt a recurring urge to leave the group and to leave SRT altogether. He was enough in control that he could mention the urge without succumbing to it.

I could sense the presence of the being but the emotion I felt from him was totally bottled up. He felt like a shattered giant of a being who hated being helped by mere mortals like us. His emotion varied from shame to self loathing to abject misery while I felt he was looking down at us from a superior position.

The client finally spotted who he was and we realized why he was so difficult to help. His last incarnation was as a legendary king who was worshiped as a god by his people. He brought himself and his kingdom into a state of ruin through his own actions. He was still fixated on this failure and his regret that he had caused it..

In part 2, we will explore how a being might become a god and why becoming a mighty ruler worshiped by his subjects might lead to his downfall. You can expect Part 2 to appear in a few days.

Topic List For 3-3-19 Webinar

We will pick one of these topics and discuss it. Following the discussion, I will ask for a volunteer and will run a session on the topic.

  • Avoiding/Ignoring Exposing Yourself to Bad News and Restimulative Subjects
  • Ignoring and Failing to Respond to Bad News and Restimulative Subjects
  • The SRT Explanation of Dreams, Lucid and Terrifying
  • The SRT Explanation of Astral travel/Astral projection/Remote Viewing
  • How you can discover any unhealthy dependency on persons/beings and
    handle it
  • What do you need to explore the spiritual realm safely?

Join me this Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop 3-2-19 – Our Guardian Spirits Provide Help in Strange Ways

I was prompted to look at some incidents that have puzzled me for some time and I realized that they were caused by spirits acting to save people from doing something against their earlier promises.

We have been conditioned to think of guardian angels as beings who guide us in righteous ways. What if they only punish us if we break promises?

I have seen two examples of this, one was in my own life and both involved inexplicable efforts to restrain us from doing something we thought was going to be a great experience.

I feel I have not given any guardian spirits their due and most of that is because I did not fully understand how they worked.

For this upcoming workshop, I would like you to prepare by recalling times when you were prevented by a major accident from doing something you really wanted to do. It could have been a wonderful experience, but your accident prevented you from being there.

Join me on Saturday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Newly Revised Spiritual Counseling Handbooks are Here

These free handbook versions were revised on 2-24-19 and are available for download using these links:



Handbook For Spiritual Counseling Sessions – rev 4 2-24-19.pdf!77pRyS4L!SliArRydSF-gT9RtWpQj39iqZT96EbkZbiSuB9HQ-sY

Handbook For Solo Spiritual Counseling Sessions – rev 3 2-22-19.pdf!6rhXjSiQ!Wi0W5RhuYuLDuGEz2qud0FDTUp_WU9xgdafu3zG35HQ

Users have already reported better sessions using these handbooks.

Get your copies now!

Webinar 2-24-19 – Lets Stop The World From Pushing Your Buttons

Let’s define a button as something that triggers an unwanted reaction from you when it appears.

You can handle buttons by drilling being exposed to a button repeatedly until the button no longer produces a reaction. This is slow and brutal, but it definitely works on almost all kinds of buttons. The main problem is that doing this requires a patient twin to drill with long enough to reduce the button so it no longer affects you.

There are also buttons which a twin cannot drill you on because the button is interaction with a particular person in an intimate way. Some buttons require a room full of people to trigger the button and this kind of drilling is rarely available.

If you wish to use SRT to flatten or remove your sensitivity to buttons, you will need to twin with someone who can use a Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and be prepared to confront the demons who have tortured you for many lifetimes.

The button is simply a triggering phrase, intention or image which restimulates an incident of hypnotic properties or in which an overwhelming occurred.

In this webinar, we will discuss the most crippling buttons we have encountered and I will deliver a session to a volunteer who wants to eliminate a button that is affecting him.

I think you will see that dismantling a button is a worthwhile activity as it opens up your ability to do new things.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid please use this link:

Free Workshop 2-23-19 – Other People’s Spirits

We have been discussing various topics recently that deserve a concerted viewing by a group of us all at once. I would like for us to discuss the following topics and see what we know that we have not shared with each other.


  1. What are the signs that a walk-in has happened?
  2. If I was a walk-in, how would I know?
  3. Are memories and mental image pictures different before and after a walk-in has occurred?
  4. If we are walk-ins, have our responsibilities changed?
  5. What if someone in your family is a walk-in, how can you help them fit in or leave?
  6. Why is someone a walk-in, instead of picking up a baby body?
  7. When is it ethical to become a walk-in?
  8. Does being a walk-in mean you will have bad karma?
  9. Being a walk-in is an example of merging identities. How does that affect your future?

Remote Viewing/Healing/Handling

  1. Barriers to viewing another person’s space without being invited
  2. Reasons for visiting another person’s space without being invited
  3. Who is it alright to view?
  4. Who should not be viewed?
  5. Suppose we were to visit some very important people and observe who surrounds them in their spiritual space?
  6. Could we do that with a caring reach and withdraw without commenting while we were in their space and occupying their viewpoints?
  7. What could we learn while visiting a set of important people that could help them?
  8. What could we learn while visiting a set of important people that could help us as a group and as individuals?
  9. Could we learn enough to have a positive effect on people in important roles?
  10. Under what conditions should we attempt to have a positive effect on these people?

Join me at 12 noon today on Zoom using this link:

I look forward to seeing you there.