Free Workshop – Saturday 6-22-19 – 12 noon EDT – Understanding Help

You have probably noticed that it is very hard to help some people and when you experience a failure in this regard, it wreaks havoc on your ability to control your life.

In this workshop we are going to pool our knowledge of the various aspects of failed help, refused help, enforced help, successful help, the urge to help, and the basis for helping in the first place.

For example, how did the notion of help arise? When we were in Native State as free beings, what was the genesis of the idea of needing or giving help? Once help was identified as a need or as a pleasurable activity, what were the actions that caused help to devolve into control or enforcement.

You all should have some ideas on this subject and I am inviting you to share them with us as we work out the most likely reasons that help became something to resist and fear. The desired result of this workshop will be an increased ability to help without causing suffering, resentment or anger.

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Webinar Sunday, June 16 2019, Handing Additional Sleeping Dragons

Please Note: There will be no workshop Saturday because I am hosting another downsizing yard sale.

On Sunday, I will be sharing our recent discovery about handling multiple sleeping dragons.

Encountering a sleeping dragon is not a fatal experience as most of you have been possessed by one and may not have realized it. It is usually a life-changing experience and am I intend to give you the tools to handle this situation when it arises.

Read my last article, You Can Have More Than One Sleeping Dragon before the webinar and you will be prepared to benefit from the webinar.

If you can grasp the material I will cover this Sunday, you will be able to detect the emergence of a sleeping dragon in your own life and in the lives of your acquaintances.

If time permits, I will deliver a session and help someone handle a sleeping dragon.

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You Can Have More Than One Sleeping Dragon

I am sure you don’t want to hear this, but we discovered a sleeping dragon attached to a client who had already located and handled an earlier sleeping dragon.

The warning signs were the same as with all of the earlier sleeping dragon appearances. I will repeat them here so you can commit them to memory:

1. The client experiences a strong feeling of increased power and intention and realizes that all of the earlier barriers have fallen away.

2. The client experiences a significant drop in empathy for those who do not fully support them. They will discard old friends and groups they have been part of without a second thought. Their personality has changed and they have no sympathy for those who do not understand their new goals.

Sleeping Dragons are powerful beings who are dormant for some reason. They can remain dormant for many years without awakening. They can be awakened in several ways:

1. The host person can be confronted with a crisis that cannot be handled with their usual responses to life. As the crisis escalates, the sleeping dragon wakes up and takes over and changes how the person behaves until the crisis is handled. Sometimes the dragon stays awake for an extended period, like months or even years.

2. The person can receive SRT counseling concerning a different being on a topic that is important to the sleeping dragon. The being who is addressed will cognite and be freed from his compulsion, but the dragon will wake up and will cause the host to become disturbed and uncertain because they will not know where the upset is coming from. If the counselor is not watching the clients indicators, he may miss the fact that the client is not showing the expected signs of great relief that indicates a successful session.

The session was successful in handling the being who needed help, but the dragon was restimulated by the topic addressed and was not spotted and handled. Any time the tone level of a session drops after rising in response to counseling, the counselor needs to look for the possibility that another being has been triggered by the session. If a counselor keeps his attention focused on the being he is handling, this minimizes the possibility that other beings will be restimulated. However, if particular topic is highly charged, there is a possibility that more than one being will be restimulated.

If the clients indicators are not very good, there is the possibility that another being is sitting in restimulation. Locating and handling this being promptly will minimize the possibility of a sleeping dragon incident. If the client is not handled promptly, there is the possibility that the dragon will take over and remove the client from the counseling environment.

Make every effort to put the client back in control as soon as a sleeping dragon is spotted. Once a client recognizes the danger of possession by a sleeping dragon, he will be more likely to spot this before it is too late.

Weekend Lineup for June 8th and 9th 2019

I will be holding a Downsizing Yard Sale on Saturday, 6-8-19, so I will not be hosting a workshop on Saturday.

On Sunday, 6-9-19, I will be hosting a Webinar on Taking Responsibility for Your Life Force and the Life Forces of Other Beings.

The only actions of importance are those which increase our life force and the life force of other spirits.

Since there are literally millions of actions which can diminish the life force of others, it behooves us to learn and practice the few actions which reliably increase the life force which we and others can generate.

One of the actions which increase life force is caring communication. Learning how to do caring communication effortlessly will change your life and the lives of those around you.

I think admiration is directly related to life force. Lets discuss this Sunday and see what we can accomplish.

Join me Sunday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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Taking Responsibility for Your Life Force and the Life Forces of Other Beings – Part One

When we free beings from the misconceptions and confusions that have trapped them for eons, certain basic relationships become visible to the client and the counselor. Both the client and the counselor can experience a brief period of incredible clarity in which fundamental truths are completely understood and a new level of causation becomes possible.

If the client and counselor are operating in perfect harmony, their perception of the phenomena can be recognized for what it is, a breakthrough in dealing with the intertwined spiritual and physical universes. This is a fleeting experience if it is not discussed as it occurs, because within a very short time, our spiritual companions will go back out of present time and the memory is obscured by random thoughts.

As we increase our understanding of our relationship to our companion spirits, we learn over and over again the importance of monitoring our life force and their life forces. The only actions of importance are those which increase the life force generated by our spirits. Since there are literally millions of actions which can diminish the life force of others, it behooves us to practice the few actions which reliably increase the life force which we and others can generate.

One of the actions which increase life force is caring communication. Learning how to do caring communication effortlessly will change your life and the lives of those around you. It is not a rote thing and requires practice to be able to do it under all circumstances.

There is much more to be discussed regarding taking responsibility for your life force and the life force of others. We will take this up in the webinar this Sunday.

Consider how your relationships at home and at work affect your life force and then consider what would happen if you were to change things so that you would have far more life force at your disposal.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I think admiration is directly related to life force. Lets discuss this Sunday.

I want to acknowledge Petra Held and her spiritual companions for helping me reach this understanding. These discoveries do not happen on their own.

Weekend Lineup for Workshop and Webinar 6-1-19 and 6-2-19

I will be holding a Downsizing Yard Sale on Saturday, 6-1-19, so I will not be hosting a workshop then. No Workshop Saturday.

On Sunday, 6-2-19, I will be hosting a Webinar on the vital topic of “Effortlessly Getting More Work Done”.

I hope this topic will interest you, because those of you who are doing well seem to be doing some of it using effort, which is the hard way to do things.

We have been trained in Western Civilization, at least, to work hard and stay focused on getting results. The staying focused part is not completely wrong, but it leads to putting attention on the wrong areas.

Effort is constantly praised, whether in sports, or in business, or in school. If you are not up to creating miracles, effort is the next best thing and nobody will fault you for putting out your best effort.

I was talking to a long time client who is using SRT and is doing much better in life than when he started a few years ago. He is able to do many things without noticeable effort, but writing documents seem to take much more effort than it should, from my viewpoint anyway. The net result is that as his business improves, he finds himself working harder and harder to keep up.

We found a situation that has been hiding in plain sight for a number of SRT users. As he has pruned away his less helpful spiritual companions, he has been left with spirits who are open to new ideas and to creative thinking. They keep feeding him with new and useful ideas and as he tries to implement them, his workload skyrockets and he eventually crashes. He keeps trying to organize them, but the problem continues.

As we discovered in a recent webinar, having spirits who provide you with useful ideas is a good thing, but having spirits provide you with completed staff work where the idea is fleshed out with a battle plan, resources, contingency plans, and a time and money budget provides you with idea that can be turned instantly into products.

An idea for a product or a service is only a starting point. If you can persuade your spirits to provide a finished plan with doable steps, you can implement the plan with very little effort.

Some writers sweat out every paragraph, starting with the very first sentence they write. They are piecing together a string of ideas and trying to make them flow and appear as a unified whole. This can be brutal work and often results in writers block.

Once I learned to take advantage of my spiritual companions and got them to thrash out the basic ideas and the structure of anything I was trying to convey, my contribution was to simply sit at the keyboard and let the words flow on to the page. There are no distractions as I am fascinated to see what is appearing on the screen in front of me. Once I start typing, I do not stop until the document is done.

I am now learning to do the same with other tasks that were boring or difficult, like paying bills and tracking certain vital statistics and the decrease in effort is noticeable.

The secret is to get your spirits to present you with completed plans, instead of fragmentary ideas. This is good for you and is good training for them.

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Webinar 5-26-19 – Creating a Future State of Existence

Spiritual Rescue Technology is a tool that will put you at cause if you wish to use it.

Creating a future state of existence is a marvelous way of demonstrating your ability to be at cause. I would like you to do some homework for this webinar and postulate a future state of existence that is currently out of your reach or you are not willing to plan for.

This can be a new car, a different job, a new friend, or even a different lifestyle. It can be small or large, like a new haircut, or a change in your appearance. It can be a career change like becoming proficient in IT support from home, or providing customer support as an independent contractor working from home. It should be something you want to do and have not been able to do yet.

We are going to discuss the barriers to creating a future state of existence until you have a complete grasp of the complexities involved and then I will take a volunteer or two into session until we have a breakthrough and the person is now free to create a future state of existence.

We will be dealing with some extremely low-toned beings who are generally hard to locate so I cannot predict how these sessions will go except that you will get some new insight into the most difficult part of SRT processing which is to identify the source of the resistance to creating a future state of existence.

Join me Sunday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop – Making The Right Choices

Uncertainty kills your ability to make the right decisions.

When you have many spirits helping you, you have access to all sorts of information that can help you decide what to do. As you continue to detect and weed out those spirits who are out of present time, your certainty rises and you find yourself calmly making decisions in situations where you presumably have no data on which to base a decision.

You are constantly making decisions regarding your health, whether it is in choosing a doctor, believing what the doctor says, and following the doctors advice on medication. I have a number of doctors who have provided me with valuable medical advice and have also prescribed drugs that seemed very dangerous for me.

I have also had friends who suggest natural remedies for certain body conditions and I have the unenviable task of deciding how much of their advice is valid for me.

I have found that going with those choices which my spiritual companions have no reservations about has given me the best results. They have been very good in spotting inconsistencies in the advice offered to me and I have found that avoiding those solutions which are risky seems to have worked out well.

I recently received a medical procedure which involved burning certain places in my heart to get rid of extraneous heartbeats. It was painless and fast and made me feel better immediately. Even though it was beyond my past experience, I found that there was a lot of literature on the topic and it was overwhelmingly favorable.

As a follow-up to this procedure, I was prescribed a medication that would make the results “better”. From the very beginning, this did not seem to make sense. When I read the side effects on the internet, many of them were toxic and this seemed to happen in at least 5% of the cases! I decided not to take the medication and will discuss this with the physician at my next visit.

I am quite comfortable monitoring my health and limiting my physical exertion so that I accomplish what I want without triggering a health crises. I have been doing this for about 6 months before the operation and if the operation is helping me, I see no need to adopt drastic measures with a new drug that has so many risks associated with using it.

Similarly, I decided to sell my house myself without the assistance of a broker. I made that decision after meeting several times with a broker who did not seem to appreciate the design elements that went into our house and studio. I bought a book on selling your house by yourself and studied it thoroughly. I found the advice in the book made a great deal of sense and used it while setting a selling price and interviewing prospective buyers.

After talking to more buyers and more buyer’s agents, I found that the house will be much more attractive to buyers with an HVAC heating and cooling system. The technology is now sufficiently advanced so this system can be installed in a completed home and it is called a ductless mini split system with individual air handling units for each room. My spirits had me study this technology until we were comfortable with it and I am now embarked on getting an estimate to install a system and negotiating with a mortgage broker to get a loan to cover the installation. Since this changes the desirability of the house, I need to work out whether to speed the sale by leaving the selling price alone or to maximize my return by raising the price to compensate for the additional expense.

Since there are comparable houses in the area which have lingered on the market because they lack an HVAC system, I have some options to explore.

Since I am buying a house to replace this one, I have contacted a buyer’s agent to do the searching for me. As a buyer’s agent, she can also make money bringing a buyer to me so she is able to give me good advice on what would make the house attractive to the buyers moving into Virginia from other states.

The bottom line in all of this is that I am persisting on a course of selling my house, but not getting into effort. If there is counter-intention to any of my plans, I am looking carefully at the counter-intention and making changes to eliminate it.

I want to discuss with you the actions necessary to make the right choices in your particular situation.

Join me Saturday at 12 noon on Zoom. Use this link:

Webinar 5-19-19 Getting A Project Done – Watch Out For Sleeping Dragons

In this webinar, we will hopefully integrate all we have covered in the last months worth of workshops and webinars.

The proof of your success is whether you get the results you intend to get, and that takes persistence. Until you have done something many times, you will encounter setbacks as you try to accomplish new things. I want you to consider how you can persist on your course without getting into effort. Persistence does not always involve effort. It means sticking to your plans, even when things go wrong. Look for the counter-intention and HANDLE it, no matter what it takes.

Which brings us to the matter of sleeping dragons,

You all have sleeping dragons hiding among your spiritual companions. When you are striving to get something done and your trusted companions seem to betray you by acting stupid or failing to follow through as planned, your sleeping dragon will surface and you will recognize the signs when you are ready to blast through some impossible obstacle and will cheerfully abandon a long term teammate who is not supporting you as needed,

You will notice that you get calm in the face of impossible odds and along with this calmness, a complete lack of compassion for the teammate who is failing you. Understanding this phenomenon will save you from making a major error which you may regret for a long time.

We will discuss this latter situation until you are familiar with the signs and can avoid the damage it can cause.

Join me Sunday 5-19-19 at 12 noon EDT at the usual link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop 5-18-19 Understanding People Better

I am currently engaged in selling my house and I am learning some things about prospective customers that I would like to share.

The people who have approached me to buy the house have been serious about making a deal, but in retrospect I should have saved them time by asking a few more questions. These questions do not just relate to house buying, but to the larger concern of making a serious commitment.

The people I have met so far had serious impediments that made it impossible for them to consummate the deal and there were signs visible from the very first meeting that should have given me a clue.

Here are some barriers to doing business that we should discuss because I have not brought them up before:

  1. The person really wanted to buy what I was selling, but had no proper frame of reference to appreciate its value
  2. The person looking at what I had to sell had not involved their partner in investigating what I had to sell and there was no agreement on how to proceed.
  3. The person wanting what I had for sale was emotionally unstable and under stress that I did not recognize until too late.
  4. I was making appointments with people who were not suited to what I had to sell. Their realities were too different.

I would like to discuss these barriers and how to handle them in terms of the widest possible range of opportunities. For example, these examples will apply to selling something, to getting hired, to developing a lasting relationship, in short to any activity involving exchange of services or money.

If you have some business activity that is not going well, you may benefit from participating in this workshop.

Join me Saturday at 12 noon on Zoom. Use this link: