If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Four

Getting your spiritual companions to work in harmony is essential and is probably what you will be spending most of your time on once you begin talking to spirits.

When you intend to accomplish something, your intention needs to be clear and focused on the result you want to achieve. Once you know about spirits and the effect they can have on you, you will want to make sure that all of your spiritual partners are working with you and not against you.

The easiest way to insure that your spiritual buddies are aligned with your intentions is to put out clearly what you are trying to accomplish and watch for resistance and objections. You may mistake these objections for your own thoughts if you have been second guessing yourself a lot this lifetime.

For example, you think you should move to another neighborhood and you get fearful thoughts like, “What if they don’t like me?” or you immediately get the thought that you don’t deserve to live in a better and more expensive place. If you have learned your lessons about spirit influence, you will immediately start locating the beings who are not in favor of the move and you talk to them until they locate the incident that makes them afraid or unworthy of changing locations. You handle the incident and send them off or get them to help you and you put out another clear intention of what you want to accomplish.

At this point there may be more objections to your course of action and you handle the beings who are being upset by your proposed change. Many beings are basically hiding out and any change will make them afraid or nervous. Once you handle enough of these beings, you will be able to take a clear look at the idea you are proposing and you will find ways to get it done with very few problems. You may find that after handling all of the beings who are resisting change, that you no longer need to make a change in your location because once your free will is restored, your judgment is better and your results are more certain.

Confused beings will cause you uncertainty. Once you have handled them, you certainty is higher than ever before and you will find yourself making tough decisions with ease.

As you handle the beings who are not in alignment with your needs, your abilities will increase markedly because the beings who are working in alignment with you will add to your ability to get things done.

You will discover you have the ability to heal your body and other people’s bodies and we will discuss how this is done in Part Five

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    This came across to me as being very coherent! It really indicated to me as that is what I’m striving for… laser-like coherency! Thank you, David!


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