If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Five

In this section, you will discover you have the ability to heal your body and other people’s bodies and we will discuss how this is done by talking to the spirits who are involved in animating your body.

Life force: The spirit or energy that animates living creatures

You, being a spirit in a body, can detect life force when it exists whether it is in a body or floating free in pure spirit form.

A body is an assembly of cells all of which are animated by life force. Every cell is animated by life force while it is alive. Spirits are the sole source of life force and they emanate life force in proportion to their level of awareness. When a cell is no longer animated by spirits, it disintegrates into inert matter. If a cell has no life force, it is no longer animated by a spirit.

Spirits are living thoughts who emanate life force in proportion to their state of awareness

If a spirit animates an individual cell in the body by providing the life force for that cell, does that mean there is one spirit per cell or can a spirit animate multiple cells? This remains to be investigated. what we can observe is that we can detect life force and can change it by communicating with the spirits who are generating it and waking them up if they are unconscious.

Healing your body or body parts by talking to the spirits who are not function well:

Once you begin talking to your spirits, you will discover that some of them have a lot of attention on your body and you will also realize that there are spirits who reside in your body and animate it. Without getting into the details of who animates what, it is a simple matter to look at an ailing body or body part and notice where the life force is weak or absent or even altered in some way.

You do not have to study Spiritual Rescue Technology to be able to see spiritual distress manifesting in a body. Almost anyone who is an effective physical therapist develops an ability to “sense” where a problem area is located. The difference in an SRT trained person is that they recognize that the distress is spiritual and what it stems from.

To heal a body part just put your attention on the beings who are upset and have the afflicted person assist you by putting their attention on the area and describing what energy they perceive. The afflicted person does not need to be able to identify the spirits causing the distress, he just has to be able to perceive the area that is in trouble and how big it is.

Once he has located the area, you can ask him what color does the area appear to be. He will usually see the area as red, but it can range from black to a pus colored green. At this point, the person is asked to flow a caring or healing flow to the afflicted area. You can also ask him to send love to the area, but do not be surprised if he says he is unable to love the area. If it is in bad shape, he may have been directing hate thoughts to the area or neglecting it entirely.

However you do it, get the person to communicate with the area with as much love as he can muster. You may have to get him to run Reach and Withdraw on the area until he is willing to be the area and fully understands what is going on.

We will cover more of the steps on spiritual healing of the body in Part Six

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