Final Version Of Talking To Spirits Is Ready For Review

Thanks to all of you who have provided edits, corrections, and suggestions, Talking To Spirits is now ready for a final review by those of you who would like to see this book published.

It is now a healthy 244 pages with a working Table of Contents and a fair amount of new material since you last reviewed it.

If you wish to help me by reviewing this book and writing a review for publishing on Amazon,     I will be most appreciative and will make sure you are mentioned in the Acknowledgements as well as receiving a signed paperback copy when the book is published.

If anyone has an idea of a review for placement on the back of the book, I will be very happy because a review that suggests reading a book is like gold when it hits the public where they live. Basically this kind of review tells a prospective reader why they need this book.

Let me know if you would like to join this last review team and I will send you a copy of the book immediately.

Thanks in advance.



One thought on “Final Version Of Talking To Spirits Is Ready For Review

  1. Jack Airey


    Perfect timing. Today is last day for Medicare Annual Enrollment. Now I have the time to read, “Talking to Spirits”. Please send me the PDF or Kindle version. I’M READY TO GO, starting tomorrow.


    Jack Airey


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