Don’t Invalidate Your Special Abilities

I am sure that most of you can look back and remember times when things just went right and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. You wanted something or wished for something and it just showed up with no effort on your part.

I am sure there were other times when you worked and struggled to make something happen and it did not happen. In fact, there were times when you expected things to go wrong and they did, just like you predicted.

You have probably guessed where I am going with this. If you don’t trust your abilities, they do not work reliably.

I know that your intentions cause results…every time. You just are not aware of how many components there are to modify your intentions.

At some level, you know that there is some resistance to your ideas and wishes, but you persist in ignoring this resistance and are forcing yourself to do things the hard way using effort and persistence. You are unwilling to believe there are mysterious influences affecting your life, instead you are a firm believer that hard work and sacrifice and good intentions will carry the day.

You do not fall for this claptrap about intuition and precognition. There is no accepted scientific evidence that extrasensory perception exists and anyone who believes they can perceive things that science cannot measure is insane.

Since science says psychic abilities do not exist, you probably ignore your perceptions and pretend to be a regular human being. That is a safe solution, until it isn’t.

There are those of us who persist in breaking the rules about what we can perceive, and we have found that we can sense many things that science can’t measure. We just have to rely on our results.

When you can’t measure things, you have no way of knowing how you are affecting the things you are trying to measure. Some examples of this are the Zener Card experiments and other parapsychological tests. These tests are performed on people of some reputed psychic ability by skeptical personnel who think the tests are bogus. We have a classic situation of intention vs counter-intention and all the tests will show is how the testers are biased. You will see this note on all mentions of the tests: The original series of experiments have been discredited and replication has proved elusive.

We can observe counter-intention in our SRT sessions and when it is addressed, the original intention produces the desired result.

Observation is the key to opening up your special abilities. Observation consists of directed attention and a willingness to pervade the area owned by the person or thing observed. When you pervade an area, you are willing to experience whatever is going on in that area and you are not resisting it, but duplicating what is occurring there. You are willing to “be” whatever occupies the area you are observing. When you do this, you pick up the intentions and counter-intentions that fill the area and the various emotions that occupy that space. You will get a clear picture of what is happening and going to happen in that area. You are perceiving the future for that area.

There are some simple Reach and Withdraw drills that can boost your ability to pervade an area and duplicate what is occurring in that area. Your ability to perceive non-physical phenomena will go through the roof if you practice Reach and Withdraw on areas that attract your attention.

In the beginning, you may only spot intentions and emotions, but with practice, you will observe things you may never have expected, like life forces, disembodied spirits, mental image pictures, and even disembodied voices. Continue practicing your ability to reach and withdraw until you master the ability to put your attention anywhere and pick up any thoughts and intentions that others have put there.

You will soon find that you can communicate in many ways that science can’t measure. Life will become much more interesting.

Using Your Special Abilities To Be A Better Teacher, Manager, And Friend

There is nothing worse than working with someone on an important matter and missing the fact that you have missed the mark in getting your point across, or even more upsetting, have somehow alienated the person you are working with.

If you have trained yourself to monitor the emotional tone levels of those you are talking to, this will not be a continuing concern. Any unexpected change in emotional tone will prompt you to check with the person and adjust what you are saying or doing to resume the desired level of affinity with the person.

By special abilities, I mean those abilities that go beyond the usual five human senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Your ability to perceive emotions, intentions, attention, and other non-physical activities like affinity, can be trained to give you immediate feedback on what is happening in the other person’s universe.

To teach, or manage, or assist someone in a meaningful way, you need to communicate with them effectively. This communication is affected by your affinity with the person and the reality of what you are communicating. Unless there are acceptable affinity and reality, there will be no real communication. As far as the recipient is concerned, there will only be meaningless noise.

The special abilities that lie beyond the five human senses are present, to some degree, in almost everyone. It could be stated with some reality that these are spiritual abilities, and it seems that not all of them have been mapped and reduced to practice. We do know, however, that with a little practice, an interested person can develop his latent special abilities to such an extent that his ability to help others increases markedly.

A recognizable increase in ability is possible even without a real understanding of the underlying principles behind spiritual activity. All that is required is the willingness to drill handling of changes in affinity to get a satisfactory result when attempting to help others.

There is a great deal more that can be done once the basic principles are understood, but the most important step is to understand the necessity for using your special abilities. Once you start working to develop your ability to perceive affinity, you will become aware of many other special abilities that can be developed.

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Workshop on Induced Stupidity

In our workshop today, we got to see what happens when you put your attention on things that you were not supposed to see.

It was quite real to most of us that there is something in our environments that makes us forget the spiritual gains we received in recent sessions. Most of us were able to relate instances of losing our gains after successful sessions.

Lars was actually able to recreate the experience in real-time and the rest of got a look at the mechanism which was affecting him. There is no evidence yet that his situation is shared by others, but we all got to see outside influences affecting Lars and his video equipment. This is clearly shown on the video recording which is referenced at the end of this article.

The group of beings who were affecting Lars carried a great deal of unconsciousness with them. Several of us attempted to reach into the mass of beings and found ourselves going momentarily unconscious. Initially, the group appeared as a large balloon-like structure that enclosed Lars and acted as a damping structure to prevent him from affecting the environment around him. In retrospect, it appeared to act as a spiritual straight jacket that was there to immobilize him spiritually.

As we attempted to inspect the beings surrounding Lars. They appeared to retreat and shrank into a smaller mass that moved behind Lars and above his head. We continued to inspect the beings and they began condensing into a much smaller space and then vanished into what appeared to be a wormhole. They did not appear to disperse as most clusters do when they vanish, this group appeared to leave this universe for another space. They appeared to create a hole and vanished into it.

Not all of us had the same perception of the group of beings. We will attempt to collect the different perceptions for future analysis.

We did discover that we could perceive the perceptions of others in the group. One of the group sees beings as an energy field with individual beings appearing as vortexes in the energy field. Some of us could perceive thoughts emanating from the vortexes which suggest that we do not have a universal language to describe how beings appear to others. I know that some individuals see beings as orbs of light while others perceive concepts and video type visions.

We will continue our discussion of induced stupidity tomorrow and see what we can learn from any beings encountered.

The video of today’s workshop can be seen on at this link:

Are You Tired Of Being Blind-Sided By Things You Can’t Perceive?

Most of you have supported me and encouraged me for a good long time and yet I find that your awareness seems to shut down if I do not nudge you every few days.

I do not feel that this should be the normal course of events, so of course, I keep looking for a possible cause. I have heard rumors about a dampening field around this planet which is there for the purpose of keeping us contained and stupid. If there were such a field, it would probably have a means for avoiding notice and if noticed, to make the memory disappear over time.

If this is to be an effective prison planet, it should have restraints and bars that are not visible to the inmates. It should further have a provision for making people forget whatever they learn about the barriers that keep us tied to this planet.

I cannot perceive any barriers to leaving this planet, but I do not feel comfortable trying to make a break for it and going elsewhere. Furthermore, whenever I have a discussion about forces that might be keeping us here and keeping us stupid, the topic of discussion disappears in a few days.
More importantly, when I complete a session with one of you, we are enthusiastic and our perceptions seem to be enhanced to a great degree. A few days later, however, you will be telling me about a new guru you have discovered who uses lemon juice to cure cancer and your body will be feeling sore and you won’t have a clue that a being is causing it. It appears that there is an effort to induce stupidity in anyone who is investigating this area.

It is almost like a distraction has been created to keep you from using whatever insights you gained from your last session. When we go into session again, many of you are surprised that your problem is being caused by a spiritual being! It is almost like you have been ordered to forget anything you learned in your SRT session. We spend 35 minutes discussing why your current situation is not being caused by a lack of vitamins or the fact that your neighbor is mad at you and we finally settle down and spot the being who is causing you trouble and handle him in the next 5 minutes.

This happens in session after session and I do not think it is caused by your inability to retain your gains. I am beginning to think there is a suppression field of sorts that makes spiritual seekers of truth go stupid if they are not prepared to fight off the effects of the field. If you consider this as a hypnotic effort to make you forget what is really happening, you can possibly resist the hypnosis by focusing on what is happening and what is being projected at you.

We are going to discuss this phenomenon in this Saturday’s workshop and see what we can put together to counter any tendency to forget what we gain in session. In the Sunday webinar we will take up specific situations and I will deliver sessions to anyone who wished to volunteer to be freed of this curse.

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Notes on Writing Historical Fiction – part 2 of the continuing saga

As I mentioned in part 1, it only takes one well-told story to awaken some of the memories that were carefully buried many civilizations ago.

This is why early science fiction like the stories of Arthur C Clarke, August Derleth, and A E Van Vogt resonated with me when I first read them in the summer of 1947. It was like a door suddenly opened and my life changed forever. I had vivid dreams and images from that point onward and the world suddenly seemed full of possibilities that had never existed before for me. It was at that point in my life that I decided to become an engineer and be able to design things to change civilization.

Much later, in the summer of 1975, I attended a spiritualist meeting in Ft Lauderdale Florida and observed someone actually communicating with spirits. This woman was able to sense things about people and I was able to see when she was actually doing it and when she was using canned chatter to hide the fact that she had no clue about some things.

I wanted the woman to teach me how to communicate with spirits, but she would not agree to do so. She did, however, tell my fortune and described what my future career would be. She had the gift but wasn’t prepared to teach it to others, probably because she didn’t know to communicate what was really involved.

So I cast about trying to see what else was available for exploring the spiritual side of existence. I ended up investigating Scientology which acknowledged more of the spiritual side of life and provided some tools for increasing abilities. Scientology did not encourage independent spiritual research and I eventually broke off to pursue independent research into how spirits affected our lives and what could be done about this.

My research consists of caring conversations with disembodied spirits where I seek to find the incidents which have overwhelmed them and rendered them helpless and unable to participate in life as human beings. In the process of talking to these beings for the past decades, I have begun to understand the true complexity of life on this planet and have developed a technology for rescuing spirits from the traps they are in.

I wrote several books on my findings, but I was concentrating on rescuing spirits and these books were aimed at the practitioner who was rescuing spirits, not the person who would just like to understand why their life was so difficult. I am now circling back to my own point of origin and hoping to write stories that will awaken a spirit of adventure in readers so they will consider how they can perceive activities beyond the limitations of the five human senses.

If I can make it real to you that you are an immortal spirit who is having a human experience and that you can recover your abilities to perceive and originate events beyond the five human senses, you can change your life in any way you wish. I hope to use the mechanism of sharing stories with you of those people who have transcended their human limitations and can use their connections to the world beyond the five senses to accomplish any tasks they set their minds to doing.

I will give you a clue to something we discovered recently:

Everything in the physical universe is controlled by non-physical phenomena. If you can directly perceive these non-physical phenomena, you can predict the future before it happens.

We also know how to teach others to perceive non-physical phenomena and to communicate with spirits, and that knowledge does not seem to be widely known. We are trying to package that knowledge so that it can be acquired by anyone who wishes to learn it.

Notes on Writing Historical Fiction – part 1

In my years of research into matters beyond the reach of the five human senses, I have gradually arrived at the conclusion that it is almost impossible to write “historical fiction” or “science fiction” because there are so many instances of real events having taken place before recorded history.

My research has taken the form of conversations with spiritual beings where the topic of interest was not historical events, but the problems that the beings had experienced which had never been satisfactorily resolved.

In thousands of conversations with discarnate spiritual beings, I have heard personal accounts of those who were involved in the fall of civilizations and the destruction of towns, cities and entire galaxies because of an inability to recognize and handle dangers in a rational way. Cultures can be remarkably fragile if the right forces are brought to bear on them. They can last for thousands of years and then implode when new technology appears which allows individuals to organize and expose secrets that have kept the civilization subservient to an elite few.

Since we are immortal beings, we eventually can have access to memories that predate life on earth or even in the Solar system we inhabit. There are many good reasons we have chosen to forget many of these earlier memories, but it only takes one well-told story to awaken some of these memories that were carefully buried many civilizations ago.

Our contemporary efforts at writing “fiction” will often stir up racial memories that predate mankind’s history on this planet. Even our efforts to write inspirational fiction can awaken memories of failed efforts to save humanity. The point I am trying to make here is that we should consider our “fiction” a recasting of real historical events and use what we can remember to make the “fiction” instructive as a guide to future actions.

Many years ago I wrote a long, rambling saga about a Prometheus type figure who returned to Earth on ancient Crete. I had no trouble coming up with realistic events and a suspenseful story line and my wife suggested that I visit Crete to get some local color since I had never been on the island before.

When I toured the south shore of Crete, I was struck by the many similarities between my mental image pictures of the land and the present day landscape and the profound differences between what I envisioned and what was now there. I found caves and mountain passes exactly as I pictured them, but I found great harbors missing on the south shore of Crete. They had been replaced with rocky beaches with streams trickling across them.

The island had tilted to the north when Santorini exploded in the Late Bronze Age about 1600 BCE.

As I continued to write my fictional story, I kept getting fragments of other events including the reason Santorini exploded and my story really got out of hand. It was progressing in too many directions. I finally put it away for another day and decided that I was not cut out to be a writer of fiction.

It was 19 years later that I began to connect the dots and realized that I was picking up bits of history in every SRT session and the rescuing of spiritual beings was more important than a fictional or accurate account of early days in the Minoan civilization.

Every SRT session adds a few more fragments to the story of this planet and our earlier planets, but the real benefit is adding to the technology which frees us from the errors of the past. We can now rehabilitate beings and restore them to a more godlike state if they so wish that to happen. At the very least, we can enable beings to understand their current state as clusters of beings working in unison or in opposition. This allows us to teach others to perceive and manage phenomena that are active beyond the reach of human perceptions.

Scientology OT Level Residue

As some of you already know, the Scientology OT Levels consist of processes which remove BTs, otherwise known as Body Thetans or degraded spiritual beings, from a person through a series of mini-exorcisms. These processes uses a series of questions to wake up and drive off spiritual beings who have been hanging around and in the person’s body.

They do work and have been used for many years to free up a person from the effects of the body thetans who have been affecting the person’s personality and his body. The problem is that these processes are ended as soon as the body thetan leaves the vicinity of the body and there is almost never any attempt to make sure the newly freed spirits are free to go and start new lives.

The result is that any inspection of an area where Scientology OT processes are being run will reveal masses of spiritual beings stuck to ceilings and walls of the rooms where this OT processing is done. When a being is woken up and driven out of a person’s body with no warning after many years of semi-unconscious association with a person, the being is disoriented and often has no idea how to pass through a wall or other solid object.

This is so much the case, that an inspection of the auditing rooms at the Advanced Organizations of Scientology will reveal a haze of spirits clinging to the walls and ceilings because of incomplete processing of these beings. It is easy enough for a trained person to recognize and remove this residue, but many of the counselors are not trained to do this.

In SRT processing, the session ends when all of the spirits have been freed and are on their way to a quiet spot to plan for their next lifetime. In this way, the person being counseled gains the maximum relief and there are no after effects from incompletely handled spiritual beings.

HOWEVER, some of you are living near Scientologists or other practitioners who are driving spirits away with incomplete processing. Because you are spiritually active, you will find yourselves attracting spirits left over from Scientology or other spiritual activities and these spirits can change your mood drastically. They are barely awake, are often still stuck in a painful incident, and they can bring down your day if not handled promptly.

This is similar to what happens if you are visited by an unhappy family member or friend who comes over to share the unhappy experiences of their day. After they have unburdened themselves and left happily, their unhappy spiritual companions are left with you and you have them to contend with for the rest of the day.

The solution in both cases is to take notice if your normal cheerful mood drops, and to use caring communication on all of the beings in your vicinity until you are cheerful again. It does not take very long, but if you fail to do it promptly, you will experience a bad mood for the rest of the day.

If you have unhappy visitors or nearby Scientologists doing solo sessions, just keep an eye out for downward mood swings and run solo sessions on the unhappy beings until peace is restored. If you do not know how to run solo sessions, give me a call and I will train you how to do them.

There are billions of discarnate beings on this planet, do not let them spoil your day through inattention or carelessness.

Recruit the beings who are willing to help you and keep your space clean of distracting or hostile beings. Learn to use Spiritual Rescue Technology and life becomes much easier.

Signs and Portents – Exploring The Spiritual Internet

Thanks to the efforts of the SRT Workshop group and Al Leggett, in particular, I have adopted the above title as the working title of my next SRT book.

The purpose of this fourth book in the SRT series is to open the reader to the possibility of exploring the realm beyond the five senses and using the information gleaned to improve the quality of life for the reader and his family.

I use the term gleaned because it accurately conveys the accumulation of spiritual knowledge from exploring the spiritual internet. Every conversation with a spiritual being produces another bit of knowledge but it takes time and focused intention to integrate this collection of information into a useful whole.

The spiritual realm contains all of the factors that produce and control the material universe. One can limit his observations to the physical universe and hope to understand the spiritual driving forces which shape the physical world we live in, but if a person can perceive the spiritual internet of creative and destructive intentions, that person can see the ripples which precede the tsunamis which sweep the physical universe and take action.

Intentions are the cause of everything that occurs. A clean intention produces a clean result. A mix of intentions and counter-intentions will produce a resultant confusion. Intentions cannot be measured by scientific means, they can be only detected by science when there is a result or no result in the physical universe.

When a person is trained to directly observe non-physical phenomena like intention, attention and life forces, he actually can predict the future to an amazing extent. When he can pick up thoughts from others, he has the opportunity to be helpful in a more meaningful way. When a person can communicate freely with spirits, his ability to learn and perform useful work expands beyond all expectations.

There are thousands of people who have contacted the spiritual internet in some way and each can have a different view of what was observed and what remains to be explored. I have been exploring this area for 45 years and consider that we have barely scratched the surface in terms of what can be accomplished if we were to make it easier for others to move beyond the five senses and collaborate on exploring the spiritual internet.

The vastness of the spiritual internet is actually beyond imagining at this time, because there aren’t enough words to describe what is included. The effects that the spiritual universe has on the physical universe are so varied as to defy categorization. Life force animates bodies and plants. Intention shapes the physical universe. Attention creates groups and civilizations. Creative ideas result in beautiful music and art of all kinds and well as complex designs for living and organizing life.

We can easily see the physical universe results of these activities, but it is entirely possible to observe the spiritual activities that create these results before they are manifested in the physical universe. Once we are able to perceive the spiritual activities, it is easy to adapt them to our needs so the we get the desired results with less waste effort.

Exploring the Spiritual Internet is being done today by those studying Spiritual Rescue Technology and you are invited to participate and to contribute your findings for the benefit of all.

Workshop and Webinar on Signs and Portents – 2-15-20 and 2-16-20

Signs and portents are signals from beyond the five senses. The definition of portent is – something that foreshadows a coming event : omen, sign

I have found that many of my clients did not understand the importance of the “feelings” and “intuitions” they have experienced before they finally decided to ask me for help. These feelings are an early warning system that can help you avoid obstacles and major barriers to your success if you recognize them early enough.

They are an indicator that something is wrong and you can ignore them if you wish, but the underlying problem will finally bite you and cause damage which may take years to repair.

The first step is to recognize that your “feelings” and “intuitive awarenesses” are reactions to dangerous situations. They are indicators that something is very wrong in your current or future environment. If you train yourself to recognize these indicators, you will not panic when they appear. Instead, you will have a strategy for investigating what the situation is and a plan of some sort to handle it.

The real danger is that you feel uncomfortable about a social or political situation for a long time and you sink into apathy and no longer have the will to do anything about it when it erupts into a catastrophe.

You may feel that I am making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but I am sure that some of you feel that you can’t change some part of your lives and you don’t know why. If you are not freely creating your life day by day, you are ignoring some huge barrier that has become unconfrontable. What makes this so serious is that you can be paying for counseling sessions with me or someone else and handling all sorts of barriers and worries without touching the real barrier that keeps you frozen in place.

It is almost like the barrier has made itself invisible so that you spend your efforts at self-improvement handling problems that are visible and painful, but confrontable.

I have worked with some really motivated people in the past who made incredible gains in self-awareness and in their ability to get things done but were unable to hold their gains because they were unknowingly avoiding looking at the elephant in the room. They had shut down their awareness of the elephant because they had decided that nothing could be done about it.

There is no situation that cannot be remedied if a person is willing to face the facts and the counter-intentions that are creating the situation. There is a solution for any situation, whether it is a toxic work environment, a toxic relationship, a threatening home environment, or a dangerous totalitarian government situation. Giving up and suffering the effects will buy you time, but will destroy your life eventually.

Deciding what is really important and acting on your decisions will set you free.

We will discuss various real situations and how to spot the indicators before disaster strikes.

Join me for a free workshop on Signs and Portents on Saturday 2-15-2020 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

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How would you like to be trained to perceive beyond the five senses?

You can train yourself, if you already have the ability to perceive at least one of the phenomena that cannot be seen, felt, heard, smelled, or tasted. If you are not sure of your ability, we can get you started in a single session as long as you have not been punished for using your psychic abilities.

We do not accept trainees who are exposed to an environment which will harm them if they become more able spiritually. Certain groups will punish anyone who shows psychic abilities because they fear that their hidden secrets will be discovered. If you are in a group that feels spirits and non-physical phenomena are evil and harmful, you had best stick to using your five senses and leave the realm beyond the five senses to others.

There are a vast number of activities that fall in the non-physical category. These important actions cause events in the physical universe, but they cannot be detected or measured by science. All that science can do is to measure the results in the physical universe and since these measurements are indirect, they tend to be difficult to replicate.

Let’s take intention for example. Science “knows” what intention is or is not by the results that are obtained. Wrong! Millions of experiments with Zener cards have proven nothing.

Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance.Perceptual psychologist Karl Zener (1903-1964) designed the cards in the early 1930s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine (1895-1980). The original series of experiments have been discredited and replication has proved elusive.

On the other hand, any trained athlete, or fighter, or counseling practitioner can sense the intention of another person and act upon it effectively. Intention is cause and if the intention is clean with no counter-intention, the desired result is obtained time after time.

Our students learn to perceive intentions emanating from themselves and others. They can even spot multiple intentions affecting a simple action like securing a job interview, or interviewing a new client.

Once a person is capable of detecting intentions, then the door is open to learning how to remove hostile intentions and getting intentions aligned so you can do business.

If you are limiting yourself to five senses, you are ignoring intentions, fears, unvoiced objections, and lies on the part of people you wish to hire or sell something to, or even marry. If you are unhappy with the results you are getting from life, it is possible that you are missing the vital clues that lie beyond the five senses.

# # #

We will be discussing the implications of perceiving beyond the five senses this weekend. Join us for a Saturday workshop and Sunday webinar. See the details on the previous post.