(This is from a chapter of my new book, “Talking To Spirits”. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but this is the first compilation in a useful form.This post has been edited to add 6. Walk-ins and permanent possession by another spirit)

When you become proficient at talking to spirits and releasing them from the traps they devised for themselves, do not be surprised if you encounter spiritual beings that you cannot handle by yourself.

You may not be able to handle any of these beings by yourself, unless you are desperate, but you can detect the presence of these beings by yourself if you are prepared and know what to look for.

It appears that there are several groups of beings who cannot be handled in a solo session.

1. Beings who make you go unconscious.
2. Spirits who take control of your actions whenever they feel threatened with exposure.
3. Beings who have developed a strategy to keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities.
4. Beings whose crimes are unconfrontable
5. Beings who think they are you
6. Walk-ins and permanent possession by another spirit

I do not want you to take a loss from this situation if you encounter any of these beings, so I will first give you some advice on how to detect one when it appears. There are definite signs that one of the above identified beings is affecting you. The signs of their presence are numbered accordingly.

1. You keep yawning and nodding off when you attempt to contact this type of being. This can escalate to the point where you actually go unconscious when someone asks you about a topic which triggers the being’s earlier incident.

This being is carrying an enormous burden of unconsciousness from an incident where he lost his life.
He has been unable to shed the confusion and blame he carries for what happened.

You may find that both you and your counselor may briefly go unconscious while you are attempting to handle the being in a session.

2. If you encounter a being who takes control of your actions, you will not have a clear memory of what is happening. You will become upset at your counselor because he does not seem to understand you and is not asking the right questions.

You will feel grumpy during the session and will not know why. It will seem like the counselor is not listening to you because he is not agreeing with you and helping you to get better.

For some reason, you will not be able to get a name for this being and you will be avoiding answering the counselors questions for one reason or another.

If the counselor is persistent enough to discover the being who is doing this, you may experience disorientation and want to discontinue the session.

If the counselor is gentle and uses caring communication, the being who is running you may wake up, and you and the being may have a moment of clarity when you both realize what happened to him to put him in his current state.

If you are fortunate enough to have a counselor who can free you from this being, you will realize that you have not been yourself for most of your life. You have been under the control of a being who has been hiding out in an effort to survive and avoid discovery. You will both feel better when he wakes up and comes to present time.


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