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SRT Webinar on Detecting and Handling Curses

This Sunday at 12 noon EDT we will be discussing curses, because it has been years since I wrote about them and some of you may not realize how insidious they can be.

Curses can be locational, or generational or periodic depending on who is keeping them enforced. They can be triggered by specific events like birth of a child, or marriage, or by a significant win of some kind. Curses are often triggered by successes in counseling as the curse is designed to keep you suffering.

Terrible as they can be, they can be dismantled once the victim of the curse realizes that their misery is self-caused. Once the incident is discovered when the curse was cast or manifested, the reason for the curse can be discovered and the justifications for the fatal action triggering the curse can be explored until all of the pent up charge can be dispelled.

Curses can be removed with the help of an SRT counselor, but if you can do solo sessions you can handle the curses yourself. If we have time, I will be glad to remove curse from a willing volunteer.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EDT at this location:

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Special Message from David St Lawrence

(I published this several years ago but the message is still current)

Spiritual research is a challenging adventure and I appreciate your continuing support over these past years as our discoveries continue to upend all that we thought we knew when we started so long ago.

Our original goals were so simple in retrospect, to handle the spiritual beings who were causing us difficulties in life and free ourselves from them so we could achieve our true greatness and earn lasting peace and happiness without interference from other influences.

That was a nice goal, but spiritual research has a way of producing unexpected results.

Spiritual communication has long been plagued with uncertain results, so much so that even talented mediums experience times when their spirit guides appear to be absent.

We learned that the only reliable way to work with spirits was through the use of caring communication where Caring Communication is the exchange of information between living beings with the intent to help the other being achieve a higher state of existence.

Caring Communication embraces a host of actions commonly associated with communication in general, such as attention, intention, and the intent to cause understanding in the other party, but Caring Communication includes the factor of responsibility for the other person or group being addressed. This is far more important than it may seem.

Once we learned how to deliver caring communication, we started learning more about entities and what they were capable of than anyone had expected. We could verify anything ever written about spiritual beings simply by asking them what they knew. We found that all spiritual beings had led independent lives at one time or another and they had independent memories of events beginning long before their appearance on Earth.

We discovered that our actions and personalities were the product of our intentions and the intentions of the entities who surround us. The thoughts we think and the emotions and attitudes we feel each day are influenced by entities, some of whom have been with us for many lifetimes.

Some of our members were put off by the notion that their thoughts and actions were not their own, but those of you who were determined to learn the truth persevered and hung in with us as we continued to ask entities for answers.

Some of you began to ask entities for answers on your own and I salute you because there are more answers to be found than any small team can handle. As a matter of fact, we find that delivering SRT sessions to clients uncovers new information every week about entities and the ways we can work with them.

A small number of you have begun to organize the entities who consider themselves to be your spiritual partners so that they work as a team rather than an undisciplined mob. “Helpful” entities can inject comments into a conversation that do not forward the purpose of your conversation. When you have organized your entities as a team, they will feed you information as you need it and your presentation or you activity will be effective with no effort on your part.

If you have been following this, you can see that our relationships with entities has progressed from handling the ones who are causing trouble, to working with and validating those who wish to be our spiritual partners, to a new stage where we are getting suggestions from entities on our team who want to participate in making us a more effective team.

The most recent suggestions have to do with causing results without unnecessary effort.

The normal way to get things done on this planet is to come up with a bright idea, work out a plan to achieve it, assess the resources available, gather support and financial help by organizing a team, and work hard to make things happen as you wish them to happen. This has been done successfully by many and has produced much of our current civilization.

Invisible to many, there has also been occasions where someone intended something to happen and it just happened with no fuss and very little publicity. Many of you have even experienced this at one time or another, but have not been able to get this marvelous ability under control. It is magical when it happens, but you cannot seem to produce this magic at will.

This “magic” occur when there is no evidence of counter intention being present. Some of you are able to do this when you are under extreme pressure, others can do it when they are in an ascension state where their thought produce results in the physical universe.

Once you grasp the role that spiritual beings play in your life, it is only a matter of time before you start thinking about the power of aligned intentions and wonder about what would happen if you could intend something and know that there were no counter intentions to affect the result.

We have been running some tests to see whether we can use our knowledge of Spiritual Rescue Technology to bring intentions into alignment so that a person can significantly increase their ability to intend something and know that is already happening.

It appears that this is possible, but we have barely scratched the surface as we can see immediate results, but do not fully understand how the process works so the results are unpredictable to a certain extent. For example, does intention cause results in the physical universe directly or through the agency of the entities who are involved with the result?

We will continue our research in this area with those of you who are interested in participating and have received enough SRT counseling that you are able to spot entity thoughts and actions as being separate from your own thoughts and actions.

In the meantime, we will continue delivering every one of the SRT processes we have been using up to this point. If you are troubled by losses, unexplained fears, failed purposes, and curses, we will be happy to help you deal with them and get you to the point where you have helpful entities willing to work with you to make your life better.

We will help you organize your entities into an effective team of spiritual partners and prepare you to step up to the next level where you can intend something and it happens reliably.

How A Being Can Lose Their Knowingness

Knowingness is defined here as the ability to know.

A being has an infinite ability to know, but can be tricked into losing that knowingness and into relying on other sources for information. When that happens, from then on, the being has to consult other sources in order to know about things.

Let me restate this as an axiom: A being who has not been tampered with can know everything. In order to be tampered with, he needs to be persuaded to ignore what he is capable of knowing.

This can be accomplished with the aid of a spiritual or physical device for attracting and trapping a being’s attention.

Here are some examples of such a device:

A magic mirror which displays the viewer’s image with artificially generated responses. The being is attracted by seeing their own image and is captivated when the mirror responds to their presence with programmed responses generated by what the viewer is doing or saying. This device appears in several fairy tales, most notably the mirror used by the evil witch in the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

There are several devices available today which perform this function. Siri, Alexa and Cortana have become the oracles of this modern age. You ask any of them for the weather report or where to buy fresh figs and they will produce answers based on their stored information.

You may well ask what is the harm when a device can produce data on demand. If you do not seek the data through direct action, how can you determine whether the data is biased or incorrect? Try asking Alexa a question about a political figure and see what kind of response you get.

Once you start relying on a machine to give you truthful answers instead of finding your own truths, you as a being have subordinated your knowingness to a programmed device with unknown inputs and purposes.

Today we have mass media organizations which are basically politically programmed channels of propaganda. If you have no other way to check the information you are receiving through these channels, you will accumulate a vast amount of biased data and your actions will be destructive to the extent that you do not or cannot verify the date you have been fed.

People in the distant past consulted oracles to learn what the future held for them. People today consult the evening news broadcast to learn the same. The talking heads may be truthful or biased, but the damage to your knowingness comes from relying on someone else’s interpretation of current events.

If you do not track down news to its original source, you will always be relying on someone else’s interpretation of events. If you have ever read a news report of something you have personally witnessed, you will have a better idea of the misinterpretation and misrepresentation that can exist for even the simplest event.

Beings have been tricked into relying on outside sources of information a very long time ago and once this habit has been established, it is very difficult to break.

If you feel you cannot know anything you set your mind to, you or your beings may still be the effect of this trick.

Let’s push this a bit further. Do you feel that you need an instructor to learn about spirits or the universe at large? Do you feel you need advice on who to vote for? Do you feel that your ability to learn is less than other people? Do you feel you need advice on what to study?

If any of these are true, you may still be the effect of an early effort to make you lose your knowingness. Find that effort and make it vanish. Your life will be very different.

You will regain your ability to know.

What Kind Of Processing Improves The State Of Spiritual Beings?

Our SRT processing is primarily directed toward spiritual beings without bodies, but everything in this document applies to beings wearing bodies.

First, let us define “the state of a spiritual being”. A being generates life force which can be characterized by quantity and quality. A being that is doing well generates life force that is harmonious with the rest of the environment. The degree of harmony can be identified by the emotional tone level produced by the being as it reacts with other beings and its environment.

The emotional tone levels produced by a being can range from being matter without the ability to think up to extreme exhilaration and total omniscience. Beings at the bottom of the scale are incapable of influencing anything and are total effect. Beings at the top of the scale are capable of anything and are total cause. We do not seem to see many of those yet.

Most of the beings we encounter in sessions are in the range of total unconsciousness to enthusiasm, depending on the number of incidents they still have attention on. Spiritual Rescue Technology seeks to free beings from these incidents and restore their free will and it does this with time tested processes that awaken the being and get the being to recognize his own existence and then take responsibility for his current condition.

Awakening a being without raising the being’s ability to take responsibility for his condition produces a being who is able to be active but who has no ability to harmonize with others or understanding of the need to act in harmony with others. Scientology developed a way to wake up beings in great quantity and to drive them away from the people these beings were attached to. This is like exorcism in which beings are woken and then driven off by forceful intention. The final result is beings who are now awake and in no better shape than when they struggling with the last incident they experienced.

Aside from exorcism and Scientology, there are other ways to wake beings up without improving their responsibility level and their free will.

Some individuals have the ability to look at beings and duplicate their intentions and cause these beings to leave immediately. This has been called “blowing by inspection” and there is no doubt that this causes beings to leave a location. The unseen result is that the state of these beings has not improved, they have merely been relocated.

There have been no realizations by the beings involved and the net value of this activity is that beings have been relocated with no improvement in their condition. They can continue to affect the person and often do. I have been monitoring those who rely on blowing beings by inspection and I have not found the positive results that are obtained by standard SRT processing.

There is another way to wake up beings and make them feel better without raising their responsibility level. One can flow admiration at beings and clusters of beings until they wake up and feel great, but this action does not improve the actual state of the beings because they have had no realizations or increase in responsibility.

The admired beings may even drift off and leave the host person feeling better, but the beings will be triggered by the original stimulus if it reoccurs. The raising of tone level due to admiration is only temporary and the beings will revert to their previous tone level and activity as soon as restimulation occurs.

Most SRT procedures raise awareness and responsibility of the beings addressed and these changes are permanent.

There are other SRT processes applied to masses of beings who are trapped in a body and are below awareness. These processes wake the dormant beings up and enable them to leave the area they are trapped in. These energy masses can contain immense quantities of beings and they can affect a body negatively when they exist. Waking the beings up gently and enabling them to leave seems to be the best process for relieving the body of this problem. As other discoveries are made, there may be ways of processing these incredibly large masses of beings to a higher state of awareness after awakening them.

In summary, in order to bring beings up to a state where they can exercise free will in harmony with others, it seems best to do the following:

  1. locate the incident they still have attention on

  2. get them to recognize what they did or failed to do which caused the incident to happen

  3. get them to recognize how they justified the action

At this point they will be operating in present time and will be cheerfully able to decide what they want to do next.

If the beings are not happy with the process, they are not yet in present time and will need additional assistance. If they resist doing the three steps of the SRT process, they are controlling the client and you will not make progress until the client recognizes that he is being controlled and is willing to work with you to resolve the problem.

If regular SRT processing does not raise the tone level of the client after several sessions, you may have a situation where the client or the beings are not running the process, but are doing something else.

If you cannot get them to cooperate and run the process as described, you will not be able to help them and should politely discontinue sessions and return their unused money.

You are not required to help everyone, only those who want to be helped. Their actions will show you which category they are in. If you are not able to see improvement in the state of your client when you are doing your best to help them, you need to let them find another counselor.

SRT works like magic on those who want help. Stick with those who appreciate your help and you will flourish and they will also.

Unmistakeable signs that an upset entity is temporarily running someone

Reposted from September 13, 2016 because some of you need to be reminded.

The person whines about someone making them unhappy. Constant complaining for the purpose of getting sympathy and support. They complain about you or your inadequacies in an effort to mke you wrong.

Someone is advising you about something and the tone of the advice is no longer friendly and helpful. This can take the form of truly helpful remarks followed quickly by a critical remark.

The answer is always: Locate the entity and handle him.

One more possibility. The entity may not be attached to the client who is complaining.

Get the client to spot who he has attention on and what has transpired between them to cause the lasting upset. It may not be this lifetime.

I had a client who was still upset about a customer who tried to pass a bad check on him for many thousands of dollars. I pulled all of his considerations and he was still upset, until I asked if he had killed the fellow in a previous lifetime. He laughed and even though he could not spot the exact incident, all of his upset blew and he no longer had attention on the person who actually had tried twice to cheat him for a great deal of money.

Do not be reasonable. SRT Axiom #1 will help you debug almost any situation. If the person is not enthusiastic about something he should be pleased about, an upset entity is involved.

If You Are Still Smarting From Your Scientology Mishandlings, You Need SRT Counseling

You may have tried to get repair auditing from Independent Scientology Field auditors, but unfortunately no amount of ARCX handling and Questionable Auditing Repair Lists are likely to touch the upset and anger that still rises to the fore when someone mentions Six Month Checks, or auditors who do not speak English, or bright young Ethics officers who act like dedicated Hitler Youth members.

The betrayal of trust and gross invalidation one experiences in the church will leave psychic scars that never seem to heal. The difference between the promise of spiritual freedom and the actuality of brutal indoctrination is so great that many people never recover from their church experience. Scientology restimulates the worst of some common whole track abuses and the effects will last for years and years.

The church has been in a bad way ever since the early Eighties since the robotic Golden Age of Tech auditors emerged to eliminate almost any possibility of case gain. Their actions seem to parallel some early track societies which you may not remember but the spiritual beings surrounding you are still freaking out about the indoctrination they experienced.

You have enough distractions with your body and working to survive that your Scientology engrams are mostly flat. On the other hand, your spiritual passengers (body thetans and spirit guides) have never been adequately handled and they are probably not very real to you anyway.

As a result, any discussion of Scientology and its treatment of you will raise your hackles and leave you disturbed for the rest of the day. This will be true even when you have left Scientology years ago.

The easy solution to all of this unnecessary restimulation is to get a few hours of Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling which will free your disturbed spiritual companions from the incidents they are stuck in and bring them into present time. SRT counseling will free your disturbed spiritual companions no matter where you were on the Bridge.

Read my book and contact me if you feel I can help you.

David St Lawrence


Sunday Webinar 6-30-18 – Mid-Year Round Up of Latest Developments

Some of this will be brand new and some will be old stuff that you have forgotten to use. I think you deserve to be full of energy and excitement and those of you who know about SRT may not be using it to greatest effect.

This webinar should help revitalize you again. Here are some of the topics I may be able to cover.

1. One real reason you are not making the money you feel you should be making

2. What happens when you are unwilling to “be” someone

3. Are you ready to teach yourself SRT and how to use it?

4. What do you need to become proficient in using SRT?

5.Wins from using SRT.

We will also review tone level information and what you can do to get good advice if you need it.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EST with this link:

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6-28-18 Free Workshop – Observe Delivery of SRT Sessions to Volunteers

This will provide you with the opportunity to observe SRT in action so you can learn how it works and have the chance to develop your ability to observe spiritual beings in action.

Watching a live session is one of the best ways to develop your spiritual perceptions which are essential for the most effective use of Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Everyone has some telepathic ability, but like any ability, it is improved through exercise. If you pay attention to what is happening in an SRT session, you will soon notice that you are picking up impressions, images, concepts and even clear communications telepathically.

I need two volunteers. If you would like a free session in this workshop, please email me at or reply to this post.

During the session, only the counselor and the volunteer are on the screen. All spectators are invisible and their microphones are muted. I make every effort to make the sessions comfortable for the person receiving the session. That person will receive case gain and can handle whatever they wish to address.

The workshop will occur tonight at 7pm EDT on Zoom.

You should use the regular link:

Realizations About Resentment

Today, I located a spiritual being who was stuck in resentment after many lifetimes of doing his best and having others get the credit. If this has happened to you, it might be worth reading the rest of his story.

He called himself Alex, and as he says, not Alex the Great, but Alex the Spineless.

The earliest incident he could remember was working on pyramids where he and others did the bulk of the design and the chief architect got all of the credit. That resentment stuck with him forever when he was sacked and disposed of when he tried to take credit for his work.

He has been with me most of my life and he has been helping me to escape from situations like his, but he has never been able to deal with the underlying resentment. He has been able to help me, but the resentment is still with him and it has affected us both.

His biggest win was getting me to tell my boss I would not install any more of the faulty systems designed by our head engineer.

Earlier, he had given me the incentive to leave a Honeywell computer project for a startup when the lead designer on the computer project was an exact clone of the architect on the pyramids. We did the work and he got the credit.

I have had many employers since then and he helped me get out from under the managers who were less able than we were, but we never handled the resentment that accompanied getting into this kind of situation.

I asked if there was an earlier incident than the Egyptian one which might account for his current resentment and he spotted an incident where he was a lead designer for a star fleet organization. He immediately realized that he did not understand politics and got blindsided then and later by pushing results and not paying attention to the political winds of change.

His resentment gave him a chip on his shoulder where he dared anyone to do things in a “political” way instead of in an honest way.

His big realization, which blew his resentment completely, was that he did not really understand the problem they wanted him to solve!

He thought it was an engineering problem, but it was really a political problem!

There were a string of realizations occurring for both of us, because this is the universal problem we face when trying to do anything or help anyone: We take a position to do a job or attempt to help someone and we fail to investigate enough to make sure what we can do is what is needed. We do what we promised to do, but it is no longer or never was what was actually needed.

It is not enough to work on solving the problem you were hired to solve, you also need to keep tabs on the environment to make sure the original goals still exist.

If we succeed in getting the job or start helping someone as a counselor, we need to continually consult the boss or the client to make sure we are solving the problem the person wants to solve. The person can change his mind, corporate cultures can change drastically and the original problem and its political situation may no longer exist.

Once Alex spotted the real source of his resentment, failing to understand the real problem, his resentment vanished and so has mine. We are both feeling more productive and more optimistic about our future.


We have been taught that truthfulness drops away as emotional tone levels drop away from joyous enthusiasm, but time after time we accept advice from people who are serious about our need for improvement.

Since you now know about our composite nature, what mix of tone levels will bring an enthusiastic desire to help down to serious admonishment that we need to do something to change our ways?

When you are advised by someone in a serious way, you are hearing from beings stuck in past painful events. They are not in present time and the advice you are getting is “seriously” outdated.

Whether the advice is about manners, dress, dating, or business, you are getting last century’s viewpoint and not advice based on the present environment.

It does not matter if the person advising you has a PhD or an MBA or is a highly decorated hero. If his tone level is lower than enthusiasm, you will do well to ignore his advice or avoid him entirely. His low-toned spiritual companions will manage to bring your tone level down before they are done.

We will review tone level information and what you can do to get good advice if you need it.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EST with this link:

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