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How Can You Tell If A Spiritual Companion is Covertly Hostile?

Let’s say you are a typical composite being who likes the opposite sex, but not too much, and likes children and puppies and classical music and keeping your life in order and caring for those you depend upon.

Have you ever thought about why you don’t have many close friends? Have you ever thought why you do not seem to fit in with the usual office cliques? Have you ever wondered why you do not get recognized for the amazing things you have accomplished year after year?

Do you feel driven to succeed even when you do not get the recognition you so richly deserve? Do you find it impossible to enjoy the simple things in life for very long? In short, does it seem that people do not recognize the good that you do and find it hard to form close relationships with you?

Could it be that they perceive something in you that you do not see? The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

You can get a faint idea of what they see by looking at yourself in the mirror or on your webcam.

Do your eyes sparkle with barely suppressed enthusiasm? Is your smile the first thing you notice about your image? Do you smile at yourself as you see your image in the mirror or screen? Are you pleased at what you see? Does the image make you seem like someone you would like to know?

If none of the above are true, take a long and careful look at the face you present to the world. You are misowning negative emotions from your spiritual companions.

The obvious emotions will jump right out at you, practically begging to get handled. Emotions like suppressed grief, anger, despair and even apathy are written on your face for all to see. These can be handled with very little SRT processing and furthermore, they are not what is keeping people from trusting you and wanting to become your close friends.

If looking at your image leaves you irritated because this is a waste of time and it is evaluative as hell and what does he mean covertly hostile? You may be the proud possessor of beings who are unable to see themselves as other see them. In a strict technical sense, they are stuck in some past moment of danger which as always with them. Present time is usually not accessible to them.

Everything that is said to a covertly hostile being is filtered through the memories of a past moment of danger and the meanings of what is said will be altered beyond belief. Even kind words of praise or admiration will be interpreted as being invalidative or threatening. The being will resent every action anyone takes with regard to them whether it is helpful or critical.

The covertly hostile being may use flattery and fulsome praise to ward off imagined danger and this can usually be recognized as it is over the top in terms of unnecessary overkill. The recipient will often recognize this propitiative flattery because of its exaggerated nature.

If you find yourself praising someone you envy, you may have one of these covertly hostile beings on board. If you find yourself with contradictory feelings about someone who is helping you and continually recurring feelings of suppressed resentment, you are operating with the handicap of a being who is stuck in some past horror and who must hide his true feelings under the penalty of discovery and total destruction.

If you as the resident manager of the composite beingness recognize the signs of a covertly hostile spiritual being, you can help him out by freeing him from the incident he is stuck in with SRT processing.

Getting Down and Dirty With Life Force Energy

There are millions of words written about life force energy and they are all true to a certain extent. They merely omit the fact that life force energy is the actions of many spiritual beings acting in concert.

What has been stated correctly is:

  • Life Force Energy is something that flows through all living things
  • It can be harnessed.
  • It can be increased through prayer and meditation
  • Various centers in the body radiate life force energy.
  • It can be blocked by abuse and toxic relationships
  • It can be strengthened by loving actions and positive affirmations

What has been omitted is that life force energy is produced by every spiritual being and this energy can be strengthened through caring communication with the individual beings and groups of beings.

The flow of life force energy throughout a living body is dependent on the state of awareness of the spirits inhabiting the body. When you learn to communicate with spirits, you can influence the individual spirits and clusters of spirits in the body and thus you can directly influence the amount and quality of the life force produced.

You may ask, “How far down do I need to go to affect the life force being produced by this body?”

That really depends on your ability to communicate and the degree of caring communication you are capable of.

Life force is contained in all cells as far as we have been able to determine. Everything that is alive, has a spiritual energy in it and therefore has a spirit dedicated to it. This even applies to Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells which produce about 90 percent of the energy generated in the body. There are about 50-100 mitochondria within each body cell and there are about 37.2 trillion cells in the body.

That is a lot of separate life force energy units and the overall energy level can be affected by anything that will affect spiritual beings. Consider if you will, how you feel when you are on a loving and caring environment versus how you feel when you are threatened and forced to remain in a hostile environment. Love and caring restores life and this can easily be demonstrated in many ways. Punishment and abuse shortens life and this is unfortunately visible in everyday life.

When you fail to consider your body as a living organism with spiritual qualities, it is easy to neglect it or to artificially stimulate or depress it with chemical substances. It is not a piece of meat until it is dead. When it is alive, it is a complex network of living systems that interact on a spiritual as well as a physical level. It is being run by the beings who occupy and manage each cell or group of cells.

There are many layers of spiritual activity in the body, from beings running individual cells to beings running organs and to other beings trying to manage entire sections of the body. You can add to that, the beings who are running parasites, and viruses and bacteria, and the other beings running cancer cells. All of them have life force and your ability to perceive these beings and communicate with them will determine the level of harmony that you will be able to establish in the life force energy of a body.

You may also encounter a being who feels he is the Genetic Entity in charge of the body. If present, he is easy to contact, but he has little contact or effect on the various systems of the body. He is like a doorman with no power to intervene or assist in healing the body. I have verified this in session several times.

If You Are Uncomfortable Doing Something – You Need to Check Your Entities

Let’s say you are calling to inquire about a job opening. If you feel awkward and uneasy, You need to handle the beings who are putting out that feeling. You should be able to simply call and ask if the advertised position is still open.

Lets consider the situation where you see someone you would like to know better, but they are married or in a relationship. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to know her better?” and the answers you get will probably be coming from beings who are not interested friendship, but in something more significant.

The same is true for those who are shy. Shyness is a harmonic of fear. Something about the prospect of talking to a person is triggering a fear response. The fear may be due to a personal engram, but you would be seeing the engram as a result. The more likely prospect is that you are being shy because you have spiritual beings who are reliving a moment of severe embarrassment that they have never been able to let go of.

This is simply a restatement of Axiom One: If you are not enthusiastic about meeting or calling someone, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities.

Handle them and all will be well.

No SRT Workshop This Week

I will see you all next week, but I recommend that you do some homework to pick up the latest discoveries. Read all of the posts you could not find time to read before and see if you can apply most of them to your lives,

If you have already done that, I would like you to give serious thought to how failing to recognize misownership is what allows other beings to run your lives.

Misownership occurs and you are being someone else.

The opposite to misownership is being yourself.

When you cannot recognize misownership, you are under someone else’s control.

If you are able to talk to your spiritual companions, misownership is less likely to occur.

Spiritual Beings – They’re Just Like Us

We are all spiritual beings and those of you who are reading this have physical bodies. We are constantly surrounded by spiritual beings without bodies and: they are just like us!

They are good, bad, ugly, funny, unhappy, morose, etc. depending on their past experience and they have all of the attributes and idiosyncrasies that anyone else can have.

They are not necessarily higher level beings, no matter how much you wish they were.

Your favorite spirit guide may be your great grandmother who is still looking after you or someone else who just happened to take a liking to you.

Yes, some of your spiritual companions used to build pyramids here and on other planets, but others have been thieves and outlaws for many generations. The reasons a spirit wishes to hang around you and give you advice about life are many and varied, so you should be willing to “be” them and communicate with them to see if you wish to recruit them or just help them on their way to a new life.

If you wish to treat them as superior beings, many of them will accommodate you and respond to whatever name you call them. I have spoken to several “Saint Michaels”, a Beelzebub or two, and several Lucifers. They were all quite easy to chat with and each had interesting stories. They could all tell me when they picked up my clients and what they were doing to protect or manage the person.

More usually, I get to chat with grandmothers and other departed family members who are guiding their descendants through life as they did when they were alive.

You can even get some Viking Warrior who is giving you the strength to go berserk when life gets too frustrating. One can easily get addicted to the fierce certainty that occurs when one of these warriors takes over. Watching others quail before your wrath is almost intoxicating but when the Viking fades away, handling the painful aftermath can be quite costly in terms of broken relationships and lost jobs.

What these beings do is to add their emotions to ours in times of stress or great need and the results can be quite spectacular or horrific or even embarrassing depending on the spirit you have woken up.

You best approach to handling your spiritual companions is to communicate with them often and to recognize when they are trying to communicate with you. In this way, you will learn to work together toward common goals and life will be so much easier.

How Do You Know When A Spirit Is Telling The Truth?

Republished from 7-18-17

In our last webinar, someone asked this reasonable question and I did not give the answer enough importance.

After very little SRT processing, you know when a being lying or is uncertain, and it has to do with the beings emotional tone level and the tone level of the beings he associates with. A being that is enthusiastic and is cheerfully communicating with you has his attention in present time and his answers will generally relate to the questions you are asking him.

When a being in or out of a body is not in present time, his attention is fixated on events that took place a long time ago and these events still influence his thinking and his ability to recognize the truth. The truth can be described as “what is”. A person or being who has attention on some past event does not duplicate what is going on around him. He sees every action as a replay of some former action and his perception is confused to the extent that he sees things that are not here because they happened a long time ago and he is still stuck in some aspect of this earlier event.

In summary, a being who is cheerfully in present time is far more truthful than someone who is still acting out some drama from a long time ago.

If you have not had any SRT processing, the majority of your spiritual companions are still stuck in past events and your ability to see what is actually happening before your eyes is minimal. This is why eye witness accounts vary to such a degree if the activity has any emotional impact.

What this means is that those who pray to unseen gods or unseen entities may be taking their lives in their hands. They ask for guidance and the beings offering up the advice are reading right out of their past histories.

More than once, I have encountered beings who committed suicide as a solution to their sufferings. These beings typically suggest suicide to their hosts as a solution to any difficult or embarrassing problems. If you have ever thought idly about ending it all to relieve yourself of your current difficulties, you probably have one of these beings who used suicide as the easy way out of an insolvable problem.

If you have spent time talking to your spiritual companions and have handled those who are troubled or confused, the ones you have left are more likely to be helpful and able to provide good advice that applies to your current situations.

Daily solo sessions will give you a better idea of how your spiritual companions are doing and will result in advice that can be relied on. Happy entities who have their attention on the present moment will be able to give you guidance that produces good results. Recognizing who your helpful companions are and acknowledging them for their help will result in an increasing flow of helpful information.

David St Lawrence