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I am planning to set up a custom Mailchimp system which will provide instant notification of new articles and a separate Mailchimp system for weekly announcements.

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Weekend Schedule – Free Webinar on 10-20-19 – The Reason You Are Not Making Much Progress

I will not be hosting a workshop on Saturday, 10-19-19, because Gretchen and I are holding a moving sale all that day.

On Sunday, 10-20-19, I will be hosting a free webinar to help all of you make more progress in using your spiritual powers. I have seen great improvement in most of you during this past year, but I feel that all of you would benefit by gaining certainty on who is holding you back and how they are doing it.

You have all heard of the three factors Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (often shortened to FUD) which is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, cults, and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information.

The beings accompanying you through life are constantly thrown into one of these emotional states by your actions and intentions to make changes. Many of your spiritual companions have experienced enough painful deaths and humiliating failures that they are no longer willing to take responsibility for wearing and maintaining a body. They know with great certainty that there is no winning game to be played and no safe place to hide. If you just think of your spiritual companions as holocaust victims and victims of multiple genocide efforts, you will begin to have an understanding of their attitude toward life and toward any change at all in any aspect of life. The term “hopeless”is way above their level of comprehension. They are far below “no hope”.

You have been dragging these beings around with you for years and have probably been accustomed to their thoughts and no longer notice them, because these negative thoughts have become part of the background noise that swirls around you.

These thoughts are much lower than the occasional thought of, “I’m gonna die!”. These thoughts are more like, “I’m dead and nobody cares.” “Nothing good can ever happen.” “Leave me alone.”

When I urge you to reach for something, this can stir up some of these almost dead beings and you will make a little effort to reach and won’t be able to see any change. You may wish to participate and will try real hard to imagine what reaching is like, but nothing exciting will happen.

In a session, when I ask you where an idea came from right after you have just said, “There’s no use in trying because nothing ever changes”, you either can never seem to locate the source of that thought or have great difficulty doing so. In most cases, it just seems simpler to let it go and not keep trying.

These beings know that nothing can be done and have many years of experience to prove it to themselves. Until you recognize that their thoughts are not your thoughts, you will continue to operate under their control. After all, they have been thinking these thoughts for many years, often many lifetimes, so who are you to question whether these thoughts are true of not. They become a self-fulfilling prophecy after a few lifetimes and you no longer question them.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we learn to perceive thoughts of other spirits and this leads to differentiating these thoughts and intentions from our own. Your first step in breaking out of the dwindling spiral of disastrous lifetimes is to recognize that the negative attitudes you feel are not your own. Until you gain certainty on this matter, you will remain uncertain of the existence of spirits and will seek other remedies for your unhappiness and failures in life.

Join me Sunday, 10-20-19, for a free webinar that can change your life. We will be using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Webinar 10-13-18 – Adding New Capabilities To Your Personality

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we have been able to change personality traits for many years, simply by handling and or removing the spirits who cause us to exhibit undesirable traits. Each session produces a noticeable change in behavior as spirits are removed and no longer produce undesirable reactions to life.

In yesterday’s workshop, the topic of recruiting new spirits was brought up and I realized that our current approach to behavior modification was unnecessarily limited. Alka Madan described how she reaches out to spirits and has them join her when she wants new abilities. We spent a few moments discussing how this could work and decided that this was a topic that deserved more attention. If we can change personality and behavior by removing spirits and retraining others, what might we accomplish by recruiting spiritual beings with desirable characteristics?

In this webinar, we will discuss how we can recruit new beings to assist us and enhance our existing abilities. It is a multi-step process, starting with defining what abilities we want to add, attracting beings with these abilities, offering them a challenge that they will be happy to accept, and training them to work with the other beings who make up our core personalities.

We will probably have to add additional spiritual staff to handle the recruiting and training of these new beings as well as spiritual staff to supervise the performance of new spiritual staff while they are getting up to speed as a team member.

I am sure that this will occur on a cope and organize basis for some time, as most of us do not have a support team established to monitor and supervise new spirits as they appear for duty. This means that we, the upper management team, will be carrying an additional load until we work out a sane staffing plan.

If a primary being does not organize his or her spiritual teammates, they pick up an additional workload with each new being added to the group. The functions needed must include training and supervision as well as recruiting new beings. There needs to be a higher level of supervision that decides what training is needed and decides where new beings should be assigned to carry out the prime directive. The prime directive is the guiding principle that controls the forward progress of the team toward a long term goal. The directive can be changed as circumstances warrant or as the goal is achieved.

The organization of the team will change as targets are achieved and new goals are established for the group of beings who are acting as the composite individual. It is expected that the awareness of the group will increase and the ability of the group to create desirable effects will increase. Targets will be set and attained in order to achieve the goals the group sets for itself. At some point, the game being played may be replaced by a more interesting and challenging game, at which point the goals, targets and the organization may change to match the requirements of the new game. It remains to be seen if the culture of the group should remain the same.

While it is possible that all of this might be accomplished without adding new members to the team, it seems more desirable at this point to consider the benefits of recruiting new members to support progress in any chosen direction.

We will be working on this and related problems tomorrow, Sunday October 13, at 12 noon EDT. Join us using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

Free Workshop – 10-12-18 – How Do I know I am Not Imagining The Voices In My Head

Answering this question will take a multi-part effort. We will begin by discussing our relationship with our spiritual companions in this workshop and see if we can frame an answer to the following question posed by Derek Spies.

Derek Spies asks a marvelous question, “One thing I have not quite understood from SRT is how the concept of being a composite being meshes with this sense of “I” that I have and live with. If I am actually an aggregate of beings, then is the sense of “I” that I operate day to day with like a false illusion of sorts?

My answer to this is a recounting of the process I used to compose a worthy response:

My spiritual partners are almost always active so I get a sense of harmonics when I engage in creative thought. I think to myself, “I need to write an article to describe this phenomenon that Derek is asking about.”

I get an immediate echo overlaying that thought, like an overtone. “We need to include that in the next workshop.”

Almost immediately, I get another response, “Lets expand it a bit and cover the Sunday webinar.”

Two more voices chime in with, “How can a spiritual conversation be an illusion? Only if someone considers spirits to be imaginary! (feelings of laughter)”

No one has interrupted or tried to block the communication. Instead, they are adding different vibrations o the original theme. We are a chorus with individual voices who break out into new ideas frequently, but the main thrust is a well modulated chorus which speaks for all of us. When there is spiritual dissension, as sometimes happens when I am speaking to a group, I find them interrupting me with examples that break the flow of the original idea.

We have decided to take Derek’s question up in tomorrow’s workshop so that others can share their perception of what their spiritual companions are contributing to their thoughts and actions.

We need a better way of communicating what happens when you have a conversation with spirits and a workshop will allow us to collect enough viewpoints to present a coherent view of the process. Then we can address the issue of whether the spiritual communication is coming from beings who are a part of us or from independent beings.

Here are some of the points I hope we can illuminate:

What do your thoughts sound like? (Feel like?)

Can you recognize your thoughts and differentiate them from thoughts form another source?

Do you perceive all thoughts as having the same sound and emotion?

If you can identify thoughts from other sources, can you differentiate between them?

Do you get emotions (feelings) from the thoughts you perceive?

Do stray thoughts ever keep you awake at night? What are the emotions in those thoughts?

When you receive thoughts, do they occur while you are having thoughts or do they wait for an opening?

Do some thoughts come from inside your head and others from outside your body or from far away?

Join me Saturday, October 12th, at 12 noon EST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Walk-ins Revisited

We have discussed walk-ins before, but never really investigated the full complexity of what happens when a being takes over someone else’s body. I think it is time to take another look at what occurs.

My data on this subject comes from direct experience with being a walk-in and observing those who are walk-ins.

The original supposition was that a walk-in occurred when a person went unconscious as a result of illness, injury, or during an operation and another being would take control of the body from that point onward.

Many years of SRT sessions have revealed that we are not singular spiritual beings running a body that is animated by a lower order being called a Genetic Entity.

Session after session have revealed us to be a complex grouping of beings acting as a composite being, in other words we are an aggregation of clustered beings and we accumulate new clusters of beings as time goes on. Fortunately, most of us have learned to operate as though we were a unified and reasonably organized intelligence most of the time. One or more of the group acts in a leadership role and the rest follow along in a supporting role, most of the time.

Since we are a group of separate beings with varying histories and different states of awareness, there can be events which produce widely different reactions from different beings. For example, there can be external stimuli which produce pleasure for some beings and pain for others. The more complex the stimuli, the more varied the responses will be.

As a result, an activity such as a walk-in can produce a complex range of responses over time. The person may appear absolutely normal for years and exhibit an unexpected delayed reaction when the right circumstance appears. On the other hand, the person can exhibit a definite personality change immediately after the walk-in occurs.

In some cases, the original spiritual occupant has abandoned the body before the walk-in occurs. In other cases, the original occupant continues in a subordinate role. In still other cases, the walk-in cluster of beings merges with the original occupant beings and the final result is a personality that is a merged version of the two original personalities.

A walk-in is not necessarily a permanent condition. If the family, of a person who has experienced a walk-in, objects to the walk-in, there are actions which can exorcise the beings who have taken control of the body.

If the beings who have taken over the body are not aware that they are trespassing, they can be convinced to leave when presented with evidence they are interlopers. The walk-in may have occurred during a childhood illness, for example, and the beings have been integrated into the larger group who have been controlling the body and do not recognize their differences for many years. If the walk-in group is triggered by an external influence and causes the person to behave in a manner that the family considers insane, there will be efforts to bring the person back to his or her senses.

I knew a childhood walk-in who had remained quite normal for many years until she ran into a loved one from her previous life. As she was married now, this caused so much strife at home that her husband kicked her out of the house. She eventually moved in with the person she had loved before although she did not get divorced from her husband. She experienced a great deal of internal conflict and eventually she went to a counselor who exorcised her. Once she was removed from the scene, the original personality took over and the person went back to her husband where she remained.

I know of another walk-in who did not know he was a walk-in for about 50 years. All he knew was that there was a period in his childhood where he permanently went out of agreement with his mother. Once he learned about walk-ins, he was puzzled why the original occupant was still present. The original occupant is still with him and represents a particular facet of the overall personality.

Another walk-in did not discover he was a walk-in until he was receiving counseling and some early childhood incidents would not resolve with the usual processes. Once it was discovered that a walk-in had occurred at age 13, everything began to fall into place.

Now that we have a more complete view of the structure of our personalities, it becomes apparent that there can be many different types of walk-ins and they can be happening on a continuing basis. Our personalities are a result of the thoughts and intentions of a host of beings who are participating in our daily lives. The composition of the group can vary day by day as we take on new spirits and lose others. The behavior of the group does not have to change drastically, it can shift subtly as we become aware of personality aspects we wish to change and as we realize that certain traits are not ours.

If we are open to change and recruit beings who can add to our abilities, our ability to change in favorable ways is unlimited. If we consciously develop a personality culture we like, we have a better chance of keeping that personality stable over time as we will be able to recognize personality elements that do not mesh with those we desire.

I think, in the long run, that we will actively cultivate personality changes by recruiting spirits with desirable characteristics that complement those we currently have. That way, we will be constantly tuning our personalities by adding in spirits who give us desirable skills and abilities. When walk-ins do occur, we will be prepared to make use of the useful ones and and to dispose of the one who do not fit in.

I forgot to add that most walk-ins happen in hospitals. Uncle Fred goes in for a liver transplant and comes home a different person. One man sent his wife for an operation and the woman who came home spoke with a different accent.

Sometimes the patient feels he or she has had enough pain and bails out. This provides an opportunity for the spirit hanging around the hospital hoping for a second chance at life.

If you have questions about your own walk-in status, I will be happy to help you sort them out quickly. It generally takes only one session.


A Rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

  1. Recognize that a rift has been caused and take responsibility for repairing it
  2. Recognize what you and your spiritual companions have done and are doing to create and maintain the rift
  3. Examine the justifications for you and your spiritual companions until you all experience relief
  4. Come up with a true statement of what you did that can be expressed in a non-disturbing way. It is not an apology, merely a true statement of what occurred that does not make the other person or group wrong. It must be a caring communication that raises the awareness of the other person or group and makes them right for their reaction to what we did. This statement is not delivered until communication has been established following this next reach and withdraw process.
  5. Reach and Withdraw from the person or group you have been estranged from until you are able to comfortably be the person or group member and you can duplicate the current intentions of the person or group.
  6. Communicate with the person or group in a friendly way about a time you were in agreement with the person or group and were supporting each other with a strong exchange of life energy. Communicate how much you benefited from the relationship at that time and how much it meant to you. Communicate, if you can, about what positive actions each has done since the separation that would not have occurred otherwise.
  7. Here is an example of this kind of communication: “I was hosting a workshop today about relationships in which we were discussing how relationships form and why they break up. I realized I have never thanked you for the many years we spent together and what I learned from our relationship. If we had stayed together, we would have created something different, but I think what we have created separately since then has been absolutely amazing. Like musicians who create beautiful music and their fans love it, but the musicians eventually want to learn something new, even though the fans are still asking them to play the old standards. We did good things together and have done more good things since. I just want you to know that I have never forgotten the many things we created together. Warmest regards,”
  8. I think it is possible to write a similar letter to a group stressing what you learned as a group member and how the separation has benefited the group and yourself. You might say you have learned from your experience with the group to set expectations for the groups you interact with so that your contributions align with group intentions from the very beginning. You might even add that the group may have benefited by your departure, because your suggestions are no longer a distraction to the group.
  9. Once you have repaired the rift and have reestablished a friendly relationship, seek to maintain the communication line with friendly exchanges which raise the life force of those you communicate with.
  10. Locate other rifts you have caused and repair them in turn. You may discover that your life force increases to the point where you can now spot other rifts that have been draining your life force for years. Repair them as well and enjoy the benefits of more freed up attention units.
  11. Every rift that is handled removes counter-intention from your environment.
  12. You may even find that you are now able to help others repair rifts that they are holding in place. Get the idea of removing counter-intentions from all of the people you know.

Video of Webinar – 10-6-19 – Terminatedly Handling A Rift Between You and Some Other Person Or Group

Rifts are caused by broken agreements and they can be handled by applying Spiritual Rescue Technology. The important factor to understand is that the rift is not a matter of right and wrong, no matter how passionately you feel about your position on the matter. The rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

In this video I cover why unhandled rifts are so bad for you. They are a drain on your life force and they will cause undesirable changes to your personality until the rift is handled. When you allow a rift to continue, you are harming yourself and diminishing your life force, because the energy you would have put into creative endeavors is directed toward harming someone else or defending yourself from someone else.

Watch this video and learn how to transform your life and rid yourself of old upsets and disagreements.

The video can be purchased for $5 USD and you can review a free trailer to see if it will be helpful to you. use this link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rifts

Video of Free Workshop – 10-5-19 – Violently Opposing People is Bad For You

This video is located at https://vimeo.com/364514018/6e158c07c5 and is available to stream now.

This was one of the most revealing workshops we have had in a long time and it produced many realizations for all who attended.

We explored the mechanics of joining a group and then outgrowing the group and the result of continuing to oppose the group after you left it.

If you were not able to participate in the workshop, watch this video and participate in the webinar on handling rifts which will occur tomorrow, on 10-6-19.

Webinar – 10-6-19 – Terminatedly Handling A Rift between You and Some Other Person or Group

Here is a definition to work with:

Rift: an opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc.; fissure; cleft; chink.

A difference in opinion, belief, or interest that causes such a break in friendly relations

Origin of rift: 1250–1300; Middle English < Old Norse ript breaking of an agreement

In this webinar, I am going to show you the tools to handle a rift between you and some person or group so that the possibility of resuming friendly relations exists.

When you allow a rift to continue, you are harming yourself and diminishing your life force, because the energy you would have put into creative endeavors is directed toward harming someone else or defending yourself from someone else.

The important factor to understand is that the rift is not between right and wrong, no matter how passionately you feel about your position on the matter. The rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

Perhaps the way to begin is to prevent a rift from occurring. When you first encounter some other person or group, how do you determine what rules they follow and what are their intentions towards you and your possessions? Do you have rules you follow for interaction with others in your community? Do you impose these rules on newcomers to the community? If you have rules and customs you follow and make these known to newcomers as they show up, you are setting their expectations for future interactions.

If these newcomers show no respect for your rules and customs, it is up to you to determine whether you will enforce the rules or quietly grumble and cave in to their demands.

In a relationship, one of the partners will often suffer in silence even though things are happening which they do not approve of. Their hope is often that they will be able to reform or “improve” the other persons attitudes and actions if they just keep quiet and hope for the best.

Often the real problem is that no one has really established the rules for a community or enforces the rules so that order is maintained. Anyone joining this community is then putting themselves and their families at risk. Finding out what rules exist and which ones are enforced can produce a safe environment with predictable results for specific actions. Whether you join a community or a Home Owners Association, it is desirable to understand the rules for living there. Understanding the remedies for handling violations of the rules makes it much easier to institute corrections when needed.

When there are published rules for proper behavior and they are followed, handling upsets from rule breakers is a fairly straightforward matter.

When the rules are hidden and dependent on who you know, you are likely to be on the outs with rule breakers and those who protect them. If they outnumber you, your best bet is to retreat to a safe place

and start over. If you wish to succeed where you did not before, make sure you understand the rules for the area you are moving in to.

If you wish to continue your battle with the people from where you lived before, you will only antagonize the new people you meet and you will not address the real problem which was not knowing the rules of the place you lived.

If you wish to stay in your original location, you need to see how you got off on the wrong foot and decide to make up the damage you have done to your relationships. If you cannot do that, you do need to find a new place and new relationships that meet your needs.

Finally, you may have moved to a new area and made new relationships, but still feel upset about the former relationships. This is your opportunity to find what you did or failed to do that severed the relationship and caused the persistent rift. When you discover what you did and take full responsibility for it, you will find you can communicate your discovery to the other person or group and the upset on both side should disappear. If your upset is completely gone and the other side is still angry, they are doing something that prevents them from letting go of the issue. Take your attention off them and create a new life for yourself.

Join me on Sunday, 10-6-19, at 12 noon for a webinar on Terminately Handling A Rift Between You And Some Other Person Or Group. We will meet on Zoom using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

Free Workshop – 10-5-19 – Violently Opposing People Is Bad For You

Recent observations have uncovered the underlying reason that hating people or violently opposing them can make permanent changes to your personality. Read Angels with Barnacles for more information.

We have known for years that those whose seek revenge on others who have oppressed them become fixated in low emotional tone levels. Those of you who know people who left the church of Scientology and fought to bring the church to justice can verify that those who are still fighting are angry, unhappy people. If you know someone who is still upset about a separation from a spouse or other family member after several years, you have a reality on how that attitude can change a person for the worse.

This has nothing to do with the merits of the separation or the treatment of the person by others before the separation. The damage to the person is being caused by the continuing opposition of the person to the person or group they feel has wronged them.

This continuing opposition is triggering beings who are not even part of the present day issue and it is causing you to accumulate beings and counter intentions from those you oppose.

Turning the other cheek will not resolve the problem, as it only defers the resolution of the problem.

Lets look at the anatomy of the problem and see where it begins. You enter an agreement with a person or group to live happily ever after or serve for 1 billion years, depending on your agreement. Later on, you discover that the other party is willfully violating the agreement and you leave the relationship. The other party does mean things to you and attempts to make you out to be a criminal in some respect.

Angered at the attack, you strike back in various ways and the person or group goes all out to demean you to others and inflict damage on you in various ways. You counter their attack and they counter your counter attack and you spend a lot of time and energy fighting them. You try to enlist support for your position and the other party enlists allies and the struggle continues. Journalists and lawyers take up the matter and promote one side or the other for their own advantage. The struggle rages on for years and nothing is ever really resolved to your satisfaction, and you have collected enough bitterness to sour your entire existence and your higher toned friends have distanced themselves from you in many ways.

If this snapshot does not indicate to you, lets look at the people who have been fighting tooth and nail for justice from the government, or a church, or a spouse for any extended time. Do they look like mentally healthy people who have a bright future?

The best solution to a situation where you find yourself in violent opposition to a person or group is to determine what you did or failed to do that got you entangled with them. Once you discover your responsibility for causing the problem in the first place, you will find that your anger disappears and you will see several ways to end cycle on your upset with the other person or group.

Regular mediation can fail to find a resolution to this kind of problem because the problem may have been caused by actions instigated by spirits accompanying the parties. SRT consultation can sort this kind of problem out quickly.

In our workshop Saturday, we will discuss some struggles for justice/ revenge/ satisfaction etc. and explore how SRT can provide a speedy resolution.

If there is time, I would like to help a volunteer resolve a long standing situation they have not been able to resolve. Watching an SRT session may provide the insight needed to help others handle situations of this type.

Join me Saturday, October 5th, at 12 noon EST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444