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Getting Down and Dirty With Life Force Energy

There are millions of words written about life force energy and they are all true to a certain extent. They merely omit the fact that life force energy is the actions of many spiritual beings acting in concert.

What has been stated correctly is:

  • Life Force Energy is something that flows through all living things
  • It can be harnessed.
  • It can be increased through prayer and meditation
  • Various centers in the body radiate life force energy.
  • It can be blocked by abuse and toxic relationships
  • It can be strengthened by loving actions and positive affirmations

What has been omitted is that life force energy is produced by every spiritual being and this energy can be strengthened through caring communication with the individual beings and groups of beings.

The flow of life force energy throughout a living body is dependent on the state of awareness of the spirits inhabiting the body. When you learn to communicate with spirits, you can influence the individual spirits and clusters of spirits in the body and thus you can directly influence the amount and quality of the life force produced.

You may ask, “How far down do I need to go to affect the life force being produced by this body?”

That really depends on your ability to communicate and the degree of caring communication you are capable of.

Life force is contained in all cells as far as we have been able to determine. Everything that is alive, has a spiritual energy in it and therefore has a spirit dedicated to it. This even applies to Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells which produce about 90 percent of the energy generated in the body. There are about 50-100 mitochondria within each body cell and there are about 37.2 trillion cells in the body.

That is a lot of separate life force energy units and the overall energy level can be affected by anything that will affect spiritual beings. Consider if you will, how you feel when you are on a loving and caring environment versus how you feel when you are threatened and forced to remain in a hostile environment. Love and caring restores life and this can easily be demonstrated in many ways. Punishment and abuse shortens life and this is unfortunately visible in everyday life.

When you fail to consider your body as a living organism with spiritual qualities, it is easy to neglect it or to artificially stimulate or depress it with chemical substances. It is not a piece of meat until it is dead. When it is alive, it is a complex network of living systems that interact on a spiritual as well as a physical level. It is being run by the beings who occupy and manage each cell or group of cells.

There are many layers of spiritual activity in the body, from beings running individual cells to beings running organs and to other beings trying to manage entire sections of the body. You can add to that, the beings who are running parasites, and viruses and bacteria, and the other beings running cancer cells. All of them have life force and your ability to perceive these beings and communicate with them will determine the level of harmony that you will be able to establish in the life force energy of a body.

You may also encounter a being who feels he is the Genetic Entity in charge of the body. If present, he is easy to contact, but he has little contact or effect on the various systems of the body. He is like a doorman with no power to intervene or assist in healing the body. I have verified this in session several times.

A Vital Undercut for Spiritual Rescue Technology Users

Reprinted from December 24, 2014
Spiritual Rescue Technology is one of the fastest and most effective ways to handle spiritual distress for a person who has any awareness of themselves as a spiritual being surrounded by other spiritual beings/ghosts/angels/guides. etc.

However, what can you do for the person who is only aware that they hurt in some area of their body? You can do an assist process that uses SRT technology but does not involve the usual SRT processes.

You use the SRT version of the ancient practice of laying on of hands.

You ask the person where it hurts and if they would like some relief. If they wish you to help them explain that you are going to a modern version of an ancient practice.

You ask them to put their attention on the area that hurts and have them point to the area so you can direct your attention there also

If they are willing to have you touch them, you will be laying your hand on that area and getting them to look at the area that hurts.

Get them to look and see if they can spot a mass that seems to occupy that area. You should be able to perceive the mass for yourself and as you look at it, the mass will become more visible to the person. Once they become aware of an area of the body that is different from the surrounding area, get them to describe the shape and volume of this mass. Have them keep their attention on the mass and watch for changes as you continue the process.

Ask questions about the mass such as what color does it seem to be, how long has it been there, are there any images that come to mind when they are looking at the mass. You keep your attention focused sharply on the mass during this process and notice that the mass will start breaking up as you keep your attention on it. As you see the mass start to dissipate, ask the person if they notice any changes and they will generally be quite excited to see the mass changing size and shape.

This does not have to be a long process as the mass may start to break up as soon as you direct their attention to it. You are blowing the charge by inspection and you may get a cascade of minor explosions which the person will experience as waves of relief. You are not trying to handle the entities involved as they are in a state of deep unconsciousness very close to what we would consider death.

Since entities cannot die, they will go on existing but they have decided to play at being dead and stay below any known level of existence. They have experienced so much abuse and trauma that they have given up and are on their way to becoming inert matter.

You can always wake them up by placing enough attention on them and if you can enlist several capable people to assist you in putting attention on the area, you will see some startling recoveries. You merely send a help flow and caring attention to the mass and it will eventually break up and dissipate.

If some beings start to communicate while the mass is being dispersed, handle them with SRT in the usual way. The person you are helping may start originating about thoughts that are coming into their brain or mind and you just smoothly acknowledge what is being said and ask the usual SRT questions.

The reason we are blowing these masses by inspection is that there are too many unconscious beings to process with SRT. The attention we and the person are focusing on the mass of entities wakes them up and they merely drift off and this relieves the person who has been affected by the mass. He does not have to learn anything about SRT in order to experience great relief.

He will probably want to learn more after you help him handle the first mass and he experiences physical relief that seems almost magical. You can then discuss the fact that there is lots more he can learn and send him to where he can download “Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology”.

I am greatly indebted to my friend for sharing her experiences healing people in this way. As a SRT student and former mission holder, she knows the value of having introductory services that can be delivered with no equipment in a social situation. She has set up an informal group of people where she can introduce people to SRT using this kind of service as an introduction to the power of spiritual healing.

If you would like to get more historical data on this approach, I suggest you read about Laying on of Hands, Touch Assists and Body Comm processes and running Black and White processes. If you are willing to discard all of the arbitraries from these processes and only use what you feel is necessary to heal the person, you will come up with something of your own which works as well as this does.

The SRT approach honors the work that went into all of these earlier processes but cuts to the chase by asking the person where does it hurt and then putting their attention on the unconscious beings that are causing the problem.

You are welcome to develop and share your own versions of this approach. We need introductory processes which will lead people to want to learn about Spiritual Rescue Technology.

David St Lawrence