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I have discovered beings who are able to stop you from making friends and making money. They are the source of your persistent failures to flourish and prosper. These are beings who you cannot handle yourself unless you are very unusual.

The real problem is that your efforts to make friends and make money are extremely painful to these spirits and they have all sorts of maneuvers to keep you from triggering their painful experiences.

These are the class of beings who take control of you and cripple your ability to deal with certain situations.

By the end of this video, you should have identified the beings who are blocking you from developing meaningful relationships, or securing the job you want, or preventing you from generating the income you are capable of.

You can download the video and review it again and again.

See the video at this link:

Jim Spaetti Has Changed Locations

Our good friend and traveling companion, Jim Spaetti, has departed his body recently. Here is a tribute to his memory.

James Edward Spaetti, 52, died Saturday, November 24, 2018 from a farming accident at his home in rural Carmi, Illinois. Jim was born on January 18, 1966 in Owensboro, Kentucky, the youngest of the seven children of Robert and Rose Mary (Schenk) Spaetti. He was a lifelong farmer and enjoyed traveling, amusement parks and concerts. Jim attended Campground Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Anna, Illinois.

Jim was preceded in death by his parents, a brother-in-law, Steven Stratman and nephew, Joshua Spaetti. He is survived by his longtime girlfriend, Kim Emery, her parents, Karen and Jim Vaughn of Anna, her son Joshua (Karle) and her grandson, Nathan; by three brothers, John (Brenda) Spaetti of Evansville, IN, Donald (Mona) Spaetti and Mike Spaetti of Carmi and three sisters, Mary Stratman, of Evansville, IN, Ann Bova and Susan Spaetti, of Petersburg, IL. He is also survived by nieces and nephews; Jason Spaetti, Jody Garrett, Cory Spaetti, Charissa Blazevich, Nathaniel and Rebecca Stratman, Rachel Spaetti, Ben, Andrew, Casey and David Bova.

Services for Jim Spaetti will be held at 3 p.m., Friday, November 30, 2018 with visitation preceding the funeral from 12:00 p.m. to service time at 3:00 Campbell Funeral Home in Carmi. Burial will be in St. Polycarp Cemetery in Carmi. Memorial contributions may be made in Jim’s memory to Mary Stratman for assistance of Becky Stratman and will be accepted at Campbell Funeral Home.

Here is a link to a video of some happy moments in his life:

Fair winds and good speed Jim!

If he visits you, please let us know. My recent impression is that he misses all of his friends. If you watch his video, you will probably be connected to him. That is what happened to me.

I asked him to stay in touch while he is still able to do so. Let him know how much he meant to us.


(This is from a chapter of my new book, “Talking To Spirits”. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but this is the first compilation in a useful form.)

3. Beings who have developed a strategy to keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities

If you have some of these beings around you, it will be almost impossible to carry out any protracted effort to improve yourself.

These beings keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities. I do not believe that this is a deliberate activity, it is more a continuous franticness where the being’s attention shifts from one topic to another as soon as you put attention on analyzing what is going on.

You can tell when you have some of these beings affecting you because you will be unable to complete tasks lasting more than a few minutes. If you start to pick up your office, for example, after an attempt to organize some documents, you will find yourself on your smartphone scanning your calendar and browsing Facebook.

When you pull yourself together and look at your desk again, you will find several bills that must be paid immediately as soon as you can find where you left your checkbook.

You will not be able to find your checkbook because you left it in the car and you decide to find it later and get lunch instead.

Almost everyone has beings like this around them and yet when getting a counseling session, this problem is the last to be mentioned. Beings of this type make your attention skitter from topic to topic and the unwary counselor can overlook the skittering and go for the topics uncovered.

Handling this type of being will restore calm to your life and will make you so much more productive that you will look back and be amazed at the confusion you have escaped.

4. Beings whose crimes are unconfrontable

There are times when you suddenly have a terrifying certainty that you are guilty of some obscenely awful act, but cannot seem to identify what it was. This certainty can be emphasized by the appearance of multiple disgusting dream sequences that are very real and leave you shaking. The appalling things about this type of incident is that you feel the emotion of self-disgust and terror, but you cannot seem to justify how or why you got into this terrible situation.

You will experience the guilt and horror, but you cannot seem to figure out how it happened.

If this happens to you, you have woken up a being who is desperately trying to escape a horror in his past and you are getting the benefit of his fear and self-loathing and thinking they are your own feelings.

Call a spiritual counselor and lay this tortured being to rest. You will all feel better when his incident is handled.



(This is from a chapter of my new book, “Talking To Spirits”. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but this is the first compilation in a useful form.This post has been edited to add 6. Walk-ins and permanent possession by another spirit)

When you become proficient at talking to spirits and releasing them from the traps they devised for themselves, do not be surprised if you encounter spiritual beings that you cannot handle by yourself.

You may not be able to handle any of these beings by yourself, unless you are desperate, but you can detect the presence of these beings by yourself if you are prepared and know what to look for.

It appears that there are several groups of beings who cannot be handled in a solo session.

1. Beings who make you go unconscious.
2. Spirits who take control of your actions whenever they feel threatened with exposure.
3. Beings who have developed a strategy to keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities.
4. Beings whose crimes are unconfrontable
5. Beings who think they are you
6. Walk-ins and permanent possession by another spirit

I do not want you to take a loss from this situation if you encounter any of these beings, so I will first give you some advice on how to detect one when it appears. There are definite signs that one of the above identified beings is affecting you. The signs of their presence are numbered accordingly.

1. You keep yawning and nodding off when you attempt to contact this type of being. This can escalate to the point where you actually go unconscious when someone asks you about a topic which triggers the being’s earlier incident.

This being is carrying an enormous burden of unconsciousness from an incident where he lost his life.
He has been unable to shed the confusion and blame he carries for what happened.

You may find that both you and your counselor may briefly go unconscious while you are attempting to handle the being in a session.

2. If you encounter a being who takes control of your actions, you will not have a clear memory of what is happening. You will become upset at your counselor because he does not seem to understand you and is not asking the right questions.

You will feel grumpy during the session and will not know why. It will seem like the counselor is not listening to you because he is not agreeing with you and helping you to get better.

For some reason, you will not be able to get a name for this being and you will be avoiding answering the counselors questions for one reason or another.

If the counselor is persistent enough to discover the being who is doing this, you may experience disorientation and want to discontinue the session.

If the counselor is gentle and uses caring communication, the being who is running you may wake up, and you and the being may have a moment of clarity when you both realize what happened to him to put him in his current state.

If you are fortunate enough to have a counselor who can free you from this being, you will realize that you have not been yourself for most of your life. You have been under the control of a being who has been hiding out in an effort to survive and avoid discovery. You will both feel better when he wakes up and comes to present time.



Spiritual counseling sessions done SRT style create a distinct set of phenomena that are not evident in other spiritual counseling practices. Some of these phenomena are covered in Part One. Here are more of the phenomena, but the list is incomplete as it is based on only a decade of sessions.

More Phenomena To Expect In Spiritual Counseling Sessions

4. Transfer of Entities from Client to Counselor and Back

Occasionally in session, the counselor will notice that a large mass has settled over his face or other part of his body. This can occur when a cluster feels that the counselor provides an opportunity that the client does not provide. This can also occur if a counselor and the entities being handled have an affinity for each other.

If any of you are delivering an SRT session and you feel the presence of additional entities or clusters, just acknowledge their presence and continue the session by delivering your communication to wherever they are now located.

Occasionally I have relieved a client of a mass or a cluster that the client could not handle or communicate with and ended the session with the agreement that I would complete the handling off line.

In a few sessions, I have had entities jump from the client to me during the session, possibly out of curiosity, and I would discuss this with the client and would continue the session with the entities in my space rather than in the client’s space. The client could perceive where the entities had moved to and would direct his attention appropriately. In some cases, the entity would return to the client where he would remain to work with the client as part of his spiritual partner team.

5. Pulling In Entities From Other People And Distant Places

If someone has attention on someone else, it is possible for that person to bring entities from that someone else and communicate with them as easily as if the entity is one of their own. These entities can be on someone who currently has a body, or from a recently deceased relative or friend. This can be done in a solo session, but it is easier if you are working with an SRT counselor.

6. Distinct Messages from Entities

You will be in session and you get a clear message that the client or an entity is hiding something important, or you suddenly get an explanation for something that the client is trying to explain. These messages can come from your entities or from entities associated with the client. Once you learn to trust these messages, counseling becomes a lot easier.

7. Experiencing an incident, permeating all of it and achieving total duplication

This happens more frequently than experiencing an individuals entire life in one burst of data, and it makes it easy to help a being recover his memories of the incident. The way I experience this phenomena is that I ask for the incident, and I get the incident as an organized whole, not as a narrative produced by the being.

For example, I ask “Is there an incident you have attention on?” and I see a spaceship disintegrating with debris jetting out of it and I know a mistake was made. After that, it is an easy matter to find out more.

This not an exhaustive set of SRT phenomena, but this should prepare you when you encounter some sort of anomaly in session.

New Video Which should Save You Hours of Effort – Beings You Cannot Handle By Yourself

For those you who who could not make the webinar, I have posted a video about beings you cannot handle by yourself. This is vital data for all of you who have been working hard on talking to spirits without positive results. If you have been disappointed with your results from  SRT sessions, these are the beings who have been working against you. They are the most intelligent and aggressive beings we will encounter in session.

This video will show you how to recognize these beings in yourself and in others.  Once they are spotted, they can be handled if you twin up for counseling sessions or call me for a session.

You can watch the trailer and then buy this video and download it for $5.00

Spirits Seem to Need Games to Avoid Boredom

(This is another section from my new book, Talking To Spirits)

Spirits do not need bodies for many of the activities they can indulge in. They can travel instantaneously to any point in the physical universe in the past, present or future. They have been able to create and destroy matter, energy, space and time and although they are capable of infinite awareness and knowledge, they make mistakes and have lost a great deal of their original free will because of decisions they have made in the past.

From session data, it appear that one of the problems that can beset and all-knowing and all powerful being is boredom and in an effort to alleviate this boredom, the being begins to play games with other beings.

In order to play a game, beings adopt rules which require them to not know what the opposing beings know or are going to do. If all information and intentions are known, there is no possibility that an unknown result can occur. A game seems to require that the final result is unknown, therefore players in a game have to give up their ability to know what is going to happen.

To add complexity to a game, a being can define a playing field and create pieces or players to participate and to mark progress in the playing of the game. In this way, games can be devised which can take long periods of time and cover lots of physical universe territory.

Creating living pieces to use in playing a game seems to add a necessary degree of complexity that challenges a spirit. The ability to take perceptions and sensations from the body as it is used in the game keeps the interest high and is part of the reward from playing the game.

Spirits like games and projects and possession of a body evidently combines challenges and rewards of a grand nature. Depending on the game, a spirit may even be running multiple pieces or bodies and even playing their roles against each other.

Over time, the number of games can increase and sub-games can arise with goals and objectives that out reach any of the original goals. As the number of players is unlimited, the complexity of the games being played can increase without limit and the original point of the games can be lost in the shuffle.

Having pieces (bodies) with finite lifetimes adds to the complexity of the game of life. The game can be infinite, but your chosen pieces must be swapped out after a while and new strategies must be employed.

I see spirits who played grand roles in ancient history choosing to re-emerge in a role with great handicaps just to prove that they have what it takes to succeed under all conditions. A great leader with a stunning history of victories can choose to re-emerge as a crippled native boy or girl from a primitive culture to prove to himself that he can overcome all obstacles.

You can get the idea from these session observations that winning the great game is what is important and the body you use is just a tool for playing the game effectively.

Unfortunately, for many of the players I have met, the purpose of the great game has been lost over the eons and their attention is stuck on the impermanence and condition of the body they are running.

Most of us are no longer players in a great game. We have become the pieces we were fielding. Over the eons, we have gone from gods to pawns and knights on the chessboard of life.


(This is a section from my new book, Talking To Spirits – Part Three Advanced Concepts)

Spirits emanate Life Force. They are the only source of life force. Life Force is the energy produced by spirits and animates all living things. Life force is known by more than 66 names: Qi, Chi, Prana, etc., but all names mean the energy that animates all living things.

Life force can be felt and observed. Every part of a living body emanates life force. When a body is damaged or dying, the life force is lessened or absent.

Spirits emanate life force in proportion to their spiritual health. As spirits dwindle from joyous exultation down to apathy and non-existence as beings, they emanate less and less life force.

Every cell of the body is a living thing and each cell contain spirits who animate the cell. The state of the cell can be determined by the life force that is animating it. Since spirits are the source of life force in the body, it means that caring for these spirits can improve the health of the body and all of its parts.

There are as many different ways to encourage the production of life force as there are ways to encourage spiritual welfare. Conversely, spiritual attacks on the spirits animating the body will damage the health of the body.

Expressions of love and tenderness convey a spiritual warmth that can practically reanimate a sick or damaged body.

Hate flows directed at a body or body part will actually cause damage over time. This can be observed with plants or animals as well. The intention to harm can be as damaging as physical harm.

I am sure you have seen people who can make plants flourish merely by directing love at the plant every day. I have witnessed a teen aged girl cause a large plant to wither and almost die by the hate flows she was directing at the plant. When I spotted what she was doing and made her stop, the plant recovered. (She had no idea that she was capable of such psychic power.)

What is important with all bodies is the fact they are spiritual creations and are powered by the spirits in every cell. If you want to have a healthy body, do your best to admire it and handle any source of spiritual upset you detect. You can talk to any of the spirits in your body and if you find some who are disturbed you can help them and restore health to that part of the body if the damage is not too great.

There are a great number of people who are natural healers and they do this by perceiving disturbances in the person’s life force and flow healing energy to the injured or diseased body parts.

Once you start talking to spirits, you will find that you can see disturbances in a person’s life force and with little practice, you will find you can help the person recover, if they are willing to let you help them.

Do not attempt to heal someone if they do not want spiritual healing, as they will block your efforts and can even cause themselves to get sicker to prove you wrong.

Do not feel you have to limit your healing efforts to talking to the spirits involved. There are many ways to comfort ailing spirits: smudging with burning herbs, healing music, singing healing melodies, healing massage, laying on of hands and warm stones.

Once you gain the ability to see the fluctuations in a person’s life force, you will know what increases life force and what does not. In some cases, medical care and drugs will help, but you will be able to monitor what is going on by observing what the person’s life force is doing.


We had a fascinating discussion about being true to yourself and being protective of your creativity and your willingness to help others. You will note that I gave the date as 10/6/18 instead of the correct date of 10/7/18.

This video may help some of you deal with situations that have been resisting resolution.

You can see the Video Recording of this webinar: A SIMPLE WAY OF APPLYING SRT AXIOM #1 TO LIFE.   Use this link:

The first thing you will notice is that I gave the date as 10/6/18 instead of the correct date of 10/7/18.

At the end of the webinar, we engage in a free form bit of spiritual healing. Listen to this closely as it is similar to many of the more difficult healing situations we deal with. The solution was not obvious, but you will see that we reached a point where the body part felt better.


[This is a section out of my new Talking To Spirits book]

Yes there is and it has to do with your ability and willingness to treat your spiritual companions as “real people”.

I may have to repeat this several times before you get it, but spirits are exactly like you and I but for one reason or another they currently do not have bodies.

Spirit, ghost, haunt, specter, poltergeist, psyche, soul, entity, wraith, shade, phantasm, apparition are merely different names for a spiritual being.

You are a spiritual being who is currently running a body. You are surrounded by spiritual beings who do not have bodies at this time.

When you talk to spirits, you are talking to beings like yourself and they have all of the capabilities and defects that you have. You communicate with them using telepathy and they have a wealth of information they can share with you.

There is no difference in talking to your departed grandmother or President Lincoln. If either being happens to be in attendance, you can strike up a conversation with them if you mind your manners and have a topic in which they are interested.

Some people fail spectacularly at talking to spirits because they are trying to order them around as if these spirits are some sort of inferior beast. Talking to spirits is the polar opposite to exorcism.

Exorcists are trained to view spirits as devils or evil creatures which is patently ridiculous. Spirits can find themselves in a bad way because of their past experiences, but none are intrinsically evil, just not in their right minds. Later in this book we will discuss how you can talk to disturbed spiritual beings and bring them safely into present time where they can create new lives for themselves.

If you view spirits as beings just like yourself but without a body, you will be operating in the correct state of mind to carry on conversations with these beings and to help them and receive help in return.

It does not really matter if the spirit you are talking to is a gangbanger who died in a drug bust a few years ago or was a Roman soldier who has been parked on an English hillside for a few thousand years. If you approach the being in a caring way with the intention of helping him orient himself to his current situation, you will find that you can converse on number of subjects and the being will wake up and find himself interested in participating in the 21st Century in a new role that fits his needs.

If you start thinking of these disembodied spirits as people who have gotten parked in time as a result of some serious incident, you will be approaching them in the proper spirit. They are immortal, just as you are, and they are capable of playing an infinite number of roles in contemporary society. All you have to do is wake them up with some caring communication and they will soon be raring to go and learn about surfing and mountain climbing and running business and raising families again.

You need to develop your skills at recognizing spirits when they are present and striking up conversations with them because you will be picking up spirits every time you visit a hospital or a battlefield or any place where spirits congregate. Your ability to converse with them makes it less likely that they will hang around you and leave you feeling depressed for no apparent reason.

Spirits are always around you and once you gain the ability to perceive them and chat with them about matters that concern them, you become cause over them and are able to guide them to find places where they can work out their destinies without imposing their confusions on you.

For those spirits who have a desire to help you, you will be able to guide them in working with you to achieve your goals. Most of the spirits I have encountered are ready to participate in life even though they are not interested in picking up a body.

These spirits find that working with a person who is aware of them and can communicate with them satisfies their needs for action and at the same time lets them take advantage of the freedoms that go with being a free spirit. They can work with you as they see fit and they are still free to roam the universe in search of information and beauty.

When you accumulate a group of these spirits, you are in touch with activities all over the world and have the potential to spread your influence through them as well.

Spirits are definitely real people and they have abilities that your other friends do not have. They are an amazing asset when you know how to communicate with them.