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Want to Live Guilt-Free?

It’s been over a year since I last wrote about living guilt-free and it seems like we should go over this again for those who missed it the first time.

Guilt occurs when a person is convinced that they have done something wrong. Guilt is an emotion imposed on you by others. Other people can control you if they can make you feel guilty about what you are doing or being.

These feelings of guilt cause simple queries to trigger all sorts of unpleasant defensive reactions. If someone says, “Where were you?” or “Aren’t you going to the reunion?” you find it hard to give a simple and honest answer.

These deep seated feeling of guilt make you flinch when some one says, “You came in 30 minutes late!” or “You took the last doughnut!” or “You forgot to put the seat down!”

These deep seated feelings of guilt will also cause you to lie when it is not necessary. Instead of telling the truth, you find yourself inventing all sorts of excuses and white lies.

Well, it time to change your life and live guilt-free. If you have deep seated feelings of guilt that have been with you for years regardless of your actual behavior, you are afflicted with some spirits who are stuck in a mistake that has left them permanently feeling guilty.

I will be holding a webinar tomorrow, 12-9-18, on this subject of living guilt-free.

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Webinar – Discovering The Beings Who Keep You From Making Friends And Money

I have been doing some research recently to identify beings who we cannot handle on our own, and I feel I have discovered a subset of these beings who we would get great benefit and personal relief from discovering their existence.

These are the beings responsible for spiritual possession, walk-ins, curses, dementia, and other manifestations of being under someone else’s control, but the subset I wish to discuss Sunday are the beings who keep you from making friends and money.

These are beings who you cannot handle yourself unless you are very unusual. The biggest problem is that you can rarely spot them because they are the source of your persistent failures to flourish and prosper.

The real problem is that your efforts to make friends and make money are extremely painful to them and they have all sorts of maneuvers to keep you from triggering their painful experiences.

They will make you do things that your friends can see as non productive or as a complete lack of confront, but you will not be able to see or do anything about it when they try to help you by pointing out your inability to cope.

You may even be unable to recall what you do when you are confronted by a situation that activates them. These are the class of beings who take control of you and cripple your ability to deal with certain situations.

We will be doing some exercises to make you aware of the beings that affect you personally, but we will be doing this in a way that should not be embarrassing.

By the end of the webinar, you should have identified the beings who are blocking you from developing meaningful relationships, or securing the job you want, or preventing you from generating the income you are capable of.

At that time, I will be giving you a couple of solutions for handling these spirits which you can start immediately.

Join me tomorrow, Sunday, December 2nd at 12 noon on Zoom at the usual link:

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Lets finish the year in style by removing any persisting barriers! See you Sunday at noon.

David St Lawrence

SRT Webinar – Free Will vs Personal Privacy

The entire thrust of Spiritual Rescue Technology is to increase free will of the beings studying it and being counseled.

Free will means being able to communicate at will, but it also implies the existence of personal privacy and control over one’s personal information. Privacy is not simply an absence of information about us in the minds of others; rather it is the control we have over information about ourselves.

In this webinar we explore the implications of free will how it relates to organizations and life in general.