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Positioning for: Talking To Spirits – The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy

Positionng for:  Talking To Spirits – The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy

The cover graphics and the treatment of the spiritual material will appear to be in alignment with the many other books in the “Talking to Spirits” genre.

The focus will be on the spiritual experiences rather than on the technology involved in handling spiritual beings in distress. The purpose of the book is to bring about a deeper understanding of the role that spirits play in our lives and how talking to these spirits will bring about a desirable change in our relationship with spirits.

I will be illustrating almost all of the main points in story format because the relationships and imagery of the spiritual world is best conveyed through stories.

The chapters will be short with numerous pull quotes and graphics to highlight the most important points to remember about spirits. The book will be written in a conversational tone to make assimilation of the many new ideas as easy as possible. The language will be simple and will be as non-technical as possible. If a complex idea is to be presented, I will include a graphic to illustrate the important relationships.

There will be numerous examples from real life, but the stories will be carefully anonymized to protect the privacy of the clients involved.

I will be contracting for a cover design that will communicate the serenity that talking to spirits brings about while providing a link to the earlier books to show a prior history of publications in this important area.

This is an early draft of the cover to show the kind of positioning I hope to achieve.  I hope to have a professional execute a design that incorporates the positioning with appropriate graphics and typography.

TALKING TO SPIRITS – Introduction – DRAFT 7-11-18


The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy


We are surrounded by spiritual beings in every state of awareness imaginable. When you learn how to talk to spirits, you will unlock the secrets of existence and will be able to accomplish spiritual healing and divination. You will also discover that life force energy, known also as Chi, Prana, and Ki is made up of individual spiritual beings acting in concert.

When you have read this book and completed the exercises, you will be able to verify for yourself that talking to spirits is not only possible, but will allow you to accomplish goals that you formerly thought impossible.

There is no belief required in order to talk to spirits, only a willingness to understand which thoughts and images are yours and which of them come from other beings. You will discover that you have been barraged all of your life by thoughts and feelings that were not you own. When you finally realize how many of your actions and decisions have been influenced by the spirits surrounding you, you will gain a sense of freedom that few living people have enjoyed.

As you begin to talk to spirits and explore how they work in concert to keep a body alive and functioning, you will gain the ability to heal bodies by bringing spirits into alignment and banishing their confusion. As you gain more ability to perceive spirits and to interact with them, you will find yourself handling spiritual upsets by inspection.

You will gain the ability to recognize harmonious flows of life energy and to handle clusters of spirits who are fixated on some past injury and are disturbing the harmony of a body or a group. As your awareness of life force energy grows, your ability to interact directly with others and to help them align their life force to maintain harmony increases.

It is easy to recognize harmony and to differentiate it from disharmony, but a deep understanding of the spiritual forces at work will enable to you to handle upsets of long duration in a matter of hours because you will know how to communicate to the upset spirits and free them from the traps they are stuck in.

Since we are surrounded by beings, you are constantly receiving their emotions and intentions. After a while, you come to think of their thoughts and emotions as your own. In a very real sense, you are misowning their thoughts and intentions and are running your life on the intentions and desires of other beings. Your attitudes, desires and actions are controlled by these other spirits and until you learn to talk to these spirits, your life will not be under your control.

Other spirits are talking to you constantly. This book will show you how to understand what they are saying and to wake them up and get them to help you achieve your dreams.

This book should be available by September 2018

I can use volunteer editors and proof readers.

I also need cover suggestions.

I will be offering sessions in exchange as well as acknowledgments in the book