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If you have read Talking to Spirits – Part Three, you are invited to a free webinar this Sunday

I sent out Talking to Spirits – Part Three to a number of people and would like to gather their feedback this Sunday at 12 noon. I want your reactions to this part of the book as well as any editorial comments you care to make.

I intend to get this book to Kindle Publishing in the next two weeks and your feedback will help me achieve that goal. All who have helped with editing and review will get a mention in the acknowledgements and will also receive a free copy of the electronic version of Talking to Spirits.

The paperback version will take a few weeks more, so I expect it will not appear until January.

Please join me in Sunday’s free Webinar at 12 noon using this link:

If, for some reason you have not received a copy of Talking to Spirits – Part Three to review, please let me know and I will send you a copy immediately.

I want as much feedback as possible on this part of the book as it contains material that has not appeared before.

I would also like to discuss the possibility of training you to deliver sessions if that would interest you. I would like to make the training intensive and affordable, so your suggestions will be important in determining the final result.

I am without internet for the next few days so there will be no webinar this Sunday

We had a spectacular ice storm a few days ago and our power will not be restored until Saturday evening at 10 p.m.  his does not give me time to prepare for a webinar on Sunday so I would like you to use the time doing solo sessions or Consulting with your spiritual teammates.

I have been testing out a different way of Co counseling that might be helpful for some of you who are not confident of delivering sessions to another person. The way this works is 4 two people to work together to locate a being or clusters for one of the people and then the person who has the themes for clusters basically does a solo session with occasional help from the other person.

The reason this works is that having two people looking for a troubled being seems to illuminate the location where the being is and the person can now see a being where none was visible before.  Once a bring or a cluster is made visible by several people looking to locate it then the person who has the being can handle it with a solo session.

I have been using this procedure with Tim Lewis and Garrett Martel with great success.  We switch back and forth and find that we can spot beings using this technique where none is visible with us trying it alone.

Video of Webinar 11-11-18 Ridding Yourself Of Embarrassing Memories

This video should be required viewing for any of you who still have areas of your life that you cannot easily face.

I have discovered a way to relieve the pain and embarrassment of these incidents without running them in public view. I would like to show you how this can be done by understanding the role of the beings you are carrying with you every day of your life.

You can preview the video free of charge and may view and download the entire video by paying $5.00. If you discover an area you would like help handling, text or call me at 540-320-6852

Webinar 11-11-18 Ridding Yourself Of Embarrassing Memories

In a perfect world, you would be able to face your future without flinching or embarrassment. Unfortunately, most of us have accumulated memories that still cause us to cringe when they are recalled.

I find that these memories are some of the biggest barriers to progress in counseling. Some are so painful that the memories are completely shut off, leaving only a feeling that there is something there that should not be inspected.

I have come up with a way to relieve the pain and embarrassment of these incidents without running them in public view. I would like to show you how this can be done by understanding the role of the beings you are carrying with you every day of your life and how they influence you to break the taboos that define the boundaries of behavior in a civilized society.

You will not be required to bare your innermost secrets, but you will have the opportunity to examine those moments that are still crippling you and to work out a permanent solution that frees your attention forever.

Join me tomorrow on Zoom at this link:

The donation for the webinar is $10. If you have not paid your webinar fee already, use this PayPal Instant payment link to do so:

Video of Webinar 11-05-18 Stabilizing Your Gains From SRT Sessions

You spend time and effort becoming more aware of your spiritual abilities and using them to achieve your goals in life.

You may not be aware how your choices of entertainment and news can affect your health and your life force.

In this webinar we discuss what you can do to stabilize your gains from spiritual processing.


If you are not making the income you deserve and are struggling to make ends meet, you may be suffering from an all too common complaint – Bad News!

I posted an article titled:

There May Be A Common Reason Why Some Of You Are Experiencing Financial Difficulties

Please read it if you have not done so and join me on Zoom for a free webinar where we will discuss what you are experiencing and what we can do about it.

Some of you may also be exposing yourself to destructive influences like staying connected to groups that are hostile to you, or getting involved in projects that are wearing you down and are not giving you satisfaction.

Join me on Zoom at noon tomorrow. Use this link:


There May Be A Common Reason Why Some Of You Are Experiencing Financial Difficulties

Me after reading the news

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Are you the picture of good health? Do you radiate cheerfulness and a zest for life? Or, are you pushing through life trying to ignore an avalanche of bad news and traumatic events? If you immerse yourself in the sewage that passes for daily news every day, you are setting yourself up to scare off business.

The daily barrage of damaging news we hear everyday is not good for the human psyche. Every time we experience or hear about a traumatic event, we go into stress mode. Our mainstream media thrives on stressful news and if some event isn’t stressful, they can twist it so it appears horrifying or disgusting.

Media is rarely news any more. It is almost always opinion and this makes the people they are attacking feel stressed and resentful. Even if you are not one of the people named in a news article, reading or hearing it will leave you upset and this affects your health over time.

In such an atmosphere of distrust and hateful attacks, your ability to remain cheerful and productive suffers.

If you, like many business owners and independent operators need to promote yourself and your services to generate income, you are operating under a handicap when you are stressed and unhappy, because your physical appearance suffers and your health is not inspiring.

There is an adage in selling that has stood the test of time: Make friends first and then do business. If you are interested in the person you wish to do business with, you want to develop a personal relationship with them. If you are worried and upset with life, you are not going to be at your best and why would someone want to be your friend?

This is not about selling techniques, my message is that you will make friends more easily when you are happy and full of life. People will even ask what you do when you are a happy person who wants to help them.

If you immerse yourself in the spew of opinion and misinformation on Facebook and network news every day, you are going to load yourself down with confusions, frustrations and with gross misinformation which you cannot easily dispel.

When you attempt to attract business, you will still be carrying your frustrations and upsets with you and that is no way to make friends and attract new customers. An unending diet of pessimism and potential threats will affect your health and will damage your ability to be optimistic and creative as well.

Try avoiding news of all kinds on Facebook and on TV for several weeks and see if your mood doesn’t improve. If you are still stuck in discouragement, get some counseling and see what is holding you down. Unlock your creativity and your sociability and start generating opportunities for yourself and don’t be reasonable about sources of bad news and negativity. Avoid negativity from the media and from your day to day associates and you will see a difference in just a few days.

Me after avoiding the daily news.

Every client I have gotten to adopt this approach has seen an immediate uptrend in their customer traffic. When they learn how to maintain positive attitudes and intentions, their income has increased also.


(This is from a chapter of my new book, “Talking To Spirits”. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but this is the first compilation in a useful form.)

5. Beings who think they are you

There will be days when you do not act like yourself and cannot seem to snap out of this unhappy frame of mind. This is usually accompanied by mood swings you cannot control even if you can see them coming on.

To others who know you, it will seem as if you have an invisible co-pilot who takes over when things do not go your way. You may even be dimly aware that you turn into this alternate personality at times but you have no control over the transition.

The transition can be short-lived, lasting only seconds, or it can last for days or even months depending on the stimulus. The transition can be dramatic or subtle, but you are not the same person when the transition occurs and the effects on your life and your relationships can be permanent.

Even when you are aware you are going into an altered state, you are unable to observe and analyze what is going on. You have a being or several beings who assume command when something in the environment triggers the switch.

A competent spiritual counselor will be able to discover the reason for the multiple personalities struggling for control and will enable all beings to reach agreement on a new arrangement.

6. Walk-ins and permanent possession by another spirit

Unfortunately, you will not be able to detect this condition by yourself, as you may not remember who was in charge before you arrived. You may discover this if someone mentions that you sure have changed since your operation or since the accident that almost killed you.

If you suspect that you are a walk-in, try remembering images from early parts of your life. You just may find that the early images are all still pictures while more recent images are available as full motion videos.

If you have encountered any of these situations, you need to pull in reinforcements. A trained spiritual counselor is the best solution, but a perceptive friend who cares for you may be all that you have at hand.

Knowing that you are being possessed by beings as described above may give you enough certainty to manage yourself and stay out of trouble until you find someone who can help.

The biggest problem these beings present is that they are the most intelligent and aggressive beings I have encountered in session. In some cases they are more able than you are.

You will find help if you can describe the problem to your potential reinforcement. Use the data in this chapter to show them what is happening. A trained spiritual counselor should be able to give you lasting relief.


(This is from a chapter of my new book, “Talking To Spirits”. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but this is the first compilation in a useful form.)

3. Beings who have developed a strategy to keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities

If you have some of these beings around you, it will be almost impossible to carry out any protracted effort to improve yourself.

These beings keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities. I do not believe that this is a deliberate activity, it is more a continuous franticness where the being’s attention shifts from one topic to another as soon as you put attention on analyzing what is going on.

You can tell when you have some of these beings affecting you because you will be unable to complete tasks lasting more than a few minutes. If you start to pick up your office, for example, after an attempt to organize some documents, you will find yourself on your smartphone scanning your calendar and browsing Facebook.

When you pull yourself together and look at your desk again, you will find several bills that must be paid immediately as soon as you can find where you left your checkbook.

You will not be able to find your checkbook because you left it in the car and you decide to find it later and get lunch instead.

Almost everyone has beings like this around them and yet when getting a counseling session, this problem is the last to be mentioned. Beings of this type make your attention skitter from topic to topic and the unwary counselor can overlook the skittering and go for the topics uncovered.

Handling this type of being will restore calm to your life and will make you so much more productive that you will look back and be amazed at the confusion you have escaped.

4. Beings whose crimes are unconfrontable

There are times when you suddenly have a terrifying certainty that you are guilty of some obscenely awful act, but cannot seem to identify what it was. This certainty can be emphasized by the appearance of multiple disgusting dream sequences that are very real and leave you shaking. The appalling things about this type of incident is that you feel the emotion of self-disgust and terror, but you cannot seem to justify how or why you got into this terrible situation.

You will experience the guilt and horror, but you cannot seem to figure out how it happened.

If this happens to you, you have woken up a being who is desperately trying to escape a horror in his past and you are getting the benefit of his fear and self-loathing and thinking they are your own feelings.

Call a spiritual counselor and lay this tortured being to rest. You will all feel better when his incident is handled.



(This is from a chapter of my new book, “Talking To Spirits”. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but this is the first compilation in a useful form.This post has been edited to add 6. Walk-ins and permanent possession by another spirit)

When you become proficient at talking to spirits and releasing them from the traps they devised for themselves, do not be surprised if you encounter spiritual beings that you cannot handle by yourself.

You may not be able to handle any of these beings by yourself, unless you are desperate, but you can detect the presence of these beings by yourself if you are prepared and know what to look for.

It appears that there are several groups of beings who cannot be handled in a solo session.

1. Beings who make you go unconscious.
2. Spirits who take control of your actions whenever they feel threatened with exposure.
3. Beings who have developed a strategy to keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities.
4. Beings whose crimes are unconfrontable
5. Beings who think they are you
6. Walk-ins and permanent possession by another spirit

I do not want you to take a loss from this situation if you encounter any of these beings, so I will first give you some advice on how to detect one when it appears. There are definite signs that one of the above identified beings is affecting you. The signs of their presence are numbered accordingly.

1. You keep yawning and nodding off when you attempt to contact this type of being. This can escalate to the point where you actually go unconscious when someone asks you about a topic which triggers the being’s earlier incident.

This being is carrying an enormous burden of unconsciousness from an incident where he lost his life.
He has been unable to shed the confusion and blame he carries for what happened.

You may find that both you and your counselor may briefly go unconscious while you are attempting to handle the being in a session.

2. If you encounter a being who takes control of your actions, you will not have a clear memory of what is happening. You will become upset at your counselor because he does not seem to understand you and is not asking the right questions.

You will feel grumpy during the session and will not know why. It will seem like the counselor is not listening to you because he is not agreeing with you and helping you to get better.

For some reason, you will not be able to get a name for this being and you will be avoiding answering the counselors questions for one reason or another.

If the counselor is persistent enough to discover the being who is doing this, you may experience disorientation and want to discontinue the session.

If the counselor is gentle and uses caring communication, the being who is running you may wake up, and you and the being may have a moment of clarity when you both realize what happened to him to put him in his current state.

If you are fortunate enough to have a counselor who can free you from this being, you will realize that you have not been yourself for most of your life. You have been under the control of a being who has been hiding out in an effort to survive and avoid discovery. You will both feel better when he wakes up and comes to present time.