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WEBINAR 4-21-19 Living Thought and Life Force

You are a spirit and whether or not you truly understand the significance of this, you are an immortal living thought.

You also generate life force which other people can feel and react to.

As far as we can determine, all spirits generate life force and it seems to be on a self-determined basis. Some beings generate lots of life force and other beings barely emit any life force. With Spiritual Rescue Technology, we are starting to be able to encourage beings to expand their output of life force. There is much more that we can learn because we learn more about spiritual beings with each session that we run.

Here are some of the things we know already, that you should be able to verify yourself:

A spirit can generate lots of life force and share it with others to encourage them to generate more life force in return.

A disturbed spirit can suck the life force out of another spirit.

A severe impact or overwhelm can somehow capture a spirit’s life force and render the spirit unable to remove his attention from the incident. His life force will seem to be tied up and focused on the incident until someone rescues him from that situation. It does not seem that the being is able to free himself without assistance, although it is possible that someone will devise a system for enabling this to happen.

A spirit is a living thought, with capabilities that have not been fully mapped. Various memories floating around in the SRT group we work with would seem to indicate that spirits can change physical universe realities in ways that have not been fully documented.

We are investigating and documenting spiritual abilities through workshops and webinars and SRT sessions, with the hope that our research will open doors to attainment of greater spiritual abilities and greater spiritual freedom. A number of our members have experienced significant positive changes through our interaction with spirits.

When a living thought encounters another living thought with similar intentions, there is a strong possibility of mutual interaction with positive results. The presence or absence of a living body can affect the interaction because the living body is a collection of spirits operating at many different levels

A trained spirit can observe spiritual activity in space, in a body, or in inanimate objects or materials.

All living things contain and are animated by spirits. So called “healing crystals” derive their power from spirits trapped in the crystal. The mechanism for this entrapment is not understood at this time, but simply grasping the crystal can free the beings in some cases.

I picked up a black tourmaline crystal that was emitting a perceptible spiritual energy and thousands of beings trapped in the crystal instantly escaped and rushed away, leaving me with an inert piece of black tourmaline.

As a living spirit, there is no natural barrier to recognizing and communicating with other living spirits. On the other hand, spirits have trained themselves to ignore communication from other spirits so that they can regard the physical universe as a real set of boundaries and limits.

If spirits could easily perceive the other spirits who surround them and make up the physical universe, it would change the game they are committed to playing. Such an adjustment in perceptions would probably require a changing of the rules we live by.

I think that this possibility and the changes that would occur are worth discussing. Since this will further alter your view of life, I ask you to keep an open mind and to keep an eye on those of your spiritual companions who may lose it if the rules change.

Seeing yourself as a composite beingness is but one step in attaining a greater awareness of what is actually going on in this universe we have constructed.

Seeing yourself with the possibility of communicating with this universe in ways we have not yet considered may require some further adjustment of our potential role in this universe. We may have to embrace the idea that grass and trees and even walls have volition.

Where there are spirits, there is intention, and if we are able to discern intention can we not alter it when desired?

Lets discuss this on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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Free Workshop 4-20-19 – Hot Button Lists

There will come a time when you have handled so many of the spirits who surround you that you will go for days without anything impinging on your usual state of grace. If we arrange a session, I am always able to pick up on some being who is not smoothly contributing to your flow, but you will not always be interested in handling this being.

Let us say that the being is stuck in boredom and that he manages to act bored when you suggest doing something. He does not usually manage to slow you down, but he does take the fine edge off your efforts to create any new effects. You might not want to spend a session handling the bored guy, but you might be interested in handling your tendency to be introverted or your inability to make casual conversation with members of the opposite sex.

On the other hand, there are questions you have never asked yourself, which might have a large effect on your ability to succeed in business or in life. They tend to relate to conditions which have persisted for so long that you don’t even realize that they exist. They can include questions like:

  • Is someone after you?
  • Have you done anything you could be cursed for?
  • Is there anything important you are trying to remember?
  • What shameful thing are you still trying to forget?
  • Is there anyone you have abandoned?
  • Do you feel trapped in your current situation?
  • What are you doing to stop yourself?
  • What should people not know about you?
  • Have you ever made love to the wrong person?
  • Have you ever pretended to be a human being?
  • Have you ever desecrated a holy place?

These kinds of questions reveal charged areas that may not have been touched this entire lifetime, but they are potential hot buttons which can trigger unexpected responses if not addressed. When you have handled most of your charged areas of life by standard SRT processing, you can free up many areas of stuck attention by running a hot button list on some area of life that you would like to expand into.

If you wish to heal people, you could run long lists of buttons having to do with failures to heal, accidental deaths, plagues you have started, operations you did not do correctly, body parts, blood, amniotic fluid, semen, bile, intestines, diseases, etc., etc. until the person was totally flat on body parts and mistakes made in healing. You would then be able to stay in present time regardless of the state the patient was in or what he said when you were operating on him.

Similarly, if you wish to engage in politics or public speaking, you could run lists having to do with corruption, bribery, hostile audiences, betrayals, failed decisions, lies you have told, and various other topics until you could face audiences and constituents without fear.

We will discuss various hot buttons and how you might use them in sessions and solo sessions until you feel confident that you can create and use lists as you need to. I will also deliver a session to a volunteer to show how a hot button is found and removed.

Join me Saturday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Some High Points from the 4-14-19 Sunday Webinar

Joachim Held summarized some of the things we discussed during last Sunday’s webinar and made me realize how important this latest discovery is. I am restating his summary with the addition of my own thoughts and you are all invited to add your own realizations to this effort.

1. No matter where you are in relation to the rest of the universe you occupy, you will have greater control of your existence if you take the time to recognize the intentions and counter-intentions that others are experiencing.

2. The counter-intentions that others show to your peaceful existence may have more to do with the pressures they are experiencing from above or from other sources.

3. Each level in a civilization and in a universe has its own rules and its own challenges. Understanding the rules of other levels will give you an ability to make the right decisions for your own survival.

4. If you fully understand their motivation, you can become pan-determined if you wish. When that occurs, your frustration and bitterness at the unthinking cruelty of the world will vanish. You will see what is and you will be able to devise a plan for converting what is to what you desire it to be.

5. When any level is not pan-determined, they do what they think is best for themselves and their people. When they fixate on a solution to the ills that they see, their solution wreaks havoc on the rest of civilization. Every tyrant is trying to accomplish something for the people he feels he represents.

6. Since every level in a civilization is a series of interlocking lives, any solution that does not take into account all of the other lives and work to the resolution of mutual problems will eventually build resistance such that this solution will be considered evil and will eventually be destroyed.

7. The only hope for a peaceful resolution is to maintain open communication, no matter what provocation exists, without losing control of your own group.

8. If separation from the other group is required to continue your existence, maintaining open communication is essential to your continued freedom. In addition, you will need to ensure that your existence is not a threat to the group you have separated from.

9. These lessons from history are available to every practitioner of Spiritual Rescue Technology, because we can communicate with those who tried to solve these issues in other ways and failed miserably. Every day we communicate with those who struggled against the constraints of the unfairness of the lives they lived and we find that are still enmeshed in the unfairness of it all.

When we help them discover that they chose a role that came ready-made with overwhelming opposition, they perceive the decision that led to their current and everlasting distress. Inspecting the fatal decision and all of the justifications for making that decision allows the beings involved to let go of the decision and all subsequent results.

We can sum this up by saying, “If a being considers that life is unfair, he doesn’t understand the rules for that part of the universe. Once you understand the rules, you can end the game or change the rules.”

Webinar 4-14-19 Finding and Handling Beings Who Are Destroying Your Future – Part 2

We covered some of the beings who are destroying your future in our Saturday workshop and we ended with a major realization which we will discuss in the Sunday webinar.

We have more beings blocking our futures and we will discuss them in this webinar before doing a session to show you how to detect and handle these beings whose messages are so reasonable that you have been repeating them to others for most of your life.

Here are just a few of these messages:

I could end up in poverty if I fail

I’m too old for this

It’s too late

To be early is a waste of time

I’m tired, I don’t want to think about that

I want to make everything go away

Is it worthwhile?

We are going to discuss a few of these intentions and I will choose a volunteer who will offer up some of his spirits for a session.

This session will show you some aspects of your personality that you have not previously explored. Be prepared for an unexpected result, even if you are not the person receiving the session.

Join me tomorrow, Sunday 4-14-19, on Zoom at 12 noon using this link:

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Free Workshop 4-13-19 Finding and Handling Beings Who Are Destroying Your Future

You may think your future success is being blocked by beings who hold you back with fearful images of failure and that is partially true. Your future is actually being blocked by beings you can rarely detect because their messages are so reasonable that you have been repeating them to others for most of your life.

Here are just a few of these messages:

Nothing can be done about it

I can’t make money

It’s going to kill me

That could never happen

I could end up in poverty if I fail

I’m too old for this

It’s too late

To be early is a waste of time

I’m tired, I don’t want to think about that

I want to make everything go away

We are going to discuss a few of these intentions and I will choose a volunteer who will offer up some of his spirits for a session.

This session may be unlike many of the other sessions because these beings have usually made themselves part of your personality and generally do not recognize that they are separate beings with histories of their own.

Getting the being to recognize that he is an immortal being may take longer than freeing him from the incident he is dramatizing.

Join me today, Saturday 4-13-19 on Zoom at 12 noon using this link:

Webinar – 4-7-19 – When People Resist Your Attempts to Make Them Happy

Once you learn how to make people happy and can do it without effort, you can learn how to recognize when the person is resisting your efforts to make them happy and adjust your expectations of doing business accordingly.

First of all, not everyone wants to do business with you, or to be your friend, or to have you as an employee. If you cannot bring someone up to friendly behavior with polite conversation, there is no reason to continue and you should say to yourself, “NEXT!” and look for another person to communicate with.

There can be several barriers to doing business with people who actually need what you are willing to provide. 1. They do not like you for some reason. 2. They do not understand what you are willing to provide. 3. You are already trying to do business when you have not handled barriers #1 and #2.

If you cannot bring a person out of hostility with a few friendly remarks, you are facing a situation which will not result in satisfactory business transactions. Look at it this way, if there is no opportunity to make friends, there is no opportunity to do business. You will do best by using caring communication and suggesting someone else they might be happier with.

If you are successful in making the person feel important by what you are saying and you have developed a reality between you and them, you still need to create affinity for what you are providing and create a reality on what it will do for them.

As a counselor, it is fairly easy for me to make friends with people and make them feel important in a very short time. It is a more challenging task to get them to share their fears and major life issues, but it can be done if I have made myself real to them and made them feel important. Once they feel safe sharing a problem that bothers them, I have the task of convincing them that I have a solution for that problem.

This is where experience comes in. When you have already solved the problem that this person is concerned about, a simple narrative of how the solution was accomplished can go a long way toward getting the person interested in what you have to offer.

I may have made this sound complicated, but every step is designed to make the prospect happy about dealing with me, happy about what I do, and happy about the solution I offer for his problem. If at any point, I find I am making the prospect unhappy I go back to the last step where happiness was occurring and remedy what I have changed or cheerfully end off with the last friendly step.

The person may have been very happy to meet me and share life experiences, and happy to hear that I am a spiritual counselor, but his upbringing may stop any further discussion of spirits as that is an evil practice and is forbidden to him. If I end off and make it safe for him to refuse any further exposure to spirits, we will remain friends and our relationship will continue with no fear that I will involve him in spiritual matters.

If you are selling insurance or providing any kind of service, you will not be wasting your time making friends with people and letting them know what services you provide. If you can make them happy in the process of meeting them and describing what you do, they will not feel threatened and may even mention you to others. People will refer others to someone they feel good about. Making people happy is almost a guarantee that you will get referrals.

I get new people showing up unannounced because someone I know has mentioned what I do. They did not need it, but thought that a friend could use my skill at handling troubled spirits.

Another point to remember is that your prospects are not really interested in how complete your insurance offering is, or how many spirits you can scare away, they want solutions and how you achieve the solution is less important than how quickly can you provide the solution. If you can make a person happy by discussing a solution for their problem, you can build trust so they will accept the work that goes into providing the solution.

If you can break down a commercial transaction into the following steps, I think you will find your success rates will soar:

1. Make friends with the person so you are real to them and you are both happy with the result.

2. Discover what problem they are facing and determine if they are willing to pay for a solution for it.

3. Introduce your product or service to them so that it is real to them and make them happy about it.

3. Discuss how you are going to provide the solution they need and make them happy about it.

At any point in this process, if the person starts resisting what you are doing, be prepared to end off in a friendly manner. If you have done the steps well, you may not have a customer, but you will have a new acquaintance who may end up referring you to others. You will also find that the process will not exhaust you, but will leave you feeling satisfied whatever the outcome.

Please join me Sunday 4-7-19 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

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Free Workshop – Some Ways to Make Others Happy

1. Please read Try Making Others Happy before going on.

2. Refresh your memory on what Caring Communication is and what it does.

Caring Communication is the exchange of information

between living beings

with the intent to help the other being

achieve a higher state of existence.

3. Making the other person feel important is one way of making them happy. Cheerfully asking a person their name and introducing yourself will raise a person’s emotional tone level. In many cases, this is all that is needed to make a person happier then they were before.

4. Noticing something about the person and complimenting them on it can make a person happy.

5. Showing interest in a person will often make them happy.

6. Asking them what they do and acknowledging the importance of their work will often make people happy.

7. If you ask enough questions about them and their history to establish a reality on who they are and why they are important, you will remember them and they will remember you. This is not a mechanical activity. You must be interested in them and in learning about them for this to make them happy and to make you happy. Your intention is to determine if you can become friends and to engage in conversation until you have established enough common interests that you will attempt to remain friends.

8. This is not something you have to do with everyone you meet, only the people who you wish to be friends with. You do not have to do this all at once. A simple introduction to some one you will be seeing often like a cashier in a supermarket can be followed by expanded conversations each time you meet the person. It will not be long before the person will smile and become happy when you appear before them. Every transaction with this person will raise their tone level and yours as well.

9 If you can do this simple exercise with people you meet on a daily basis, you will soon be able to do this effortlessly with clients and people you do business with.

10. Once you learn how to make people happy and can do it without effort, you can learn to recognize when the person is resisting your efforts to make them happy and adjust your expectations of doing business accordingly.

11. People who resist your efforts to make them happy are not in good shape and they make poor business or life partners. Handling this kind of relationship will be the subject of the Sunday webinar.

We will be discussing and drilling ways to make people happy in this Saturday’s workshop. Join me on zoom at 12 noon using this link:

Try Making Others Happy

During recent counseling sessions, I discovered an often ignored factor that can completely transform your relationships with clients and other people you deal with.

It is so powerful that, when followed, you will get repeat business and if you try to apply it and are repulsed by the person you are trying to help, you will know that your relationship with this person is essentially doomed.

This is such a powerful concept that it should become an axiom of some sort, except that I do not know how to phrase it right now.

You may think that you are providing a service to someone or are providing a product for someone, but you will only succeed IF YOU HAVE MADE THEM HAPPY BY DOING SO.

Take a look at your business or practice and notice the times you have made someone really happy with what you have provided.

How did you feel?

How did they feel?

Did they recommend you to others?

Did they come back for more services or products?

Now take a look at the times you worked very hard to please a client or customer and it did not make them happy.

Ask the same questions and the answers will be no or negative.

I think you will find that you are actually in the business of making people happy when you interact with them, and that happiness is the only real measuring stick to apply when deciding to work with them.

In other words, if you cannot make someone happy when you are first introduced to them, you should not be doing business with them.

There is an important truth that I learned from a master salesman, “Make friends and then do business.

Applying what I have recently learned from talking to spirits, if you cannot bring a person up to happiness when you are first introduced to them, your chances of making them happy with a commercial transaction is almost nonexistant.

You will be better off sending them to a competitor than trying to please them with your work or services. This is why bringing up what you have to offer and the price for your services early is so rational.

If you cannot make friends with your prospective client or customer, they will not be happy with anything you do for them. Quite frankly, working for someone like that will cost you time and money. Think of the bosses you have worked for who were not happy with you or what you did. You probably lost valuable time working for them and they never appreciated you or paid you what you were worth. I have years of experience to support this fact. I thought, like you, that good work would pull me through. If you cannot make someone happy with what you are doing, you are up against a spiritual problem that your hard work will not solve.

People have crippled themselves for life trying to make unhappy bosses, wives and customers pleased with their efforts, when the unhappy person’s state of mind was such that the efforts were invisible to them.

If you are in doubt, just ask these questions of the person who you are failing to please.
“What will make you happy with what I am doing?
“What do you consider to be a fitting reward for doing that?”

If you cannot ask the person these questions, you already know what their answers are.

One again for those who find this hard to grasp: If you cannot make a person happy when you first meet them, you have very little chance of success doing business with them.

Making a person happy to meet you only requires caring communication. If that doesn’t work on this person, find someone else to deal with.

I will be doing a workshop and a webinar on this topic this week because I think it is so important and so hard to grasp. There will be more details later.

Results From Today’s Webinar: Granting Wishes For Others

We practiced sharing our states of grace with each other and discovered that we experienced joy on sharing with others who could happily accept our grace and we all had an opportunity to experience being the target of others sharing their grace with us.

We also discovered that we could easily see when someone has resistance to being showered with a state of grace. This was not the person themselves but spirits who were not ready to experience joy of this sort. We were able to overpower this tentative resistance, but it was enough to confirm what Alka Madan had shared with us when she recounted what she encountered when she shared her state of grace with those who were not ready to receive it.

Following the webinar, I have had a persisting state of grace which helped me sort out some long standing issues with no effort at all. I am able to see a positive effect on others in my household since you all shared your grace with me. This confirmed what one of you suggested about the ripple effect of sharing grace with other beings. Those who experience the sharing of grace should be able to share their state of grace with others.

There is more work to be done in this area, but the initial results are very encouraging.

If we can attain a state of grace, we can share it with others and we all benefit.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a state of grace, here is a definition that works for some of us:

When you are in harmonious friendship with yourself,

with others and with the cosmos,

you experience an effortless flow of grace. 
Grace has power in it, and when we align with the friendly power of the universe,
we can create a life of spiritual freedom, emotional strength and effortless success .
Flowing with grace, we contribute to others and to the ongoing flourishing of life. 

You may wish to read the earlier posts on reaching and maintaining a state of grace.

Have a great week creating and enjoying your state of grace.

Webinar 3-31-19 Granting Wishes For Others

We spent yesterday discussing the power you have while in a state of grace and how you can influence the lives of others. Today I would like to have you practice harnessing that power and using it to help each other achieve a goal that seems to be out of reach.

I have seen what you can do when we practiced remote healing and you joined your intentions to mine. We are going to discuss how we might add our grace to each other and then we will get someone to volunteer an area where they need help in making the physical universe conform to their needs.

We will then come to agreement on what help will achieve the needed result and we will join our intentions and see what results we can bring about.

We will do this several times to make sure we know how to do this as a group and in this way we will handle any counter-intentions from the group or from the beings surrounding us.

Please do all you can to raise your state of grace before the webinar, using meditation, SRT axioms, and solo sessions where required.

Then identify for yourself what result would make the most improvement in your life so that we can work to bring this about for you.

Please join me at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: