Free Webinar – Sunday 8-11-19 – Taking A Closer Look At Clusters Of Beings

We have known for a long time that clusters of beings behave differently than individual beings, but we rarely have taken the time to list out the different behaviors.

At one end of the activity spectrum, a cluster of beings will appear as an inert mass. At the other end of the activity spectrum, a cluster could pass for a family member of neighbor.

We recently encountered a cluster of beings who appeared to be some sort of machine. Once the cluster was spotted, the strange behavior was easier to understand and predict. We are going to discuss clusters at the lower end of the activity spectrum.

As preparation for this webinar, I would like you to look through your body and notice a mass of beings that does not blow on inspection. Get an idea of its size, its shape, and any perceivable tone level.

We will run various processes on these clusters to bring about a better understanding of how they can be handled. If there is interest and time, I will do a session to handle a cluster that is behaving as an inert mass.

We will also revisit our experience from our last webinar with the being that was actually a cluster.

Join me Sunday for a free webinar on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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