Free Workshop – Some Ways to Make Others Happy

1. Please read Try Making Others Happy before going on.

2. Refresh your memory on what Caring Communication is and what it does.

Caring Communication is the exchange of information

between living beings

with the intent to help the other being

achieve a higher state of existence.

3. Making the other person feel important is one way of making them happy. Cheerfully asking a person their name and introducing yourself will raise a person’s emotional tone level. In many cases, this is all that is needed to make a person happier then they were before.

4. Noticing something about the person and complimenting them on it can make a person happy.

5. Showing interest in a person will often make them happy.

6. Asking them what they do and acknowledging the importance of their work will often make people happy.

7. If you ask enough questions about them and their history to establish a reality on who they are and why they are important, you will remember them and they will remember you. This is not a mechanical activity. You must be interested in them and in learning about them for this to make them happy and to make you happy. Your intention is to determine if you can become friends and to engage in conversation until you have established enough common interests that you will attempt to remain friends.

8. This is not something you have to do with everyone you meet, only the people who you wish to be friends with. You do not have to do this all at once. A simple introduction to some one you will be seeing often like a cashier in a supermarket can be followed by expanded conversations each time you meet the person. It will not be long before the person will smile and become happy when you appear before them. Every transaction with this person will raise their tone level and yours as well.

9 If you can do this simple exercise with people you meet on a daily basis, you will soon be able to do this effortlessly with clients and people you do business with.

10. Once you learn how to make people happy and can do it without effort, you can learn to recognize when the person is resisting your efforts to make them happy and adjust your expectations of doing business accordingly.

11. People who resist your efforts to make them happy are not in good shape and they make poor business or life partners. Handling this kind of relationship will be the subject of the Sunday webinar.

We will be discussing and drilling ways to make people happy in this Saturday’s workshop. Join me on zoom at 12 noon using this link:

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