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Angels With Barnacles – More Stuff You Learn From Talking To Spirits

I ran into some beings today who told me in no uncertain terms that they were angels with a mission. Their mission was to fight demons and make them submit. They said they were protecting this person they were with.

They were attached to a new client who was a follower of Eckhart Tolle and she had an entirely different concept of the spiritual world than we do. She was spiritually aware and had seen spirits in the past and could easily channel the spirits I contacted in session. However, her concept of the spirit world was one populated by angels and demons and this influenced the information she was channeling.

These angels were a bunch of 25 spirits who influenced this client and they had never had bodies. They had a mission to destroy evil spirits and that was all they talked about. They had no technology to rehabilitate the evil spirits they had overcome, they only acted to destroy them. They knew they were immortal and they knew they were surrounded by the enemies they had vanquished, but they had never realized that they had continued to accumulated defeated enemies until they were outnumbered by them.

Essentially, these “angel” beings had gone on overwhelming other beings and accumulating these broken beings as an outer shell until all that was visible to an external observer like me was a collection of damaged beings like barnacles on an old ship.

These angels had no idea how to set the demons free or to make them well again. They had created a structure like the Scientology concept of a goals/problem/mass and probably contributed to the solidification of the physical universe. Each of these angel beings was a cumulative cluster because of the other beings they had accumulated.

They were interested in the idea of handling the beings they had accumulated, but we were unable to pursue it because the client had a higher priority problem to handle. We will pursue the matter in another session.

The client has been using love and meditation to handle beings who are creating problems and this has produced temporary results. Love and physically soothing actions and rituals cause beings to relax and stop being triggered.

On the other hand, a conversation with a disturbed being, using SRT processes, produces permanent results in less time.

The lesson to be learned from this encounter is that beings with a mission to destroy opposition can end up with fragments of the opposition plastered all over them and bonded to them forever. Essentially, these beings were turning themselves into clusters by their behavior. Not a good practice.

Ever Wonder About Your Real Purpose In Life?

Some people seem to recognize their real purpose in life at a very early age. These fortunate souls know they are going to grow up into world leaders, artists, or skilled entertainers before their permanent teeth come in.

Another group seems to discover their true vocation by the time they finish their schooling, having been exposed to enough of what life has to offer to make an informed choice.

There is another group of unknown dimensions, which has chosen a vocation with no real purpose other than to make enough money to live on. They can spend their entire lives doing something they take no pride in, even though what they do is a vital part of society.

I discovered a person in this last group and I found that a person can feel they are in the wrong profession, even when they are doing something that takes skill and produces a valuable service or product. I am sure these people can benefit from traditional career counseling, but they can get instant relief from Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling. One session is all it takes to discover and handle the source of the unrest that plagues an apparently successful individual who feels that he has devoted his life to a purpose he does not believe in.

Whether the person is a surgeon, a lawyer, a family counselor, or a prosperous businessman, he or she can feel like what they are doing is off purpose. This is not limited to any particular profession, because there are firemen who feel they should have been lawyers, and lawyers who feel they should have been professional chefs. Attempts to find out where they went wrong will often focus on choices made in school or a failure to apply themselves to preparing for the career they should have had.

There are countless reasons a person is not doing what he or she should be doing, but the common thread seems to be the presence of spirits who are fixated on a different occupation or purpose in life.

As an example, there is a businessman I know who has a great talent for what he does, but he takes no pride in his contribution to industry. He connects up employers who need talented people and people who have those talents and need better jobs. This is an important service to growing businesses and can make or break a company depending on the relationships established. This businessman finds it very hard to take pride in what he does because he is surrounded by beings who wanted him to become a priest!

As a result, he always feels he is doing the wrong thing, even though his life depends on his work and his ability to generate income from his efforts. His feelings make him feel like a fraud and these feeling affect his ability to attract business and make new friends.

The lesson here is that his feeling have nothing to do with the value of his contribution to society and to the economy in general. These feelings are coming from beings who have not achieved their past goals and are trying to get this person to carry out a mission that has nothing to do with present day concerns.

Getting this businessman to spot the beings who were trying to direct his life in an old direction produced instant relief, both for the businessman and the beings who did not realize they were still stuck in a past defeat.

If you are feeling that your life is on the wrong track, you might want me to help find who is doing this to you and get everyone working toward the same goals. Every being has a capability to add their intention to the group intention. When the majority of your spiritual companions are aligned with what you want to do, the results will seem miraculous and you and they will be happy with what you are doing. Listening to your spirits and getting them to cooperate will pay huge dividends. You will know when this is working because things will go right as if by magic. You will only encounter green lights on the highway of life.

Video Recording of Free Workshop 9-28-19 Persistence Pays Off In SRT Processing

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Workshop on Zoom 9-28-19

We do not have all the answers yet to the problems created for us by spiritual beings. From what I have seen over the past 43 years, we seem to have more answers than almost any other spiritual study, but I feel we have barely scratched the surface at this point.

What this means is that any time we do not get a fantastic result from SRT processing, we need to ask why this happened and keep on asking until we can achieve the result we want.

If you understand that you are a cluster of beings acting as a single conflicted personality and are attempting to manage a carbon based life-form that is operated by a giant cluster of spiritual beings, you are beginning to grasp the complexity of life on this planet.

You and your group of beings are trying to make sense of the world and make your body do the actions needed to play the game of life in the 21st century. Meanwhile, the cluster of beings who are operating the body are taking in oxygen, converting food to energy, excreting waste products, making the lungs work and the heart beat, all without your conscious intervention.

We discuss the challenges we face and how they can be resolved if you persist in your use and study of Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Webinar 9-28-19 Rediscovering What Is Special About You

I discovered recently that some of you have spiritual companions who do not want you to be special in any way. They do not necessarily want you to be poor and forgotten, but they get very uncomfortable if I ask, “What makes you special?”

These spirits will be most comfortable if you would just blend into the scenery and not stand out in any way. They do not realize that all of the warrants that were issued on them have expired. They are still expecting the axe to fall and standing out in any way is a sure path to discovery and destruction.

Now, there is no burning reason that you have to be special, because there are thousands of jobs for people willing to remain in the background and serve others quietly and inconspicuously. Being special can mean almost anything but it usually involves being better than others at what you do and it definitely attracts attention in a good way which is extremely valuable when you are trying to sell someone something or to persuade them to let you help them.

If you provide a service to others, whether you are a lawyer, a performer, or a bootblack, people will instinctively select you when you project what is special about you. You may present evidence of your competence, or your ability to make others feel safe, or you may just imbue others with your life force when you meet them. Whatever you do, it removes barriers from the other person’s attempts to get something done and they reach for you with confidence that you will be able to help them and are willing to help them.

If you know what is special about you, you will not waste that ability on those who will not appreciate it or your efforts to help them. You will know what you do that is special and you will find opportunities to use it to your advantage.

If you have spiritual companions who are hiding from discovery, they are doing everything they can to keep you from discovering that you are special in any way. They are just protecting themselves from something that happened a long time ago and the unfortunate result is that you are limited to operating at half speed or less.

Locating the beings who would keep you safe from discovery, can change your life in many ways. Discovering and handling these beings will open the door to many different levels of existence, and surprising as it may seem, your life will be calmer without the ups and downs you have been experiencing.

Join me Sunday, 9-29-19 at 12 noon EDT for a Webinar on Rediscovering what Is Special About You.

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Workshop 9-28-19 – Persistence Pays Off In SRT Processing

We do not have all the answers yet to the problems created for us by spiritual beings. From what I have seen over the past 43 years, we seem to have more answers than almost any other spiritual study, but I feel we have barely scratched the surface at this point.

What this means is that any time we do not get a fantastic result from SRT processing, we need to ask why this happened and keep on asking until we can achieve the result we want.

A quick review why many other spiritual practices fail will show that the lack of complete data is probably the biggest contributor to customer dissatisfaction.

In Scientology, for example, there is a great amount of data on the behavior of spirits under specific conditions. This data can be applied to free some people from their past life experiences. The omission of data on the spirits that surround and control people on this planet means that people seeking relief will often be plagued by memories and feelings that are not theirs and will have no way of handling these feelings of shame and regret. Scientology logic will cause the counseling activities to search for what the person has done to cause himself such pain and upset, and will ignore the effects of beings who are actually controlling the person for much of his life.

In SRT, there have been big advances over the past nine years and the rate of discovery has increased in the recent past, yet there are questions that we do not have answers to and we just do the best we can with the data we have. The difference between SRT and other spiritual practices is that we know we are missing data and we have ways to fill the gaps when we discover them.

So, if you have enjoyed the benefit of SRT sessions in the distant past but found that your fond desires for acquisition of real psychic ability or bodily healing did not materialize, just stick with those who are researching away until they announce the solution to your particular problems.

If you understand that you are a cluster of beings acting as a single conflicted personality and attempting to manage a carbon based life-form that is operated by a giant cluster of spiritual beings, you are beginning to grasp the complexity of life on this planet.

You and your group of beings are trying to make sense of the world and make your body do the actions needed to play the game of life in the 21st century. Meanwhile, the cluster of beings who are operating the body are taking in oxygen, converting food to energy, excreting waste products, making the lungs work and the heart beat, all without your conscious intervention.

What we do know is that the beings managing the body and interacting with the world can often heal the body by intention alone, the problem is that we do not know how to do this repeatedly and on demand.

We are learning new data with almost every SRT session we do and our ability to resolve spiritual and physical problems increases every week. Those who stay connected to the group by attending workshops and webinars receive a continuing education of incredible value. Those who understand the importance of getting frequent sessions reap a continuing benefit of increasing awareness and spiritual power which manifests itself as an ability to exercise their intentions in a masterful way. Those in this last category know what it is like to be able to do magic through intention alone.

When you can look at a situation and break it down into easily understood parts by inspection alone, you are well on your way to enjoying life and controlling your destiny.

In Saturday’s free workshop, we will discuss a situation of amazing complexity and show how by communicating with the spirits creating this situation, an elegant resolution can be attained.

Join me Saturday, 9-28-19, on Zoom at 12 noon EDT, using this link:

Vision of A Future Event 9-26-19

I had a vision of a future event today and I would like your feedback on it.

I have seen future events several times this lifetime and the images are clear and distinct and they are definitely not present time or past events. This even had no particular emotion to it until I recognized that it had not happened yet and that jolted me into a state of heightened awareness.

I was looking over a woman’s shoulder and she was using a keyboard that looked like this one. There was a transparent cap over the keys on the lower left hand corner of the keyboard with the legend “FUZZY CAPS” on it. It covered several of the existing keys and may have been a hologram.

There were several other rectangular caps on the upper right corner of the keyboard, but I was so startled by reading FUZZY CAPS that I lost the image before I could read what was on the caps and could not recover it.

I did my best to reconstruct the image using Photoshop. It is fairly accurate except that the keys in my image were flatter.

It appears that the keyboard might be used for graphics design and the holograms could be a way to indicate special functions accessed by pressing several keys in the indicated area.

Has anyone seen anything like this keyboard? I will give my team some sessions and see what my spiritual teammates recall about this vision.

Overcoming The Urge To Make Less Of Yourself

I have some clients who have special abilities and yet they are constantly feeling they have nothing to offer and need to be very careful not to expose themselves as frauds.

This feeling prevents them from reaching and makes them feel degraded even though they are capable of excellent work in demanding professions. What I find interesting is that most of the time they are very positive about the benefits they can provide to their clients, but they will let slip some doubts or self critical remarks in the middle of explaining what they do.

When I ask them about the doubts they have just mentioned, they quickly brush these comments aside as not being a problem. If we continue discussing the area of concern, the doubt will appear again and the person will attempt to divert attention from what they just said. In actual fact, the person is doing their best to ignore these “inner” doubts and they keep on trying to succeed in spite of these doubts.

I finally asked one particular client, “Is there something that makes you special?”

He instantly replied, “I’m not special! I have nothing to offer. I’m just some slob.” When I asked who is saying that, he said, “I’m a worthless piece of crap!” And he broke out laughing, as he realized that he had some very disturbed beings who were putting words in his mouth.

As he spotted these beings, they started waking up and leaving him and he kept laughing and sighing as they continued to leave. This went on for about ten minutes with beings recognizing they were separate from him and then leaving him in a continuing series of waves. This client kept having realizations as the disturbed spirits kept leaving and he shared how their thoughts had affected his life.

These spirits made him feel like he would be found out, that he should not commit to anything, that he should hide, and that he had secret failings that others were missing. He would always make less of his abilities so that he would not be found out and get hurt.

As the last of the spirits faded away, the client said, “Now I can reach, and hold a position!”

This was one of those situations where the spiritual beings did not need extensive handling once they recognized that they were separate beings from the client and that the client’s challenging professional activities were keeping them restimulated. All they had to do was to leave and they experienced relief. The client experienced relief also.

The lesson to be learned is that your negative feelings about your abilities may be coming from spirits. A little conversation with them can produce amazing results.

Unseen Barriers to Progress

When all else fails, look for a spiritual barrier to progress. I have said this to students and clients for years and yet I failed to consider that spirits might be stopping people from buying our house.

I was reviewing a session I had delivered some time ago where the departed wife was causing problems for her husband and his new wife and one of my spiritual companions pointed out that I might be experiencing the same kind of phenomena.

In the case of the departed wife, whose name was Elise, I had known her when she was alive and I admired her ability to create beautiful art. She died from cancer several years ago and her husband had eventually remarried a beautiful and sensitive woman who had known Elise and admired her while she was alive.

The new wife was spiritually aware of Elise and kept feeling like she was being made to feel like an unwelcome guest in her own home. She knew of my spiritual counseling practice and asked me to intervene with Elise. I delivered a session with the husband and new wife present and we quickly connected to Elise who was completely ready for my help. The husband served as the conduit for my conversation with Elise and we quickly got into discussing what was going on.

Elise was happy for her husband in his new marriage, but she had such an attachment to the house they had shared that she did not want to leave. Interestingly enough, neither the husband or the new wife wanted her to leave either because they both loved her and her creativity.

I asked Elise if she would consent to be the artistic spirit of the house and guide the activities of those who shared the house into the highest possible state of creativity and she was delighted to take responsibility for that role as the guiding spirit of the extended household. She has always taken on that role when she was alive, but had dropped it somewhat when her body died.

Once Elise shifted from being a wife to a guiding spirit, the mood in the household changed and all parties were much happier.

My spiritual companions made me see that we had several qualified purchasers for the house who had inexplicably withdrawn after indicating a strong desire to have the house. I did a solo SRT session and asked, “What attitudes exist about letting someone else buy this house?”

I immediately got several negative thoughts like, “They are not good enough!” “They won’t take care of it!”

I told them that we no longer had the energy to care for the house the way we used to do and then I asked them, “Do you want to stay here and guard this house?”

I got a resounding “No!” and everything got quiet. I do not feel that anyone left at this point, but they are now willing to turn the house over to others.

We should see some results from this session soon. I will keep you all informed.

Video Recording – 9-22-19 – Webinar on Detecting and Handling False Data

False Data is information that is knowingly or unknowingly presented to guide some action. With the growth of the Internet and the spread of fake news, we are all being exposed to material that is more opinion than factual.

When one takes action based on unintentional or intentional false data, one suffers losses and enters a state of confusion that can last for many lifetimes.

I am going to share some stories about lives that were destroyed because of false data and we will discuss various ways to detect and handle false data before it destroys us.

The video can be yours for only $5 and you can view the free trailer before purchasing the video.

Video of Workshop 9-21-19 – Recognizing and Handling Curses

This video is free online and you can stream this video by using this link:

This video is about recognizing curses when you encounter them and also contains instructions for lifting curses.

A curse is a many-faceted thing. A person can do something evil or merely stupid and end up cursed and suffer incredible torment or a long series of losses. This can affect a person who has done no evil this lifetime.

Lifting a curse produces enormous relief for the spirits involved and the person afflicted with the curse. It only takes one session to lift a curse with Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling.