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I am a simple spiritual counselor who can teach you to talk to any spirits you choose to befriend. I do not favor or oppose any peaceful religion.

Most religions have trained people who will intercede with their god on your behalf. My connection to the spiritual realm is direct and not through intermediaries. As a result, I have first hand experience with spirits of all kinds, both helpful and unhelpful.

Some distant family members have decided that I am evil incarnate because I do not believe in their particular religion, which is managed to some degree by pedophiles. My lack of respect for their choice of religion comes from the fact that I have had to counsel former altar boys who were still emotionally scarred by their experiences behind the altar.

All religions have good and bad points since they are run by men and women of faith who feel that their way is the right way to live and their particular god is the only one who matters. You should feel free to choose the religion that seems right for you.

I developed a spiritual technology to rescue immortal spirits from the incidents they were stuck in as a result of mistakes they made while trying to resolve confusions. I discovered these troubled spirits while attempting to counsel clients whose issues did not resolve by regular means. The counseling addressed problems the client could see, but could not seem to resolve. The reason was that the client was feeling the troubled spirit’s emotions and problems and thought they were his own.

Our Spiritual Rescue Technology is a tool to help us work with spirits and set them free. There is no belief required and no prayers. We use caring communication and set any troubled spirits free from the trap they have gotten themselves into. Those moments of release are pure joy and everyone involved in the release shares in it.

In 44 years of working with spirits, I have encountered many spirits who loom large in the history of this planet, but have not yet encountered any of the figures mentioned in the various versions of the bible or other holy books.

The spiritual universe is immense and from our findings, controls all of the activity in the material universe. Everything you see and touch in this physical universe is the result of intention, which is a spiritual activity.

You are welcome to discover the beauty and wonders of the spiritual universe. There are many paths of discovery. Spiritual Rescue Technology is just one of them.

Reorganizing SRT Flow Lines

­Up to this moment I have been generating reports and articles and firing them off in all directions so that they would reach as many of you as possible. From now on I will send information only to the groups that have earned the right to read it and use it.

I will also use specific channels to communicate with each of these groups so your messages will get priority handling. I have two email accounts, and several messaging accounts and get at least 100 messages a day on these accounts. It is difficult to make commitments when messages come in on unexpected accounts. I am going to set up specific channels for each group and will make sure that messages are sent out on the channels where they are needed.

I have been using Facebook Messenger and SMS messaging, but I am shifting to Telegram because it is easier to use and I can send videos and large documents with ease. I get immediate notices on Telegram messages, so it is the best way to reach me quickly. If you wish to reach me on Telegram, use this link:

If you wish to reach me on email, use srtcounseling@gmail,com

The SRT related groups I currently support are:

  1. Workshop Participants
  2. Webinar Participants
  3. SRT Academy Students
  4. New Prospects

Here are the Telegram channels you should use if you are following any of these groups below.

Group Telegram Channels
Workshop Participants SRT Free Workshop – by invitation
Webinar Participants SRT Webinar – by invitation
SRT Academy Students SRT Academy – by invitation
Interested Visitors

To sum it all up, if you are actively following the progress of SRT and are interested in attending our weekly meetings on Zoom, send me a message on Telegram and I will get you placed in the right group so you get notified when events occur.

I also maintain several websites to inform the general public of new developments in SRT and these get frequent posts of general interest. If you are signed up on the Telegram groups, you will not need to follow the other websites, as they are merely mirror sites and are edited for a more general audience.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Use either link to contact me: or

Evolution of Spiritual Rescue Technology

This coming weekend, we will be kicking off the evolution of SRT from a cozy group of spiritually aware insiders to a movement that should outlast the lives of those who have supported the idea of rescuing spirits from the dwindling spiral of their lives.

The main drivers of this effort will be the SRT Academy students, but any user of Spiritual Rescue Technology is welcome to contribute suggestions and effort to the creation of an international organizational structure for spiritual research, delivery of spiritual counseling, the publication of findings, and education of the public on matters relating to the spiritual universe.

It must be realized that this evolution takes place in two different universes, the spiritual universe in which we all operate and the physical universe in which we create effects that others can perceive without much spiritual awareness.

In the past few years, we have determined that we can raise our awareness to perceive phenomena beyond the reach of our five senses. These phenomena include spiritual beings and all of the energies and activities they can produce. Those who are aware can easily observe spirits and their intentions, attention, admiration, ideas, and life energies.

The ability that comes with the ability to perceive the spiritual universe activities enables a person to create future events in a predictable manner and to maintain a high standard of health and productive physical activity. The delay between intention and the result of that intention diminishes almost to the vanishing point. This ability is a result of studying and using Spiritual Rescue Technology for the benefit of themselves and others. 

Those of us who have experienced the benefits of using spiritual rescue technology want to make it available to as many people as wish to make use of it for as long as it may be useful to mankind. We feel that this is best achieved through the creation of a non-profit organization that can provide the services and products needed to accomplish increased awareness and successful achievement of personal goals for life through a more complete understanding of the spiritual universe and how to make use of the knowledge in the spiritual universe.

There is an entire program to be developed which will include organizing boards, flow lines, marketing programs, publishing efforts, educational programs, and legal protection. This will be unrolled over the next few months and years. The intent will be to create self-supporting organizations for each of the major functions that are part of the SRT development program. The products that are currently envisioned include books, videos, online classes, and online counseling for both personal and business clients.

This weekend we will be reviewing a draft of the SRT Factors which essentially define what Spiritual Rescue Technology covers. The final version of the SRT Factors will be the result of these three online meetings this weekend. Join me for these three important meetings:

Saturday, May 23, 2020, Free Workshop covering the Spiritual Universe section of the SRT Factors. Most of this is material that you may never have seen before. The workshop starts at 12 noon on Zoom using this link: 

Sunday, May 24, 2020, Paid Webinar covering the physical universe section of the SRT Factors. Some of this is material that you may have seen before. The webinar starts at 12 noon on Zoom using this link: The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link: 

Monday, May 25, 2020, SRT Academy session. We will review the results of last week’s assignments and will review a preliminary Organizing Board for the Evolution of SRT. The session starts at 12 noon on Zoom using this link: The Academy session fee is $25 and can be paid using this link:

The SRT Evolution Organizing Board will be generated in the next few days.

No Wonder the Scientology OT Levels are so Screwed up!

I read the Factors of Scientology in a new unit of time and found very few references to the spiritual universe.
Almost all of the factors relate to the physical universe and the relationship of spirits to that universe.
There is nothing about the dimensions of a spirit or spirit to spirit communication. It is almost as if the idea of telepathy was something to hide. Any mention of life force is completely absent.
The entire positioning is a view of the spiritual universe from the physical universe. The Scn factors even get into death, which is not a spiritual universe concern, as it only has to do with bodies.

For reference, here is a link to the Scn Factors:

Workshop For Spiritual Expansion 5-16-2020

This is one of the most amazing workshops we have ever held! If you watch this workshop, you will be inspired to make changes to your life that you never considered before.

Do not watch this video if you are totally happy with the way things are going in your life. This video may make you look at your very existence in a way you have not done before. The ideas presented in this workshop may make you take a new look at every agreement you have ever been a part of.

You may find that some of the agreements you made need to be revisited.

A Weekend of Spiritual Expansion 3-16-2020 to 3-18-2020

It’s time to integrate the lessons learned in the past month and see what is stopping you from moving to the next level. Here are just a few of the topics we have discussed:

  • Removing Barriers to Communication
  • Being Ourselves and Being Others
  • Increasing and Decreasing Life Force Energies
  • Justifications and Prior Confusions
  • Confusions and False Data
  • Harmony and Discord
    Being Responsible For Our Spiritual Companions

It is time to push our use of this Spiritual Rescue Technology to the next level of intentional magic. As you all know, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

SRT has advanced to the point where effortless results can be obtained under the right circumstances. Now it is time to achieve those results consistently and on-demand.

Technology, in the physical universe, is a word that means understanding and applying the rules that govern the behavior of the physical universe. Using such technology, it is possible to predict the results of almost every type of activity in the physical universe.

A Spiritual Technology, to be worthy of the name, must be able to predict the results of activity in the spiritual universe. My research, over a 44 year period, augmented by the efforts of students and clients for the past decade has resulted in a technology that enables us to predict spiritual behavior to an extent not seen elsewhere at this time.

At the same time, we are aware that the spiritual universe extends far beyond our furthest efforts to comprehend it so that there are lifetimes of exploration still to be done.

With all of that in mind, it seems appropriate to consolidate what we have recently learned and to spend a weekend reaching for the next level of awareness and spiritual activity. In order to do that, I am proposing that we reach for individual goals that we have been viewing as impossible and determine what activities will achieve those goals.


We already have determined that the greatest barrier to achieving spiritual goals is the presence of considerations held by us or by our spiritual companions. I will be hosting a free workshop on Saturday, May 16th at 12 noon EDT to discuss how we might best handle the considerations barring us from moving to another level of awareness and power. Join me on Zoom using this link:


In this paid webinar we will be creating exercises and drills to achieve goals we currently see as impossible. I will provide a video recording of the workshop for those who could not attend as the workshop discussion will provide essential information for those drilling to achieve “impossible” goals. Join me Sunday, May 17, 2020, on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:


Those of you participating in the SRT Academy program can join me on Monday, May 18, 2020, when we will review your progress on last week’s assignment and discuss how you will accomplish the achievement of apparently “impossible” goals this next week. We will thoroughly discuss the deconstruction of the considerations that cause goals to be “impossible”. This, in itself, may advance the development of SRT to the next level.

Join me Monday, May 18, 2020, on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The fee is $25 and can be paid using this link:

If you would rather be invoiced so you can expense this as executive counseling, please let me know. You have been very good reminding me when I fail to invoice you and I appreciate that.

See you this weekend! Try to have some impossible goals to discuss.

There is always a reason for things going well or badly

When things are going well and life is effortless, why not take a few moments to see what you are being responsible for and what your spiritual companions are doing as a result.

You may wish to validate those beings who are aiding you and guiding you in the right direction for success. When you learn to do this consistently, you will soon notice a change in your fortunes.

When things are not going as you wish, take responsibility for any decisions you have made that might have contributed to the current state of affairs.

If you are not aware of discord and lack of harmony among your spiritual companions, you are essentially neglecting your leadership role and letting others determine your future.

Harmony does not just happen, it is created with continuing attention to performing as a well-drilled team of spiritual beings.

Learn who is on your team and who is not. Validate your teammates and handle those who are not contributing.

Making Spirits Real To Someone Who Is Uncertain

Every so often you will encounter a person who is open-minded about the existence of spirits but is still uncertain if they exist.

They have no subjective reality on that topic even though they have studied the subject and spent time pursuing answers to their questions. They believe in spirits, but can’t gain certainty on the matter.

They are not hostile to the idea of spiritual beings, just unable to form a definite opinion on the matter. You can identify this person by asking them if they are a spirit and they will answer, “Probably.”

There is another question that will produce similar answers.
“Do you have any feelings about whether you are immortal or not?” Again, he will answer, “Probably”

On further conversation with this person, you will find that he has a mental image picture or a recurring emotion that he can’t get rid of. This is something he has certainty on and you may be able to get him to discuss it further if you let him know that you are familiar with thoughts that appear out of nowhere and persist.

He may not be willing to discuss the problem at first but, if you show him that you understand what he is experiencing, he may eventually ask your advice on the subject.

This is a fairly standard way of introducing someone to an entirely new subject. You find something related to the subject that is real to the person and you talk about that until you are real to the person and you reach agreement on the topic you are discussing.

In this type of situation, you can discuss his thoughts or emotions that will not go away and can ask when they first appeared. This lets the person know that you recognize the thoughts or emotions are real and puts his attention on them as something other than himself. Keep the discussion conversational and get the person to explore all memories of the thought or emotion until he discovers an incident where he was overwhelmed and is still stuck in it.

If a full discussion of the incident does not produce relief, asking if there was an earlier similar incident will usually produce relief from persistent thoughts or emotions. If not, the discussion will establish that the incidents are real and a valid topic of discussion. Once an incident or string of incidents has been thoroughly discussed, their reality no longer will be an issue even though the incidents may not be fully understood.

The person now has a spiritual experience with which to compare future spiritual experiences. He will have certainty that something out of the ordinary has happened and with enough exposure will begin to gain certainty as to what exactly has happened.

Any persistent image or emotion that cannot be reduced by inspection is due to the presence of a spirit or spirits who are projecting that image or emotion. A simple guided discussion is usually enough to bring about an awareness that something out of the ordinary has occurred. Simple curiosity will usually lead to an uncovering of the true facts of the matter.

If you have reality on spirits, you can bring about a similar reality in another person by finding what spiritual activity is real to them and discussing any problems associated with that activity.

Spiritual Rescue Technology Allows Us To Connect With Universal Life Energy

Universal life energy is the consciousness that animates and connects with all life.

Spiritual Rescue Technology was developed to enable us to communicate freely with spiritual beings whether they had bodies or not. After years of using Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) to help troubled spirits, it became apparent that the spiritual universe contains vast amounts of data that can be harnessed by anyone sufficiently trained and aware. This is due to the fact that the spiritual universe is composed of an infinite number of immortal beings with every possible set of experiences that can be drawn upon.

Through the use of SRT, we are able to experience “being” other spirits at will and reaching acomplete understanding of these spirits and their connection to other spirits. All spirits have some degree of connection to other spirits and we can verify this using SRT. This connection of spirits is the consciousness that animates and connects all life. It has been called “universal life energy” and many other names including Prana, Chi, Ki, Xi, and Biomagnetic energy.

When we allow ourselves to connect to the life energy of others and move into alignment with their life energy, a natural flow occurs and we feel a sense of rightness. To the extent that we are aligned with others, we become aligned with the universe, and life becomes effortless. We are able to align our intentions with our spiritual companions and any barriers between intentions and results simply fall away.

We are all individuals, but we are inextricably connected to the spirits who surround us and we have known this from our earliest SRT sessions. We use the magic of caring communication to free beings from incidents that have overwhelmed them and in the process have learned that we are all immortal and are bound together with other spiritual beings through shared incidents and the fact that we are animating living bodies which are loaded with life force units.

In recent weeks, we have progressed beyond communicating with spirits and setting them free from moments of overwhelm to being able to experience actually “being” another spirit and fully understanding them as never before.

This led to discovering the connection between spiritual beings and the full implications of transfer of information along these connections. The connection between spirits appears to act as a spiritual internet where information can be accessed at will if the right questions are asked.

What this means is that we are no longer alone in any sense of the word. We can reach out to an unlimited source of power through our connections to all spirits. This means that we can access a greater amount of spiritual power through caring communication with spirits. We already have experience with spirits helping us to write and to design products in the physical universe. We have discussed this at length and even discussed recruiting spirits to help in specific ways.

There have always been people who could seem to draw upon a higher power in times of need and they called this source of assistance by many names. Since there are many sources of spiritual assistance, these sources were assigned different names by those who discovered them, usually a name that translates into GOD.

There are unlimited sources of help and assistance available to you by simply accessing the spirits who are willing to communicate with you. If you practice “being” spirits, your ability to gather information will skyrocket and you will find many ways to increase your spiritual ability. You will find yourself connecting harmoniously with more spirits every day and your potential to create an abundant life will increase accordingly.

Behavior at Different Points On The Upper End Of The Spiritual Awareness Scale – Another Weekend of Discovery

The scale of spiritual awareness reaches from the lower end of unawareness of self to awareness of spirits and spiritual activity at astronomical distances.

We are going to discuss and drill working with people at different points at the very upper end of this scale.

  1. We will start with people who believe in spirits, but for some reason cannot gain certainty on spirits or that they themselves are spirits.
  2. We will address the issues that need to be addressed for people who have a grasp of activities beyond the range of the 5 physical senses, but who are unable to embrace the idea that we are actually being affected by spirits.
  3. Then we will discuss the people who have encountered spirits and communicate with them daily, but are not able to convert that ability into a life of prosperity and joyful adventure.
  4. Finally, we will discuss those individuals who have reached the point where they are actually achieving financial and career goals they set a long time ago even though they do not seem to have the depth of understanding that you have.

Join me this Saturday, 5-9-2020, at 12 noon EDT for a free workshop where we will examine these levels of spiritual awareness and make sure we are not missing any important ones. Use this link to join us: and use this password: 756674

Join me Sunday, 5-10-2020, for a paid webinar where we will analyze and drill working with people at these upper levels of spiritual awareness. The material covered and the drilling will enable you to raise your own awareness. Use this link: with this password: 756674. The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

Those of you participating in the SRT Academy program can join me Monday, 5-11-2020, where we will review your progress on last week’s assignment and work out how you can raise your spiritual awareness with tailored assignments to be performed this next week. Use this link: and use this password: 756674

The academy donation is $25 and can be paid by using this link: if invoicing arrangements have not already been made.