Workable Technology

Workable Technology was the bridge between Scientology and Spiritual Rescue Technology.

The Workable Technology website was where I worked out the changes needed to build a true spiritual technology from the patchwork of processes that made up the Scientology Grades and advanced processses.

I had delivered Scientology auditing for 20 years as a volunteer staff auditor in various Advanced Organizations in Los Angeles and in my South Bay Mission in Manhattan Beach California, so I knew quite well how much tweaking of the tech was required to deliver reliable gains to a variety of publics with a wide range of awarenesses and abilities. Scientology’s Standard Tech works on a limited range of people. It assumes that all banks are built to the same pattern, and they are not.

Standard Tech ignores the role of spiritual beings in affecting an individuals personality and behavior. In the Scientology world, spiritual beings are considered to be loathsome body thetans which are to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. The so-called OT levels are essentially ritual exorcisms of these body thetans and only the highest level Scientologists learn about them because body thetans are Scientology’s biggest secret.

I discovered that spiritual beings have been known to spiritualists for hundreds of years and there are millions of works written about them. Spirit guides and ghosts and personal angels are the subject of hundreds of books and videos and there are tens of thousands of people who communicate with them daily.

We teach people to speak to their spiritual companions from the very first session and you can learn how to do this for the price of one book: Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology which you can but on

Workable Technology is just one chapter in the development of a spiritual technology that is still making new discoveries every day. All of the posts are still available on the companion archive site which can be found at:

This website and the companion archive contain all that has been written about Spiritual Rescue Technology, so there is no barrier to keep you from learning to use SRT and change your life and other lives for the better.

Welcome to the new home of Spiritual Rescue Technology.