Free Saturday Workshop 1-16-21 – Fear/Anger Management Lessons For 2021

This year’s events have already made some people afraid and have caused many more people to be very angry. If this happens to you, your ability to act rationally goes away, and your decision making goes awry. Political activity can cause many people to lose their ability to act rationally. They can become afraid or angry, and their reactions to events become extreme.

You, as a regular citizen, can become the effect of unwise decisions by your elected leaders. There have been a few unwise decisions already, and the year is still young. Rather than stew in impotent rage or shudder in fear, I would like to show you some tools you can use to remain calm in the face of adversity. 

As some of you already know, your reaction to events is more important than the events themselves. Understanding and managing your reactions is possible just by understanding and applying some SRT basics.

It has not been too many years since authorities in various countries have singled people out for special attention and imprisonment because of their political affiliation or race. The recent threats by Democrats in the USA to get Trump supporters fired from their jobs and to cancel their credit cards is a chilling reminder that the good old days are not that far behind us.

My intention in this workshop is to show you how to prepare for this sort of eventuality and how to desensitize yourself to threats so you can make rational decisions and defuse situations before they get serious. When you are adequately prepared, you will remain calm and make the best possible decisions with no serious after-effects.

Join me on Saturday, 1-16-21, at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link: 

Join Me in a Remote Perception Tour of Stonehenge

Our workshop today will give us a chance to do a remote perception tour of Stonehenge, one of the most famous landmarks in England. This sacred site has been in use for about 10,000 years, or about 5000 years before the stone circle was erected. In this workshop you will have a chance to communicate with a number of spiritual beings.

We will be using a special form of SRT Reach and Withdraw processing to make contact with a variety of spirits and will also use SRT processes to communicate with spirits who wish to participate. Those of you who participate in these remote perception workshops will find that your ability to receive telepathic communication increases markedly and your understanding of phenomena beyond the five human senses increases greatly.

Based on the previous remote perception tours, you should expect to contact the following groups of spirits:

  • – Spirits located in the vicinity of Stonehenge and existing in present time.
  • – Spirits stuck in past incidents having to do with Stonehenge.
  • – Spirits monitoring Stonehenge from a remote viewpoint and having some responsibility for the continued existence of the site.
  • – Some of your personal spiritual companions who have been involved in Stonehenge in the past.

We will go over the procedure before doing the actual tour so that all participants can feel comfortable with what they will be doing and will know what to expect at each step of the way. Based on the results of earlier workshops, we should increase our knowledge of Stonehenge and its history.

Join me today, 1-10-21, on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Remote Perception Tour of Stonehenge on Sunday 1-10-21

Join us this Sunday for a spiritual tour of this world-famous site. We will gather information from the spirits inhabiting and monitoring the site and will probably evoke responses from those of our spirits who have a history with this site. According to some scientists, the site has been in use for 10,000 years, long before the current stones were raised about 5000 years ago.

We will be using our SRT reach and withdraw process and will coach any newcomers until they feel confident to participate. You will get practice contacting spirits and will gain confidence in your ability to track where other participants are putting their attention. If we contact spirits willing to communicate, we will employ SRT session techniques to draw them into a discussion of their intentions and what they know of the history of the site.

These free workshops help us define the future course of our remote perception activity and help us understand the range of perceptions that are available to us. Simple telepathic communication is always present, but we keep encountering other phenomena like the perception of past events, intentions of the spirits in the area, and emotions connected with these sites.

Join us on Sunday, 1-10-2021, at 12 noon EDT for an hour of adventure and spiritual expansion. Use this link to connect with us on Zoom.

SRT Workshop Notes 1-3-21 Visiting The Sphinx

This workshop was another effort to get the participants to operate beyond the five human senses and gather as much information as possible about what is happening in the vicinity of the Sphinx. We were using the SRT Reach and Withdraw Process to observe what was there and to compare our observations.

The purpose is to exercise our telepathic ability and all the other abilities that are not quite named, like looking at the past or future, reading intentions, and picking up any other mental image pictures that are related to the site.

We reach out to perceive whatever thoughts and images are coming from this location and we stop the reach when we feel like we’ve gotten all we can get or we’ve realized something or had a thought about the process. Then we wait for the others to complete their reaching, and we compare notes on what we discovered.

The participants included Nolan Cage, David St Lawrence, Stefano Visconti, Joachim Held, and John Jasiewicz.

During the first reach, I had difficulty putting my attention in that area. I felt I was getting distracted. However, Joachim spotted some activity immediately.

He picked up both images of the past and communication from beings. He perceived two additional sphinxes, one like the existing Sphinx and a child sphinx facing the original Sphinx. In a different reach, he perceived starships floating around the site and what he felt was air traffic of the gods. He perceived several civilizations that were together at this point in time.

While he was recounting his observations, I got a clear image of a ship above the pyramids, and my viewpoint was from several miles above the planet, and the ship was between me and the pyramids.

Stefano picked up a communication from a being who had fallen off the Sphinx and landed at the feet of the Sphinx a few hundred years ago. The being still felt a bit astonished and upset.

On the next reach and withdraw cycle, we picked up entirely different impressions. Stefano picked up an image of a big place surrounded by monuments. In the beginning, he was in front of the Sphinx and then he was brought down under the ground where there was a big construction and an implanting machine. He picked up astonishment, fear, and anxiety, and then they got you to worship these gods. It was a bit of implanting.

I get a strong impression that the site had been recycled many times, and a lot of creativity went into worshiping different gods over many, many years. I was looking at it from above and felt a lot of apathy, a sense of we are tired of this. It was just like going to a 2000-year-old Disneyland. Whatever it was set out to be, it’s now just a tourist spot. Here’s some ice cream, popcorn, candy, corn, whatever, you know, and we’ll give you the tour.

I changed the slide images from an aerial black and white photo to a full-color street view image, and the impressions the participants received changed drastically. We appeared to be picking up thoughts and images from a different group of spiritual beings.

Joachim felt changing the pictures shifted his perceptions to a different time altogether. When I changed the picture we were observing from the black and white to the full-color picture, the gods were gone.

When Joachim was looking at the black and white pictures, There was a God who was present and had attention on everything in a very calm state. There were many people working under duress and carrying stones. He perceived two very different emotions in the same scenery.

John Jasiewicz had visions of outer space visitations to that area and his attention was drawn to the joining of the corners of the pyramids in the black and white image behind me. He was looking at the ships from the same level and felt as he may have been there himself as well.

As he was talking about the ships, I could see his vision. We are not distinguishing at this time between what our beings are seeing, and what the beings at the site are seeing, and what we ourselves are seeing. When we go and try to reach a distant location, we all try to participate.

What I would like to do through these remote perception tours is to wake people up so that their memory opens up. So that if you look at something and then three or four days later, you’re still thinking about the pyramids and how the corners weren’t filled in right, that you validate your observations and your memories. My feeling is, the things that we can perceive beyond the five senses will lead us in new directions.

As I was looking at John’s spaceships over the pyramids, something just opened up for me, and I realized that a higher technology alien race was involved in constructing the pyramids because 5000 year old earth technology was not able to do that. I don’t even think earth people had glass lenses at that time for surveying instruments. Some pyramids are oriented so exactly that they act as a sun clock to indicate when the solstice occurs.

Joachim saw that the beings of the past manipulated light by compressing air so that the air acted as a lens. He also mentioned that my presence helped him put together his thoughts about this area. We had noticed this phenomenon before in earlier remote perception tours. When we team up spiritually, we get more done than when we act alone.

I felt that this was not as good a target as the meteor crater because there was more confusion and activity at this site. There are so many visitors that it muddies the water in terms of picking up spiritual activity.

Next time, I would like to find a target that was a little more isolated.
After a short discussion, we agreed that Stonehenge would be our next target.

Joachim mentioned again how his perception was aided by my presence, and we will modify our approach to allow us to work together more effectively, as we did a long time ago.

We will do a reach and withdraw until one of us contacts a being and establishes a good connection with a being at the target site. Then we will let that person be the channel while I or someone else asks questions of the being. The rest of us will monitor the conversation and take note of what we perceive.

A few more Remote Perception workshops, and we should have an effective system for identifying sites and collecting the exact kinds of data we are looking for. You who participate are an integral part of this remote perception process development.

This Sunday, 1-10-21, we will be visiting Stonehenge, and the Sunday afterward, 1-17-21, we will visit Uluru in Australia. Join us for an interesting way to develop your psychic abilities.

Remote Perception Workshop Today

Join us today, 1-3-21 at 12 noon EDT (New York Time) as we reach out to the Sphinx and see what spirits are ­still watching the area. We hope to see if any of the beings at this site need help and if any of the original intentions can be perceived. We would like to see if any spirit knows the history of the site, but we expect to pick up the emotions and attitudes of the spirits at the site.

We will be using our SRT reach and withdraw process and will coach any newcomers until they feel confident to participate.

Join us using your computer or smartphone using this link:

Remote Perception Workshop – Visit The Great Sphinx of Giza This Sunday

We are going to visit the spirits inhabiting the Great Sphinx this Sunday and see what we can learn from them. The Sphinx sits in front of three great pyramids and is about 4500 years old. It was almost completely buried in the early 1800s when Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers used it for target practice.

It has been fully excavated and repaired since then and has been the subject of many expeditions and research projects. There are reports of secret rooms in the statue and passageways beneath it but our target this Sunday will be to contact the spirits guarding the Sphinx and to learn what they have to say to us.

I will be showing slides of the sphinx and the surrounding area so you can locate where you want to place your attention. Here is a recent aerial view to give you some idea of the current state of the statue.

If you are interested in developing your ability to communicate with spirits, join us this Sunday on Zoom. We will be holding a free workshop on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Feel free to visit the Sphinx before then and communicate with anyone you find there.

Join me for our second Remote Perception Workshop – Sunday, January 3, 2021

Join me for our second Remote Perception Workshop – Sunday, January 3, 2021

I will be hosting the second of three free workshops on Remote Perception on Sunday, January 3, 2021, at 12 noon EDT using this link: 

We will be visiting the Sphinx and the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt. 

I will familiarize you with the area using recent photographs, and you will choose the areas that are easiest to reach. For those who have not joined us before, I will take you through the reach and withdraw process we use to acquire data from a remote location, and we will work together until you get confident in your ability to pervade a remote location and see what is happening there. 

We will be communicating with the spiritual beings in and around the area and will be comparing our perceptions each time we do a reach and withdraw cycle. As we are still developing the finer details of this Remote Perception activity, we will be concentrating on acquiring information regardless of which spirits are providing the information. If you are able to spot the source of the information, that will be very useful, but our primary interest is in gathering this information from the beings at this site:

  • Are there spirits willing to communicate with us?
  • Do any of the beings at this site need help?
  • What were the intentions regarding the creation of the site
  • Do they have any information on the origins of the creators of the site
  • Emotions and attitudes of all spirits at the site
  • Any history of the beings at the site
  • Information about any clusters of beings at the site

We expect to find beings in every state of awareness, from deep unconsciousness to mild interest. We have found that approaching spirits with caring communication and a willingness to admire what they are doing produces the best results. Reaching and withdrawing is a matter of placing your attention on something or someone in a caring way with a willingness to admire what you find. Then, when you have learned something from your reach, withdraw your attention in a gentle way and wait for the rest of the group to complete their reach and subsequent withdrawal of attention.

In your initial reach, you do not ask questions. You merely observe and see what you can perceive. Be polite. We are not a bunch of chattering tourists gawking at a group of natives. You are making contact with spirits who may never have encountered polite, respectful visitors before. They are spiritual beings, just like you, except that they have been stuck here due to some incident or by choice. As a result, it has been a very long time since they had a body and had a conversation with anyone.

If you are polite and respectful, you should have no problem picking up their thoughts and gathering information for the group. I will be writing up a report on this workshop and your observations will be included. Participating in these workshops will strengthen your telepathic ability and your knowledge of history.

Those of you who have already established a good connection with your personal collection of spiritual companions should review the purpose of the workshop with them and let me know if there are other pieces of information they would be interested in.

See you Sunday, January 3, 2021, at 12 noon EDT.

Workshop Notes – Remote Perception 12-27-20

This is a 550 foot deep, mile-wide impact crater formed about 50,000 years ago when a giant meteor struck the earth 19 miles west of Winslow, Arizona.

We did a remote perception workshop today in which we contacted the beings who are currently located in and around this crater.

The workshop participants included John Jasciewiz – Australia, Nolan Cage – Texas, Joachim Held – Germany, Chuy Guzman – Mexico City, Petra Held – Munich, Germany, and Alka Madan – Fremont, CA, and David St Lawrence – Cary, NC.

This was the first of several workshops designed to increase our ability to contact and communicate with spiritual beings at a distance for the purpose of gaining information about a target site and to determine what relationship the beings had with the target site.

All of the participants have demonstrated their ability to contact spirits in sessions, so this workshop used a conversational style protocol in which I would direct their attention to various points in the vicinity of the crater and would poll the group on their observations. For this first workshop, we followed a basic reach and withdraw approach, which means that the individuals in the group would place their attention where I suggested and would attempt to observe spiritual activity in that area. The expected spiritual activity included intentions, emotions, images, and numbers of spirits encountered.

Each participant was expected to place their attention in the area until something changed for them. It could be a realization, a reaction from the spirits, a communication from the spirits, or a feeling of no further progress. When any of these occurred, they would withdraw their attention and return their attention to their own location and review what had occurred. At this point, I would get them to share their observations with the group.

When the participants were sharing their observations, we all would personally get images and other confirmation of what they had observed. In this workshop, it was as if each of us had glimpsed different pieces of a giant puzzle, and as we described our observations, the pieces seemed to mesh and began to approximate a fragmented image with many pieces missing.

We did not attempt to do an exhaustive analysis of our results as we are still developing our methodology for efficiently running a remote perception event and coming up with meaningful results in an hour-long session. However, these are the observations we made, and since we did no SRT processing of the spirits in the area, these observations can probably be confirmed by the next group to visit the crater.

I asked the group if there was an overall intention regarding the formation of the crater. Our first impression was the feeling a mistake had been made. There was no overriding impression that this impact was intentional.

There was a definite impression that the meteor had arrived with spirits on it. There are still clusters of spirits deep under the impact crater. There was a layer of spirits about a third of the way up from the bottom of the crater, and they were just floating there and not doing very much.
I asked the participants to pervade the crater. To go in there and just fill that space with their attention units and see what they experienced when they did that.

One of the observers felt there was an invisible complete city from beings connected to the meteor. I got the same impression as a mental image picture.

There are spirits located in various points about the impact crater, some at the bottom and others above the rim. As I contacted different beings, I could feel my viewpoint shifting from the bottom to well above the crater.

As this was an exploratory mission, we did not try to draw too many conclusions. I encouraged everyone to give us their observations without trying to evaluate the actual sources. We are aware that our observations are augmented by the observations our personal spiritual companions are making so that when we contact a spirit, we get what the spirit communicates and also get what our personal spiritual companions are thinking. In future workshops, we will look at refining our observations so we can identify who is contributing to the final result.

One observer felt there was someone else is viewing the scene while he was observing it. Another observer felt there was a being at the bottom of the crater who was still paralyzed.

Another participant perceived a group of beings below the surface in a kind of desperate state and in the dark and not knowing what it is all about. He also spotted beings located above in the air at two-thirds of the distance from the bottom.

Almost everywhere we put our attention, we could sense beings in some state or other. You can think of this as the spiritual echoes of an event that took place 50,000 years ago. In some locations, there is still an enormous amount of unconsciousness. If we put our attention in these areas, we would immediately start yawning uncontrollably.

Most of these beings are in a static condition and would probably benefit from a visit from an SRT user. They have been parked there for 50,000 years and have data that you will find nowhere else.

We will be doing another remote perception workshop next Sunday, January 3, 2021, and you are welcome to suggest targets and questions to be asked of the spirits in the target area.

Our overall purpose is to develop a refined remote perception procedure used by any SRT user to gather data about remote locations and points of interest. At the same time, these workshops develop your telepathic ability and other spiritual perceptions we have not yet labeled.

Join me for a Remote Perception Workshop – Sunday December 27, 2020

Winslow Arizona – (Impact Crater from a flatbed Ford)

I will be hosting the first of three free workshops on Remote Perception on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

We will be using an augmented Reach and Withdraw process to gather data from beings in remote locations. Do not fret if you have not used reach and withdraw processes before. I will show you how to do it and we will work together until you get confident in your ability to pervade a remote location and see what is happening there.

Once you are confident in reaching and withdrawing, I will show you some images and we will choose the locations that are easiest to reach. If you participate, you may gain some new abilities that can be very useful. This is an updated version of a remote viewing I did several years ago and I know it will give you some experiences to remember.

Participating in these workshops will strengthen your ability to use your spiritual abilities.

See you tomorrow at 12 noon.

Webinar 12-26-20 – Getting A Head Start on the New Year

This year of 2020 has presented some unusual barriers to getting to know new people and staying in touch with people you are fond of. So many of the social interactions we were used to were blocked by restrictions on meetings in public places. As a result, we have had a year without meeting for coffee at our local coffee shop or for drinks and dinner at nearby restaurants. Neighbors do not drop by anymore for coffee and gossip. As a result, we have severed many of the links that keep us in contact with family and friends.

This enforced isolation has affected both our mental stability and our zest for life. Our previous level of constant communication provided multiple outlets for discharging our upsets and worries, where now we must endure them with no relief at all. In the past, we could air our complaints to our patient families or to casual passers-by in the market, where now our separation by distance and masks means we can only grumble to ourselves.

It is not clear whether 2021 will provide needed relief from this undesirable situation, so I would like to propose some ideas for pulling ourselves out of the situation we find ourselves in.

The damage to our social fabric comes partly from the enforced isolation that is being forced on us but the majority of the damage is caused by our reactions to our isolation.

If we can alter our reactions to these restrictions, we can control our behavior and focus our life force on improving our conditions in life.

The first step is to bypass the restrictions on face to face meetings by stepping up our use of texting and email so that we stay in contact with friends on a daily basis.

The next step is to establish daily routines for meditation and for creative activities that provide pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. In the absence of external stimulation there is little to distract you from longstanding worries or other issues. Having a standard daily routine for improving your mental health will go a long way toward keeping you stable and focused on the more important goals in your life.

The third step is to restrict your exposure to disturbing content-free videos or messages on social media. These are specifically written to cause a sense of alarm and motivate you to be upset about something.

The fourth step is to use reach and withdraw processing on any issues which persist in disturbing you. Using caring communication and admiration in conjunction with R&W processing will quickly banish the disturbance for most situations. If you set up a routine for doing all of these steps on a daily basis you will quickly overcome the damage caused by your current isolation.

Join me tomorrow for a webinar in which I explain the underlying principles in these steps for retaining your sanity and effectiveness during these trying times. Use this link:

The Webinar Donation is $10, and you can use this link: