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How Can You Tell If A Spiritual Companion is Covertly Hostile?

Let’s say you are a typical composite being who likes the opposite sex, but not too much, and likes children and puppies and classical music and keeping your life in order and caring for those you depend upon.

Have you ever thought about why you don’t have many close friends? Have you ever thought why you do not seem to fit in with the usual office cliques? Have you ever wondered why you do not get recognized for the amazing things you have accomplished year after year?

Do you feel driven to succeed even when you do not get the recognition you so richly deserve? Do you find it impossible to enjoy the simple things in life for very long? In short, does it seem that people do not recognize the good that you do and find it hard to form close relationships with you?

Could it be that they perceive something in you that you do not see? The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

You can get a faint idea of what they see by looking at yourself in the mirror or on your webcam.

Do your eyes sparkle with barely suppressed enthusiasm? Is your smile the first thing you notice about your image? Do you smile at yourself as you see your image in the mirror or screen? Are you pleased at what you see? Does the image make you seem like someone you would like to know?

If none of the above are true, take a long and careful look at the face you present to the world. You are misowning negative emotions from your spiritual companions.

The obvious emotions will jump right out at you, practically begging to get handled. Emotions like suppressed grief, anger, despair and even apathy are written on your face for all to see. These can be handled with very little SRT processing and furthermore, they are not what is keeping people from trusting you and wanting to become your close friends.

If looking at your image leaves you irritated because this is a waste of time and it is evaluative as hell and what does he mean covertly hostile? You may be the proud possessor of beings who are unable to see themselves as other see them. In a strict technical sense, they are stuck in some past moment of danger which as always with them. Present time is usually not accessible to them.

Everything that is said to a covertly hostile being is filtered through the memories of a past moment of danger and the meanings of what is said will be altered beyond belief. Even kind words of praise or admiration will be interpreted as being invalidative or threatening. The being will resent every action anyone takes with regard to them whether it is helpful or critical.

The covertly hostile being may use flattery and fulsome praise to ward off imagined danger and this can usually be recognized as it is over the top in terms of unnecessary overkill. The recipient will often recognize this propitiative flattery because of its exaggerated nature.

If you find yourself praising someone you envy, you may have one of these covertly hostile beings on board. If you find yourself with contradictory feelings about someone who is helping you and continually recurring feelings of suppressed resentment, you are operating with the handicap of a being who is stuck in some past horror and who must hide his true feelings under the penalty of discovery and total destruction.

If you as the resident manager of the composite beingness recognize the signs of a covertly hostile spiritual being, you can help him out by freeing him from the incident he is stuck in with SRT processing.

If You Are Uncomfortable Doing Something – You Need to Check Your Entities

Let’s say you are calling to inquire about a job opening. If you feel awkward and uneasy, You need to handle the beings who are putting out that feeling. You should be able to simply call and ask if the advertised position is still open.

Lets consider the situation where you see someone you would like to know better, but they are married or in a relationship. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to know her better?” and the answers you get will probably be coming from beings who are not interested friendship, but in something more significant.

The same is true for those who are shy. Shyness is a harmonic of fear. Something about the prospect of talking to a person is triggering a fear response. The fear may be due to a personal engram, but you would be seeing the engram as a result. The more likely prospect is that you are being shy because you have spiritual beings who are reliving a moment of severe embarrassment that they have never been able to let go of.

This is simply a restatement of Axiom One: If you are not enthusiastic about meeting or calling someone, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities.

Handle them and all will be well.

Unmistakeable signs that an upset entity is temporarily running someone

Reposted from September 13, 2016 because some of you need to be reminded.

The person whines about someone making them unhappy. Constant complaining for the purpose of getting sympathy and support. They complain about you or your inadequacies in an effort to mke you wrong.

Someone is advising you about something and the tone of the advice is no longer friendly and helpful. This can take the form of truly helpful remarks followed quickly by a critical remark.

The answer is always: Locate the entity and handle him.

One more possibility. The entity may not be attached to the client who is complaining.

Get the client to spot who he has attention on and what has transpired between them to cause the lasting upset. It may not be this lifetime.

I had a client who was still upset about a customer who tried to pass a bad check on him for many thousands of dollars. I pulled all of his considerations and he was still upset, until I asked if he had killed the fellow in a previous lifetime. He laughed and even though he could not spot the exact incident, all of his upset blew and he no longer had attention on the person who actually had tried twice to cheat him for a great deal of money.

Do not be reasonable. SRT Axiom #1 will help you debug almost any situation. If the person is not enthusiastic about something he should be pleased about, an upset entity is involved.

Realizations About Resentment

Today, I located a spiritual being who was stuck in resentment after many lifetimes of doing his best and having others get the credit. If this has happened to you, it might be worth reading the rest of his story.

He called himself Alex, and as he says, not Alex the Great, but Alex the Spineless.

The earliest incident he could remember was working on pyramids where he and others did the bulk of the design and the chief architect got all of the credit. That resentment stuck with him forever when he was sacked and disposed of when he tried to take credit for his work.

He has been with me most of my life and he has been helping me to escape from situations like his, but he has never been able to deal with the underlying resentment. He has been able to help me, but the resentment is still with him and it has affected us both.

His biggest win was getting me to tell my boss I would not install any more of the faulty systems designed by our head engineer.

Earlier, he had given me the incentive to leave a Honeywell computer project for a startup when the lead designer on the computer project was an exact clone of the architect on the pyramids. We did the work and he got the credit.

I have had many employers since then and he helped me get out from under the managers who were less able than we were, but we never handled the resentment that accompanied getting into this kind of situation.

I asked if there was an earlier incident than the Egyptian one which might account for his current resentment and he spotted an incident where he was a lead designer for a star fleet organization. He immediately realized that he did not understand politics and got blindsided then and later by pushing results and not paying attention to the political winds of change.

His resentment gave him a chip on his shoulder where he dared anyone to do things in a “political” way instead of in an honest way.

His big realization, which blew his resentment completely, was that he did not really understand the problem they wanted him to solve!

He thought it was an engineering problem, but it was really a political problem!

There were a string of realizations occurring for both of us, because this is the universal problem we face when trying to do anything or help anyone: We take a position to do a job or attempt to help someone and we fail to investigate enough to make sure what we can do is what is needed. We do what we promised to do, but it is no longer or never was what was actually needed.

It is not enough to work on solving the problem you were hired to solve, you also need to keep tabs on the environment to make sure the original goals still exist.

If we succeed in getting the job or start helping someone as a counselor, we need to continually consult the boss or the client to make sure we are solving the problem the person wants to solve. The person can change his mind, corporate cultures can change drastically and the original problem and its political situation may no longer exist.

Once Alex spotted the real source of his resentment, failing to understand the real problem, his resentment vanished and so has mine. We are both feeling more productive and more optimistic about our future.


We have been taught that truthfulness drops away as emotional tone levels drop away from joyous enthusiasm, but time after time we accept advice from people who are serious about our need for improvement.

Since you now know about our composite nature, what mix of tone levels will bring an enthusiastic desire to help down to serious admonishment that we need to do something to change our ways?

When you are advised by someone in a serious way, you are hearing from beings stuck in past painful events. They are not in present time and the advice you are getting is “seriously” outdated.

Whether the advice is about manners, dress, dating, or business, you are getting last century’s viewpoint and not advice based on the present environment.

It does not matter if the person advising you has a PhD or an MBA or is a highly decorated hero. If his tone level is lower than enthusiasm, you will do well to ignore his advice or avoid him entirely. His low-toned spiritual companions will manage to bring your tone level down before they are done.

We will review tone level information and what you can do to get good advice if you need it.

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