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If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Seven

We have covered the spiritual mechanisms involved in animating a body in Parts Five and Six. In this section we will cover the processes you might want to use in healing a body.

There are several different ways of handling the spirits who are animating a body. Your selection of a process can be guided by the the awareness of the person you wish to heal and the condition of the person’s body.

1. We will start with the easiest and fastest way to handle a body condition. This will occur when the person with the illness or injury understands that their current physical condition is being affected by spiritual beings who are in a state of restimulation because of something that has occurred in the current environment. Something in the current or recent environment has triggered memories of a past and possibly fatal incident in the spiritual beings who surround the person or reside in their body.

We get the person to locate the area that is damaged or inflamed and let us know what he sees. If we put our attention on the area it seems to illuminate the scene and shows up any spiritual beings who have attention on that area. If there are multiple observers looking into the body at the damaged area, the illumination can be so great that the body problem vanishes spontaneously.

A person who is aware of spirits and has contacted them before will now be able to spot the beings who are affecting the area of the body that is in trouble and should be able to communicate with them and handle the source of their upset. The handling follows the usual pattern: find the incident they are stuck in; find what they did to trigger the incident and become the effect of it; get all of their justifications for triggering the incident. When this is done, the beings will no longer be upset and the damaged or inflamed area will seem to improve.

It is important to check for all of the other beings who are affecting the area and to handle them in the same way.

2. When a person has no knowledge of spirits and their effects on the body, you can still get them to locate the area that is in distress and get then to tell you what color it appears to be and how big it is. Even untrained people will be able to sense the condition of a body part or organ and will be able to sense changes which occur in processing.

Have them put their attention on the body area or part and flow love to that area. You will be surprised at how many people will have difficulty loving that area or body part. In many cases, they have been flowing dislike or even hate at some part of their body and the spiritual beings in that area will be upset at this treatment and will resist any effort to fix things up.

You must gently persist until your get the person to view the body area with love and affection and get them to flow that love to the area being treated. As they do this, the color of the area will change and affected area will shrink. As the area changes make sure that the person notices the changes that occur and continues to flow love at the area until the problem is resolved.

You may even find that the person can now spot the presence of spiritual beings in the area and can spot their emotions and their thoughts. If this is the case, follow the usual process of locating the incident they are stuck in and getting what they did to cause it and their justifications.

There is another process for dealing with spirits and that is called Reach and Withdraw. Because this process is so powerful, I will be discussing it in the next section, part Eight.


The last few weeks have been very productive and here are some of the topics I would like to share with you.

  1. How to maximize gains in session and never get discouraged by unhandled beings
  1. What abilities to expect when you do enough SRT sessions
  1. Review of last series of articles:

    If You are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing It The Hard Way

  1. The Advantages of Living on our Haunted Planet

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If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Six

In this section, we will first review the basic factors that enable us to to heal bodies, either ours or others:

  • Life force: The spirit or energy that animates living creatures

  • Spirits are living thoughts who emanate life force in proportion to their state of awareness

  • A body is an assembly of cells all of which are animated by life force.

  • Every cell is animated by life force from a spirit while it is alive

  • If you wish to heal a body, you need to communicate with the spirits who are animating the body

If the spirits who are animating the body or a part of the body are upset, the harmonious activity of the life force in that area is upset. When conflict exists, the cells of the body are no longer operating in harmony, energy flows are disrupted, and cells begin to die as a result of the conflict. When a cell is no longer animated by spirits, it disintegrates into decaying matter and rot sets in. Bodies seem to be able to expel a certain amount of rotting matter under the right circumstances, but the outcome is uncertain at best.

Continuous communication with your body and all of your organs and processes enables you to detect when some area goes out of communication with the rest of your body or acts in a way that disturbs the harmony of the body. Ignoring the state of your body almost guarantees that a condition will arise that disrupts the harmony of your body in a serious way. Monitoring the state of your body in a caring way will insure that small upsets are handled before they get serious and require intervention.

However, many people are walking around with serious physical problems and are stoically suffering through the pain because there is no real answer to the problem through modern medical practice. Modern medicine applies chemical and electrical remedies to adverse body conditions based on historical experience and not because they understand the spiritual cause of illness and disabilities. Sometimes these remedies work, probably because they wake up unconscious beings or or drive off beings that are acting out old death scenarios.

It is actually much easier if you have the ability to perceive spiritual activity to communicate with the upset spirits and find out what they are upset about. If you do not know what to do when you spot the upset beings, contact myself or another SRT practitioner and get help in handling the upset beings. When the beings are handled, the results will be immediate and permanent, if all of the beings affecting the area are handled.

In a long standing physical problem, the upset beings tend to attract other beings with similar upsets so that it will take repeated processing before the area is clear of upset beings. If you get relief from a spiritual healing session, but feel there is more to handle, there are more upset beings to deal with. These do not have to be dealt with immediately as you should be able to experience the relief from the first healing session and them identify what other sources of upset are in the area. Handle these in subsequent sessions until all upset beings are handled.

Not all healing sessions are this complicated. In one session, a woman experiencing painful periods was asked to look at the area of her uterus. It appeared to be glowing bright red and was the target of a curse. A few minutes of conversation with the beings involved lifted the curse and turned off the painful glow.

Now that we have covered the spiritual mechanisms involved, we will cover the processes you might want to use in healing a body in Part Seven.

If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Five

In this section, you will discover you have the ability to heal your body and other people’s bodies and we will discuss how this is done by talking to the spirits who are involved in animating your body.

Life force: The spirit or energy that animates living creatures

You, being a spirit in a body, can detect life force when it exists whether it is in a body or floating free in pure spirit form.

A body is an assembly of cells all of which are animated by life force. Every cell is animated by life force while it is alive. Spirits are the sole source of life force and they emanate life force in proportion to their level of awareness. When a cell is no longer animated by spirits, it disintegrates into inert matter. If a cell has no life force, it is no longer animated by a spirit.

Spirits are living thoughts who emanate life force in proportion to their state of awareness

If a spirit animates an individual cell in the body by providing the life force for that cell, does that mean there is one spirit per cell or can a spirit animate multiple cells? This remains to be investigated. what we can observe is that we can detect life force and can change it by communicating with the spirits who are generating it and waking them up if they are unconscious.

Healing your body or body parts by talking to the spirits who are not function well:

Once you begin talking to your spirits, you will discover that some of them have a lot of attention on your body and you will also realize that there are spirits who reside in your body and animate it. Without getting into the details of who animates what, it is a simple matter to look at an ailing body or body part and notice where the life force is weak or absent or even altered in some way.

You do not have to study Spiritual Rescue Technology to be able to see spiritual distress manifesting in a body. Almost anyone who is an effective physical therapist develops an ability to “sense” where a problem area is located. The difference in an SRT trained person is that they recognize that the distress is spiritual and what it stems from.

To heal a body part just put your attention on the beings who are upset and have the afflicted person assist you by putting their attention on the area and describing what energy they perceive. The afflicted person does not need to be able to identify the spirits causing the distress, he just has to be able to perceive the area that is in trouble and how big it is.

Once he has located the area, you can ask him what color does the area appear to be. He will usually see the area as red, but it can range from black to a pus colored green. At this point, the person is asked to flow a caring or healing flow to the afflicted area. You can also ask him to send love to the area, but do not be surprised if he says he is unable to love the area. If it is in bad shape, he may have been directing hate thoughts to the area or neglecting it entirely.

However you do it, get the person to communicate with the area with as much love as he can muster. You may have to get him to run Reach and Withdraw on the area until he is willing to be the area and fully understands what is going on.

We will cover more of the steps on spiritual healing of the body in Part Six

If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Four

Getting your spiritual companions to work in harmony is essential and is probably what you will be spending most of your time on once you begin talking to spirits.

When you intend to accomplish something, your intention needs to be clear and focused on the result you want to achieve. Once you know about spirits and the effect they can have on you, you will want to make sure that all of your spiritual partners are working with you and not against you.

The easiest way to insure that your spiritual buddies are aligned with your intentions is to put out clearly what you are trying to accomplish and watch for resistance and objections. You may mistake these objections for your own thoughts if you have been second guessing yourself a lot this lifetime.

For example, you think you should move to another neighborhood and you get fearful thoughts like, “What if they don’t like me?” or you immediately get the thought that you don’t deserve to live in a better and more expensive place. If you have learned your lessons about spirit influence, you will immediately start locating the beings who are not in favor of the move and you talk to them until they locate the incident that makes them afraid or unworthy of changing locations. You handle the incident and send them off or get them to help you and you put out another clear intention of what you want to accomplish.

At this point there may be more objections to your course of action and you handle the beings who are being upset by your proposed change. Many beings are basically hiding out and any change will make them afraid or nervous. Once you handle enough of these beings, you will be able to take a clear look at the idea you are proposing and you will find ways to get it done with very few problems. You may find that after handling all of the beings who are resisting change, that you no longer need to make a change in your location because once your free will is restored, your judgment is better and your results are more certain.

Confused beings will cause you uncertainty. Once you have handled them, you certainty is higher than ever before and you will find yourself making tough decisions with ease.

As you handle the beings who are not in alignment with your needs, your abilities will increase markedly because the beings who are working in alignment with you will add to your ability to get things done.

You will discover you have the ability to heal your body and other people’s bodies and we will discuss how this is done in Part Five

If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Three

There are no shortage of spirits to talk to as you are surrounded by spirits all of the time. The only difference between you and them is that you are currently running a body and they may be stuck in the loss of their last body. In my daily conversations with spirits, they confirm the fact that when a person’s body dies, the normal course of action is to pick up another body and go on being human.

When a person has lost their body through a long and painful illness or through some nightmarish experience, the being may decide to remain an unclad spirit and hang around with relatives or friends. Other beings can decide to stop wearing bodies and remain as spirit advisors for many thousands of years. Spirits are immortal and a long series of lives as a series of human beings may become tiring or even boring. If this seem odd, just consider how many lifetimes are you willing to repeat your infant or teenage years?

Be that as it may, there are many many spirits available for you to talk to if you wish to reach out and get in touch with them. Solo sessions as I described in Part Two are easy for some people, but if you have difficulty getting in communication with your spirits for some reason contact me or one of my students and get help with your initial sessions with your spirits. When you finally learn to approach your spirits in a caring way, you will be amazed how easy it is to talk to them. In fact, most people find that once your spirits know that you are truly interested in them, you will find yourself having impromptu conversations with them on a continuing basis.

When you first start talking with your spirits, you may find that some of them are grumpy because they have been trying to communicate with you and you have been ignoring them. If you just keep talking to them in a caring way, their upset gradually disappears.

On the other hand, you will find there are helpful spirits who have been giving you encouragement and advice for years. When you start talking to them and acknowledging their help, you will find that your life gets much simpler and happier. You will begin to realize that some of the bright ideas that you have been having were given to you be one or more of your helpful beings. This discovery can change your life in extraordinary ways.

I do a lot of writing every day and I get story ideas from my spiritual companions for every article. Sometimes they will wake me up at 3 o’clock in the morning with new story ideas for me to publish. Usually, there are several beings involved and we have a discussion of how the story will be written before I sit down at the computer to write. Once we get started, I am able to write at least 750 words without stopping.

Artists and musicians who work with spiritual helpers will find that their productivity is relatively effortless when their spiritual companions are working in harmony with them.

Getting your spiritual companions to work in harmony is important and I will cover that in Part Four.

If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Two

Talking to spirits is NOT just for making you and them feel better. Yes, it does that from the very first communication, but the real purpose as far as I am concerned is that communicating with spirits is the most reliable way I have seen to increase your awareness and psychic abilities.

From the very first Spiritual Rescue Technology session, whether done solo or with a partner, you will experience telepathic connection with the spirits who surround you. Yes this can freak you out, but everyone has survived so far and lived to tell others about their experiences. At least, no one has gone running down the street shrieking about the conversation they have just experienced.

Most of you will begin to realize that spirits have been responsible for many of the thoughts that pass through your mind every day and at night when you have tried to sleep. Many of them have been yammering at you for years, trying to give you helpful advice and most of you have been able to tune them out when you did not want to listen to them.

Some of you will recognize the beings who have been your spirit guides through life. Other will begin to spot the sources of unexpressed resentment or fear that have dogged you for years. Once you begin to realize that you have been influenced by the beings who surround you, you are ready to begin talking to spirits in earnest.

One of the easiest ways to see if your spirits are ready to talk to you is to sit with pen and paper and ask your spirits if they have any suggestions for you. Write down the first thought that comes to your mind and keep on writing as long as thoughts keep coming. Do not try to edit the thoughts, just write whatever crosses your mind. This is spirit writing and it has been used for hundreds of years to get messages from spirits. If you do it properly with an open mind and no resistance, you will find that spirits get quite excited at you writing down their thoughts as they occur.

Some of you may wish to know how to get your spiritual companions to work on your behalf and I will discuss how you can accomplish this with ease in Part Three.

If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part One

When you talk to your spirits and hopefully listen to their responses, you are connected with the spiritual universe and are open to perceiving those things that are in the spiritual universe as opposed to the physical universe.

What are the things that make up the spiritual universe? Thoughts, intentions, purposes and emotions, actually everything associated with life. If you are aware enough to talk to spirits, you can perceive these spiritual activities directly no matter where they originate , especially if they are directed at you.

If you are not up to talking to and listening to spirits, you have to figure out what is going on by the physical universe results of these spiritual activities. For example, you keep trying to sense a persons emotions by the way they hold their face or position their body. You keep trying to sense a person’s intentions toward you by reading their expression, instead of reading their intention directly.

When you are living by these archaic rules, you are deliberately shutting off your ability to read thoughts and emotions directly. When you stick to figuring things out by how a person holds his body and his face, you are open to deception from those people who have trained themselves to make their bodies and expressions show false emotions.

You can overcome all of these difficulties by using caring communication and learning to talk to your spirits in daily solo sessions. If solo SRT sessions with your spirits are not raising your emotional tone level, you are not doing them correctly.

Stay tuned for Part Two where I will discuss how to make life easier.


Recapitulation Of Part One:

If you are aware of your actions and thoughts and are also aware of the thoughts and actions of others, your actions will produce the desired effects on others.

If your awareness is limited by choice or by circumstance, your actions will not produce the desired results.

Continuation – why you might limit your awareness:

First Observation: If your awareness is very high and you can predict the consequences of any of your actions and the actions of others, the course of your life becomes very certain.

Second Observation: After talking to many beings, it appears that a life of total predictability is boring. There are no surprises.

Third Observation: You can create some uncertainty by intermingling your actions with the actions of others and limiting your awareness, thus creating a game.

Fourth Observation: Once you have limited your awareness enough, you are no longer able to perceive intentions that are not aligned with yours. You are limited to using the perceptions that are included in the rules for the game if you wish to continue playing the game.

Here is an example of a game where perceptions are limited in order to play the game.

Ordinary relationships require that perceptions be limited to the normal set of physical perceptions. Do you think you are not playing some game at this very moment?

Here is a simple test:

  1. Ask yourself if there is anything you should not be aware of?

  2. Alternatively, ask yourself what you are allowed to be aware of?

  3. After doing 1 and 2 for a while, go back to being a proper human where you can know only what you can see, hear, touch and smell..

  4. Repeat 1 through 3 until you discover a change in awareness

Please share your observations after doing this test.

If You Are Still Smarting From Your Scientology Mishandlings – Part Two

I want to share a discovery I made while in session recently and it applies to all those who are upset with the Church of Scientology, or Nigerian scammers, or pickpockets, or partners who cheat on you and don’t follow the rules.

You are upset because the “bad” person or group does not play fair!

Playing fair only applies to those who are playing the same game as you are.

Playing fair implies that there are rules that are agreed upon. When there is no agreed upon game, there will always be upsets because there are no rules which apply to both sides.

People who are upset with the church of Scientology do not recognize what game the church is playing.

They assume the church is doing what they say they are and they do not inspect the intentions and actions of the church. They are unwilling to to invade the minds of church staff and executives and to duplicate what these people intend to do. When you turn off your spiritual perceptions, you are always at a serious disadvantage, you are always playing by artificial rules of behavior.

Rules only apply if both sides are playing the same game. Failure to perceive true intentions of others will continually lead to upsets and feelings that life isn’t fair.

If you are upset with Scientology, you were not perceiving their true intentions. You were following a rule book that did not apply because those in Scientology were playing a different game of life than you were.

There is no fairness or unfairness when there is no agreed-upon game. Failing to read intentions is the primary source of being upset.

Going to Flag to get better and more able is like going to Tijuana to find true love and happiness.

Talking to spirits is not just a fun thing to do. It is a vital skill for life. You need to be able to discern other people’s intentions. SRT can help you with that.