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Don’t Resist Evil And Unworthy Impulses, Find The Source And Remove Them

This was a new one for me so I want share it with all of you.

The client was polite and diffident to a fault and seems to be relatively oblivious of other people’s true motives. He was constantly being taken advantage of by others even after receiving counseling on the area.

Today I discovered he has a resentful being who is constantly urging him to be more aggressive and who is seething at the client’s unwillingness to carry out the actions this being feels is necessary to survive. When I contacted the being, he launched into a diatribe about his frustration with the client and his lack of response to bad situations.

This being has been with the client for many lifetimes and is very frustrated at not being able to get the client to respond appropriately. The client will respond only if he is severely provoked or taken advantage of, at which point he will become angry. The client seems to be unable to perceive dishonest or hostile intentions until too late and has repeatedly said that he tends to take things at face value.

During the session, the being completely took over the client’s personality and railed at the client and how he handled life. I have known the client for many years and have never seen any trace of this being before.

The being complained bitterly how he was being continually suppressed by the client.

I worked with the being until he realized that he was actually free to go and could find a host who would be more cooperative and would allow him to contribute.

When this frustrated and hostile being left, the client was no longer diffident and overly polite. He appeared to be much more level-headed and practical about handling people with bad intentions. He seemed to be more able to spot other people motives. I did not get into a discussion of how the being had affected him as the being and his influence were obviously gone.

My observation was that my client had been wrestling with this being for many lifetimes and had learned to effectively suppress the being and his evil intentions and worked very hard to present a pleasant face to the world. A a result, he was a good person, but his suppression of his internal evil impulses made him relatively oblivious to evil in the outside world. When a person has attention on suppressing any evil impulses and acting good, it is hard to be sensitive to potential for evil in the environment.

He had been presenting a friendly face and attitude to the world for so long and suppressing any tendency toward doing evil that it limited his ability to see evil when it occurred in the world outside. Removing the source of evil impulses immediately allowed him to become more balanced in his view of the world.

This example shows the problem with suppressing evil or unworthy thoughts rather than locating the source and removing them forever. The effort spent on suppressing evil impulses and trying to do the opposite uses attention that could be better spent on observing what is happening in the outside world and dealing with it effectively.

The moral of the story is don’t resist evil and unworthy impulses, find the source and remove them.