Spiritual Rescue Technology is a way of teaching yourself to recognize the effects of upset spiritual beings on your life, and it equips you with the tools necessary to restore them and yourself to a happy and fulfilling existence. It also provides you with tools to assist the helpful beings who are willing to work with you in achieving your objectives.

The term “spiritual beings” refers to immortal spiritual entities of all kinds: spirit guides, demons, ghosts, poltergeists, personal angels, and spiritual teammates. Their different behaviors have caused them to be called by different names, but they are all spiritual beings and can be addressed in the same way, as you will see.

You locate spiritual beings that are affecting your life negatively, handle any problems they may have, and set them free or persuade them to work cooperatively with you.

You can do it on your own or with another person to help you. A number of people have read this material and promptly started using it on themselves, friends, and family with no support from any established group.

It is different from many other spiritual practices in that we recognize that spiritual beings are alive, they are intelligent, many of them used to have bodies but don’t now, and they have goals and purposes that may not be aligned with our own.

The secret of Spiritual Rescue Technology’s success and ease of use is in understanding that caring communication is essential in rescuing spiritual beings from the problems they can be stuck in.

This is the whole secret of this technology: You communicate in a caring way with spiritual beings, get them to let go of incidents that are affecting them adversely, and set them free to create new futures.