My Counseling Services

I deliver spiritual counseling online over a high quality video connection seven days a week to benefit my clients and give them abilities beyond their fondest expectations. I consider that I am here to service the needs of those who recognize that they are not living up to their potential.

I teach you to communicate with spirits and free them from the painful incidents they are stuck in. You will be handling spiritual beings from the very first session.

It is hard to understand unless you have seen it or experienced it for yourself, but disturbed spiritual entities can cause everything from unbreakable compulsions,free floating anxieties, pains in all parts of the body, the appearance of multiple personalities to persisting illness and emotional suffering of great magnitude. This can also include mysterious voices and hallucinatory images. Once the source is spotted and handled, relief is generally quite sudden.

In too many cases, I have been the first person who has been willing to understand what this client has been trying to communicate.

Trained professional psychotherapists and life coaches do not always understand that a client can see, feel and hear things that the therapist thinks are imaginary.

My clients come to me with a wide range of spiritual torments and we have not found one situation that does not get handled with Spiritual Rescue Technology.

If you have been a Scientologist and have gone Clear before this lifetime or attained a state that is not on the current Grade Chart and have not been able to get anyone to acknowledge you, you might want to get in touch with me. With Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will be safely handling spiritual beings from the very first session.

My counseling is first and foremost for the client in front of me and this increases his willingness to play the game of life. It recognizes the rightness of the being and puts him or her at cause again.

Here is a typical example of the level of service that I deliver:

“Simply put, I have received more gains in the past two weeks than I have in the fifteen years I spent in the Church of Scientology”

Accomplishing such magic is not a matter of luck. It comes from following the Counselor’s Code and using processes that are appropriate for the person in front of you. It is recognizing when a  process is complete and when a client has been released from the spiritual difficulty he has been carrying around.

It is also a matter of letting the client attest to states he has achieved and then handling the next thing he wants handled. The client moves at the pace that suits him, not at the will of another person. Everything that is done must increase the certainty of the client. We even have repair actions to help former Scientology church members recover from their cult-like experiences. This restores their ability to think independently and opens the door to achieving spiritual gains again.

In my independent practice, spiritual rescue technology is used for the benefit of the client and is free of any arbitraries, as a result, my clients are experiencing life changing results every day.

You can read a book about this technology at this link: