Reading The Akashic Records to Uncover Ancient Civilizations

To put this in simple terms, the Akashic Records are the collection of everyone’s time track, everywhere. All thoughts, intentions, actions from the past, present, and future. The Akashic Records contains every thought, emotion, intention, and effort of every being’s existence. Another way of looking at these records is they are a multi-channel recording of all beings in this universe.

The recordings are synchronized, meaning that your recordings of ancient events are in synch with the recordings your spiritual companions have made.

You are your spiritual companions are immortal, so your recordings go a very long way back. How far is that? Probably before matter, energy, space, and time were defined, certainly before the Earth was formed and inhabited.

Did beings originate on this planet? Hardly. We commonly encounter incidents that occurred on other planets and we even encounter beings involved in incidents before matter was created.

Lets look at a far more recent way of life on Earth, the Paleolithic culture or old stone age, beginning some 3.3 million years ago. This was supposedly a period where foraging, hunting, and fishing were the primary means of obtaining food.

I have run incidents on people from this era, so I know there were beings striving to live on Earth during these early days.

I also have run incidents on people who lived in advanced civilizations on other planets at this time. I have also run incidents that took place on Atlantis and Lemuria at fairly recent times, 25,000 to 50,000 years ago.

I started scanning incidents of beings from other planets hitting earth in the “Garden Planet” days when large lizards roamed the earth and began to get the idea that the history our archaeologists have pieced together is missing many ancient civilizations and many ancient technologies.

I have the distinct idea that the stories of aborigines discovering fire is missing a lot of data. I got the impression that this was a time where walk-ins were quite common and beings fleeing oppressive advanced civilizations would take over primitive tribes and live in communal style like modern hippies. I have seen some advanced agricultural approaches in ancient prehistoric ruins that would suggest the presence of advanced civilization technology.

For example if advanced beings in spiritual form were fleeing an advanced oppressive society, once they found healthy aborigines, they could take over their bodies and be searching for ores to smelt and could advance the tribe from stone age technology to Bronze Age tech in just a few years. This would give the tribe a huge advantage over other tribes and wild animals and could boost them to Mayan levels and beyond in just a few decades. Their technological advantage would not prevent them from vanishing as a culture unless they could recruit other advanced beings to expand their span of control. They might be able to function effectively for hundreds or even thousands of years, but eventually they might be invaded and be overthrown by envious native tribes. They might even be overthrown by other beings fleeing the earlier civilization who want to run the new civilization in a different way.

In tomorrow’s webinar we will be discussing this and other implications of settling this planet with immortal beings and how these early civilizations fell into ruins and vanished from history.

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