Are Any Of You Making The Income You Need?

Are you aware at some level that your spiritual companions have other priorities for you to work on? I say that because most of your spiritual companions are not out to get you, they just have other objectives and they direct your attention toward the activities they want to do.

I can make a long list of things you have told me that you need to handle in the way of generating income, but when we get in session, we seem to focus on various negative emotions or body problems that are making you miserable.

So, we have a session and you feel better but you do not have enough money to get another session this month. Eventually, you find a way to pay for another session and we repeat the process with you feeling better, but not able to make more money.

Let’s look at the way people make money. If they deliver a service to others, they need to meet and make friends with these people and then do business. If you are happy and enthusiastic about meeting these people and delivering your service, they will not only want to do business with you, they will tell others.

If you are dreading meeting with your clients, but putting a polite face on it, your clients will not really feel welcome and will only do as much business as they are forced to do. I know that many of you are unhappy with what you do for a living and yet you do not know why you are unhappy.

In every case I am aware of, you have spirits who do not like some of your clients. Here you are trying to be a good lawyer, or doctor, or paralegal and you do not have a clue why you resent what your clients are saying or asking you to do. If I ask you about a specific client who is complaining about your service or is giving you trouble, you will start by mentioning what they are doing and then, almost immediately, your voice will change and you will start whining about customers in general. I can see the upset spirit take over and if I do not engage him in conversation, he will go on nattering until he runs down.

It is totally OK to handle the negative emotions that are dogging you every day, but why not handle the negative emotions that drive your prospects and customers away and handle them first?

I am not talking from some high perch above the common problems of not enough income, I have beings who are absolutely obsessed with getting the book done, or reading a great novel and they are very distracting. I have to spot what they are doing and handle their demands so I can attract new clients and stay enthusiastic and joyful about setting clients and their beings free.

My beings do not want to stop me from freeing beings, but some have other things that are so much more interesting, like living a real life and creating things to make life easier. I could spend all my time writing and developing ways to change society, but this would not generate the income we need to live well and stay healthy.

I have to mobilize my spiritual companions and organize a group who are dedicated to bringing in new business and expanding Spiritual Rescue Technology. It is just a matter of staying focused on bringing sanity to as many people as I can in the next few years, by building a prosperous counseling business.

I need to stay focused on handling all stops on expanding my counseling practice. I will cover these stops in Sunday’s webinar as you may have the same stops.

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