How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Four

Akashic Records are created by the actions and intentions of spiritual beings. Those of you who have learned how to talk to spirits have been accessing these records for some time. You have probably noticed that the recording intensity does not depend on when the recording was made. In other words, an image from the Akashic Records seems to be clearer and more intense if more life force was expended at that moment.

You should verify for yourself how the clarity of an Akashic Record varies with the emotion and life force involved in making the record.

During SRT sessions I have seen images from exploding spaceships that were bright and crisp even though the images were not mine. I saw an image from the First World War that was completely three dimensional, but that was one of my recordings. On the other hand, a great many of the images I see in session are quite faint and the thoughts that I perceive range from almost silent to impossible to ignore.

If the clarity of an Akashic Record is dependent on the life force we put into creating it, this may explain why Akashic Records of the future are so faint. From my personal experiences when exploring the future, the clearest images occurred when my necessity level was raised out of great need.

As a reasonable alternative to resorting to desperate measures, I found that we can see future occurrences by locating something we know is going to happen, and after meditating to a calm state, seeking to perceive HOW is was going to happen. Doing this with people who are going to be involved in the result seems to produce the best results.

Here are two examples:

We absolutely needed to buy an automobile, and we knew we would drive it home after we purchased it. We looked at the streets we might be driving home on and one was the obvious choice. We set out down that street toward the area of the city where autos were sold looking for a car. We found the exact car we wanted at the first car lot we came to. There was this Crown Victoria sitting there waiting for us and we drove it for several years.

Our Dianetics Center was located in an area which was becoming unsafe so we decided to move. I held a meeting of the staff and I discussed what we were looking for in our new location and got their agreement. Then I asked them to look at this future happening and see what truck would be used to move us and what street it would take to our new location.

As soon as we began, we could see a particular truck and the staff identified who owned it. We were also able to track the truck as it drove away to the new site. We got in our cars after the meeting and drove to where the truck image vanished. There was space for rent in a safe area over a coffee shop. I rented the new space and I called the owner of the truck and he agreed to move us.

The move was successful, but the truck took an unexpected detour and we realized that the future is the result of all of the intentions of the people creating it. The truck driver decided to drive his truck down a small flight of stairs instead of backing it out to the parking lot he had come from.

What this means is that the future is constantly mutable. If you can envision a future occurrence and actually see how people are located and dressed, you my find that when the magic moment arrives that the people are standing in different places than you envisioned and some are wearing different clothes.

We will be doing a webinar this Sunday because I will be home instead of away and we will see how well we can observe a series of future events that are already scheduled to happen.

This webinar is titled “Reading Future Akashic Records” and will be held at noon Sunday using this link:

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