How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Three

The Akashic Records contains every thought, emotion, intention, and effort of every being’s existence. A being who spent 40 years in quiet meditation would probably leave a quiet record of peaceful thoughts, where a tormented soul might leave a record filled with incidents of screaming rage and incessant pain.

Almost anyone who can receive thoughts can detect Akashic Records containing lots of emotion. When these people are around friends who are not doing well, they are almost compelled to ask, “Is everything all right? Are you OK?”

Some spiritual counselors can read a client’s Akashic Records like a book. More expert counselors can tell whether the Akashic Record belongs to the person or one of the spirits who accompany the person through life. A non-judgmental discussion of the emotionally charged incident will usually cause a release of attention and the person no longer will have stuck attention on the incident.

A Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to engage the troubled spirit in discussion about the incident he is fixated on and to resolve any issues and confusions that has trapped his attention on that moment in time. Once the spirit is able to take his attention off the incident that overwhelmed him, his free will returns and he is able to operate fully in present time.

The Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to see when the being is freed from the incident because the being is no longer continually creating that incident.

When an SRT counselor looks at a client who is not operating fully in present time, he sees that the client and some of his beings have attention on some incident that is not part of the current present time environment. Simply asking what the person’s attention is stuck on will often bring the incident into view where it can be handled in session.

The spiritual universe becomes much more comprehensible when you consider it to be composed of Akashic Records, all being continually created by the beings in the spiritual universe. It offers the promise that any action anywhere can be recovered and analyzed if the seeker of information can raise their awareness sufficiently.

We have already demonstrated that Akashic Records extend into the future and can be accessed by those who are sufficiently trained, so this opens the door to understanding how to manage the future to accomplish what you want. Managing future events will be discussed in the next section, “How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Four.”

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