Surprise! You Are Not Going To Handle Self-Deprecation By Yourself

This was a very recent discovery. Self-deprecation is not a minor affliction!

Handling this problem can open the door to some major changes in a person.

It is a hidden obstacle to life that does not seem to be a big deal, but the source of your excessive modesty and inner “unworthiness” is very hard to spot and even harder to remove.

This behavior is caused by beings who see controlling you as a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

In most cases, you have been under their control for so many lifetimes that it seems perfectly normal to avoid being praised and to belittle your accomplishments at every opportunity, even when you have done an outstanding job.

It is an urge, often an automatic and irresistible urge, to present yourself as lower than others, or less than you should be, or even invisible—unworthy of being seen. If you find it hard to accept recognition or praise, you may the effect of this urge.

I have helped two clients to find and handle the beings that cause this behavior and they have had wins far greater than I would have ever expected.

If you do not feel comfortable about being praised or feel that you really aren’t able to do anything special, you should give me a call and see if you are being controlled in this insidious way.

You will not regret throwing off the control of these beings.

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