After working with Jack Airey today, I realized that an important section of the book was missing. I am posting that section for all of you in case any of you are unknowingly putting yourself at risk.

You may have wondered why the title of the first section is “Spirits You Can Talk To Safely.”

The reason for that wording of the title is that there are spirits you can contact who are happy to help you succeed, but if you are using drugs or other spiritual practices, you can attract spirits who will cause you to go insane before you sicken and die.

The spiritual world ranges from a friendly shallows full of caring spirits to an incredibly deep abyss of beings who can consider you a suitable subject for an extended experiment in mind control.

Exploring the spirit world is much like exploring the depths of the ocean. If you snorkel, you stay in shallow waters and you get to see coral and lots of beautiful fish and other marine life.

If you put on scuba gear, you can quickly go to depths where you will die at the slightest mistake. As a beginning diver, I went down the side of a reef to a depth of 100 feet and almost drowned because I did not know what I was doing.

You can easily find enough spiritual beings to work with merely by meditating. If you wish to explore the spirit world by taking drugs or participating in occult rituals, you can attract beings who do not have your best interests in mind.

Please do not do this.

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