Want to Live Guilt-Free?

It’s been over a year since I last wrote about living guilt-free and it seems like we should go over this again for those who missed it the first time.

Guilt occurs when a person is convinced that they have done something wrong. Guilt is an emotion imposed on you by others. Other people can control you if they can make you feel guilty about what you are doing or being.

These feelings of guilt cause simple queries to trigger all sorts of unpleasant defensive reactions. If someone says, “Where were you?” or “Aren’t you going to the reunion?” you find it hard to give a simple and honest answer.

These deep seated feeling of guilt make you flinch when some one says, “You came in 30 minutes late!” or “You took the last doughnut!” or “You forgot to put the seat down!”

These deep seated feelings of guilt will also cause you to lie when it is not necessary. Instead of telling the truth, you find yourself inventing all sorts of excuses and white lies.

Well, it time to change your life and live guilt-free. If you have deep seated feelings of guilt that have been with you for years regardless of your actual behavior, you are afflicted with some spirits who are stuck in a mistake that has left them permanently feeling guilty.

I will be holding a webinar tomorrow, 12-9-18, on this subject of living guilt-free.

Join me on Zoom at 12 noon at this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for this webinar, use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10
if you have not already donated.

2 thoughts on “Want to Live Guilt-Free?

  1. Herb Druker

    Sounds like a reasonable explanation for why we miss things that we want to do. It fits in the construct that David has created.

  2. David Post author

    When you are aware of the influence that spirits can have on your life, you should not feel guilty when something unexpected occurs. Our regular Webinar contributor, Nolan Cage, was not with us Sunday and this is what he noticed:

    From nolan

    Dec 9, 2018, 5:53 PM (13 hours ago)

    to me

    My sincere apologies to you and your attendees today.

    I did NOT intend to miss the meeting today, but somehow I did. I had absolutely NO thought of any meeting occurring today, from waking this morning until I went to the closet a few minutes ago to get an address label for a package I was to send to a friend. I walked back into the bedroom/office to cut the label sheet into smaller sizes and it struck me that today is Sunday, and I missed the whole thing!! I do not recall making ANY decision about completely avoiding the meeting. Someone in my space must have some strong control to be able to erase any thought of mine of attending what I rely on every Sunday for enlightening and training. This being must have strong aversions to learning about guilt that I should know about, so I really must see what happened today.

    You also have permission, if you wish, to send this to the attendees to explain my absence.

    I really did not want to miss this one and want to see the video whenever possible.

    From David St Lawrence

    7:36 AM (3 minutes ago)

    to Nolan
    No worries, thanks for the heads up!

    I should have missed you, but for some inexplicable reason I did not notice your absence!
    It’s time to cue the Twilight Zone music…. We had spirits running amok on Sunday.

    I will have the video up later today.


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