Dealing With Spirits

There are an infinite number of spirits we may encounter but it is useful to arrange them in a limited number of categories based on our ability to interact with them and benefit from that interaction.

There are only three categories of spirits I would like to address at this time and they can be described as follows:

1. Spirits you can talk to safely without losing control of your mind and your life. These are responsible for the voices in your head and the troubling thoughts that distract you and confuse you.

2. Spirits who can help you and may already be trying to help you

3. Spirits you cannot handle without help from a trained SRT counselor

You are surrounded by spirits in all three categories, so there is no chance of avoiding them, but you can minimize the effects that any of these three groups can create on your life by your choice of lifestyle.

If you can choose a life of serenity and contemplation complete with Zen gardens or daily prayers as in a monastery, you are not likely to be doing anything which will disturb your spiritual companions in any of these three categories. Life can remain calm as long as you continue your ritual undisturbed. Any attempt to expand your activities to embrace the issues of modern professional life will trigger spirits in all three categories.

If you choose to ignore the voices in your head and focus on your work or on raising your family using prayers and other rituals to calm your restless spirits, you will enjoy moments of clarity and peace even though you will continue to be troubled when your spiritual companions are triggered into action by events you cannot control. This is the state many people try to maintain when they can.

If you are attempting to control your existence without regard to spiritual matters, you will find that your emotions are rarely under control. The voices in your head will be a constant distraction and you will find that people and life in general can trigger reactions from you that you cannot control. No matter how hard you try to focus on the important things in life, people continue to irritate you by their behavior and you are not happy with what is occurring.

On the other hand, if you choose to learn about these three categories of spirits by reading my latest book, Talking To Spirits, you will be able to deal with all three varieties of spirits when you encounter them. Life will become much less stressful and you will find yourself accomplishing more with less effort and confusion than ever before. By taking responsibility for the spirits who surround you and putting order into your life, you will find enjoyment and satisfaction that you will never experience otherwise.

Spirits are an integral part of every person’s life, learning to work with them and harness their energy makes life an adventure instead of a burden.

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